Morningstar: Book of the Fallen Adult Game Download Overview

Morningstar is an Adult Urban Fantasy VN/RPG, set in a dark and gritty New York. You play as a young MMA fighter whose life is forever changed the day he meets an Angel.

Morningstar: Book of the Fallen Trailer

Morningstar’s an Adult Urban Fantasy VN/RPG, inspired by movies like Highlander and The Crow. Play as a young MMA fighter with a hint of supernatural blood, dragged into a desperate battle between Heaven and the forces of the Night. Like Love of Magic it has a strong sandbox aspect, with side quests and activities that lets you build your character or spend time relaxing with the girls, side-quests to complete and an unfolding world to explore.

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-07-08
Developer: Droid Productions Patreon – SubscribeStar – Steam – Itch.io – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.0c
OS: Window, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Length: ~2-3 hrs
Other GamesLove of Magic
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Handjob, Teasing, Virgin, Oral sex, Animated, BDSM, Harem, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Sandbox, Turn based combat, Puzzle
Planned: Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Sex toys,creampie, group sex, Masturbation , Stripping

ACT III (DAY 35-54)

– Fixed a bug where a repeatable fight with Katie after day 35 could lock up progression

– Added alternative path for Alley fight with Katie post day 35
– Added miniquests triggering off unlocking PT and meeting snowdrop leading to Lin and Snowdrop quest lines
– Added better guards to stop Match4/Match5
– Added a new Post day 35 Katie fight option
– New ability, rage (gives bonus damage to skulls)

– You can now fight Erik in the gem game
– You can now continue to play after Act III ends
– Fixed a bug where the gamepad support conflicted with entering names
– Typos corrected
– Gain XP bonus from INT stat
– Restarting from end of demo/end of act II now working as planned
– Changes to combat:
– Added the idea of combat effects (Erik gets the first one, regen)
– Added bonus charging of effects based on CHR stat
– Added bonus damage from skulls based on STR stat
– Added guards to reduce the chance of out of turn movement

– New event night day 53

– New Katja event day 53/54
– New Gabby event day 53/54
– New Chloe event day 53/54
– Updated the spankbank with all current scenes
– Further steamlining of the gamepad system.
– Re-rendered diner bg

– Lin’s no longer showing at her home if she doesn’t have any activity there
– Improved support for gamepad/keyboard input

– New Lin event (day 53/54)
– Fixed Quest Bar being too small for long titles
– Fixed scroll-bar starting partially scroll on demonfox if you already scrolled things.

– Fixed a couple of broken renders
– Fixed up missing skill check on day 54

– Added day 54
– Fixed Chloe’s day 46+ convo not triggering + not spawning player

– Fixed various instances where there was no mug attached to a convo

– New Demonfox pages post day 35, 41, 48
– Brief new Chloe convo post day 46
– New Katja event, 2 days after you discuss the gym with her
– Added Saffron’s social media data

– New Gabby event, day 45+
– Moved Morning day 53 to day 51 for continutiy reasons
– You can now run against Katie on both fire path and non-fire path day 52
– Fixed various hotel room events that could trigger at late night
– Fixed some minor UI bugs

– Day 52

– Expanded on A Light in the Darkness quest
– Added a new Lin event (day 51+, after you’ve given her the choker)

– First pass on a new “end of day” transition screen

– Fixed studying fight 3 not being repeatable
– Fixed hair clipping in an image day 53

– Day 51 (night)
– Day 53 (morning)

– Re-lit and re-rendered day 49 scenes
– Studying your opponent is now a pure INT track
– Added studying for all 3 fights currently announced

– Typos

– Day 46
– Day 49

– Typos

– Day 43 (Sushi Date)

– Typos fixed

– Fixed studying being available at late night
– Day 50

– Fixed Day45 breaking if Katie’s branch score was 1 or 2
– Fixed some clipping on day 46 night event with Molly

– Day 47
– Day 48

– Day 45 end
– Fixed a bug where a night event could trigger late night

– Day 45 (part 1)


– Day 44 night

– Fixed some visual glitches day 42
– Typo cleanup pass

– Day 42 night
– Day 43 morning
– Fixed an issue with transitions being visible during conversations

– Day 41
– Day 42 morning
– Added option to reject Lin in the showers

– Fixed Upgrade map breaking
– Added in a music player
– Fixed videos getting cut off halfway
– Fixed run where exploring the tunnels not giving you a stat bonus
– Typos

– Updated the About menu
– Updated the credits menu
– Updated settings to direct to Discord instead of Love of Magic
– Added a new Calendar app

– Verified that the damned demo flag is gone

– Removed the Demo flag
– Katja post-katie’s fight now more open-ended

– New Katja and Gabby talk after Katie’s day 35 fight
– New Katie, Katja, Gabby, Lin conversation before MC’s 2nd fight
– New Saoe conversastion (day 33+ at night)

– Minor typos and fixes
– New opening day 40 fight animation
– Updated Katie closeup animation day 40

– Day 37
– Day 38
– Day 39 opening
– Day 40 (fight night)

– Tweaks to studying Erik’s fight footage
– Tweaks to Katie’s webpage
– Tweaks to Day 36 night convo to make it flow better
– Re-rendered a Lin clip with some fixes for animation + lighting

– Typos and fixes
– Lin’s date 3
– Lin’s date 3 post Facial
– New segment to Katie’s day 36 party
– New article for Katie’s fight
– Fixed up Katie’s twitter timeline

– Minor text edits
– Fixed transition from Act II to Act III

– Day 36

– Day 35 night. Act III started.

– Start of Lin’s next date. Requires LIN_BUTPLUG3 (which is now set 1 day after you finish her butplug event)
– New clothes to purchase

ACT II (DAY 16-35)

– Fixed up Emily’s Heal adding rather than setting health
– Fixed up Lin’s Quest’s not correctly triggering
– Fixed a bug in positioning of mouse-over in combat

– Cleaned up the end sequence

– Katie day 34 date
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t have space in custom names

– Fixed a bug where day 31 date doesn’t correctly trigger day 34 date

– Typo fixes
– You can no longer comment on titter messages without replies
– Fixed Snowdrop’s DSLR being opened by Lin’s questline
– Fixed Ceira’s spine
– Emily Day 34 date
– Can now study in your bedroom day 34+

– Day 34 morning
– Day 35

– Day 31 (optional date with Emily)

– Added guards for some of Emily’s abilites
– Adjusted some of their power requirements

– Fixed weirdness in day 33 run

– Day 33
– Fixed Emily not showing up in the gym

– Fixed up the missing demonfox page images

– Lin’s date 2
– Day 28
– Day 29
– Day 30
– Day 32 (skipping 31 for now)

– New event with Emily (day 21+ in the gym)
– New recurring event with Emily (Mornings, day 21+ in the gym)
– Buying Lin the toy will now trigger her reply (her date 2 is not done yet)

– Fixed a broken recurring dialog for katie (night, gym)
– Fixed some minor typos

– Night day 24 (optional Fire path event)
– Updated a new animation to Day 20
– Unlocks new recurring activity (talk to Katie in the gym at night)
– New event, continues Snowdrop’s questline (talk to Katie at night, after speaking to Chloe)
– Fixed wrong sprite for Bella showing day 1
– Fixed Snowdrop’s nude sprite not animating
– Fixed Lin’s Facial message not unlocking DeNile
– Fixed Lin’s Cheongsam sprite not animating

– Night day 27
– Fixed a bug where loading end of Act I save would end with a black screen
– Fixed a bug where Bella’s mug was incorrect

– Day 21
– Day 25
– Day 26
– Morning day 27

– Day 20
– Day 22 (skipped day 21 for now)
– Day 23
– Day 24 (morning only)
– Fixed Last Drop Backroom showing up on the quicknav

– Day 19
– New small video day 18

– Fixed a minor issue in Day 18 dialog

– Typo pass

– Fixed Emily’s day 18 convo triggering early
– MC’s now drinking Diet Coke (when he’s being a good boy)

– Day 18
– New day 17 images for Gabby and Saoe
– Removed Mu Lau from the Last Drop day 17 & 18

– Fixed a bug where pressing H when naming a character would hide the UI
– Added guards for preventing character overlapping
– New optional interlude, Day 17 (Lin)
– New optional interlude, Day 17 (Snowdrop)
– New optional interlude, Day 17 (Katja)
– New optional interlude, Day 17 (Saoe)
– New optional interlude, Day 17 (Chloe)

– Completed Day 16
– Morning Day 17
– First of the day 17 optional interludes in (Gabby)

– Updates to the combat system, adding new attacks and tweaking recurring battles

– Titter and Facial now specifies which character you’re talking to
– Fixed up rollback to prioritize the text scroll if there’s additional lines available and the player is trying to scroll them

ACT I (DAY 1-16)


  • Fixed facial status messages not being updated with variables
  • Fixed titter replies not initially being updated when you respond


  • Tweaked some of the buttons to remove a white shimmer
  • Fixed flicker-jab missing
  • Tweaked combat art


  • Tweaked facial text box slightly
  • Made it harder to escape out of the freeroam tutorial
  • One-Two now costs 12MP and charges from either red or blue
  • Resetting skillUI when it’s opened
  • Updated the log to handle long filenames
  • Removed the opacity on the options in dialog
  • AttackCounters retained after combat (flurry counter, etc)
  • Katie upgrade sequence cleaned up
  • Updated mouse over text for all the rooms
  • Updated running to have a slight additive glow


  • Facial contacts now sort according to unread, then by alphabetical order
  • Facial selfies and demonfox images now unlock for memory section
  • Fixed a bug where gems destroyed by attacks, or as a bi-product of attacks, aren’t credited properly
  • Flicker Jab, Double Jab (2x), and One-Two now contribute to your Jab counter. Flurry no longer does.
  • Attack One-Two damage dealt increased
  • Fixed a bug where Snowdrop’s quests would break the quest-log, and cause an exception when triggering one of her quests
  • Chloe’s dialog about Snowdrop (tail end of Portfolio questline) can only be triggered in the morning, when Snowdrop’s not there
  • Katie’s recurring sparring was giving +2 str silently on victory, and +1 STR silently on loss. Reduced both to +1 and fixed the visuals
  • Changed the sign-in font for increased readability
  • Added additional guards to the tutorial system. Renamed Skip to Next, and Disable Tutorial to Skip Tutorial (which still retains the rest of them). You can still disable ALL tutorials in the settings.
  • Fixed a possible exception at combat end
  • Fixed typos


  • Katie’s pre-dinner show is now a replayable event
  • Resized the Notification UI to be smaller and cleaner
  • You can no longer click on the PT poster when getting ready for shadowboxing
  • Made Katie’s running task slightly easier
  • Typos and continuity cleanup


  • Added a guard on talking to Chloe again day 2
  • Tuned cost of flurry up a little
  • Fixed a bug in the new XP system that didn’t give full XP, just the INT bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where speedclicking through day 7 could lock the UI
  • Fixed an aspect ratio issue on the end of content screen
  • Minor typoes and tweaks


  • Strength now affects your combat hitpoints.
  • Enemies now have tiers, which affects their hitpoints as well
  • Int now affects your XP scaling
  • Fixed an issue where Skip Video button could be hidden on square aspect screens
  • Fixed issue where replaying the opening sequence would start with a hidden UI
  • Fixed Winston being accessible at late night
  • Fixed an issue with restarting game leaving some characters behind in the world
  • Kidney blow now tagged with yellow gems
  • Various Snowdrop questlines no longer accessible late night
  • Rewrote the level scaling code (now just pow(level, 2) * 100 to find the XP needed for any given level)
  • New skill, flicker jab


  • Morning day 5 event now takes 1 timeslot
  • Day 7 event moved to night time, now takes one timeslot
  • Katie’s secret accessible day 5
  • Stopped rewind over AdvanceTime action (it was too prone to bugs)
  • using Escape in the mobile apps now clears the fullscreen overlay first if it’s active
  • Updated Lin’s lvl 10 PT event
  • Stat modification pass to balance things out


  • Streamlined side-content to let the player achieve more in Act I’s main timeline


  • Fixed a bug where talking to Gabby late night would show the last character you spoke to
  • Fixed an issue where overwriting the end of act savegame wouldn’t correctly apply until next reboot


  • Updated contacts app to track unlocked images and scenes
  • Added gallery functionality to contacts app for all images associated with the character
  • Made it clear Winston’s functionality only opens in Act II
  • New questline: running
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing a skill doesn’t light up it’s path correctly
  • Fixed Typos


  • Fixed soft-lock issue in gem combat
  • Fixed soft-lock issue when talking to Kelly from Katie’s convo tree
  • Moved Emily’s day 12 conversation to day 13 (night)
  • Added a new day 12+ Facial (assuming you’ve met Katja), followed by a slice of life event 13+
  • Fixed a bug where you could access the quick jump menu from inside a conversation.
  • Fixed a bug where you could use the scroll wheel while the conversation was hidden
  • Added quest triggers for Lin’s questline, Snowdrop’s questline, Katie’s questline, the player’s main career questline and Emily’s questline


  • Day 16 complete to end of Act I
  • New small Katie event after unlocking her as a teacher
  • Act+ is now unlocked
  • You can now change gem loadout in combat (resets any existing charge)
  • Added replayable scenes to the system (Accessible from the main menu)
  • Rewrote the quest tracker (now I need to add quest data)


  • Day 16 start in hotel room
  • A couple of the scripted fight scenes now give XP.
  • Added Lin as an in-scene character in the gym on day 15
  • Added debug keys (make sure to enable debug interface). 0 to auto-win, 9 to auto-lose. Shift 1-4 to charge your gems.
  • Added keyboard support (space to auto-play, 1-4 to trigger the gems if filled)


  • Fixed up the skill assignment UI
  • Fixed possible exception from incorrectly set up weapon
  • Day 15 Katie/Coach conversation
  • Wallpaper app for collectibles
  • You can now also assign any cellphone image received (titter/facial/browser) as a wallpaper


  • Day 15.
  • New day 15 event for Gabby
  • New day 15 event for Katja if you’ve spoken to her before
  • New day 15 Snowdrop event (evening/night at the last drop)
  • New day 15 Saoe event (night time at last drop, if you flirted at least a little with her before this)
  • New day 15 Lin event if you’ve got PERSONAL_TRAINING>10 (at gym)


  • fixed missing references in a couple of locations (causing missing player character after a convo ends)
  • added guard for block movement in case block was destroyed
  • added guards for skill assignment
  • added a tutorial hint for first level up event
  • fixed quicknav in ultra-wide
  • added more attacks and cleaned up the upgrade interface
  • can now upgrade skills
  • typos and fixes


  • Fixed z-fighting in the stage entrance
  • Fixed an order of unlocking bug that caused exceptions in the skills upgrade menu
  • Fixed a problem in the skills selection UI where a missing weapon would cause an exception
  • Only unlocked skills are now available in the skills layout screen.
  • Fixed a problem where the player isn’t visible the first time you talk to Katja
  • Tweaked the running UI


  • Fixed possible escape-routes for the tutorial system
  • Fixed tutorial bugs at high resolution
  • Fixed layering issues with tutorials on settings/load and save menu
  • Added a new attack to the first two fights
  • Reorganized the combat graph a little
  • Fixed Katja not being visible first time you see her
  • Typos and fixes


  • Tutorial system implemented
  • Phone now unlocks day 3 (Katie’s phonecall moved from day 4-> Day 3). You can force it open using ENABLE_PHONE
  • Tutorial added for combat with coach, using phone
  • Fixed load from day
  • Updated settings UI
  • Gem combat hints now accessible from the settings menu


  • Updated two day 14 animations with more frames
  • Rewrote how board cleanup is handled, which will hopefully reduce bugs related to playing multiple combats in one go


  • Fixed AI to prioritize >4 match if present
  • Added mega gems, which are formed during a match5 or higher, and are worth 5 gems
  • Can now drag and zoom on the upgrade map
  • Added additional skills
  • You can now unlock skills


  • Night time day 14
  • Added guards to the Titter messages to link them to specific events
  • New Facial from Snowdrop, after you help her with the portfolio (Flag SNOWDROP_SELFIE1)


  • Fixed a crash caused by an infinite loop


  • Morning day 14
  • New running minigame
  • Fixed a possible logic bug with the combat minigame
  • Fixed one of the titter images for Lin clipping badly
  • Kelly’s event now clearly cleanly, and takes time
  • Re-encoded some videos that were incorrectly set up
  • You can no longer ask Chloe about coffee on day 2


  • New event the 2nd time you do PT
  • New facial message 5 days after that event
  • Fixed a bug in rolling back if you’re already at the end of content
  • Fixed a bug where proxies and options could double-add themselves
  • Flipped the sort order for titter posts


  • Fixed loading and refreshing savegames
  • Reduced the day 13 skill test to 10/10/10
  • Fixed skillsUI not being accessible from inside the skillMap
  • Katja now shows as an active quest object before you talk to her the first time
  • Enabled esc to escape from some apps that were missing it (Facial, demonfox, statsapp)


  • Day 13
  • Added some additional guards to the particle system code


  • New Lin event, doing Private training after PT>25
  • New content for day 12 (morning/night)
  • Tweaked the scrollback log
  • Fixed titter messages not correctly handling variables
  • Rewrote how titter messages are unlocked
  • New twitter images for Lin
  • Fixed a bug where you could repeatedly meditate at late night
  • Fixed a bug where you could discuss day 11 with Gabby late night


  • Added the rest of the Chappel Hill running sequence + new area and a new character
  • Fixed a bug where Emily’s message doesn’t unlock correctly day 10
  • New event with gabby, after day 11
  • New event with Katie, after you’ve eaten at least once at the CCC + have gotten her selfies. Also a message from her the next day if you play your cards right.
  • New facial with Lin (triggers the night after your date 1 with her; if you’ve already done that event add LIN_NIGHT_SELFIE).
  • Adds new thing you can buy for Lin (no followup on that yet)
  • Added an exit to the gym from the alley
  • Fixed a possible bug when you reloaded from inside a conversation not correctly killing the previous convo
  • Fixed a couple of cases where the player isn’t explicitly removed at the opening in a conversation, which causes him to stick around if you’re currently in the target location
  • Made Lin’s shower event an explicit event, rather than triggered by lifting weights
  • Shifted the map navigation icon


  • Clearing the undo stack at conversation start
  • New day 11 event (night)
  • Redid Katie’s day 2 animation


  • Added a guard to make Katie tell you about CCC if you haven’t gone by yourself by the 7th
  • New character: Gabby
  • Intro event for Gabby
  • Recurring activity with Gabby: food


  • Rewrote the rewind system to be more stable
  • You can now use 0/1 to win/lose gem combat if you’ve enabled the debug interface
  • Fixed facial messages auto-triggering if no conditions were set
  • Fixed queue conversation not working


  • Restored RMB to open save ui
  • New Day 8+ event at the last drop
  • Day 10
  • New Day 2+ conversation with Katie, opens up TripleC
  • New location: TripleC (nothing to do there yet)


  • Recoded all videos to VP8
  • Fixed a possible bug in older savegames with new deck loadout
  • Tweaked the Day 9 and Saoe skillchecks down
  • Cleaned up the basic attack config
  • Added guards for UI particle system


  • Fixed some UI alignment issues in the gem combat UI
  • Fixed being able to swap gems during enemies turn
  • Fixed a bug where recurring fights with Katie after unlocking the gems would hang


  • Fixed a bug where speed clicking through a video could leave the game frozen
  • Tweaked some visuals to reduce noise
  • Fixed a logic bug where the training level against coach hangs


  • Renamed the variable tracking purchases. Should fix unlocking progress


  • You can now employ gems in combat (unlocked after first meditation)
  • Attacks now have 5 tiers (no way to upgrade them for now)
  • You can now setup your gems and use them in combat
  • You can now change gems on the fly in combat
  • Cleaned up titter messages notifications
  • Cleaned up some facial messages being unlockable ahead of time
  • Shifted the End of Content barrier
  • Cleaned up Emily’s titter messages


  • Day 9
  • New location: Last Drop dancefloor
  • New character: Saoirse
  • New event: Meeting Saoirse for the first time


  • Added skill setup menu
  • Added cleanup and guards around the Gem minigame
  • Cleaned up being able to get stuck in the coffee shop
  • Retimed things a little to fit the timeline
  • Fixed Katie’s meditation event to use the right flags
  • Added selfies to Katie’s titter


  • Fixed broken gem game


  • Fixed a bug which would caused unlocked but not purchased nodes to not be visible after returning


  • You now gain XP from Gem Combat (sparring with Couch, Night 01, Day 02, and recurring gem combat with Katie)
  • Meditating for Int now takes time


  • Added a stat tracking app to the phone
  • Added the Demonfox app (web browser). Now I just need to add the actual entries
  • Meditation added as a recurring activity
  • First pass of upgrade system is in mid-development
  • New Katie related event, mediate after learning her secret (requires flag KATIE_TRAINER, so set that if you’ve already done the event)
  • You can now gain XP from sparring with Katie or doing tactical sparring


  • Day 8
  • Fixed changelog not working
  • Tuned a couple of animations
  • Fixed a couple of conversations that didn’t correctly trigger the player’s next action (drinking in Last Drop when buying from Chloe, etc)
  • Escape can now be used to navigate in the smartphone (back btn)


  • More music
  • Fixed a couple of annoying bugs in the gem matching game
  • Fixed a bug with auto-removing characters at the end of the convo
  • Fixed a bug where the UI could get stuck after a video if speed clicking


  • Titter officially introduced
  • Added contacts app
  • Fixed a bug where cellphone could be opened at enter name screen
  • Added in some new music tracks, and playing with a first pass music design
  • Music now turns to local ambient music after a conversation ends


  • Titter system added
  • UI overhaul


  • Day 007


  • Continuation from Snowdrop’s Portfolio quest (triggers by playing bottle service, and waiting one day). 3 events (one in the bar evening/night, one in the hotel night, then another bar, morning)


  • Small update day 5, receive Mu Lau’s facial contact
  • Day 6, talk to Chloe


  • Characters mugs weren’t showing up on Quicktravel map (because Quicktravel map was re-classified a popup, and those hide character proxies)


  • Fixed a bug that could soft-lock the game when travelling


  • Fixed being unable to return to main screen
  • Fixed video skip button not working


  • New event: Lin’s Date 1 after getting the Cheongsam. This is the end of Lin Content for Act 1
  • Fixed a bug where pressing enter on the Enter Name dialogs would advance text


  • Fixed a bug where after buying something from DeNile it could soft-lock the UI
  • Fixed a bug where Load from Day was unavailable
  • New event to Snowdrop’s Portfolio sequence (triggers from the post-portfolio chat with her at the bar, then wait 3 days)
  • Added a fix that’ll hopefully deal with videos staying behind when speed-clicking


  • Fixed a bug in triggering next Snowdrop event
  • Added Snowdrop’s Portfolio Pt III, triggering two days after part II.


  • Set up flags for new Snowdrop event (not in yet)


  • Fixed a bug where you could click on active items as the GemUI loaded
  • Fixed a bug where you could break conversations by opening the cellphone halfway through
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t access your stats, history or quest screen while in conversation
  • Lin’s Outfit 1 quest setup. Buy outfit -> 1 day later you get a facial -> 1 day later you get a facial -> unlock new location. Will later unlock a night-time event.
  • New Katie event, triggers day 6 onwards
  • New Snowdrop purchase (after portfolio shoot 1).
  • New Snowdrop event (evening 1 day+ after buying her the outfit)


  • Day 04
  • Day 05


  • Added some more images to the shower scene
  • two new facials from Lin (triggers from the end of the shower sequence, next day)
  • DeNile is now open for business. First item is Camera for snowdrop’s portfolio shot
  • Snowdrop’s portfolio shot #1
  • First outfit for Lin in DeNile. Purchase + Facial afterwards
  • Fixed a bug where entering a chat from a character that you haven’t gotten any messages from yet causes old messages to stick around
  • Fixed missing exit from showers
  • Fixed a bug where talking to Katie > day 30 would leave her stuck in the room with you
  • Fixed a bug where character’s would show as visible all day in the quicknav


  • Minor UI and text tweaks


  • Added Facial support for Katie (starts day 4), Snowdrop (once she tells you to call her) and Emily (from story, not yet unlocked)
  • Added morning call from Katie, day 4
  • Added new continuation to Lin’s storyline (2 days after 4th chat message, at the gym, then two messages 3 days later, one from Katie, one from Lin)
  • Updated Lin’s story (3 days after her final message, at the weights exercise). This completes Lin’s first release content (unless I get inspired and make her a couple of selfies)
  • Added four new Katie chat messages (1 day after lin story, 3 days after that, 1 day after that, 1 three days after the final lin message)
  • You can now do PT from the schedule in the gym.
  • Added weight lifting as an activity (strength bonus)
  • Slowed down the transitions between players in the gem game


  • New cellphone
  • New app (Facial)
  • New character (Lin). So far has one in-gym event, and 5 Facial events (triggerings at 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 personal training sessions. The facials are at least one day apart)
  • Rewrote the debug console to give more information and easier access.


  • Fixed possible bug in drinking coffee


  • Fixed up the various bar story events.
  • Added a new story event for Snowdrop (3 days after she tells you about her broadway audition, which will start the Portfolio questline)
  • Added a new Last Drop event (Snowdrop bending over anim)


  • Fixed broken particle system tanking the gem combat


  • Fixed excess of cats
  • Fixed SetState breaking (under-dressed MC problem)
  • Fixed Drinking coffee not being replayable


  • Rewrote the room system to use sprites instead of meshes
  • Updated the Gym. New activities (sparring with Katie, PT, Shadowboxing)
  • Upadted the Last Drop, and added a drinking activity there (that will also eventually open up Snowdrop and Chloe’s questlines)
  • New location, Cable Hill, new actvitity (running)
  • Added recurring conversations to the Last Drop
  • Redid the QuickJump UI. Only top level entries are now counted as jump spots, but they contain references to all the characters with active events at that node. Now differentiates between single-time and recurring character interaction
  • Added a new character (Katja) and a new location for her (Caffeine Confessions)
  • Added guards to prevent bugs in the gem combat system
  • Rewrote the event system to make it cleaner and less prone to errors
  • Fixed a bug in name entry that wouldn’t let you re-edit the name after set


  • Fixed invalid audio bug in combat, which may have been responsible for the combat bugs some people have reported.


  • Day 2
  • Fixed a possible hang in board with no valid solutions
  • Added new locations and characters


  • Added sounds to the combat system
  • Added support for blending between fullscreen images to reduce jarring
  • Added support for the new name character UI
  • First pass on the character upgrade system


  • Fixed a potential bug with one of the abilities
  • Fixed a potential logic hang bug caused by destroyed tokens


  • Fixed a possible hang bug in replaying a battle


  • Fixed bug where invalid sprites in effects could cause the game to break
  • Fixed a bug where combat could hang due to no valid moves, and added shuffle functionality
  • Added functionality to auto-play (space)
  • Tuned some of the attacks for charge cost


  • Fixed fighting between the mouse over videos at the opening
  • Fixed continuing to play the game after finishing content
  • Added a selection menu for testing combat, and made it work in-build
  • Added a fix for backgrounds being stuck when returning to main menu


  • Fixed names recorded lowercase
  • Added a missing image of MC in the bathroom


  • Scripted the first day


  • Set up the Gem combat system


  • First build

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