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It tells the story of two siblings who study together, but as time goes by the brother begins to feel more loving emotions for his sister, as the tags themselves say, it’s not a cuddly love story between siblings or anything like that.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-14
Developer: LulluDev Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.5b
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: dcg, male protagonist, incest, handjob, voyeurism, teasing, big ass, big tits, sandbox, school setting, dating sim, vaginal sex, creampie, NTR

Added More History
10 new H-scene
9 new H-scene (animated)
5 new H-scene (framed)
This update is a compensation for my delay, it’s almost a “fan-service” update, the story will progress much slower and there will be a lot more H-scenes, so just enjoy the scenes of each character, we’ll come back with the story in the next update.

Added More History
3 new H-scene (animated)
1 new H-scene
4 new H-scene (framed)
Summer uniforms
2 new characters (Sora and Satoru)

Added More History
6 new H-scene (animated)
Added Hiori casual clothes
Added Town map

I fixed some problems with the model of the female characters
New character (Nanami Misato) Kanna’s mother
Added More history
3 new H-scene
4 new H-scene (animated)

Added More history
3 new H-scene
3 new H-scene (animated)
1 new creampie-animation (It’s nothing super incredible but I wanted to mark it here)

Added More history
3 new H-scene
3 new H-scene (animated)
1 new creampie-animation (It’s nothing super incredible but I wanted to mark it here)

Added a new character: Shizuka
Added More history
2 new H-scene (animated)

Version 0.0.4d
Added a mini icon for (special) events
2 new H-scene (1 animated)
Added a lot of ecchi scenes (much more than the last updates)
Added more detail on genital parts (yes, penis looks better)

-Remake all characters rooms
-Remake Kitchen and Living room
-Added a lot of stories
-2 new H-scene (animated)

-Added a (?) and a (!) on top of events
-Added a box to show which is the main event and which is the side event
-Added the first animation loop (it is very short, it was more a test)
-Added more story

Initial Release

Hi! Lullu welcome to my patreon page, I’m gonna make a NTR eroge game using Koikatsu art and Ren’py, the first game is called ”My Perfect Sister” i have a lot of more stories that i can make a game with, but for now i’m 100% focused on make ”My Perfect Sister” perfect lol, i’m using all my time to make this game quick as possible, every update i gonna post first here!

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