You are starting College and your mother is newly director of a Villa just next to this College. Your job is to offer to College girls a chamber and make them taking good time in there. You discovered that a Demon is living under your room… She kindly asked you to help her in exchange of of destroying you… Now, to preserve their life, You will be obligated to make… things with them… If only people would know how big your sacrifice is…

Game Information


Developer/Publisher: Erodraw – Patreon | Website
Censorship: No
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Big Tits, Incest

Very minor update that fix a data’s problem.

The final Harem Villa’s Update
Here is What this last Update will bring:
– 2 last unique events of Aiko.
– Many new parts of the grand quest to reach the end of the plot.
Many month ago, I had different plans for this end, but Finally, I came back to what I wanted to do ^^. You will have to finish every Unique events of every people to finish the Grand Quest, because every characters is needed for this end.
I only focused on the essential, that is the story, so don’t expect modifications of graphics or functions, it only brings scenes/dialogues ^^.
Preview of the content’s story: You are looking for a way to beat Dibela, After some research you’ve found a way, with River, and you’ll work on releasing it, but it seems you’ll need other girls.
The Update is the final so it will reach the end of this plot, until the final situation.

v0.7 Beta 2:

2 new events with Dibela (1 each Sunday)
1 new event with Marcella (her 5th)
2 new event with Aiko (3rd and 4th that is split into 2 parts)
2 new events involving Isabelle and Sandra that is the next episode of « the week end with Isabelle »
Next episode of the grand Quest
It brings 7 high quality animations (in order to make it perfect I used the base of Stimuli’s animations)


New system of loading, it should make the game work again for many people that couldn’t play it anymore, if it was your case, try it!
Many bugs have been fixed, like the photo system that works again. It seems that there is also a bug that block an event of Isabelle and Lexa to trigger, if that’s the case, save, close and load again the game, I added a function on the start the fix this specific case. (I personally didn’t succeed to trigger this bug)

EDIT: I deleted the loading system because it was worse for weak computers. I optimised Images and deleted many useless stuff, so the game’s weight has been divided by 2 ^^ Be sure to get the « Beta 2 »

v0.6 Public
New time/map System
2 events for Aiko
6 night events with Isabelle
Dibela’s review integrated to the game
Repeatable sex scene with Isabelle if you’ve unlocked it, every night
1st part of the grand Quest (+ adding the library map)
Since the last beta 2 for patrons:
Fixed the problem of white background in front of Villa (an Image had not the right name)
Bathroom is now accessible
Fixed bug that allowed to show 2 time the same people

I made some fix:
You can trigger Celine’s peeping event
Peeping events doesn’t crash anymore after a big number of peeping
You correctly go to the villa’s hallway when you go out of marcella’s room
Sandra’s intro even has a requirement in the achievement board, and it’s more easy (can be triggered during the night)
I also added some little new things:
The infobox Write information when you enters a patreon code to tell you what you’ve unlocked (people though nothing happened because it wasn’t visible)
I added a black background to the sentences of infobox for more visibility
Infobox’s messages exists for 5 seconds instead of 2
New Message when a character level up!

v0.5.1 beta
Every text of Haremvilla has been revisited and edited to get a better quality.
SUCCESS BOARD FEATURE, on this one, you could find every Unique events, and how to trigger them. That way you could exactly see where your are in the Game.
If I’ve got Good feedback of this feature, I will add other type of events, peeping, night etc… (the success should be “release that, at least once”)
New Images for Lexa’s Sex event
New Images to “ask for sex” of Sandra (when you ask her to do “something”), now it happens with her outfit and Images are different (except anal scene), and scenario aren’t exactly the same.
NEW BIG EVENT WITH ISABELLE, it’s her 5th Unique scene, this one is very long and have 45 IMAGES.
I hope you won’t be sad about a certain dramatic stuff, but it’s something that will trigger some event on future Update.
River’s 5th Event! We continue to make her discover her body 😀
Some Random other little things I can’t remember ha ha
1st Dibela’s event, I had some problems with her event, So it is not included in the scenario BUT as i’ve already finished it, PATRONS can play it with a magic code: punishme (in the “secret” application)
The problem isn’t technical, it’s more about the storyline and how to add it, I changed something in the scenario and it doesn’t fit now, so I’m waiting to Start the “BIG QUEST” that will come to merge it with that.
+$8 patron’s special code will be a code that will play Isabelle’s Sex scene without unlocking it ^^

0.5 Beta3
Snowball bug is fixed, but, I though it was the trigger of an infinite loop concerning night event, but that’s strange I didn’t understood the relation, so, I’ll wait and see if after correcting it, infinite night event happens again. (It fixes the problem were Dialogue were repeating instead of Anna’s 4th event)
people on map doesn’t stay when you change a map during an event
Some Background switch corrected
Celine Appears after her 0th event, I fixed everyone but her last update ^^’
new Algorithm for Pleasure points’s weekly goals
Note: UE = Unique event
2 new UE for Marcella
3 new UE for River (and 2 little UE)
1 Double UE with Lexa and Anna
1 UE for Lexa (+ the double)
2 UE for Celine
2 UE for Anna (+ the double)
2 UE for Marcella
New introduction, shorter, more explicit about goal
Some new Images added to the end of Isa’s 1st event
New Images for Lexa’s Tits job (1st UE)
Ask for action are now always accepted if you’ve unlocked it, no need to be in an isolated place, that should be more fun for you ^^
UNIQUE EVENT HAVE BEEN REORGANIZED! I made an overall plan concerning events of those girls, and I reorganized them to make it more progressive (I mean now you made a cunis on sandra before anal her, of your mother will only blowjob you on her 4th level (before it was 2nd)
I gave a “level” to girls on the erodex, It was already present but you couldn’t see it. Once you get enough desire, you unlock a UE, and once you’ve passed it the girl level up, once she level up you unlock new things. (I didn’t modified the fonctionnement, just showed it)
I forced 16/9 to not have to say “use this resolution” anymore x)
What does it mean? It means you’ll have to get a lot less desire to trigger an UE, to give you an Idea, it was every 100 points, now it’s like every 40, it will be less repetitive.
This is only for this Update, I’ll increase them again once I’ll implement more way to increase it, next month
I mean by that, it will triggers automatically once you’ve got requirement of desire, you won’t need to search to join a certain place a certain moment of the day, you will have a trigger like “come join me, Y/N”, if you say no it just pauses it until the next day.
There will maybe have a problem by loading your game concerning Uniques events, I had to make an update and change the fonctionnellement of saving… anyway I corrected it but it should only work for new games
Complete remaster of River, she is like a new character. her background will be related to the main plot of HV.
New information revealed by Sandra/isabelle/celine if you get enough desire(and passed some specific events)
INTRODUCTION EVENT for EVERY character. From now when you’ll start a game, you’ll have to find an introduction event for a character to unlock the possibility to meet her. These are simple, example: to unlock sandra you have to go on her room. Now you could know more people, and not get everybody at the same time and get lost.
REPEATABLE EVENTs: What’s that? for the oldest players that’s the come back of the old “ask for an action”. you can ask the girl to do somthing, she can accept or not. What you can ask is directly related to the Unique event you’ve passed, it’s like a replay, but it make you progress and it’s more logical. (Example, You have to train sandra, now you can train her whenever you want, I mean if you’re on the right place and nobody else is here…) Only repeatable event of marcella is missing.
I used Images from Uniques events(some have new Images created especially for this, so it will be more than a simple replay (You can ask celine to suck you but she is alone => new images), but little by little we will make new images for each action.
Images Added to celine’s Peeping events
I added some face expression to the casual dialogue to make it more alive.
Introduction to PLEASURE POINTS. In this version they are useless you can consider it as a total score. In the next version it will take his importance, you’ll have to give PP to dibela or she will destroy you.
Update of desire requirement for unlocking unique events, it’s more like 80,200,320.
Update of Idle Images for Isabelle, lexa, celine (and the new river+ new character)
NEW CHARACTER, Aiko, the president of the college. this is just an introduction to her (3 little parts), to tease you. We worked on her to not let you indifferent, you will hate her to like. In the replay tool this is writtent 3 event but it’s just the 3 parts of her introduction.
NEW UI, I think I’m approaching the UI that I’ll like, I like it more every new version
New Images for celine’s 1st Unique event
New Images for celine’s 2nd Unique event
New Images for Isabelle’s 1st Unique event
A new event has been included for Isabelle, between the 1st and (old) 2nd event. We will add more unique event to make the progression less fast and more logic. (So it’s a new scene for Isabelle) Req 200 desire, to her room the afternoon.
New Images for Sandra’s 1st Unique event
a 5TH Special event with Sandra(600 desire, after the Cunnis scene)

New UI
Fixed positions (Find girls! no random position anymore, but harder to find if you don’t know where they are)
Multiple encounters (you can meet 2 girls and chose who to talk)
New private question system: You can ask her how she appreciate your last special moment
New backstories: By talking to her you can know more about her story. This is unlocked by your progression and is written in Green.
Increase of Desire levels (now you can unlock special unique events every 100 desire)
New UI for the phone, it’s a lot bigger!!
Cheat application. For now there is only the cheat for 8$ patrons but I’ll add more things later. I could also be useful to help me to find why you bugs ‘like a code to know hidden variables)
test of feature: You can ask her what she thinks of you, you could see the evolution of her answers. I only did that for Sandra for now.
Peep Events for Isabelle, Celine, Sandra, Marcella, try find where to trigger them! this peep event can evolve 3 times, the more you saw it (evolve every 5 times). (So 4 event for 4 people, 16 Peep events)
Marcella’s 2nd Unique event
4 pools events (2 females each, evolve 1 time each). Pool is accessible on the week end, on the afternoon
Celine’s 3rd event REWORKED, with a TOTALLY different scenario.
Sandra’s 4th Unique event, I personally loved it! Don’t worry you’ll take her virginity… but not now :p this virginity scene is already written but for next month!

Smartphone system (gallery, money, Success)
Big campaign of editing: 35 Events have been edited, better grammar, better vocabulary.
It mainly concerns Uniques events, Night events, some quests and the introduction.
New content:
-1 new Unique Event for Anna,
-1 new Unique Event for River,
-1 New character: Marcella with 1 Quest and 1 Unique event,
-1 new Quest for Celine.

You can now invite Anna and River to the villa. I doesn’t load new scene (except one from River) but it increases your income since their paying to live here.
Sandra’s 1st and 2nd Unique event (thigh job & BJ) has been entirely remastered (in term of texts)
Sandra’s 2nd scene’s images have been redone, with a DIFFERENT OUTFIT
Rework of the UI (User interface) to avoid miss clicks on answers and have images a little bit bigger.
BIG amount of Images for the 3rd event of Sandra (anal), don’t click too fast it moves quickly (+15 Images).
Disappearance of the “ask for an action”. (I didn’t deleted them for this version, but they will be replaced)
Disappearance of the last Unique event that can trigger multiple times.
SUCCESS SYSTEM: Here you can see what you’ve achieved and what is left. AND, every Unique scene that you have archived is now re-playable to seem them again.
If you load and have already succeed to have some Uniques scenes, you can replay them without restart again. So you can see every new content and scenes directly with the replay system, if you already unlocked them (their equivalent)in the previous version.
Batch of new Images on Isabelle’s Unique event 2.

u can finally save and several bug fixes by the quests
a new Girl River is available
a bunch of new events

New character: Anna, 1 step of dialogue, 1 quest, that lead to 1 special Event (repeatable)
New backgrounds and time management.
Celine: New special scene.
Isabelle: 1 night event, 1 new quest (mixed with lexa’s), 1 special scene.
Lexa: 1 new Quest
Sandra: 1 night event, 2nd Quest, 1 special event.

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