Space Journey X Adult Game Download Overview

Our human hero is hurled across space alongside an alien female deep space explorer, whose ship he accidentally destroyed…

Supported by an overconfident drone and a mysterious passenger, it is our hero’s task to make his fortune and embark on the long journey back home, while dealing with alien women, crazy sex-bots and adventurers in his path…​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-15
Developer: y.v. Patreon – SubscribeStar – itch.io – buymeacoffee
Censored: No
Version: 1.30.15b.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: The Princess and the Tower
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, sandbox, sci-fi, point&click, trainer, Oral Sex, Vaginl Sex, Sex Toys, Handjob, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Bdsm


  • New System NX010
  • Vaultship encounters with new unique shields and weapons
  • New Hull Plating system
  • New Unique G Shell with random stat boosts
  • Racy/Revealing Uniform for Moira
  • Krell Uniform for Moira
  • Vee Signal Inhibitor (NSFW) w/ updated Uniform Order Screen
  • New NSFW Animations for Moira, Tris, Nimhe, Vee
  • New NSFW cutscenes (Belit, Achievements, Uniform Fitting Moira, …)
  • Vee Revised
  • Main Quest: The Way Home
  • Tons of GUI updates
  • Alternate NSFW angles for some anims
  • V-Type QC (NSFW)
  • Early game balancing improvements
  • and more…


Main New Features

  • Main Quest: The Pirate Queen
  • Progressive Outfits for T’Ris
  • NSFW T’Ris / variable endings
  • Bot Elite Parts
  • Immersive Announcers (NSFW)
  • Bot QC continued (NSFW)
  • Khelara NSFW
  • Ponygirl Magazine / Posters (Nimhe’s Room)
  • Completely reworked and expanded Mission Manager (all Systems)
  • Expanded space events in Quthor
  • Expanded Quthor System
  • Reworked Mining Yields (improved)
  • Reworked dialogues
  • Cargo drones for remote Warehouse requisitions
  • New Shell (P)
  • many QoL changes
  • and more…

Main New Features

  • New Main Quest
  • Expanded Disciplining Game
  • Verity Poledance
  • Sickbay and Crew Room 2
  • Dr. Moira onbarded into Crew
  • New job for Seraphine (Shopping, Surprise Crates)
  • GUI updates
  • Voron Hyperdrive Player Base Jumps
  • Cluster Mines
  • Navigateable and Mineable Quthor system
  • Expanded Disciplining Minigame
  • GUI improvements…
  • BOT Balancing (& Slot Upgrades)
  • New exclusive items
  • New NSFW Scenes and animations

Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure

  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game
  • Multiverse Warehouse: Will autofill at first entry (if you you saved it out with the pod)

Known Issues V1.10.10 (non reproducible, under analysis)

  • CR-0804 / V1.10.8 / Bug / Leila Reward Scene cannot be triggered (but advances quest?) in certain circumstances
  • CR-0805 / V1.10.8 / Bug / Command positions quest does not clear under special circumstances


Main New Features

  • Main Quest: The Xenos Library (Voron Space)
  • New Voron Cannon, Launcher, Torpedoes, … for your ship
  • Player Base on Tenaris (Multiverse Warehouse, Trophy Room, …)
  • NSFW: Kythera the Librarian
  • NSFW: Sex with T’Ris
  • NSFW: Seraphine
  • NSFW: Khelara
  • NSFW: Nimhe Pony Walk
  • Spanking Minigame: T’Ris, Nimhe, Khelara
  • Ship Deck 3 with Mess Room and Replicator
  • Many GUI & QoL changes
  • Bot Balancing
  • New Precursor Levels
  • New Enemies: Voron Zealots
  • Swarm Mining Spot (unique items)

Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure

  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game

Known Issues V1.00b:

  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
  • Minor dialogue inconsistencies if subquests / training is done wildly out of order


  • Fixed Nimhe Public Favour Dialogue Crash


Main New Features

  • Revised Favour System (Public / Private Favours)
  • Bot Configurator Overhaul (GUI Unification)
  • Bot Cargo Manager (Stasis Pods With Preview)
  • Cloaking Capability for the Ship
  • Side Mission (Audra NSFW)- Slave Rescue
  • Side Mission (Veronica NSFW) – Rescue Verity
  • Main Quest / The Way Home: Voron System Access
  • Major Quest: The Biolab (NSFW)
  • Nimhe’s Favours Continued (NSFW)
  • Nimhe TEC Skill (Better Bot Upgrades)
  • T’Ris Pet Walk (NSFW)
  • Nimhe Walks Public favours (NSFW)
  • Starting Point Day 75
  • Re-renders of some NSFW scenes
  • Many QoL changes

Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure

  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game

Known Issues V0.9c:

  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
  • Minor dialogue inconsistencies if subquests / training is done wildly out of order
  • Minor menu inconsistencies (empty entries) for public favours depending on location / status

V0.8 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7, V0.8 multiverse pods will!


Main New Features

  • Completely reworked economy (bots, wares, missions)
  • Revised mission system on central Captain’s console
  • Quest: The Holodeck
  • Quest: The Princesses Demands
  • Quest: Toys For Nimhe Ct’d
  • Quest: Nimhe Public Favours
  • Quest: A Favour For Krogneath / Pet Training
  • New Mining Spot Arellarti
  • New High End Krell Enforcer Mob (Mil Drop Guarantee)
  • Galaxina Ct’d
  • MC Tech Skill Mechanics (Stage I)
  • Nimhe Parts Upgrade Skill
  • Arellarti Precursor Wreck Site
  • SW Design: Quest DB sanity checker, skill increment system, …
  • many QoL feature gameplay and Botlab

Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure

  • Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game

Known Issues V0.8c:

  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
  • V0.7 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7 multiverse pods will!


Main New Features

  • New Star System: Arellarti (Krell Space)
  • New Character: Princess Seraphine
  • New Room: Guest Cabin 2
  • Precursor Junkyard Levels open
  • Quest: Rescue Princess Seraphine
  • Quest Ct’d: Khelara
  • Quest Ct’d: Nimhe
  • Quest Ct’d: V
  • New NSFW Krell Uniforms for all Crewmembers
  • Complete Bot finds (special types)
  • Precursor Bot Crates
  • Precursor Cortex (with Attribute Cubes for Customizing!)
  • Botlab GUI and QoL Updates (Easy Bot Sell / Arcade Management via Bot Terminal now!)
  • Hyperjump Travel & Galaxy Map
  • Extended Quest help System (detailed Popup Hints)
  • Expanded NSFW Gallery
  • and many more Dialogue and QoL updates

Multiverse Pod Retrieval Procedure

  • Nothing to be done with files etc., it is just there in your new Game if you made one in the V0.6 release

Known Issues V0.7

  • Using time forwarding into night during pet quest in Krell station makes T’Ris disappear on board. Workaround: Do not use this function in the Krell base
  • Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies


Main New Features

  • New bounty missions / combat scenarios / loot level 1 to 4
  • New dangerous mobs (Swarm Scout, Krell, Executor) with improved AI
  • New smuggling missions and re balanced transport missions
  • Totally overhauled repair system with animations
  • Continue Feature at Game Start
  • Revised EXP awarding
  • Bot configurator overhaul (QoL)
  • New bot characteristics (personality, …) and valuation
  • Bot cortex upgrade and hypertrain features
  • Rare and military bot crates
  • New space location “Outer Fields” with mining expansion
  • Cargo expansion MkII with cloak modules (for smuggling)
  • Side images for Krogneath’s staff and Space patrol
  • New special bot shell
  • Multiverse pods now store to saves location / automatically found!
  • Many GUI upgrades for QoL
  • Quest: A Favour For Nimhe
  • Quest: V’s reappearance
  • Quest: Uniforms for Khelara
  • Quest Update: T’Ris
  • Expanded NSFW gallery

Multiverse Pod Item Retrieval Procedure

  • Storage automatically in game save files location (copy there only once if you come from from V0.5)
  • Moving around json files manually not necessary any more from V0.6 on (autodetected)
  • Migration from V0.5:
    Take your multiverse_pod.json from your game folder and store it in your “Users/yourID/AppData/Roaming/Renpy/SpaceJourneyX” folder, i.e. the one with your save games.
    You only have to do that once. All future releases will find it there.

Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.6b

  • Minor art continuity issues


Main New Features

  • New Location: Pirate Base
  • New Gen 2 and 3 Bot Parts
  • New custom Bot shape
  • New crew character: Chief Engineer Khelara
  • New Pirate NPC
  • Hexagon Field Space Combat System
  • Revised task and uniform assignment
  • Quest: Revealing Uniform for your Crew
  • Quest: The Pirate Outpost
  • Quest: Uniform exhibitionism training for T’Ris
  • Quest: Secret project of BB-2
  • Custom Bot for the Captain’s quarters
  • Improved Nightly reports
  • Lab Manager: Bot retrieval from arcade
  • Lab Manager: Bot Lab high end part direct buy
  • Bot multiverse storage and retrieval compatible with future releases
  • Completely overhauled mission system (transport and combat)
  • A ton of QoL features
  • and of course animations, lewd scenes and gallery expansion

Many features have been rewritten from the start compared to V0.4, please start a new game.

Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.5c

  • Crashes in some OSX versions when writing the multiverse pod due to file access rights.
    Workaround: Move app to desktop and run from there
  • Location history crash when returning from space nav in Ylyee quest
    Occurrence extremely rare . Trigger game state not fully understood. Will be fixed in V0.6
    Workaround: Roll back to where you can navigate around in the ship, go from briudge to hallway, go back on bridge and continue


Main New Features

  • Uniform Quest: Racy Uniform for your Crew
  • Ylyee Quest: Help Ylyee complete her mission for a major reward
  • Repair Quest: Fix up your Ship’s Lower Deck
  • New location: Ship Lower Decks
  • Bot Lab Mini game: Configure your own bots and earn money with them
  • Bot Lab Intro Quest
  • T’Ris training progress
  • Multiple revised locations & items
  • Improved and revised Space events
  • Multiple lewd scenes, gallery extensions
  • GUI improvements, QoL improvements
  • Barkeeper dedicated shop
  • Dynamic space background for every room, matching location
  • New loot crates: Bot items , liquor
  • Savepoint mechanics to carry over valuable items to new versions
  • and other

Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.4_c1
CR-0182 / V0.5 / Bug / Occasionally wrong order pulled in bot sale notification (check for correct selection / order purge)
CR-0202/V0.5/Bug/Shady’s inventory intermittently empty // Workaround: Sleep one day, visit her again next day


Main New Features

  • New Locations: Space Station Interior
  • New Location: Spacebar
  • New Location: Guest Room Ship
  • Rewritten Tutorial Quest
  • Rewritten and continued T’Ris Quest
  • Rewritten and Continued V’s Quest
  • Introducing New Character Nimhe The Hacker
  • New Space Events
  • New Switchable Mini maps
  • Animated Engine Maintenance Circuits
  • Various GUI Updates, Help Screen, …
  • Expanded Gallery
  • New NSFW Animations and Stills

Known Issues and Bugs in V0.3a

  • CR-0102 / V0.3a / Minor Bug / Possible lock out of nude HJ facial gallery scene once next stage with T’Ris is unlocked
  • CR-0103 / V0.3a / Minor Bug / Possible lock out of clothed HJ facial gallery scene once nude stage with T’Ris is unlocked


Main Features

  • Point and Click Interface
  • Space exploration sandbox game
  • Trading
  • Spacecraft upgrades, configuration and maintenance
  • Mining minigame
  • Space events
  • NSFW stills and animations
  • (Animated) gallery, quest log, mission log

Known Issues and Bugs in v0.2.1a

  • Minor: Dialogue issue (repetition of task assignment) in first dialogue with T’Ris
  • CR-0057 / V0.3 /Major Bug / Decline first star map offer soft locks mining task trigger (workaround: try to buy map _initially_)


What this mod changes:

1) Active missions will now appear in the upper right of the Mission Chooser window, along with a button that will allow you to cancel a mission from this screen if you so choose.

2) Bot repair material costs are now variable, based on the current condition of the part being repaired.

3) The way that a Bot’s IQ is calculated has been reworked a bit, to incorporate modifiers for a bot’s current grade (subpar – military grade) into the equation used for the random.gauss.

4) Once a Cortex is Level 3, the ‘grade’ of a cortex may be upgraded by one level per AI core expended, unless the Cortex is not a Precursor Cortex and an Elite Core is available. Hence, you CAN upgrade Precursor cortexes with regular AI cores if they are not currently of Military Grade.

4) Cube Upgrades for Precursor Cortexes have been reworked. Attitude, Traits, and Personality are now upgraded to (randomly determined) more favorable levels if a cube is expended, instead of being selected randomly again.

5) There are a few interface tweaks in several areas, to reduce the amount of scrolling needed, and so that the scrollbar is hidden when not needed. A few new pieces of relevant information may also be displayed, such as how much cargo might be available for purchase at the local space station and in your warehouse when reviewing which cargo contracts might be available, etc.

5a) Note that the engine room console maintenance screen now has a ‘picker’ to allow you to pick which subsystem you want by clicking on the icon, as opposed to ‘scrolling through’ the prev/next buttons to find said subsytem. Also note that the efficiently status is listed below the part icon, and if the subsystem has modules, the number of modules/torpedoes/etc. that are currently installed are also shown (5 of 6 or whatever)

6) Nimhe can now learn how to build new shells (talk to her in the morning if you have a spare shell in Bot Parts storage that you’d like to give to her to study) and you also choose which types of shells that she knows how to build that you want her to build when making the daily assignments. The Gen level of the shell (1-3) is determined by how many shells Nimhe has already built of that type (so once she’s built say 2 gen 1 shells of a given type, she will then start building gen 2 shells of that type, etc.). Nimhe no longer requires a bot crate to do this, but there is an associated cost in credits to build a shell, depending on type and grade… This option used to be named ‘Craft J Type’ but is now named ‘Craft New Shell”. Note that after Nimhe has built six shells, her skill level (i.e. what level of shell of that type that she may build) will progress more quickly.

7) Added a scene to the Krell Pet Walk for T’ris, if you’ve already shown her to the pet owner dude (choose Praise Pet…)

8) Bio, Energy, and Nano pods now only require 0.1 Tons of cargo space. This was done to partially offset the increased usage of energy/bio/nano pods, and also because it didn’t make sense to me that say a Bio Pod should take up a full ton of space.

9) Tris will now restock a set amount of Bio, Energy and Nano pods each morning, if sufficient credits are available and there is room in the cargo hold, if the ‘Restock Pods’ option is chosen. Note that you may set the ‘maximum restock level’ that T’ris will restock to by talking her about this on the Bridge (new conversation option), setting levels for each type of pod separately.

10) Sort options have been added to the Parts Screens in the Bot Configurator. Additionally, you CAN click on a slot for a part (Head, Torso, Arms, Legs) BEFORE selecting a cortex to review your current inventory of said parts, but you cannot select a part until a Cortex has been chosen/assigned to that bot.

11) A sixth slot exclusively for Shells has been added. Note that yv0751 (the game creator) had set this up differently than how I had set it up for 0.9c, so I have it set up the way I’ve been doing it already for now…

12) The Bot Configuration & Training screen now shows part grade next to the body part slots when parts are assigned. These are color coded to show if higher grade parts are available (green = yes, yellow = other parts of same grade, orange = lower grade parts only), and arrows will appear if higher generation parts are available (single green arrow = same grade, double green = higher grade, red = only lower grade parts of higher gen).

13) 10x/All buttons have been added to the warehouse parts storage screen, and the ‘A’ button now switches between 10x and All for load/store buttons. Additionally, more options are available when clicking on the quantity button when you select ‘auto-buy’. Also, the amount needed for cargo missions is shown in the last column. The screen layout has also been adjusted a bit to allow more item entrys to be displayed before scrolling is necessary.

14) When you access the computer in the Captain’s cabin, you will see a lineup of the bots currently working at the Sexbot Arcade in the lower right portion of the screen. Also note that there is now a modifier to nightly Arcade income if you have bots with different shell types working at the Arcade (3% per additional shell type represented at the arcade), ‘cuz customers like variety.

14) The amount of relevant items stored in the warehouse(if any) is now displayed on the Mission Selection screen.

15) If you’ve reached the end of the current story progression at the Xenos Library (i.e. delivered last map piece, and are awaiting a report that won’t come as it’s ‘future content’, you may visit the head librarian for some sexy fun time after the first time you get the ‘I wouldn’t know what to do here right now’ message. Also, the bugfix that was blocking cargo deliveries to the library when the ‘map story progress’ is stalled has been implemented in this mod.

16) I adjusted the ‘Khelara/summon crew to your cabin to discuss Quthos Fever situation’ to include the gals standing around in your cabin (mostly just for fun, mainly for eye candy purposes).

17) I added a ‘bot viewer’ screen for the Sex Arcade. Just click on the ‘Examine’ button for the gal that interests you and a screen should pop up. Click on the frames to the right to select different bot gals.

And probably something else that I’m not thinking of atm..


To install this mod, drag the /game folder inside of this .7z file into your SpaceJourney_X-1.20.11-pc folder.
– This will ‘merge’ the relevant sub-folders, putting the various files where they are needed, and you will be asked if you want to overwrite a few of the files.
– If you kept the .zip file that you downloaded for 1.20.11, you should already have backups of these files, otherwise, you may want to store backups of the affected files before overwriting the files, in case you want to revert later…
– Current grade of body parts added to Bot Configuration & Training screen, color coded to show if higher grade parts are available, and arrow indicators show if higher gen parts are available.

Then start up the game! Existing saves made from game version 1.20.11 SHOULD work with this mod, I make every effort for my mods to be able to use existing saves as a starting point.

Download Space Journey X Porn Game


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Mega Workupload


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