The Princess and the Tower Adult Game Download Overview

Through a magical accident you, a shady goblin, are transported into the tower of a locked up Princess (trope alert) . Procure gold for the Princess to help her escape plan, train her and put up with her sometimes odd behaviour, whilst finding out what lurks in the shadows…​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-08
Developer: y.v. Patreon – itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.9c Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Trainer, Corruption, Princess, Toon, Goblin, Sandbox, Point-and-click

RELEASE NOTES V0.9c Bugfix Release

  • V0.9c / CR-0414 / Bug / Soft lock on first dungeon key quest if (Illiana) mirror dialogue aborted
  • V0.9c / CR-0418 / Bug / Prevent time passing and resulting sprite crash prior to waking up Irith
  • V0.9c / CR-0419 / Bug / Prevent dual scepter acquisition
  • V0.9c / CR-0420 / Bug / Captives softlock if you flee without the third plan after finding it…
  • V0.9c / CR-0421 / Bug / Deactivate find for training kit
  • V0.9c / CR-0422 / Bug / Ensure Irith is Queen (and cured) before triggering the Goblin King Quest
  • V0.9c / CR-0423 / Bug / Quest items can no longer be lost when fleeing from a dungeon
  • V0.9c / CR-0415 / Text / Remove outdated ref on nipple rings
  • V0.9c / CR-0415 / Text / Give a hint on spider amulet (in illiana dialogue) and add quest entry
  • V0.9c / CR-0416 / Text / Point out location of trapdoor to illiana more clearly in dialogue
  • V0.9c / CR-0417 / Documentation / Consolidate V1.0 Walkthrough


  • Sidequest: Rings for Irith
  • Sidequest: Attic Fun II with Nyx (Patreon VIP request)
  • Harem Animations: MC and each girl
  • Girl on Girl Harem Scenes: Nyx-Gwynn-Illiana-Irith
  • Sidequest: The Belt at Last
  • Minigames: The Goblin King Levels
  • Minigames: The Halls Of Knowledge Level
  • Magic Mirror Benefits
  • New Location: The King’s Bedroom


  • Act V integrating all current and future endings
  • Ending Two: (Mildly) Dark Ending
  • Evil Irith Quest (The Amulet, The Magical Contraption, The Ingredients)
  • Mini-game Dungeon: The Goblin Burrows
  • Gwynn Training Quest (Institute Interactions, Demonologist Outfit, …)
  • Mini-game dungeon: The Institute Cellars
  • New Character In The Tower: Illiana as Captive
  • New Quest Character: Neetha the Goblin Girl
  • New Tower Location: Illiana’s cells
  • Changing bath attendance screens Nyx
  • Balancing (less grind, new high value recipes)
  • Various dialogue and minor art updates, game flow bugfixes
  • GUI: All notifications respond to SPACE

This is the public release for V0.7 a few days ahead of time!

Regarding game mechanics this version comes with a completely overhauled quest and help system!
If you ever wanted to replay from start and make sure you don’t miss anything, this is the version to use 

NOTE: _NOT_, and I can’t stress it enough, save game compatible to older versions for technical reasons.
To only play specific content, you can start a new game and select “Jump to Act I, II, III, IV…”


  • COMPLETELY OVERHAULED QUEST SYSTEM (detailed steps, auto-update, …)!
  • The Crystal Plug Quest: Prepare Illiana and Nyx for the final mission
  • Assistant Plug Trainer Quest: Irith helps out with Nyx
  • A Magical Cage Quest: Build a Magical containment for Illiana
  • Infiltration Quest: Send Nyx to explore the Keep
  • Capturing The Queen Quest: Capture Illiana
  • Mini game: Map Assembly (merge & slide)
  • Mini animation: In the attic
  • Many new gallery screens (up to #45)
  • The End of A Tale: Game Ending One
  • Art & Animation: Various redone screens ( belt action scene, institute, shop, illiana poses, …)
  • QoL: Autobalancing, Dungeon loot list, portal game fast mode attack, map game skippable, …
  • GUI: Redone notification screens, supply chest, …

This is the public release for V0.6.
Regarding game mechanics and contents, this is by far the most expansive update yet (see changelog)!

NOTE: Not, and I can’t stress it enough, save game compatible to older versions for technical reasons.
To only play specific content, you can start a new game and select “Jump to Act I, II, III, …”


  • Story Development: A New Masterplan (Endgame Lead-In)
  • Board Game: Queen A.I. Attack Starts!
  • New character (Gwynn)
  • New Research Tree (Outfits, Items, Game play, …)
  • Dress-Up Screens for Nyx and Gwynn (new outfits & accessories)
  • New Mini-Game Boss Level (The Insanitarium)
  • Cut scenes: Interaction with Irith (Belt) – Continued
  • Cut scenes: Training of Nyx – Continued
  • Cut scenes: Training of Gwynn – Phase I
  • Balancing and QoL changes
  • Jump Start “Act III”
  • Expanded gallery


V0.6 / CR-0177 / Gameplay / Portal game tactical options: Bonus if you attack a flanked/surrounded field (gradation)​

V0.6 / CR-0229 / Gameplay / Eliminate “waiting…” bar in conversions and chest opening if play-test results positive​

V0.6 / CR-0240 / Gameplay / No random transmutations in chest, (added secret barrel in hallway for random drops in cellar)​

V0.6 / CR-0247 / Gameplay / Balancing of Portal game, Nyx Finds (Up), …​

V0.6 / CR-0069 / GUI / More animated character sprites (Nyx movement)​

V0.6 / CR-0079 / GUI / Dynamic side image animations Irith (daywear, nude)​

V0.6 / CR-0204 / GUI / Exploration equipment for Nyx (buffs) w/ equipment screen, replaces CR-0159​

V0.6 / CR-0222 / GUI / Gallery page 2 extension​

V0.6 / CR-0223 / GUI / Gwynn research screen feature (crystals, belt, accessories)​

V0.6 / CR-0226 / GUI / Initialize gallery items appropriately if “Jump To” is selected at Game start​

V0.6 / CR-0234 / GUI / Redo glitter fragrance icons to be better visible discernible​

V0.6 / CR-0236 / GUI / Minor updates (Conversion rate at board game displayed, chest sort [subkind differentiation], …)​

V0.6 / CR-0239 / GUI / Loot report screen simplified​

V0.6 / CR-0241 / GUI / Second achievement for Nyx (explorer)​

V0.6 / CR-0242 / GUI / Act III quick Start (Gwynn arrival)​

V0.6 / CR-0244 / GUI / Redo Gwynn side images & expression variations​

V0.6 / CR-0245 / GUI / Mini animation for Gwynn sprite in portal room​

V0.6 / CR-0246 / GUI / Batch conversions with out notify spam​

V0.6 / CR-0206 / Immersion / Improvement and extension of dialogues​

V0.6 / CR-0207 / Immersion / New gifting item interaction for Irith, Gwynn, …​

V0.6 / CR-0198 / Minigame / Assault by enemy troops starts on portal field (AI attacks at start of each day’s round)​

V0.6 / CR-0199 / Story / Training of Gwynn Part I (to SLU 2)​

V0.6 / CR-0203 / Story / Irith belt combination III (Sex?)​

V0.6 / CR-0205 / Story / The New Plan: Exposition Council of MC, Nyx, Gwynn, Irith​

V0.6 / CR-0208 / Story / Nyx courtesan training Part I​

V0.6 / CR-0209 / Story / Cutscene Queen (Exposition: Assault preparation)​

V0.6 / CR-0214 / Story / The New Plan: “Conduit Crystal” for Keep infiltration, ingredients quest​

V0.6 / CR-0218 / Story / The New Plan: Queen angle (crystal, dialogue…)​

V0.6 / CR-0243 / Story / Nyx SUB training (to 4)​

V0.6 / CR-0197 / SW Design / Reorganize code base ( cutscenes, interactions, break up by by character )​

V0.6 / CR-0211 / SW Design / Reorganize cutscene and animation modules (break up by character)​

V0.6 / CR-0217 / SW Design / Overhaul file structure​

V0.6 / CR-0225 / SW Design / Introduce attribute requirements for items (SLU, SUB), integrate into responses & reactions​

V0.6a / CR-0253 / GUI / Waiting bar elimination while researching books​

V0.6a / CR-0249 / Minigame / Cut off fields now cannot be reinforced (Queen and self)​

V0.6b / CR-0284 / Gameplay / Reduce requirement for spectral bomb (lvl 5 -> x)​


V0.6 / CR-0220 / Bug / Act II Quickstart does not include completion of Irith SUB/cage scene​

V0.6 / CR-0221 / Bug / Conflict SUB training (day dialogue) if Nyx does bath quest (unresolved bath quest queue?)​

V0.6 / CR-0224 / Bug / Window/spank scene should only be accessible with SUB 10+​

V0.6 / CR-0227 / Bug / Dancing girl outfit does not appear in shopkeeper inventory​

V0.6 / CR-0230 / Bug / Prevent drops of “Scroll of Rapture” in archives​

V0.6 / CR-0232 / Bug / Eliminate portal charge needs once portal field / game is opened​

V0.6 / CR-0233 / Bug / Morning routine by Nyx if failed & bath scene are incongruous / check gameplay​

V0.6 / CR-0237 / Bug / Night visit button in act ii doesn’t trigger visit​

V0.6 / CR-0238 / Bug / Continuity issue with bath quest and razor poses​

V0.6a / CR-0250 / Bug / Error when using finish option with Nyx prior to action​

V0.6a / CR-0251 / Bug / Night visits correctly check for 300 fp but do not subtract if executed​

V0.6a / CR-0254 / Bug / MC can go to sleep, when Nyx is in the brothel, next morning inconsistent game state​

V0.6a / CR-0255 / Bug / Irritating ascent/descent triggered when MC dead-moves while on a trapdoor/ladder​

V0.6a / CR-0256 / Bug / Wrong positioning when Gwynn is wearing enticing/arousing outfits (sprite offset)​

V0.6a / CR-0273 / Bug / When 100k is exceed by gifting, irith quest does not switch / trigger​

V0.6a / CR-0248 / Bug / Improve strategic weighting of board fields for AI (more focus on portals & base)​

V0.6b / CR-0278 / Bug / “Sample size” crash when high-level Nyx returns from exploring (easy mode)​

V0.6b / CR-0283 / Bug / Freeze in Portal Game if top row is reached (recursion deadlock)​

NOTE: In theory, save game compatible to V0.5x.
Due to the occasional Renpy return stack issues with save games, I recommend to start a new game anyway.
To only play newish content, you can start a new game and select “Jump to Act III”

RELEASE NOTES V0.5.1a Public

  • Irith: New cutscenes (hallway reward, belt opening, bath massage, pet walk, …)
  • Nyx: New cutscenes (tavern dancing, interaction with Gwynn)
  • Iliana: New cutscenes (toy usage)
  • Gwynn: New character & interactions
  • Portal: New portal location (The Archives, The Archives Treasure Chamber)
  • Minigame: Belt lock picking
  • GUI: Gallery with screens to collect achievements etc.
  • New items
  • New tower location (The Attic)
  • Improved inventory
  • Some bug fixes and graphical updates / re-renders
  • Rebalancing (Nyx loot improved by level, ….
  • Console mode now active by default (SHIFT-O)


V0.5.1 / CR-0053 / Gameplay / Hallway reward / animation after 500+ delivered​

V0.5.1 / CR-0138 / Gameplay / Indicate SLU cap when mini game cap has been reached (MG: dance, pet…)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0157 / Gameplay / Brothel visit for Irith – Part I​

V0.5.1 / CR-0158 / Gameplay / Gifting system: Extend to Nyx​

V0.5.1 / CR-0173 / Gameplay / Accessible location “Attic”​

V0.5.1 / CR-0193 / Gameplay / Display tally of wins vs losses in portal game​

V0.5.1 / CR-0188 / Minigame / Belt lock picking​

V0.5.1 / CR-0189 / Minigame / “The Archives” dungeon map level for magical research, items, mobs, …​

V0.5.1 / CR-0182 / Art / Redo stables scene (lighting)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0183 / Art / Update model Nyx / physique​

V0.5.1 / CR-0194 / Art / Rerender Title screen​

V0.5.1 / CR-0178 / Doc / Straighten out Portal defense / questlog entries​

V0.5.1 / CR-0077 / Story / Bath massage event MC​

V0.5.1 / CR-0086 / Story / Gallery for achievements etc.​

V0.5.1 / CR-0144 / Story / Illiana: Toy training options (incl. item forwarding)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0174 / Story / Interaction with Gwynn, Introduction of character, quest core data (extension)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0175 / Story / Interaction Nyx / Gwynn (bonus scene)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0184 / Story / Irith Belt Removal – Part I + II​

V0.5.1 / CR-0185 / Story / Dancer training Nyx​

V0.5.1 / CR-0187 / SW Design / Rewrite onscreen inventory display (scrollable viewports, ‘unlimited’ items)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0190 / SW Design / Rewrite dungeon module to allow for dynamic initialization of new levels​

V0.5.1 / CR-0152 / Bug / Game over does not trigger, when portal energy reaches zero​

V0.5.1 / CR-0196 / Bug / Portal recharge does not work, “Use Item” is not accepted​

V0.5.1 / CR-0200 / Bug / Crash during Nyx & Irith bathroom dialogue​

V0.5.1 / CR-0201 / Bug / Crafting Bug when crafting Ero Novel & Rolling back (Grid issue)​

V0.5.1 / CR-0202 / Bug / Crafting Bug when using chest (Grid issue) – Fixed with CR-201​

Fix for dancer costume sometimes not in shop​

Download The Princess and the Tower Porn Game


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Mega Workupload



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