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AMNESIA Porn Game Download Overview

This lewd game starts when A man wakes up from a coma with amnesia. Can he recover his memories and reconnect with his loved ones?

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-03-09
Developer: Super Alex Patreon – Website
Censored: No
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English, Russian
Other GameLucky Mark
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Voyeurism, Mystery, Incest, Cheating, Romance, MILF, Groping, Corruption, Sandbox

Added 5 Jerk(Off) scenes (MC, Alexandra, Kate, Elena, Eva)
Added Russian translation (nonprofessional) up to v0.6
New Images: 0
New Animations: 68
Added 2 achivies
Added 1 lewd scene
Added Russian translation (nonprofessional) up to v0.5
New Images: 108
New Animations: 47
Added German translation for v0.5. Thank you very much mr. lukumo for your help in this.v0.5a
Added 3 achieves
Added 2 special renders
Added 1 lewd scene
v0.4 Added German translation (nonprofessional)
New Images: 544
New Animations: 61
New characters: 5v0.4a
Added 2 achivies
Added 3 special renders
Added 1 memory
Added 1 lewd scene
Added map
v0.3 Added German translation (nonprofessional)
New Images: 274 (no animations)
New Animations: 39 (1970 images)
New locations: 6
New characters: 7

Fixed major bug. Day 2 Morning. You can complite “Placate my belly” even if you try to enter the Elena’s room the several times.

Added scene’s gallery
Added special renders gallery
Added achievement system
Added Event tracking diary and history with each character
Added GUI
All variables have been completely redesigned and many new ones have been added

Added inventory
Added phone
New Images: 290
New Animations: 28 (2521 images)
Blink Animations: 9

Bug fixes
Minor Grammar Corrections

NEW Images: 530 (no animations)
NEW Animations: 26 (2364 images)
NEW characters: 6
NEW locations: 2

V0.1 Added German and Russian languages
V0.1 Minor cosmetic changes.
V0.1 Added the option not to touch Eva in the Hero’s bedroom.
V0.1 Replaced two animations with Eva in the hero’s room at 30 frames per second.
V0.1 The size is reduced by half, but it seems to have affected the quality of the images (v0.2 I did not risk to compress)
V0.1 Added new variables witch will remember the player’s actions in order to change the reaction of the characters in future versions, as well as this will affect the gameplay in general (it will allow you to make several branches of behavior with some characters).
Added ability to change the transparency of a textbox in the settings.
IMPORTANT POINT – old saves will not work. You have to play the game from the beginning!

First Release
– Text: 100,000 characters
– Images: 460 (no animations)
– Animations: 10 (302 images)

AMNESIA Cheat Features: 

Cheats app appears in your phone (when you get it on day 2)

Functions available:

  • change relationship levels with girls
  • change dominance and pervert levels
  • change how to name ‘landlady’ and ‘housemate’

AMNESIA Cheat Installation: 

Backup the file ‘game\scripts\Global\phone.rpy’ just in case (somewhere outside the game directory or change its extension to ‘phone.rpy.old’ for example);

  • Copy the ‘game’ folder from the archive into the root folder of Amnesia.
  • Run the game and enjoy


AMNESIA Walkthrough Mod Features:

  • Best choice in dialogues highlighted green, point changes highlighted in green
  • During free roams added help to the diary
  • Scene replay gallery added to main menu
  • Unlock all cheat added to the image gallery


AMNESIA Walkthrough Mod Installation:

  • Merge the game folder from the mod with the one in you Amnesia folder then overwrite if prompted

Download AMNESIA Porn Game


Mega Mixdrop


Mega Anonfiles


AMNESIA Incest Patch AMNESIA Cheats AMNESIA Walkthrough Mod

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4.6/57 ratings

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