Welcome to the world of Arcadia, an escape into our reality, where everything in the world, harmony and pony, naked, especially naked and with an insatiable sexual appetite.​ My Little Pony Porn Game Parody

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-12-03
Developer: TwistedScarlett – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.20
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Furry, Fantasy, Harem, Lactation, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Mobile game, Titfuck, Monster girl, Creampie, Lesbian, Transformation, Group sex, Parody, Big tits, Anal sex

– City completely revamped! It used to just be a Music Studio and the Castle, but now there are six total areas in the city, and you can now visit the city without a permit!
– Butters new impreg route, with two extra sex scenes! (Give her at least one gift, and it’ll start the following morning.)
– Nightclub, with three unique events featuring five girls!
– Dawn, a new girl, the owner of the nightclub, features her own long four-part route!
– Art Gallery, a new way to revisit your favourite moments in FwB. Art can be unlocked by completing a girl’s route.
– Dazzlings, remember that Merchant Ari that has been around forever? Well, now she finally gets involved along with Agatha and Sonia!
– Spa, final Spa sex scene added
– New ‘ibeat0.8’ cheat code to skip Morrigan’s route, and ‘ibeatallroutes’ to skip to Morrigan’s route.
– New Church area for anyone that has ever pledged $20 at least once before, feat a new girl, with her own two part route!

– Bakery and Queen Celeste routes are finished
– Final Route implemented
– 11 Endings added, choose your favourite girl to date and end the game!
– New ‘ibeat0.6’ cheat code

– New UI with a to-do list and inventory to keep track of progress
– New mini-route in the City involving a music studio, includes a music gallery and two new sex scenes. (Tip: Keep track of this via Melody’s to-do list!).
– Bar and Princess Selene routes are finished
– You can now pickup chicks at the bar during the evening
– You can now skip the prologue, and during the day enter cheats from the wagon. Cheats include ‘ibeat0.2’ and ‘ibeat0.4’ which let you skip the content from those updates if you’ve already cleared them.

Friendship with Benefits – Cheat Codes

A list of cheat codes usable in Moxie’s wagon.

List of All Cheat Codes

  • moneymoneymoney – This cheat will give you 9999 monies, enough for anything in the game.
  • changemyname – Prompts you to change your name.
  • ibeat0.2 – This cheat will reset your money to 200, and the days to 6. It’ll automatically complete the boutique and farm routes.
  • ibeat0.4 – This cheat will beat the Forest, Library, Boutique and Farm routes, set your monies to 360 and set the number of days to 12.
  • ibeat0.6 – This cheat will beat Selene’s route, Bar, Forest, Library, Boutique and Farm routes, set your monies to 450 and set the number of days to 15.
  • ibeat0.8 – This cheat will beat all routes and skip Morrigan’s invasion. You’ll also get 1500 monies and the day will be set to 22.
  • ibeatallroutes – This cheat will beat all main character main routes, give you 550 monies and set the day to 21.

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Mega Mixdrop

Mac (No DLC)


Friendship with Benefits APK (Android) (v1.01 DLC)

Mega Mixdrop

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