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Masters of Raana is an open-world RPG set in an abandoned colony, Ikaanos, on a dangerous planet that was separated from Earth several centuries ago. In this god-forsaken world feudal-like kingdoms fight amongst themselves for power and influence, when they’re not busy dealing with the monstrous megafauna that threatens the last bastion of human civilization.

On this planet, Raana, we find our MC – a nobody who has just inherited a house from his older brother, a renowned slave trainer that went missing over a year ago. Master of Raana’s open-world approach allows you to do anything; live as a quiet factory worker, a thrill-seeking adventurer, a scavenger, an academy master, a famous arena champion or anything in between.

You could also take up your brother’s old profession and train slaves into obedient servants, academy professors, fierce shield maidens, or willing sex toys.

You’re also able to marry slaves, impregnate them and raise your offspring to adulthood, molding your children into anything you want; adventure buddies, accountants, guards or docile servants.

The planet of Raana also has many secrets to uncover, some you might stumble upon whilst exploring deep caverns or reading ancient books. There are many dangerous and hidden mysteries that lie waiting, ready to be discovered by those who seek the truth about Raana’s obscure past.

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-06-11
Developer: GrimDark – Itch.io – Discord – Patreon – Subscribestar – Wiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, RPG, Combat, Adventure, BDSM, Anal sex, Group Sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Humiliation, Creampie, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Rape, Turn based combat, Management, Prostitution, Spanking, Character creation, Sex toys, Romance, Mobile Game, Pregnancy

v0.8.2 Public

Gameplay changes

  • Walking through safe districts now only takes six minutes instead of 18.
  • You can now see your slave’s/wife’s religion under “Stats” as well.
  • Added “Licking skill” for slaves and wife.
  • Decreased the Pain effect from Nipple chains.
  • There are no longer any lecture requirements when working at The Academy.
  • A Warrioress can no longer gain the Pacifist Trait.
  • Caitlin now always starts the game as a Buddhist. There are never any penalties when interacting with a slave of this religion.
  • Your wife’s Stewardess assignment will now bring in more cash from high-yield investments – as long as her INT is 70+.
  • Your wife’s Mistress assignment is now slightly more powerful in tuning her Affection and Happiness with the slave’s she’s governing.
  • The Power Katana is now an armor piercing weapon.

Combat changes

  • The effect from the “Max Health” attribute has been somewhat nerfed when advanced enemies calculate their target.


  • Your wife and your slaves now have their own Devotion score. You can affect this (negatively) by keeping their WILLPOWER below 4, or (positively) by including Happy girls in praying sessions. A slave’s Devotion gives certain boosts/penalties in various situations.

Simplified clothing system
The old house rules clothing settings have been removed. Slaves will now permanently dress in whatever garment you put on them and auto-equip that after sex.

  • Some high-willpower slaves still put their casuals back on if walking around naked.
  • There’s now a Strip! button in the wife/slave interaction box. Pressing this will forcefully undress a slave. Note that it could come with severe Affection penalties if the girl is Shamefast, un-corrupted and/or Pure.


  • You’re now able to view your Libido Points during sex. Remaining Libido Points are equal to the number of “turns” before you ejaculate.

Domestic events
Watch Redhaven and your household come to life in the new “Conclude Day” framework. Observe how your slaves train their own skills, talk to each other, try to help bondage-bound sisters or increase your household’s Influence by various maidly acts. You can also make deals with local peddlers, help immigrants or chase away/embrace urchins. There are roughly 150 unique events to explore – and more will be added in future versions.

Political framework
With 0.8.2, Ikaanos will be more alive than ever. The old “End Day” system has been replaced with a very advanced framework that can execute up to 200 unique political events. Events could potentially affect Ikaanos’ Control, Power, Prosperity and Corruption values – each value having an impact on everything from the price of ammo to bandit spawn rates.

You can read more about the Political framework here.


  • You can now train your NPCs in a wider number of skills and Attributes.
  • Training an NPC’s STRENGTH now has a very small chance of increasing his or her Maximum Health with one point.
  • All NPCs now have dynamic health bars.
  • Added eight sex renders, several new wardrobe pics and 2.500 words of dialogue for the adult version of Laika. Her sexual framework is more advanced than your ordinary NPC’s, with methods to lower Willpower and raise Corruption based on the MC’s copulation skill.
  • NPCs assigned as followers will now remember their last duty and automatically reassign once you dismiss them from your combat group.
  • Added “Tales of Dexter Colt” (community-written content). Dexter now provides a unique short story of events with various skill boosts and anecdotes from his past when you decide to spend some time with him. These events are non-repeatable.
  • Laika, Loden and other kids will now raise their max Health with 5 points/year between the ages of 10 and 16.

Random slaves
You can now acquire randomly generated slaves at various locations in Ikaanos – the slave markets in Watery Eyes and Crystal Heights, or through quests and other events. Masters of Raana’s random slave engine features a huge archive of hand crafted wardrobe pics, a 130,000 word document with random backgrounds and over five million unique combinations of traits, skills and personalities.

Capture enemies
You’re able to capture up to two enemies per combat with the 0.8.2 release and then either sell or add those enemies to your household.

You can read more about the slave hunter profession here.

New locations

Outer Marston Swamps
A destitute area just west of Redhaven. Contains The Orphanage, Fort Sera, a lootable location and a bunch of enemies (part of the Tier2+ quest).

The Wetlands
A lush post-industrial park that’s more or less completely covered in shrubbery and jungle. Contains a future quest location and a good hunting spot. Also has a dangerous enemy spawn.

Cole’s Canyon
Contains a enemy swarm spawn point (only during low Control events) and a couple of future quest locations.

The Orphanage
“Help” Mrs. Ardbegger in Marston Swamps to save her orphanage from collapsing by renovating the building, expanding their garden and establishing a worker facility in the basement.

Fort Sera (quest)
Reach Influence 4,000+ or have the military background (embraced it), a Ranged skill of 50+ and an Influence of 1,000+ to activate the Fort Sera quest (letter arrives in mailbox) in Outer Marston Swamps. This is a relatively late-game investment event that requires both some effort and monetary power.

The Underworld
Listen to random rumors at Furry’s Tavern and discover a gateway to The Underworld – a network of old pre-severance garage silos that now house thousands of misfits, runaway slaves and denaar addicts. Here, you’re able to interact with the bandit faction and deliver food/skins to vendors.


The Last Relative: Chapter 3 (Tier2+)
Speak to your old brother’s slave to activate the third chapter in the Tier2+ quest chain. Chapter 3 is a lenghty investigation quest with a couple of low to medium tier fights. It unravels some interesting parts surrounding the mystery of your lost brother.

The holy virgin
A mini-quest that starts when investigating a ruined farmhouse in Outer Marston Swamps.


  • Added 28 sex scenes (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 16 bondage scenes (Mai-Lynn).
  • Replaced and added 45 wardrobe and inspect pics (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 1 dinner scene (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 3 Arena scenes (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 13 bondage scenes (Nicole).
  • Added 1 orgy scene (Nicole).
  • Added 1 armor pic (Nicole).
  • Added 2 home scenes (Dakota).
  • Added 8 sex scenes (Laika).
  • Replaced 10 Inspect pics (Juno).
  • Added 400 random slave wardrobe scenes.
  • Added 108 random slave sex scenes.
  • Replaced 3 wardrobe pics (Aria).


  • Added one new music track to the default MoR playlist.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a very rare bug that would overwrite slaves in The Retreat.
  • Fixed a critical bug that would synchronize Followers with the wrong slave or NPC slot.
  • Fixed a bug that would inherit nipple chains across slaves when swapping them to and from The Retreat.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t properly lower/raise Happiness and Affection for slaves in The Retreat.
  • Fixed a bug that would put the .50 cal bullets to negative if a slave ran out of ammo.
  • Fixed a bug that would display a blank Journal entry for Prowler in the depths chapter 2.
  • Fixed a bug that would enable you to assign double titles to slaves.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to craft 200 DuraSteel bolts with just one unit of DuraSteel.
  • Fixed a bug that would transfer Ayden’s overcharge shot to his sword.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t decrease a Pure wife’s Corruption.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the Velvet Room girls to reach above 100 Affection.
  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate armors at the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display Eliana’s oralfinger pic.

Gameplay changes
* All crafting materials are now displayed under the Storage tab on the character sheet.
* Advocate girls will now have a much tougher time raising their sisters’ Willpower above 80.
* The Shy and Starlet traits can no longer be combined when adding a new girl to your household.
* You can no longer pray at Crystal Cathedral unless you’re devoted to the Moon church.
* Praying at Crystal Cathedral will now add +2 Devotion.
* Making offerings at Crystal Cathedral will now transfer those money directly into the new Moon faction treasure chest.
* The “fucktoy” setting in The Retreat now has a 35% chance to lower Willpower with one point per day for each occupant, down to 0, if their Corruption is below 40. The Affection drop has also been increased for occupants with Corruption 39 or lower.
* Sexual wear will now cap at 150.
* Adrienne, Dexter Colt and Aiko will now perform much better if assigned as Accountants – as long as their Education is 60+.

Wife changes
* You can now include your wife in your daily training sessions.

Ammo loot
* There’s now a relatively big chance that you’ll get some ammo when taking a weapon drop from enemies. That also includes energy cells.

Ikaanos now has over a dozen living factions that change dynamically based on their trade, investments, interactions with each other and special political events. All factions can technically be vassalized by a very powerful MC (reaching Standing 100+).
* A faction HQ’s location is marked by a golden crown over their sign (Cyker Hall, Kymanto Hall, etc).
* Expect factions to become even more dynamic and active once the political events engine has been implemented (0.8.2).

The MC and other NPCs can now devote themselves to a religion. Available religions are The Moon Church, Aesir, Christianity, Cult of The Elder and Islam. The MC can also choose to be an Atheist which means the religion framework is more or less turned off.

Religion and its effects are all about Devotion. A higher Devotion means better effects.

* Build household shrines (Manage>Manage Home) to activate the prayer icon from the main Home screen.
* Visit churches/temples that belong to your religion to increase Devotion through prayers and offerings. Players of the Cult of The Elder can pray anywhere in an outskirts district (Investigate Area>Embrace Raana).
* Interacting with slaves that belong to the same religion provides a chance bonus, while the opposite might happen if you are of different (enemy) religions.

Read more about religions and their effects [[Religion|here]].

New location: The Church of the Holy Virgin
The catholic church of The Holy Virgin is now accessible in Westside. This is the faction HQ for Raana’s catholic community and a great place to rest/pay homage to Jesus Christ – if you’re a devoted catholic.

New location: Historical society
The roof has been renovated and all books are back in place. The historical society in Whitehaven is once again open for the prominent men of Ikaanos!

Join the Historical society to gain access to The Great Library and the Cigar Room – two perfect places to increase your academic and scientific knowledge.

Difficulty settings
* Decreased weapon loot drop chances by 15% on Grimdark difficulty.
* Increased critical hit chance for both enemies and the MC’s party with roughly 75% on Grimdark difficulty (from 4% to 7%). This does not affect skill increase chance.
* Increased weapon loot drop chances by 15% on Sandbox difficulty.
* Sandbox difficulty now starts with an additional $5,000.

The MC’s power value
The Power Value variable has now been unlocked for all tiers – to synchronize better with the new political events engine. The Tier2+ “Household parameters” have a unique list of settings instead, such as renaming your household and other (planned) stuff.


The captain duty

A large household with a sizable military unit may appoint a man or woman, not bound by slavery, as captain. The Great House captain title is a very honorable position that gives the appointee a great deal of responsibility.

How well this person will do his job is based on the Captain Effect value.

* A captain demands higher pay. Laika will only ask for a pittance while Ayden and Felix want hundreds of dollars more each day.
* The Captain effect value depends on the unique person and how well trained he or she is.
* Captains generate Influence each day. Felix and Ayden score considerably more Influence than Bud Walton.
* A Captain always adds his strength to the household’s Guard power.
* If you have more than five Issids, a Captain is called “Captain of the guard”. A low captain value could potentially do more harm than good after reaching this second title.

The Captain Effect value will be further expanded in the new political events engine and be of importance when trying to catch escaped slaves.

Combat revamp
* New special actions introduced: Aim (melee/ranged) and Power Strike (melee only). The two actions cannot be combined.
**”’Aim:”’ spend one round and receive a big chance bonus (+25) + an extra damage dice (1D10) to your next attack. Perfect for snipers or early-game combat groups that want to take down heavily armored enemies.
**”’Power Strike:”’ Receive an extra damage dice (+1D20) for a chance penalty (-20, based on weapon).

Bug fixes
* Fixed a critical bug that would merge your wife with your primary slave if you lost consciousness during sex.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t enable the slave assignment at Walton’s even if you had the right background.
* Fixed a follower bug if you divorce your wife when she’s assigned to your combat group.
* Fixed a bug that would display a “_show11” on the popup info boxed during combat if a follower had a Whipping cane equipped.
* Fixed a bug that would display double wardrobe pics when you ask a follower to turn around and show you her butt plug.
* Fixed a bug that would grey-out the Purchase button for food rations and pelts.
* Fixed a bug that would display a “$girlname is currently working as a prostitute in Redhaven market” when trying to give her the day off (bug caused by an inserted butt plug).
* Fixed a bug that would allow you to fetch a reset version of Dakota from Aimee’s goods again if you either had her killed or freed her.
* Fixed a bug that would disable a party participant if she was a virgin.

* Added 7 sex scenes (Nicole).
* Added 10 bondage scenes (Nicole).
* Added 24 sex scenes (0.8.2 random slaves: Av100, Mae).
* Replaced 2 sex scenes (Lovisa: cum face, cum pussy).
* Replaced Lovisa’s Arena scenes (x3).

Gameplay changes
* An Intelligence above 79 will now add a small bonus to Gambling rolls at Dockgrave Tavern.
* To avoid getting locked out of important content, you can no longer miss Dakota’s Birthday. She’ll now pospone her party if you’re a day or two (or 100) late.
* Girls with Anal Proficiency below 40 will suffer slightly more Anal wear if wearing the Goliath.
* Added the butt plug script to all secondary slaves (“Annex” girls).
* You can no longer use butt plugs or harnesses on unconscious slaves.
* Redhaven Market now sells rations in batches of ten.
* Redhaven Market now sells ropes in batches of five.
* You can now equip your slaves and NPCs with whipping canes.

Loren Goldwalker (Tier request)
Loren can now show up at Dockgrave Tavern if assigned as a gold walker (unique render and unique dialogues).

Expanded adventure buttons
You can now reach your Household companions even outside Ikaanos. This means you’re able to assign/remove NPCs from your combat team while doing runs in the wilderness – and that you don’t have to go back to Ikaanos to assign wilderness mercenaries like The Space Marine.

Economy overview
There’s now a seperate tab in the Household Manage section called “Business”. This tab lists all existing investment opportunities and what you’re currently gaining from them.

New sex scene location
Nicole’s renders introduce The Office as a location for having sex. The MC’s artifact-heavy office will also be the scene for future (and existing) story slaves in later updates.

Art and Audio
* Added 13 bondage scenes (Dakota).
* Added 2 orgy scenes (Dakota).
* Added 3 arena scenes (Dakota).
* Added 17 sex scenes (Nicole).
* Adjusted volume (-15%) and length (-50%) of the win Arena crowd effect.
* Replaced the staff hit sound.
* Replaced the rifle firing sound.

Alpha content (Tier4+)

Random slaves (0.8.2 Alpha)
* Added 12 random slave sets.
* Added 12 sex scenes for random slaves.
* Added 25 names to the random name generator.
* Mae (Tutorial slave) can now only be captured in combat.

Captured slaves framework (0.8.2 Alpha)
The MC can now enslave both male and female enemies after combat. He can then either sell or free captured enemies while stationed in a market location (Redhaven, Preachers Pond, Crystal Heights, Watery Eyes) or merge female captives into his household, turning them into slaves.

Religion (0.8.2 Alpha)
Masters of Raana now has a fully implemented Religion framework that the player can use to affect his playthough and interactions with other slaves.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a critical bug that would duplicate slaves during certain rare circumstances.
* Fixed a critical bug that would make work assignments and titles either permanently greyed out or duplicated.
* Fixed a major bug that would unassign your wife as a Follower if you had sex with her.
* Fixed a major bug that would decrease the follower variable while still maintaining the removed follower as assigned.
* Fixed a bug that caused all enemies to have the “Ambush” state.
* Fixed a bug that would display the Inspect body texts while inserting a butt plug.
* Fixed a bug that would make the vendor framework take you back to the small butt plug when buying the Goliath.
* Fixed a bug that would display a girl’s name twice during Whipping session dialogue events.
* Fixed several typos.

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