Sex Valley Adult Game Download Overview

You will be in the control of a young man living in a small village in a small port town in a large magical land. Being the only man in age to reproduce in the village, you shall partake on various activities with diverse types of girls! Just returning from long years of training, you will see the changes time made on the village you grew on and on the girls that live there. Are you ready to utilize your powers to help the growth and prosperity of a little village?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-04-03
Developer: Zehmun Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.00
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Big tits, Fantasy, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Futa, Creampie, Monster girl, Footjob, Femdom


This is a very big update in terms of content and very text-heavy! I’ve spent a lot of time making sure Kiria is likable, as she is an honorary main girl with the same privileges that they get. (Other than three quests, Kiria only gets an especially big one.)
A nice thing added is that you can now get Affection with the six main girls and Kiria just by talking to them. It’s nowhere as good as giving gifts, and it only happens the first time you talk with the girl in a given day, BUT it’s a nice quality of life, and it works as the players would expect, getting closer to the characters by talking and not only through gifting.

Kiria Gifting Tips: Kiria needs considerably less affection points than the other giftable girls (around 60% less), as she’s unlocked so late.
-She ADORES plushies.
-She likes adventures and fairy tales.
-She is fine with healthy food and crops
-She dislikes unhealthy food
-She despises being gifted flowers (Seriously, don’t do it. Don’t give flowers to the elf. She won’t like it…)

New Content

  • Added Kiria’s entire Questline!
    • Requires defeating the Goddess and completing Lamir’s third quest!
    • It’ll start naturally in a week or when changing months after defeating the Goddess. The timer will start when entering your home in older saves that have already defeated the Goddess.
    • A new mission is added to the Quest Log at each step of the quest (Trying to make quests harder to get lost into)


This update has a smaller scope than the last few and is, sadly, a sceneless one. It is, in essence, the last bits of the previous update I couldn’t finish in time, the inclusion of the training grounds, and, more importantly, a larger focus on ironing out bugs. I got quite a few annoying bugs or oversights here, like Lene’s missing scenes after her third quest.

In case you are aware of any bugs I didn’t fix, just let me know, and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

New Content:

Added two new outfits for Nameless. Outfits can be changed by interacting with the mirror in her room.
The Sweet Princess Outfit is unlocked by finishing the quest “Investigate Bandit Activity” and entering the Silo.
The Yukata is unlocked after getting the first outfit and interacting with Ayla after her defeat in the forest. (The only hairstyle available with the Yukata is the bun that comes with it, but the bun can be used with any other outfit)

Added new quests right at the beginning of the game to better guide the player to Nameless and the new Training Grounds Arena.
Nameless is an amazing early game asset to have, but it is VERY easy to miss if you don’t know how to find her, as her trigger involves talking to Sophie BEFORE walking around the beach area, so this change should make it easier for the player to find her naturally.
Added an extra quest during Sophie and Eris’s quest, for the moment you have to go back to the beach, that has no indicator to do so.

Removed “Failed” from the Quest Log.
There are 0 quests you can fail, so the menu was useless.
Half a fix, half a change. Emma’s scene no longer shows Eris when Eris is no longer around, and the scene is blocked for the week Sophie is unavailable after completing her quest and dealing with Eris.
The Axe Special skill is now properly implemented, Highly Increasing the damage of the next attack.
Ayla can now be found outside her house rather than inside, making her easier to find.
Very minor shading tweaks on Nameless’s face.

Reworked how Peach calls you for the third time Peach should now only call the player once and now it takes changing months into account for when the message arrives.
This time surely nothing will go wrong. However, saves that already have the quests that trigger Peach calling a week later completed won’t be affected by a part of the fix. Specifically the month part.
Might bug out for older saves by making her call appear out of turn. After it happens once it should be fixed.
Reworked how Sophie’s one week off after completing her quest and denouncing Eris now follows the same pattern as the updated Peach one.
As a result of the fix above, an issue that made Sophie use her “Erisless” design before completing their quest is now fixed.
The statue in front of the clinic no longer updates Peach’s calling.
That was a fix for older saves, but that was almost two years ago now. Newer saves should not need that, and its existence only creates confusion.
Fixed some instances where Mia did not speak about herself in the third person.
Fixed an oversight that made Bum-Bum mostly inaccessible after completing saving Nameless.
“Lene’s Lookout” scene should be working properly after finishing Lene’s third quest.
Fixed a game breaking issue that made Lamir’s second quest inacessible if you enter her bathhouse at friday night after unlocking her second quest..
If you proceeded in the caves before receiving the “We have to go deeper” quest, it will now auto complete when receiving the quest.
Fixed Invisible Badger and some issues with her part in “Investigate Sid’s Murder” quest.
Fixed an issue that made the game freeze inside the tavern bathhouse when seeing Hapi’s Gloryhole Scene.


Edit: Fixed an oversight that made the Main Gate not take you to Badger during “Investigate Sid’s Murder.”
Edit 2: Fixed another problem related to the problem above that made Badger not trigger even after passing the main gate.
EDIT 3: In case you have any extra problems while dealing with Badger, drop these files in the game’s data folder.

Sorry for the delay and all that, but here we go.

Quick Overview! The main parts of the update are the shift to a max of 3 party members, two new playable characters, Obscuria and Hapi, and three new scenes. One is for Sophie, one is for Eris, and the suggestion poll winner, Futa Hellena.

I think things are balanced enough. I did run some testing, and the only thing that seemed a problem was the Minotaur, which was dealing so much damage it killed the player in two hits, but that’s been done with. Still, I’ll be more than happy to answer any feedback about the combat’s balance. I think the player’s experience might vary a bit too much between players who know how to recruit Nameless and not… I’ll think about a way to point the player in the direction of Nameless at the start of the game.

I am also aware of quite a few bugs, so I’ll devote more time to bug fixing in the next update. Thank you to everyone who took the time to let me know about bugs.

Important: In case you’re using an older save, AND you want to use Hapi or Obscuria, AND you’re past their recruitment moments, interacting with the statue in front of the clinic will unlock them as party members.

New Content:
Added Sophie’s Lovely Morning Coffee Scene
Requirement: Complete “Investigate Sid’s Murder” Questline and choose to denounce Eris.
Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the mornings, 06:00~12:00, in front of Sophie’s house.

Added Eris’s Promise Scene
Requirement: Complete “Investigate Sid’s Murder” Questline and side with or blackmail Eris.
Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at night, 18:00~22:00 at the Tavern.

Added Futa Hellena Scene (Futa on Male Warning)
Requirement: Complete “Illyana Quest 3” and be submissive to Lene during her second quest scene.
Available on Fridays and Sundays, when Hellena is around, by interacting with her guard near the caves.
Important: I found a bug related to most, if not all, scenes that require being submissive to Lene on her second main scene not checking if the “player is fine with anal trigger” is activated. This Hellena scene would normally need that trigger, but while it’s bugged, I’ll keep it without any requirements other than unlocking Hellena.

Added a new party companion “Obscuria”
Obscuria is a weird mix of a debuffer and a damage dealer that can act as a pseudo tank/healer through life steal buffs. Like Nameless, she uses HP to cast a few attacks, but she also uses MP for a few attacks. She weird.
Unlocked after learning her true name in the caves right after defeating the Goblin Queen.
Added a new party companion “Hapi”
Hapi is a traditional support. She heals and buffs. And that’s about it. The coolest thing she does is a special dance that allows her to give a target ally a second action!
Unlocked after saving her in the woods after leaving the caves, right after the Naga boss.
Party Menu
Available when you enter the caves/forest to choose your preferred party members. (It is also available before some important story moments)

Sophie now properly makes a quick appearance, just like the main girls and Peach, and buffs the player at the final battle if she’s no longer with Eris.
In case you buy the pickaxe and go deeper into the caves before unlocking the quest “We have to go deeper,” the quest will now auto-complete when you enter the caves.
Increased the speed on Potion and Consumables use in combat, making it way, way more likely to be consumed before the enemy acts.
Added more enemy group variations.
Once again, made the Winged Demon and its required loot easier to encounter.

During combat, the playable character’s faces should now properly scale to fully fit the screen.
Added Weapon Type Exclusive skills that substitute the Guard option for some weapon types.
Changed the protagonist skill “Find Weakness” to “Searing Metal”
Kinda the same, but with a fiery flavor! “Find Weakness” is now exclusive to Viz’Zera.
Doubled the Healing of Nihil’s Regen skill.
Increased the Protagonist’s MAX HP.
Increased Nihil MAX MP.
Changed Viz’s Bloodbath skill to remove the bleeding condition after it hits.
More Enemies inflict status effects at a very low rate.
All enemies now have more skills to use/No longer spam “attack”.
Almost all enemies found in the caves/forest/seal have more HP to better accommodate three party members and the new equipment. (Around 0~150% more HP, depending on where the enemy is encountered. Other stats are mostly unchanged)
Repellent is no longer usable during combat.

Elinnie now sells “Eye Drops” to heal the Blind status effect.
You now receive the “Sadistic Whip” if you side with Eris and the “Masochist Whip” if you side with Sophie during their quest.
Added Whips weapon type! Whips are Hapi’s main weapon and one of the Protagonist’s weapon options.
Added 4 new Chains, Nameless main, and only, weapon option.
All Nameless weapons are found in item chests spread around in chests around the map.
Added 10+ item chests throughout the caves/forest areas with items.
Added two whips to Obscuria’s shop after saving Peach.
All other whips are either quest rewards, enemy drops, or found in chests.
Sophie now sells an MP recovering item at her shop if the player sides with her during her questline. (Item might also be obtained in her scene if nothing sexual happens)

Updated the Goddess Temple Map to be a little more than just a large hallway.
Updated Sophie’s house to be different when Eris is no longer around.
Changed a few areas in the caves that have annoying blocked paths to now allow the players to move more easily.

Fixed an oversight that made Viz’Zera impossible to recruit.
Changed the priority of Obscuria’s dialogue at the caves. She will now prioritize the main quest progression over the Peach scenes.
Fixed the double dialogue box saying “You blackout” when blacking out through stamina usage.
Fixed a collision issue that would freeze Maribel’s Sample scene.
Fixed a typo on the final boss’s name
Fixed Nameless “Precipitation” skill not applying to the correct enemy type.
Fixed an issue that made the Player unable to equip accessories.
Fixed Eris and Sophie’s 22:00~24:00 interaction not working anymore after their quest was completed.
Fixed an oversight that made Eris’s blackmail money to be active at all times. Sorry for any stray “fuck you” you might’ve received for no reason. You didn’t deserve it.
Temporarily rolled back the update to the logic that makes Peach call the player, as it was making Peach’s message happen every night. Will fix it properly another time.
Fixed “Tools” disappearing after talking with the creep at the beginning of the caves.
Fixed an issue that made the fishing minigame stay on your screen after fishing.
Fixed a bunch of P-Kuns lost to the winds. Thank you to everyone who let me know where they still live


EDIT: Fixed a collision conflict between Nameless and Nihil in the caves if you recruited them both at the same time.
EDIT2: Changed how characters are selected for the party. Rather than being asked when entering the caves, you now interact with the glowing circles inside the caves/forest to select who you’ll be taking.
Heya! The update is done!
Quick Overview! Two new quests, one for Nameless and one for Sophie and Eris! You now have the option to permanently get rid of Eris! Nameless companion, One new scene for Peach, and more farm upgrades!
The two new quests are both part of a longer and complex questline, but to avoid making it confusing, you’ll always get a new quest in the quest log explaining the next step. I tried not to make it too cryptic for once.
I fixed most bugs that were reported to me(I think), but there is still some non game breaking stuff that needs fixing that I’m aware of, like some of Lene’s scenes being missing depending on progress. If you find anything strange or buggy, make sure to let me know, and I’ll hopefully have it fixed!
Sorry for the slight delay, and thanks for your support! I’ll make sure the next update will be great too!
New Content:

  • Added “Investigate Bandit Activity” Quest (Recommended Level 1)
    • It Introduces the new character “Nameless” to the game, and allow the player to change her name.
    • Requirement: Introduce yourself to Sophie.
    • The quest starts automatically while walking around the north of the beach west of town. Really, just walk from one exit to another and it’ll trigger.
  • Added a new party companion “Nameless”
    • Nameless acts as a shied/taunt support with little damage and even less healing. She uses no MP, all of her skills use HP% to cast.
    • Unlocked after completing “Investigate Bandit Activity” and entering the caves.
  • Added a small schedule for “Nameless”
    • It’s a WIP while she doesn’t get a quest to expand her story, so she’ll always be by the Silo at the farm.
  • Added “Nameless” Customisation
    • Nameless can be gifted and can change clothes/hairstyles/accessories at will through the mirror in the Silo.
    • Currently, you can only really change her blindfold and choose between naked and rags… but the system is already up and only waiting for a Nameless expansion..
  • Added “Investigate Sid’s Murder”Questline (Recommended Level 10 or 13, depending on player choice)
    • Investigate the murder of the man who was promised to marry Sophie.
    • Requirements: Complete “Investigate Bandit Activity” and Introduce yourself to Eris.
    • The quest starts automatically while walking around the beach west of town.
    • This quest can affect the townsfolk depending on the player’s choice, so think well before the last choice by the end of the questline. The choice WILL affect any future Nameless quest
  • Added three new maps used on the new quests:
    • Arena Ruins/Training Grounds
    • Lene’s Office
    • Main Road Path
  • Added Peach Bathhouse Trip Scene(Futa x Male)
    • Requirement: Complete Peach’s Questline.
    • Available every day at 1800~2200 by talking to Peach in her tower.
  • Added Four new upgrades to the farm!
    • They are all unlocked after completing the first Bum-Bum side quest! The Bum-Bum quest is unlocked after completing all of the first batch of upgrades!
      • 1st – After unlocking the upgrade, there will be a wisp fishing for you in the farm’s pound and give you daily fish!
      • 2nd – After unlocking the upgrade, there will be a working wisp that’ll be used to make products and pickled food out of dairy, crops and eggs! This increases the value of the produce by something between 20~40 gold depending on the item.
      • 3rd – After unlocking the upgrade, you’ll be able to “bless” your seeds to make them become SUPER seeds, that grows crops that are worth around 30% more!
      • 4th – After unlocking the upgrade, Bum-Bum will get the fruit trees working, and they’ll start giving out some cursed modified fruits on a five day basis. They are worth little money, but they make a lot of them, and they can be eaten raw for healing! Also, they do have other uses…


  • Updated Bum-Bum’s Saturday morning and Friday afternoon dialogues after completing certain upgrades!
  • Added an alternative and easier to see path to the Naga boss in the third part of the caves.
  • Moved all “Character Quests” to “Side Missions”, and all “Caves Quests” to “Main Missions” in the Quest log
  • Forgot to mention this change in the last update, but interacting with the photo in the player’s table will show a picture of him with Lamir… and maybe someone else, depending on progress.
  • Because now it is possible for Eris to be unavailable, there is a chance the player might miss out on the Gloryhole trigger, so now Roxanne can also tell the player about the Gloryhole if interacted with inside the tavern!
  • At the end of the “Investigate Sid’s Murder” quest, depending on the player’s choice, Sophie, Roxanne, Therese, and Eris’s schedules might be affected and changed.
  • Depending on the choice made by the player during “Investigate Sid’s Murder,” Sophie will buff the player with her love during the final battle with the Goddess.
  • You can use the toilet to toggle between Sophie’s designs once unlocked.

Map Changes:

  • The Prison beneath the castle is now accessible at all times.
  • Updated the farm slightly to better fit the new upgrades and Nameless


  • Updated the code used when an event activates in “x” days.
    • Should make it harder to miss the Peach messages this way.


  • Fixed an error on the Map where Jill’s scene was displayed on Sarah’s page.
  • Fixed a problem that would make the quest “The Goddess Sacred Icon” unable to be completed if Peach’s quest was already completed.
  • Fixed an error in the farm upgrade options where choosing the “Barn Upgrade” option would ask if the player wants to upgrade the coop instead.
  • Fixed Peach staying at the party if you blacked out through lack of stamina.
  • Fixed some character errors on some older quest information in the quest log.
  • Fixed an oversight that made the sounds of crickets continue inside the clinic in the morning if you blacked out somewhere with the sounds of crickets.
  • Fixed an oversight where Eris would be annoyed that Eris(?) wasn’t working.
  • Fixed Eris serving the player instead of Sophie during the Party Bunny introduction in the tavern.
  • Fixed Roxanne’s dialogue on Monday nights not being the correct one.
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies in Eris’s schedule.

Quick overview!
 Two new scenes, one for Celeste and the other for Lene x Lamir! One new side quest with Bum-Bum! Added and updated a few maps west of town! Finally, added lots of new items, equipment, and skills and made some changes to the enemy’s loot tables!
IMPORTANT: On old saves, you’ll need to update the file through the statue in front of the clinic to get the new skills for the player character! And a few new items and equipment given on character quests already completed will probably be missing on older files.
New Content:

  • Added Celeste Under the Stars Scene
    • Requirement: Complete Elinnie’s third quest.
    • Available on days multiple of 7 (7, 14, 21, 28) north of town by interacting with Celeste.
  • Added Lene x Lamir scene
    • Requirement: Complete Lene’s third quest
    • Available all days by interacting with the newly added picnic spot near the flower field between 12:00~18:00
  • Added a new quest for Bum-Bum
    • It automatically begins after you finish all current farm upgrades and enter the farm (Coop and Barn upgrades)
  • Added a small schedule for both Falk and Celeste
    • Celeste’s schedule is unlocked after Elinnie’s 3rd quest
    • Falk is unlocked after Lamir’s 1st quest and changed after Lamir’s 2nd quest. (Falk will have a larger schedule in the future after Kiria is fully implemented)
  • Readded and updated the beach area west of town!
  • Readded a small dungeon on the new beach area!
    • You need to finish Clearine’s first quest to unlock it! There is a fun little item reward there.
  • Added around 100 new items to the game!
    • They are spread out as monster drops on Elinnie’s shop, Obscuria’s shop, Maribel’s shop, Sarah’s shop, and finally, Celeste’s shop! The stuff available is dependent on the player’s progress on the caves storyline!
  • Added 30+ skills
    • All four playable characters now have at least ten skills available during leveling!


  • The player’s max level is now 30!
  • Updated the art for Illyana’s Foot Kiss scene!
    • Both for the one that happens Tuesday afternoon at the farm and the one during the introduction!
  • Updated the pictures for the repetitive version of Lamir’s introduction scene
    • It’s the night scene available by waiting on the bathhouse! Updated to use the new intro pics

Map Changes

  • You can now interact with the water inside the bathhouse to rest and recover 30% of your Stamina!
    • You lose 2 hours and recover some Stamina.
    • After Lamir’s second quest on Sundays, it’ll recover all stamina.
  • Updated the “Witch’s Hut” map (Falk House)
  • Tweaked the maps: Lene’s House, Beach Shack (Clarine and Maribel House), Elinnie’s Shop, and Flower Field!
    • The flower field now has a picnic spot!
  • Updated the dungeon you go to during Nihil’s side quest to make it easier to find the way forward.

Currency, Loot, and items

  • After completing the new Bum-Bum quest, all crops have a 1/20 chance of giving an extra “Golden Star Crop”!
    • It’s worth a bit of money and is loved as a gift by everyone.
    • You get a considerable amount of EXP from getting a golden crop
  • The pickaxe now costs 150 Gold.
  • All enemies that hold a weapon now drop that weapon.
  • Decreased the price of farm animals
    • Chickens now cost 500g (300 for the first one)
    • Cows now cost 1000g
  • Decreased the price for the “Sinister Hook” from 5000 gold to 300 gold.
    • I have no idea why it even was so expansive.
  • Defeating Calliga now grants you a lot of gold!
    • She still leaves the game forever if you beat her up, but you lose an NPC in the game, you get cash!
  • You now receive a special Accessory after completing each of the main girl’s third quests!
  • Some items related to the story of the caves are now considered Key items.


  • Companions will now always be at the same level as the Player.
  • Updated all Companions classes stats to better fit their archetypes.
    • Viz has tons of damage and speed
    • Peach has a lot of magic, and MP
    • Nihil has a lot of HP and defense
  • Made unlocking Viz’Zera as a companion easier.
    • She will now stay outside the caves until defeated in single combat and unlocked!


  • Added a tip on when Celeste is around near her spawn north of town.
  • Stamina now properly scales with your level.
  • Decreased the volume of the sound effects on the intro.
  • Changed all recipe descriptions to include “Consume it to unlock the recipe at the Blacksmith.”
  • During the final stages of the caves questline, Peach now properly gives the player her ring as a “Key Item.”
  • You can now sit on the couch inside your house.
  • Lamir will now leave breakfast for the player no matter which choices you make in the introduction.
  • Updated Falk’s interaction during Lene’s second quest to become non-cursed Falk if you finished Lamir’s third quest.


  • Fixed some status effects displaying they ended while they were still in place.
  • A bunch of items with no effect are no longer consumables
  • Now you properly receive the 100 gold Illyana gives you when skipping the intro.
  • Fixed the fishing tutorial in the intro to be the correct one.
  • Fixed two Sarahs walking around the blacksmith during her introduction.
  • Fixed two Peaches walking around her house during nights
  • You now properly get healed on the day after Clarine’s first quest.
  • Fixed a bug that made some characters disappear from the bathhouse.
  • The recommended level for the quest “The Goddess Sacred Icon” is now the same between what appears in the quest log and the warning that appears before the quest starts.
  • Fixed a problem that made older files unable to receive Peach’s message and enter the final battle.
  • As usual, all typos I’ve seen or have been reported have been fixed!
  • Fixed an exclamation mark appearing on the sea near the pier on older saves.

Finally a new update! It’s been so long. I’m getting acclimated with RPG Maker now that Zehmun is unavailable, so this one It’s a very simple update with no bug fixes.
We’re adding a new type of scene: “The Mini Scene”. The mini-scenes are what the name says, it’s a smaller scene with no sex, mostly just for eye candy and some exposition on the character.
Sorry for taking so long on this update, a lot of stuff happened since the last one.
Edit: Kinda fucked up the Party Bunny scene. The download is already updated with a fix. If you played it already and did the party bunny scene, interact with the statue in front of the clinic to fix the player entering walls
New Content:

  • Added Party Bunny Hapi Gloryhole scene.

After unlocking Hapi AND the gloryhole at night. (Hapi is unlocked at the end of the caves and the gloryhole is unlocked by talking with the tavern lady)
A bit more than a 20% chance to happen when you enter the tavern bathroom at night.

  • Added 3 new mini-scenes for Lamir, Lene, and Elinnie (Unlocked from the start)Talk to them at the bathhouse at night (18:00~22:00).
    Lamir can only be interacted with outside the bath, choose the option “Bathe with Lamir”. The option is only there Sunday
    Lene is only available on Sunday
    Elinnie is available Sunday and Wednesday
  • Added a mini-scene for Shy Bunny. Talk to Hapi near her home on Friday or Saturday at 12:00~18:00


  • You now can only enter the tavern bathroom to see the gloryhole scenes at night

New Content:

  • Added the final chapter for the Caves Story.
    • It continues directly after where the last story quest left on.
    • It takes a few days until the quest automatically begins.
      • The final fight, depending on your weapon choice at the end, gets easier the more girls “loves” the protagonist (all quests completed)
  • Added a “Gift Shop” at Elinnie’s
    • It’s always there, just talk to Elinnie when she’s on the counter.
  • Added a new character.
    • She will be at Peach’s tower after the quest ends.
    • She will be expanded on another update.


  • Increased the day duration, again.
  • Decreased the enemy encounter rate on the caves.
  • Drastically decreased the enemy encounter rate on the forest.
  • Added the Peach x Obscuria scene to the map scenes.

New Content:

Added the next chapter for the Caves Story.
It continues directly after where the last story quest left on. (It actually continues a few days after completing the last quest)
Added Peach x Obscuria x Protagonist Threesome
Unlocked by completing Peach’s Quest and destroying the seal in the Caves Storyline.
Triggered by talking with Obscuria and choosing the new option.
Nice scene. Good scene. Fun scene.
Fixed an oversight where you could repeatedly fight the High Priestess boss.
Fixed the spacing in some quest names
Fixed a problem where you could break the game by using the teleport stone inside the Goddess Domain dungeon.


  • Added Clarine Third Quest. (Recommended Level 14)
    • Unlocked after completing Clarine Quest 2 and raising Clarine’s affection to the max.
    • The quest starts automatically as soon as the required affection is met and the player sleeps.
  • Added Clarine third quest repetitive scene
    • Unlocked after completing Clarine Quest 3. Talk with Clarine at morning (06:00~12:00) on Weekdays and choose the new “Invite to a walk” option.


  • Fixed Maribel Quest 3 repetitive scene not appearing on the map.
  • Fixed Maribel third heart on the map not updating after finishing her third quest.
  • Added Peach’s scene on the list of scenes available on the map.

New Content:

  • Added a new feature: THE MAP!!!
    • It can be found on the book button right beside the game clock.
    • It’ll replace the old relationship book that was available in the tools.


  • Reduced the rate you find enemies in the dark forest.

New Content:

Added a new area to the caves, the Goddess Realm.
It is unlocked after saving Peach in the dark forest and going with her to see the seal. After this the quest will start as soon as the player reaches level 15. (if you meet all conditions and the quest still doesn’t start you have to update your save in the statue in front of Maribel Clinic).

Added Peach as a Party Member.
She is unlocked as soon as you enter the Goddess realm.
Peach is a witch that comes with big pp spells and healing.

Added an option to shop at Maribel Clinic.
She sells powerful healing items and revives.

Added a new item, “Singing Herb” to the creepy girl shop at the caves.
The item heals the new effect “Silence”
Added new soundtracks to the Tavern and to the city at night.
New Enemies: Goddess Cultists and Goddess Priestess.
New Character: The Goddess.

Minor tweak to the protagonist’s angry face.
You can now enter the caves and the forest without a party member.

New Content:

Added Lene’s Third Quest. (Recommended Level 14)
Unlocked after completing Lene Quest 2 and raising Lene’s affection to the max.

Added Lene third quest repetitive scene
Unlocked after completing Lene Quest 3. Talk with Lene Monday or Thursday, at 1800~22:00 inside the tavern.

Increased the duration of the day.
The days now last twice as long as before. If your save file isn’t new (that is, made on this update) you’ll need to update your save file by interacting with the statue in front of Maribel’s clinic to get the longer lasting days.

Fixed some dumb bugs.

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