Unveiling the Unknown Adult Game Download Overview

Unveiling the Unknown is an adaptation of mdf-an’s fan-dubbed work “Futanari-Sama and Her Maids”.
You play as Lily (futa/trans) with an entire manor of loyal maids at your beck and call, ready to cater to your every need, with plenty of adult content!

This game is a visual novel with optional dungeon diving gameplay.

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-04-12
Developer: TwistedScarlett60 – Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other GamesMy Tuition Academia – Friendship with Benefits
Genre: 2d game, 2dcg, animated, multiple protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, big ass, big tits, cheating, creampie, corruption, furta/trans, group sex, handjob, harem, internal view, lesbian, masturbation, milf, oral sex, rape, sex toys, sexual harassment, titfuck, transformation, trap, vaginal sex, virgin, adventure, combat, fantasy, humor, management, monster girl, religion, rpg, turn based combat.



  • Added Beatrice and Seraphina’s postgame hangouts. +2 Sex Scenes +4 CG
  • Added Octavia’s third and fourth hangout. +3 Sex Scenes. +4 CG
  • Added Lilith’s second hangout. +1 Sex Scene +2 CG
  • Added Lady Balethorn’s second hangout.+1 Sex Scene +2 CG
  • Overall +10,000 words.
  • Added a way to replay the final battle through Seraphina’s hangouts.
  • Added a new outfit for Lilith with three styles.
  • Added a way to teleport to the other manor in your bedroom
  • Added a % Completion tracker to the guidebook menu button.


  • You can now replay the finale fivesome scene.
  • Fixed Mirabelle and Ophelia’s Succubus outfit having a blank spot at the nipple.
  • If you ambush an enemy and one-shot it, they will be left with a minimum of 1 HP.
  • Fixed Juggernaut’s “New Dungeon Plus” and name in the Castle Garden not being the correct. Also fixed a typo in her name in the Forest.
  • Adjusted “Perform 200 reactions” to 100.
  • Adjusted “Reach Floor 250” to Floor 200
  • Adjusted “Defeat 100 Bosses” to 60 Bosses.
  • Cheats Menu Updated



  • Added the Final Battle! +2 Sex Scenes. +3 Sex CG.
  • Added Octavia’s second hangout. +1 Sex Scene +2 Sex CG.
  • Added new outfits for Seraphina, Emi, Hazel, Ophelia, Mirabelle, Lilith and Lily
  • +29,000 words (271,000 total)


  • Events that Heal HP now increase your Maximum HP too
  • Ice Wall now only melts after the enemy has attacked, effectively making it last +1 turn since the last patch.
  • When you take damage with a shield active, the damage number appears blue and over your shield instead.
  • Rebalanced Tinker’s E. Crystal to Emerald trade. It no longer always costs 1 E. Crystal and you now get fewer Emeralds.
  • Reduced +% ATK buffs in the dungeon
  • “Feast” Golden event: Gain 0-100% Max HP -> Gain 25-75% Max HP
  • “Altar” Event -> If Heat is over 2, you can now offer gold to lower heat.
  • “Campfires” -> If Heat is over 2, you can now perform a short rest at a Bonfire. Short rests lower heat but heal less.
  • Added a new, distinct sound for when your shield breaks.
  • Added a unique sound and game over effect when you hit 0 HP.


  • Improved the clarity on Bubble Barrier’s tooltip
  • Fixed spells that don’t pass the turn temporarily letting enemies live with -ve HP.
  • Fixed the Market having incorrect buy/sale values during your first visit.
  • Fixed Octavia’s hangouts being playable even at night time.
  • Fixed “Resist the Temptation” event showing an incorrect value of lost gold in the textbox.
  • Fixed “Blessing of Magic” from a gold event giving you x25 Elemental Damage.
  • Fixed “Pure Heart”‘s tooltip incorrectly saying 25 instead of 50.
  • Hazel’s fourth hangout now requires Seraphina’s fourth hangout.


  • Combat log is now draggable in addition to scrollable
  • All upgades with 50+ or infinite levels now have a +5x purchase button appear if you can afford it.
  • Added an erect variation of Lily’s office attire


  • Fixed Hazel’s final hangout requiring two more Seraphina hangouts than necessary
  • Fixed the potion event not showing the first four possible options
  • Fixed Demon Encampment offering tons of MP on the MP potion.
  • Spells no longer glow if you don’t have them, but you can still get reactions from these.
  • Entering nothing on the market screen no longer results in a crash
  • Various small fixes


  • Added additional measures to prevent a crash regarding Lady Balethorn’s name.
  • When choosing a dungeon floor, leaving it blank sets you to floor 1 instead of crashing the game.
  • Fixed minimap blocking the Juggernaut hangout if you chat to her first.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were dealing negative damage.


  • Fixed some issues for new save files in this update.


  • Added Octavia’s first hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +2 Sex CG
  • Added Beatrice’s final hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +4 Sex CG.
  • Added Lady Balethorn’s optional hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +1 Sex CG
  • Added Juggernaut’s optional hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +1 Sex CG
  • Added Kaya and Tsu’s Sex Events. +2 Sex Scenes. +2 Sex CG
  • Added the final City “Explore” event.
  • +14,000 words (242,000 tot.)
  • Added a new “Office Formal” outfit for Lily, it’s always available.
  • Ophelia and Emi now have alternative morning event dialogue if you’ve had sex with them.


  • +30 Events. Every Biome now has a Biome-Unique Positive Event, Neutral and Negative Event. Yes, even the super secret biome.
  • +1-2 New Options for all existing Events.
  • New Elemental Attacks System: Through some events, you can gain elemental damage on your attacks that proc reactions.
  • Doubled enemy base HP and heat HP scaling.
  • Reduced enemy heat ATK scaling.
  • Bubble Barrier now deals 0.4x less damage but provides 10% shield per turn it has left..
  • Spells now include a calculation of how much approximate damage they’ll deal in their tooltip.
  • Included a “next attack” damage prediction under your ATK and enemy ATK. (Only appears when your damage isn’t equal to your attack)
  • If an enemy can kill you in a single hit, their ATK icon is replaced with a flashing skull
  • Everyone 100 floors, enemies gain +50% to their base stats.
  • Reaction States no longer reset between battles
  • Spells that don’t immediately do damage (Pain and Fire Storm) no longer consume a turn.
  • Enemies no longer stay alive for an additional turn after being killed by a counter.
  • Added a small combat log to the “movement” screen so players can read how the last enemy died.
  • For increased visibility, active elements have an animated glow
  • Sewer ambushes no longer pierce shields
  • Added additional information for some of the current events.


  • Added outlines to damage numbers
  • Added some light hangout requirements to some morning events with Mirabelle and Hazel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused every attack to critically hit. (How did no one notice?! Lmao)
  • Fixed “The Safer Path” breaking expeditions if purchased when they’re already ready and changed the UI to show the correct amount of days when bought.
  • Fixed Katie’s guidebook achievement being unlockable early
  • Fixed “Sloppy Toppy” being available one event early
  • Fixed spells that don’t deal damage showing damage numbers.
  • You can now lose your virginity to city girls
  • Typo fixes



  • Final Mirabelle Hangout +2 Sex Scenes +3 CG
  • Final Hazel hangout +1 Sex Scene +2 CG
  • Final Ophelia hangout +2 Sex Scenes +3 CG
  • +2 New City Buildings, Forge and Enchantress, feature an Ore and Crystal upgrade path.
  • +3 New City Explore Events
  • +2 New City Sex Scenes. Lady Gana and Jinx. +2 CG.
  • +1 Secret Outfit. Mirabelle’s Slutty Nun.
  • +20,000 Words (228,000 tot.)


  • Added a ‘City’ section to the Guidebook.
  • Added a ‘Girls’ section to the Dungeon section of the Guidebook.
  • Naughty Imp: Her initial success rates have been decreased to 30%, and if you attempt to leave she steals a little gold from you that can be reclaimed later. She no longer enrages the next enemy if you’re on good terms.


  • Fixed Comet and Firestorm sometimes doing 0 damage on New Dungeon+. PSA: Spells will do 0 damage to enemies that are completely resistant to that element.
  • Seraphina no longer puts her maid uniform back on after replaying her paizuri or first vaginal scene.



  • Guild Rank and Expeditions now reset on New Dungeon+
  • Lyra’s spell now correctly has its cost reduced by 1 in the Magic Mines
  • Fixed a bug where players would get negative crystals at the end of a run.
  • Added a setting in the preferences menu to disable rollback.
  • Fixed being able to buy Lyra’s clothes a few days too early
  • Fixed issues with the Research Tree not allowing you to purchase upgrades in certain orders. You still can’t go backwards though.
  • Typo Fixes


  • You can now use your powers to shapeshift in the first Lyra/Hazel threesome to gain a pussy.
  • You can now always have sex with the Naughty Imp after her reward event. There’s some change in the text if you’re past this point.
  • Added a cheat to change your starting gender and name
  • Chests discovered in the Sewer biome (only accessible if they spawned in before the biome changed) will not be destroyed.
  • A bug where you gain 0 enchanted crystals from boss chests should be fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to gain all of Lily’s upgrades if you used a swift potion.
  • Fixed ‘Enemy Kills’ stat not increasing
  • Fixed a Tinker clothing inconsistency
  • Fixes to Emi’s Truth/Dare game ensuring no repeat turns or consecutive truths/dares.
  • Fixed some dungeon tooltips getting stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed the camera continuing to wiggle after the red oni’s sex scene.
  • Tons of tiny fixes not worth mentioning.
  • Typo Fixes

Manor and Story:

  • + Seraphina’s Last Hangout +1 Sex Scene, +2 HCG
  • + Lyra’s Last Hangout +1 Sex Scene, +2 HCG
  • +2 Morning Events, these are the last morning events!
  • +1 New Lyra Chat topic available after her last hangout.
  • +17,000 Words (208,000 tot.)
  • New Mechanic: “Explore”, shops in the city now have to be unlocked by exploring first. This gives a brief introduction to the shop and sets up a side-story in the city.
  • New Building: “Gym”, you can train here to raise a physical stat in exchange for gold.
  • UI Updates, things have been cleaned up, improved and moved. Further details below.
  • Lily’s Maid Profile has been split in two, creating a new ‘Total Stats’ page and a ‘Lily’s Stats’ page. The stats screen that was accessible from the bedroom has been moved here. The ‘Cheats’ menu has also been moved there.
  • Maid Stat Contribution now only lists the stats they can even add. Other stats such as Mirabelle’s Shield and Emi’s Crit Damage are now included.
  • You can no longer ‘roll back’ when on the Maid or Manor upgrade menus. For me personally, this is a nice QoL change.
  • Currency and the Upgrade Menu buttons now only appear in your bedroom
  • Made some revisions and fixes to Emi’s second hangout. The truth and dare has been recoded to properly go back and forth alternatinv with truth/dare, the undressing dares now work with the new oufits and you can now choose to remove your bra.


  • New Dungeon Plus: You can now reset your dungeon progress and all upgrades and enter a ‘new game plus’ mode.
  • +5 Unique Post-Dungeon Events – At four floor benchmarks, Tinker, Katie, Imp and Yuli will come forward and give you a reward.
  • Buffed Mirabelle’s Shield from +30 to +60 per Core Enhancement
  • “Staying Alive” upgrade has been changed: The first time you go below 0 HP in the dungeon, gain 1 HP and 25% Max HP as Shield. If you manage to reach 100% HP again, this effect resets.
  • You can now completely reset or max out all upgrades from the Cheat Menu, along with some other cheat menu improvements.
  • Added tooltips to the Cosmic Pyramid, Swift Potion, Spirit Potion and Bombs
  • Enchantress Upgrade Tree prices past the first upgrade have all been raised to a minimum of 200.
  • Several stats are now recalculated at the start of a dungeon run, increasing consistency and reducing bugs on old save files.
  • Recoded how ‘cheated’ stats work. Cheated stats are now isolated and can be easily applied and removed. Old saves with cheated stats will be reverted to normal.


  • Katie’s sex scenes now properly progress
  • Doubled the price of Vitality Runes
  • Daily income is now recalculated at the start of every single day
  • Fixed Magical Imports not reflecting its daily Emerald in the UI
  • Fixed a crash where players put on Emi’s Ninja outfit before her 5th hangout
  • Fixed one of Juggernaut’s morning events getting skipped
  • Fixed several instances of resistances making you take more damage instead of less
  • Fixed a lot of HP upgrades and buffs having the incorrect values (+25 instead of +50)
  • Fixed a few instances of the character’s identity being mixed up
  • Removed a surprisingly large amount of accidental stat upgrades on random manor upgrades
  • Fixed Lyra’s name not being customizable when you meet her
  • Prevented some Morning Events from playing consecutively.
  • Typo fixes


  • Restructured Beatrice’s purifications so they’re like other character’s hangouts and can be rewatched
  • Made some revisions to Hazel’s third hangout.
  • Swiftness/Spirit Potions are now longer reset between dungeon runs, but you only get replenished by your Manor Upgrades up the amount specified in the upgrade.
  • Unlocking Katie’s sex scenes should be more consistent now. Go and enjoy the nussy!
  • Hazel’s third hangout now requires sleeping with Mira at least once.
  • You can now replay Lyra’s 2nd hangout sex scene
  • Updated how Seraphina references the guidebook in her first hangout to imply it was always available and not unlocked by this event
  • Ophelia’s first hangout now requires Seraphina’s second hangout.
  • You can now use bombs found in the dungeon before unlocking the manor upgrade that gives you bombs.


  • Added text mentioning when Emi and Hazel’s secret outfits are unlocked (their 3rd and 2nd hangout respectively)
  • “Magical Imports” upgrade now scales with your current Enchantress Level instead of the level you bought it at
  • You can now officially lose your virginity to Katie, Naughty Imp or Yuli.
  • Prevented Emi’s mouth appearing over her ninja mask and fixed the ninja outfit sticking to her like glue and being unremovable
  • Made some updates to the tutorial to better reflect the current state of the game
  • Updated the chest event message
  • Main Character’s profile no longer refers to them as always female
  • The battlelog now refers to your enemies in the dungeon as “enemy” instead of “demon”
  • Fixed the Swiftness/Spirit Potion event not giving both on a successful swindle
  • Fixed “Pants of Rage” giving x8 damage instead of x1.08
  • Fixed a crash associated with one of Yuli’s quiz questions
  • Fixed 6 Typos


  • Added Hazel’s next hangout +2 Sex Scenes. +4 HCG
  • Added Ophelia’s next hangout +2 Sex Scenes +3 HCG
  • Added Emi’s next hangout: +1 Sex Scene +2 HCG
  • Added Lyra’s next hangout +1 Sex Scene +2 HCG
  • +1 New Morning Event
  • Added a new chat for Aurora, Lyra, and Lady Balethorn
  • +29,000 Words (191,322 tot.)
  • +2 New Dungeon NPCs with 4,000 words of pure sex scenes.
  • +3 New Townsfolk NPCs in the City, these characters currently only greet the player, but some major updates are planned for the city and the buildings there.
  • +2 New Secret Outfits, Aurora Cat and Hazel Witch, unlockable after Hazel’s 3rd and 2nd hangout respectively.
  • Added Lily’s party dress to the wardrobe once unlocked


  • +3 Rare “Gold Heart Events”
  • +3 Rare “Black Skull Events”
  • +2 New Dungeon NPCs. Slime Girl and Oni Girl. +2 Sex Scenes
  • +1 New Spell, “Diviniation”, a darkness spell used by Lyra to reveal enemy weaknesses.
  • Stats Screen: Added a comprehensive log of 50+ different stats such as damage dealt, chests found, spells cast, etc. This is currently on the bedroom menu, but is planned to move somewhere neater later on.
  • Dungeon NPCs are now differentiated on the travel menu, i.e. Green = Goblin, Purple = Imp, Blue = Slime, Red = Oni.
  • The Naughty Imp’s third potion is now picked from three random choices. +ATK/DEF/CritDmg
  • +3 New Biomes, the Super-Beneficial “Golden Land, the Super-Dangerous “Nightmare”, and the Super-Secret “?????”
  • “Thunder Plains”, “Sewers”, “Golden Land”, and “Nightmare” biomes now don’t appear until floor 15, 30, 45, and 60 respectively, unless you run into one of the new black skull events.
  • The Abyss biome now has a +0.5x loot modifier to chests.
  • Event chest rewards now scale with your total amount of earned currency
  • Added scienfitic notation to really big numbers
  • You can no longer reuse active spells
  • Doubled enemy HP scaling and lootbag contents. To compensate for the early game feeling slower, enemies have less HP while starting a new game to ease players into the gameplay loop.
  • Raised the default max lootbag carrying capacity by 5x. When reaching max loot, a notification now appears in the combat log
  • Enemies with negative elemental resistance no longer absorb said element. Enough people thought it was a bug to be worth removing.


  • Reduced the drop rate of ore
  • Added commas to a lot of numbers to enhance readability
  • Fixed the Guild Rewards not giving E. Crystals, Thorium, Emerald or Adamantite.
  • Guranteed Evades resets to 0 at the start of a dungeon run
  • Added a button to visit the City from the Garden
  • Improved some internal coding, making it easier to critically hit enemies with evasion.
  • Ophelia becomes more polite during the roaming portion of the game after her third hangout
  • Added the replay of Ophelia’s doggystyle and pronebone scenes
  • Typo fixes



  • Added Seraphina’s next hangout. +2 Sex Scenes. +2 CG.
  • Added Emi’s next two hangouts. +1 Sex Scene. +4 CG.
  • Added Ophelia’s next hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +2 CG.
  • Added Lyra’s next hangout. +2 Sex Scenes. +2 CG
  • +~22,000 Words of Story (162,000 tot.)
  • Secret Outfits: Added a new system where the last outfit for all characters requires unlocking first. Ophelia’s Bunnysuit and Beatrice’s Demon Form now have to be unlocked by reaching a certain point in their stories.
  • +2 New Secret Oufits: Emi Ninja and Seraphina Wolf
  • +2 New Chats for Lyra
  • +1 New Chat for Aurora
  • +3 New Chats for Lady Balethorn
  • You can now only speak to Lady Balethorn and Aurora once per day
  • Updated the Cheats menu to include far more functionality, such as hangout skips, morning event skips. Morning event pausing.


  • Player Max HP multipled by x25. All healing sources changed to compensate.
  • All enemy damage is multipled by x10.
  • Casting a spell now counts as a turn, and you can’t cast spells while out of HP.
  • Pain Buff: Default damage raised from 20% to 60%.
  • Added a fourth row of circles when choosing where to go next.
  • Paths between circles are now much more complicated
  • Added 2 New Biomes: Thunder Plains + Sewers
  • Biome Selection Screen: When entering a new biome, you now have a random choice
  • Campfires have been split into three: Gold (+HP/MP), Green (+HP) an Blue (+MP)
  • Enemies no longer deal damage on the turn they die
  • Enemies now have a default 5% evasion pierce.
  • After gaining more than 6 blessings, a generic blessing appears to prevent the menu ever appearing empty.
  • Added a book about the various dungeon biomes.
  • Rebalanced several shield/hp blessings and events.
  • +1 Positive Events
  • +1 Negative Event
  • Increased the cap of Lily’s Core Enhancement to Level 50
  • Massively buffed guild rewards and added Thorium, Emerald and Adamantite to the level up reward rotation depending on your current guild level. Ore reward replaced with ecrystals.
  • Added a “Beginner’s Guide” section to the guidebook which recreates several of the earlier goals of the previous guidebook.
  • No. of Stored Crits and Evades now appear over the Crit and Evade icons
  • Base Critical Damage lowered to 150%, it now appears under the Crit% stat on the Dungeon UI.
  • You can now choose to start at Floor 50/100 if you’ve previously reached those floors
  • You now start with +5 Daily Gold/Crystal income, 20 Gold, 5 Crystals, 6 Ore and 3 Iron Ingots.
  • Lootbags now always have a minimum of 5 Gold/Crystals.
  • Pity system: If a player has a run with fewer than 5 bags, players now gain 25% more loot per lootbag below 5.


  • Increased the cost scaling of Emi’s Electrifying Arsenal to match Ophe’s equivalent upgrade.
  • Capped Lyra’s affection and made it count towards all maid affection upgrades
  • Fixed Sera’s Armor upgrades not taking discounts into consideration
  • FIxed Weapon Enchanter’s Sanctum requiring Puzzle Master and not increasing in cost
  • Fixed Golden Coffers requiring Advanced Cookbook
  • Fixed Wind of Fortune not having a requirement
  • Fixed Combat Training Tomes being a mess in general and reduced its cost
  • Fixed Sera’s Lunar Convergance upgrade only working if you also had Moonfall and made it work with all reactions instead of only half of them.
  • Reduced Expanded Archives cost scaling by 20% and fixed it showing the wrong numbers on its first level.
  • Recoded Pain’s -1 MP Upgrade to make it cost 0 MP in the Magic Mines
  • Recoded Elemental Piercings for complete consistency between saves
  • Typo Fixes



  • Added Mirabelle’s next hangout. +1 H Scene. +2 CG
  • Added Beatrice’s next hangout: +1 H Scene. +3 CG
  • Added Ophelia’s next hangout. +1 H Scene. +3 CG
  • +1 New Maid! +3 Outfits for her
  • +3 Morning Events
  • +~20,000 Words of Story (140,000 tot.)
  • Manor Upgrades: Added every single upgrade
  • Maid Upgrade: Added every single upgrade
  • Guidebook: Has been overhauled completely into a list of achievements that can be completed in any order.
  • Dungeon: You can now choose to start a dungeon run from your current floor, the first floor, the highest recorded floor, and your previous run’s floor (flexibility for when you reset).
  • Morning events are now more spread out with rest days, and some have progress requirements. **Old saves will see some of these events again, just skip through them.**
  • +1 Outfit for the main character, including underwear.


  • Dungeon: Added two new biomes. Molten Crag and Frozen Deeps. All biomes are now accessible from the start.
  • Ice Wall new effect: Now increases your defense by X%.
  • Cursed Inferno (Fire x Dark) can now stack.
  • HP and ATK scaling has been entirely rebalanced. The game relies more on the heat mechanic to build difficulty now rather than the inherent stats of basic enemies.
  • Bosses now spawn every 5 floors. Biome resets every 5 floors.
  • Some enemies now have inherent characteristics, such as elemental weaknesses. (i.e. fire slimes are fire resistant)
  • Physical Piercing and enemy Physical Resistance are now factored in the basic attack formula
  • Naughty Imp Event: You can now leave whenever you want, but she will buff the next enemy.
  • Generic morning events have been turned off for now to improve the pacing between days.
  • You can now visit Kane in his throne room. He doesn’t have anything to say to you.
  • Added a UI element that shows when an upgrade is maxed and in the case where an upgrade has infinite levels, I added a counter next to its icon.
  • The market now uses fixed base values for buying/selling.
  • Reworked the evasion system: Evading attacks and enemies missing attacks are now separate calculations. Enemies now have 95% accuracy by default. Enemies that pierce evasion now gain a flat bonus to misses and evades.
  • Made the text size on mobile devices equal to the PC text size


  • Pain’s reduced MP cost under the “Embrace the Pain” upgrade is now shown.
  • Upgrade: “Maelstorm” now gives +0.5 ATK per thorium weapon upgrade levels.
  • Spell: Firestorm: now has an animation every turn. Ice Wall: now makes a sound when it melts.
  • Events: Capped Naughty Imp’s prices to 10k.
  • Shield: Shield over 9 now appears as an ordinary number instead of 9+. Shield is now reset between runs to avoid the possibilty of farming starting shield. A sound now plays when your shield is shattered.
  • Swapped the positions of the Manor and Maid buttons in the Manor Screen.
  • Nerfed “The Courtesan – Abundance” by removing its increased bonfire chance.
  • HP is now capped to MHP when entering battle.
  • DoT damage can now be evaded
  • Dungeon buffs count down before you get into your first battle.
  • Several price adjustments and rebalances for all parts of the game.
  • Fixed bonus damage from Frostbite not working on magic or reactions
  • Fixed the accuracy debuff on Pain stacking
  • Fixed Alchemist Upgrade 6 guranteeing a failure instead of a success.
  • Fixed the “Golem” modifier giving enemies a shield equal to 10% of your HP instead of theirs.
  • Fixed the “Vengeful” modifier healing the player
  • Countless tiny changes I haven’t included here because it’d clog up the log
  • Typo Fixes



  • When casting a spell, their remaining duration now appears over its icon.
  • Heat now appears as the % multipler for stats and rewards.
  • Heat now scales slower, and increases enemy ATK less


  • Tutorial updated to include “Heat”
  • Added additional text in Hazel’s first hangoug acknowledging the protagonist’s original identity.


  • Random enemy modifiers no longer stack with heat percentage for massive gains.
  • You can no longer give gifts to maids with 100 affection or over.
  • Fixed “Unbreakable Armor” increasing armor significantly more than intended.
  • Fixed “Static Charge” not giving Ophelia defense, fixed its text and make it cheaper.
  • Fixed “Inductive Spear” being purchased without enough gold
  • Fixed “Weapons’ Enchanter Sanctum” not having the correct prerequisites for purchase.
  • Fixed Marked for Death having a decimal cost and giving you a decimal gold amount.
  • Fixed a crash related to selling Adamantite
  • Fixed a crash related to buying Emeralds
  • Typo fixes

Unable to replicate or not enough information:

  • “Mirabelle Bikini Outfir Broken -> Shows her as nude.”
  • “Can’t buy the upgrade that gives crystals per day”

Known potential bugs:

  • “Quake and Tremble” may not be properly adding current shield onto damage.
  • Some dungeon events are showing negative percentages at the start of the run.


  • Added Seraphina’s next hangout. +2 H Scenes. +2CG
  • Added Beatrice’s next hangout. +1 H Scene. +2CG
  • Added Ophelia’s next hangout. +1 H Scene. +1 CG
  • +2 Morning Events.
  • +15,000 words of story. (115,000 tot.)
  • Outfit: Added Seraphina Bikini, Ophelia Bunny, and Beatrice Succubi. Beatrice’s curse mark can be toggled off.
  • Upgrades: +13 Forge Upgrades. +9 Lily/Linden Upgrades.


  • Added Selling to the Marketplace
  • Daily Chats: Are now a linear system instead of questions list.
  • Dungeon: You now get +1 MP when attacking.
  • Dungeon: Added “Heat” mechanic. Every time you defeat an enemy within a single run, enemy stats and loot bag drops increase by 10%..
  • Dungeon: Enemy HP growth is increased by 300%, ATK Growth is increased by 150% and drops are increased by 150%.
  • Campfires changed from +10% HP heal to just +1 HP.
  • Magic Mines: Now has a -1 MP cost modifier to all spells. (Only change: Lightning costs 2 MP)
  • Mirabelle and Beatrice now wears stockings when going from the Dress -> Underwear outfits.
  • Improved the “Costs” on the Maid Upgrade UI. A currency menu has been added to the side.
  • Added Icons in the Dungeon telling you the duration remaining for each spell.


  • Added a 100 affection cap.
  • Vitality Runes level 2 and onward are now much more expensive.
  • Halved the scaling on Sera’s Core Enhancement
  • Improved the positioning of text in the guidebook.
  • The “Unlock Platinum” goal in the guidebook now counts every Forge upgrade that gives platinum.
  • Reduced the cost growth of “Marked for Death” by 33%.
  • Made some improvements to the Juggernaut event.
  • Fixed “Iron Mastery” giving +104% ore dropped instead of +4%
  • Fixed upgraded “Bubble Blast” giving permanent crit and evade over a dungeon run.
  • Fixed Hazel’s virginity status not updating after you take it. You can fix this on old saves by having sex with her.
  • Fixed Beatrice gloves appearing and not appearing with certain outfits
  • Fixed being able to visit Juggernaut a day early
  • Fixed shielded enemies gaining the damage overflow from shattering their shields as HP.
  • Fixed the night of the succubus event causing Lady Balethorn to be nude for the rest of the game.
  • Fixed “Drink from the Fountain” failure doing more damage than intended
  • Fixed Lifesteal enemies
  • Fixed “Slutty Nun” outfit not unequipping properly
  • Fixed Tinker’s Sex and Clothing options not taking money
  • Fixed Core Enhancement Level 1 costing 0 crystals.
  • Typo fixes.



  • Added Hazel’s next hangout +1 H Scene, +2 CG
  • Added Beatrice’s next hangout. +1 H Scene. +2 CG
  • Added Ophelia’s first hangout. +1 H Scene. +2 CG.
  • +45,000 words of new story/dialogue. (100,000 tot.)
  • +4 Morning Events.
  • +9 Free-Roam Chats
  • Ophelia is now recruitable! +1 New Spell. 4 New Reactions, 9 New Talents.
  • Upgrades: +9 Manor Upgrades.
  • Dungeon: Completed “Naughty Imp” NPC Event. +1 H Scene with two variations.
  • City: Added Guild Expeditions.
  • City: Added an Exchange Market – Tinker’s upgrades have been retrofitted to work here.


  • New Dungeon Biome: “The Abyss”. +5 Enemies.
  • New Outfits: Beatrice Curse Mark. Hazel Bikini Maid. Ophelia Nude, Underwear. Ophelia Bikini Maid
  • Spell Reactions now have effects and sounds.
  • Enchanted Crystals now appear in the currency menu
  • +1 Neutral Dungeon event
  • New art for the Guild Girl
  • Added damage numbers to the dungeon
  • Added a notification to the Guild Icon in the City Menu when something is available to collect.


  • Morning Events are no longer limited by the guidebook. The guidebook and dungeon are now completely optional.
  • Added a caps to the amount of resources you can loot in a single run prevent integer overflows. It’s currently 1,000,000 and may be upgradable later.
  • Reduced many percentage modifiers for rewards in the dungeon events.
  • Maid Upgrades: Added limits to several high-scaling skills. When maxing an upgade, the buy button now disappears.
  • Cleaned up various instances of rouge decimal places
  • Fixed +15% Gold/Crystals idols giving x15 Gold/Crystals
  • Beatrice no longer wears gloves while naked.
  • Fixed one of Emi’s dares repeating in her truth or dare hangout.
  • Fixed “Paladin’s Mighty” not increasing evasion
  • Improved the coding of the end-of-day ore processing for slower PCs.
  • A typo fix.



  • Your clothing is now remembered and restored after a hangout.
  • Improved the way random dungeon events are coded.
  • Hangouts now remember which underwear you were wearing last.
  • “Complete 10 Dungeon Floors” goal replaced with “Complete 8 Dungeon Floors”
  • “Reach Guild Rank 2” goal replaced with “Reach Manor Level 4”
  • “Reach Guild Rank 3” goal lowered to Rank 2
  • “Beat 4 bosses” goal lowered to 3.
  • Fixed Seraphina’s “Exploit Weakness” upgrade causing Comet to heal enemies.
  • Fixed a crash on Seraphina’s profile.
  • Fixed “Boxes of Supplies” upgrade level 3 being unpurchasable
  • Fixed crash related to “eaccuracydebuff” not being defined..


  • 4 New Sex Scenes with 11 CG.
  • 15,000 words of new story/dialogue.
  • Emi can now be hired, with 8 new talents available, 1 new spell and 2 new spell reactions.
  • Added 6 Forge Upgrades
  • Added 9 Manor Upgrades
  • Added Campfire and NPC Dungeon Nodes. There is 1 NPC event available.
  • 7 New Dungeon Events, 3 Good, 3 Neutral, 1 Bad.
  • Added a new dungeon Biome
  • Added 16 new enemy modifiers, enemies can now have up to two modifiers.
  • Added 4 types of elemental enemies, fire, ice, water and thunder.


  • Added 4 new Beatrice, Emi and Mirabelle chats. I’ve made the decision to limit the number of talks each character will have to 12.
  • Added a cheats menu that allow you to alter currencies.
  • The Alchemist, Research and Enchantress Manor Upgrade trees must now be unlocked via the Manor Upgrade Path.
  • The Militia is now unlocked after completing Mirabelle’s first hangout.
  • Emi’s character profile is now filled.
  • Dungeon Events now happen upon moving instead of after a battle.
  • Improved coding in various areas to hopefully increase performance and reduce save file bloat.
  • Main Character now has an alternative default name when they’re male.
  • Added an indicator displaying how much shield you have. (Defense icon turns yellow and displays a number)
  • Spell icons glow to indicate the current status of the enemy, showing what your next spell will react with. e.g. Cast Water -> Enemy is “Wet” -> Water Spell glows.
  • Added sexual experience stats to the main character’s profile.
  • Recoded undressing/redressing to remember the outfit the character was previously wearing.
  • Increased the pace of morning events by combining several.
  • Lots and lots of minor quality of life adjustments and fixes that don’t need their own entry.


  • Dungeon Events can’t heal you over max HP. You can still go over max MP though.
  • Updated Kane’s armor model
  • Fixed various character laughing emotes desyncing with her breathing animation.
  • Fixed Hazel’s profile causing a crash between 40 and 49 affection.
  • FIxed Hazel’s talks not advancing
  • Fixed Ice Wall lasting 1 turn instead of 2.
  • Fixed Frostbite not dealing bonus damage
  • Fixed Lily’s iron armor upgrade increasing her attack by x1/2/3 instead of 1/2/3%


  • When on the dungeon menu, the left and right circles now flash to indicate that they’re clickable.
  • Removed dungeon circle’s hover effect because it was making the buttons less responsive. This makes a big difference on android devices.
  • Swapped some instances of the word “transexual” with “transgender”
  • Added Level numbers next to Enchantress upgrades and removed the implied level cap on Wisdom Runes.
  • Fixed Reactive Penetration and Divine Protection prices coding mistakes
  • Fixed Corrosive Potions being unpurchasble if you had more than one point in Poison Potions
  • Fixed Intersex Female option not being enabled
  • Fixed Mirabelle’s nipple poking out while in her underwear
  • Few typo fixes


  • 8 Sex Scenes featuring 19 CG many of which are animated
  • 10 Female Characters, 6 with lewd content available.
  • 40,000 Words split between the Intro, Character Hangouts, Daily Events and Optional Chats.
  • An expansive dungeon gameplay system complete with spells, reactions, upgrade trees and talent trees.
  • A lot more to come.

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