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You are able to take control of male and female characters and make them have sex in different positions. On top of that you have the ability to customise your characters, create your own unique poses by freely dragging their limbs, change the pace of actions and ultimately use a free movement zooming camera to enjoy the show from all angles. The game has barely any predefined animations, almost all motion is simulated in real time and you have to participate in every bit of the action. The only goal in the game is to use your wild imagination to have fun. You might find that some positions are a bit challenging at first, but it’s up to you to figure out how to succeed.

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-03-03
Developer: Tiny Tweak Devs Patreon – – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.4 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, 3D game, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Oral sex

Hot fixes for UI icons not hiding.
New makeup variations available.
Lighting optimisation. (improved framerate)
New UI icons.


New feature:
New hairstyles, additional icons ,UI and Christmas assets.
Changed physical item height manipulations controls.
Player character now customisable.
Tweaked smoothness for limb manipulation.
Tweaked lighting.


Improved penetration
Added Halloween assets

New feature:
New hairstyles
Added rotation / movement at handle to rigidbody.
Added new control and UI for rigidbody rotation.
Tweaked lighting.
New UI icons.

New feature:
New hairstyles
Added new physical objects to interact with (first pass).
New control style to drag things around / interact with.

Hope you enjoy the new build, more updates will follow soon!

New feature:
New hairstyles
Added 2 new hairstyles with 3 different colours each.
Hatsune Miku style turquoise, blonde, and pink colour.
Ponytail style brown, red and white.
New UI icons.

New models: New Hair models.
New UI icons.

v0.2.1 Public
– fingers settle on surfaces
– updated the devil set
– custom nipple tech added
– fixed some penis scaling and penetration feature
– hair now settles on shoulders
– added alternative hair for people whos machine cant process hair simulation

v0.2.0 Public
Penetration revamp
Vagina penetration has been completely revamped and improved. Added aim assist that helps penis go inside a vagina easily and smoothly.
A completely new penis model.
A new control slider on the UI that lets you change penis’ size. Stay an Average Joe or go Monster Size if you so desire. Since this size and penetration technology is still very new, changes and improvements are expected to be made in the future.
New hairstyle
A new stylized hairstyle that comes in 3 colours has been added to the list.
Added UI help buttons to aid game feature understanding.

Download Love Cumedy Porn Game

Windows (64-Bit)

Mega Anonfiles

Windows (32 bits)

Mega Anonfiles


Mega Workupload


5/51 rating


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