Four Elements Trainer Spookytimes Adult Game Overview

For anyone new, Spooky times is a series of standalone one build games which take place in the FET universe and is basically an excuse for [Mity] to create a Halloween themed game with the avatar characters​ – Based on the four elements trainer adult game (Avatar parody).

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-10-31
Developer: Mity Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Halloween Special v3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Graphic violence, Horror, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster, Paranormal, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Milf


You’ll start this game as Tenzin having to come up with a story for his yearly scary story night. In the game you’ll have bj scene with Korra, a booby scene with Opal, a butt fun scene with pema and a vaginal scene…. also with pema and Ty Lee. You can also give Toph a wedgie.

It’ll be your goal to escape the house with two girls(Toph and Lin) I think it’s reasonably clear what to do, but to give you some pointers in case you get stuck… don’t forget to return the scalpel after using it on Ty Lee. Also once the mouse has lost its house, she’ll show up somewhere else close by.

Spooky times 2 – a FET side story

Hey all! Marty talking!

I finished the Halloween side story. As you might already know, I started creating this around the 10th(?) of this month and it’s pretty much a one man creation. Coding, writing and drawing. I hope I’ve made something funny and entertaining to help you wait for the real main story build to arrive …which has become quite an ordeal to say the least…

Cbob is clearly having some sort of problem. I think I’ll talk about that some more in a not too distant post because this is getting too messed up. Just be assured I’ll send the links to that future build out via pm’s once it’s ready, so you can safely quit being a patron of ours and still get the build.

But enough about that for right now. The build I’m linking to in this post is a small Halloween themed side story like I did last year. I added a couple of extra scenes since the bughunt and streamlined it some more.

Thanks for the feedback bughunters! Both for mentioning bugs as well as suggesting other improvements. You’ll find I did my best to add most of your suggestions although naturally I haven’t been able to add all which you(or I) wanted and asked for.

It has been a few crazy weeks for me, but I’m reasonably happy with what I managed to do. I hope you will be too. And yes, there’s a bunch of scenes in here which you can miss, but I’ve added a summary of what you managed to find/do at the end of the story. Don’t assume you’ve found everything if you got a perfect score though, box spirits are hard to find!

Anyway links are below. And I also just uploaded an Art Assets update, so don’t forget that if you are in the appropriate tier.

Some fun with Katara in her Frankyastein form, like:

  • kissing
  • admiring her nipples
  • and getting a blowjob
  • giving her body parts(this isn’t a dick joke)

Pema almost gives you a blowjob, but you’ll have to settle for an under the sheets handjob instead.

Watch Azula as she sleeps and mess with her “clothes”. There’s a missionary scene with her(with or without bandages).

Make Korra’s werewolf/dog version beg for a treat or do her doggy style. With or without a bag over her head. Don’t worry you can also go doggy style on her without ears. And if you just want to stick your finger in, well that’s perfectly fine! In fact it’s needed if you want to cure her of her lupus problem eventually.

Toph is mostly just hanging around, but in the end she can also get some good old fashioned missionary action.

You can even sell your soul to Shady… but should you? Only if you want 666 freshly printed shady bucks.

Download Four Elements Trainer Spookytimes Porn Game


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Mega Mixdrop


Mega Mixdrop

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