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LonaRPG Adult Game Download Overview

Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG.
Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this gothic and cruel world.
Explore a grimdark, twisted, and open world where one little mistake can cost Lona her life…
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect her smile?)​

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-03-24
Developer: EccmA417 Fanbox – Subscribestar – Twitter – DLsite
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Sandbox, Animated, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Rape, Bestiality, Monsters, Pregnancy, Urination, Scat, Combat, Graphic violence, Ryona

-*fixed, follower stucked and refuse to teleport togeter with player.(mostly happen in DungeonVictims)
-*fixed, TeslaStaffNormal : will not link to Lona when hit TeslaCoil.
-*fixed, SpawnPoolR : removed quest dialog when not on quest.
-*fixed, Abomination terrains : light now brighter alot.
-*fixed, cocona: headpat,bath,sleep ACH stucked.
-*fixed, RawItems rot: now will based on a RNG and item setting.(ex:meat get higher chance, Plant is lower.)
-*fixed, Raw items in storage now also gets rot.
-*fixed, NoerArenaB1 and NoerDockC1 dungeon chest now need sta to loot.(no more free loot)
-*fixed, game stucked when work at NorthFL_INN.
-*added, ACH “Think Lona, THINK!”

v0.5.4.2 Bugfix
-*fixed, NoerRecRoom happy mechanic trade error(cause by 0540)

LonaRPG.Beta. repack
-*fixed, fishisle: Marsh and swamp stuck in black screen.

-*fixed, teslaAoeEfx not found crash.(cause by 0530)
-*fixed, removed test code cause freeze issue in NoerMobHouse.(cause by 0530)
-*fixed, crash when talk to EastCP officer with prostitute trait.(cause by Lisa quest fix)
-*fixed, Language option is removed form systemMenu. and max lang folder can have more than 4.
-*fixed, BanditCamp2 : piggy missing Vag Event, corpse moving when alert and nap Capture logic.
-*fixed, based on body part, Piercing stats effect now block by dress.
-*fixed, RNG key locked issue after start the game.(fix by Teravisor, test)
-*fixed, happy mechanic in NoerRecRoom also selling Bombs. but with happy mechanic price.
-*added, Lisa quest line #2(HEV isnt finish yet)
-*added, new map: SouthFL_Warfare.(quest unique)

v0.5.3.1 Beta
-*fixed, removed northFL test code in NoerMobHouse
-*fixed, a tileset dispose crash.
-*fixed, a save game crash.

-*fixed, checkHoldCancel from “Z or X” to “Z or CTRL or SHIFT or ALT”
-*fixed, length issue when player try to steal in noerDock or NoerMarket houses.
-*fixed, AbominationHive and Tentacles: fix up skill usage logic.
-*fixed, ZombieRegPin,ZombieRegST SCU from 15 to 10.
-*fixed, CommonDungeonVictim: they dont listen lona’s order because AI bug.
-*fixed, CompLisa.rb file missing.(by 0521)
-*fixed, Map transfer TradePoint reset from leave/enter map to leaves only.(keep ur TP after sub map transfer)
-*added, map: AbomHive3.
-*added, map: NorthFL.
-*added, map: NorthFL_Dock.
-*added, map: NorthFL_INN.
-*added, item: NoerTea. regen BabyHealth.

-*fixed, AbanHouse3 error and quest stuck with undefined method error.
-*fixed, NoerHouseCommon: length error when failed to steal.
-*fixed, removed trigger block if NPC is a follower.
-*fixed, encounter FishPPL: 100% leave chance if Lona’s weak <50 and not a slave.
-*fixed, BanditCamp1&2: stunned NPC should not trigger alert.(yes, its bug)
-*fixed, Weird bugs: blowjob will cause groin wounds and vag bleeding?!(old bug)
-*fixed, if a hole is ruined. that hole should never accept bleeding and wound states from common sex event.
-*fixed, FishkindSpearF: remove “NpcMarkMoralityDown” from skill list.
-*added, new monsters: AbomCreatureZombieRegPin,AbomCreatureZombieRegST.(test)
-*added, new region map: r17_RoadSyb1, r17_RoadSyb2.
-*added, new region map: r18_TownSyb1.
-*added, FishTownInn: add a new loop quest.
-*added, quest unique map: FishBeach x113 y127.
-*added, quest unique map: FishCeramic x120 y127.

-*fixed, AbanHouse3 error and quest stuck with undefined method error.

-*fixed, NoerCatacombB1(CoconaDungeon): quest trigger from Read mail to pick mail.
-*fixed, NoerPrison: weird door spawn postion after capture begin event.
-*fixed, beach in fish isle(RG27): missing def.
-*fixed, if Lisa or Elise in group, will still summon even they are dead.

-*fixed, beach without Exit trigger.


-*added, BC2_SideQu side quest unique map. in x122 y74
-*fixed, BanditCamp2 world map trigger: failed, cannot trigger because bugged.
-*fixed, Event/Player screen_y misalignment after Jump + moved.(test)
-*added, new region map: Shore and 2 sub map(test)
-*added, New furit: Banana,basic furit setup with better trap damamge.
-*added, New Medcine: ArecaNut, low tier STA herb+Wine without side effect.
-*added, HairDye: check HairCutter in NoerMarket.(not works on outdated save)
-*fixed, apple tree now moved to PineFroestMountain, and RainFroest added banana tree.
-*fixed, removed a erase nil bug on NoerTavern daily job.


-*fixed, Balloon update crash after minigames.
-*fixed, SMRefugeeCampFindChild: should not able to return quest in Noer.
-*fixed, HairPony: remove WIS stats.(its bug)
-*fixed, Holding skill cancel: from skill keys to menu or trigger key.
-*fixed, Goblin melee ai: a bit less dodge and direction fix b4 they attack.
-*fixed, now u can use skill while holding ALT or CTRL key.
-*fixed, Dashing will keep light effect from Lantern.
-*added, Direction input Delay: 3 frame.(Core TEST)
-*added, When process_skill_input with a successed skill launch, will rewrite Lona’s direction from Input.dir4.(less ALT+DIR usage)(test)
-*added, When successed skill launch, will record another skill by holding skill key, and launch recorded skill after current skill finished(test)


-*fixed, NoerEastCp, prostituting event stucked and cannot trigger npc.
-*fixed, Quest mark balloon: will only trace when in world map.
-*fixed, BanditCamp1: fixed event looped when bandits gives lona foods.(caused by 0491)
-*fixed, NoerMobHouse: fixed event looped when bandits gives lona foods.(caused by 0491)
-*fixed, Fishkind caves: wall height should be 4, not 0.
-*fixed, BerserkDrug removed from EliseGynecology, will return in new quest line design in future.
-*fixed, CompFishShaman: didnt removed from group after death.
-*added, NPC “WildAlphaPig”.
-*added, new map: BanditCamp2.
-*added, new follower: CompFireMage in NoerTavern 2f(test)

v0.4.9.4 Beta
*fixed, NoerMobHouse: fixed event looped when get captured.(caused by 0491)
-*fixed, SaintMonastery: error when trigger the guards.
-*fixed, Quest MRefugeeCampFindChild: most times, Tommy didnt spawn because failed logic design.
-*added, recycle data from steam branch, so i dont waste too much shit on a shitty platform.
-*fixed, NoerArenaB1: after winning or losing a match. will stucked after return to B1.

v0.4.9.0 Beta
-*fixed, moveto_teleport_point function: Trigger+Holding ALT = oberserve it without enter.(test)
-*fixed, SpawnPoolR: Map point duality crash.
-*fixed, OrkindCave3: fix alert trigger logic.
-*fixed, follower Kitten: when recruit, if player wisdom(outfit+trait) >= rand(40), cat will listen your order.
-*fixed, Npc charge skills(boar,sexbeast) now can parry by shield.
-*fixed, DoomMode: sex_stats is removed from menu.(TEST)
-*fixed, DoomMode: Disable menu when combat and unit targeted Lona in range<=8.(temp TEST)
-*fixed, Threat update: from each fps to each 60fps.
-*fixed, some menu calling logic.(if bugged. just play prev ver)
-*fixed, SaveCecily quest line: clearn up outdated functions, and fixed convoy target exit check.
-*fixed, rebuild loading screen function.
-*fixed, EXT follower and dungeon victims now will idle when Master(Lona) is out of range.
-*fixed, waterBolt: range from 7 to 5.
-*fixed, FireStaffNormal(FireBall): holding time from 50 to 30.
-*added, new map SMRefugeeCamp. with a CBT minigame and a side quest.
-*added, new Mh weapon: Metal Club.(a copy paste wooden club)
-*fixed, Skill Juicing(BasicFuckerGrab): can pick sex slot by holding direction keys b4 skill launched.(TEST)


-*fixed, Minigame ui: will display ur keybinding symbol.
-*fixed, loop and stucked when sleep interrupted by someone.(SERIOUS bug)
-*fixed, FishkindPlayerChargerF: sensor_freq_base from 10 to 15. sensor_freq_rand from 20 to 25
-*fixed, more baby sitter hint in OP and Skill Menu.
-*fixed, NoerTavern: command error when exit. (cause by 0475)
-*fixed, DoomFortressInn: command error after got hostage reward.
-*fixed, SaintMonasteryB1: when sleep. raper spawn in wall?!


prev save support: make sure no one fighting in ur save > load it > reset map.
-*added, Deepone Color palette: made by donald J. Trump.
-*added, Deepone rebirth. seek SeaWitch to get ur stat bouns if ur Lona with blue eyes.
-*added, skills: BasicDeepone,DeeponeHeavy
-*fixed, max save from 32 to 30
-*fixed, GamePad Z_LINK and X_link not working in title and option scene.
-*fixed, remove doommode and autosave from title and merge to Load screen slot 31 32.
-*fixed, menu Sex stats: less length issue.
-*fixed, stupid input lag in NoerRecRoom.(cause by sprite)
-*fixed, removed sap effect from DaggerControl(backstab) and LongBowControl(snipe)
-*fixed, debuff/buff : FeelsSick,StomachSpasm,Contraceptived now are daily
-*fixed, range attacker ai: add a idle timer. if they cant use skill and stucked, they will try get closer to target.


-*fixed, linked NPC(hive), should not double popup when hit a linked target.
-*fixed, Abomination wroms and bat: immue state effect.
-*fixed, Range skill NPCs: less stuck when target range == 3 and blocked by 2 way.
-*fixed, HumanMusketeer: AI module from Npc_MissileCharge to Npc_CurvedCharge.
-*fixed, after u destroyed the hive core and sleep in hive. game stucked by a error.
-*fixed, berserk drug in low diffcult mode : when effect fadeout, will not block exit trigger, because theres no after effect.
-*fixed, AbomSpider trap : some weird XY when triggered by NPC.
-*fixed, OrkindCave2(tower) Quest : should not able to redo this quest after talk to the priest.
-*fixed, remove relax on Doom mode.(based on 0100 diffcult)
-*added, add quests in SouthFL.
-*added, new NPC AbomCreatureBreedling.
-*added, new Encounter AbomBreedlingTrap.
-*added, new Encounter AbomBreedlingRaid.
-*added, new map BreedlingEC1.(encounter only)
-*added, new map SpawnPoolE.
-*added, new map SpawnPoolR.

-*fixed, crash when DOT skills hit player.
-*fixed, NPC charge skills with long charge time now will not fire when player is cover save level >=4 or out of range.
-*fixed, ScoutCampOrkind : victims now can be save like orkind cave.
-*added, follower WarSister : in SouthFL_INN, with glass cannon front slot build.
-*added, SurvivalSet now supported chcg3,4,5.
-*added, Scrolling Board message.(by Teravisor)


-*fixed, holding CRTL+ALT+SHIFT will X2 game speed.
-*fixed, NoerBackStreet : GangMember loaned repayment bugged.
-*fixed, NoerRing : sometime crash when enter at night.
-*fixed, OrkindSlaver and all other NPC with STA regen skills will recover his CharSetIndex to default when sta >0.


-*fixed, forget to build Sur set events in eventLib.
-*fixed, Glass stats fix : weak from +5 to +20, Atk from -0 to -3.
-*fixed, Rag dress set SCU stats bouns isnt works.
-*fixed, Elise’s preg check option now stay permanent.
-*added, new equip : PaintHead(test only)

*******- last 040 maybe? if i didnt fucked up anything.*************
-*fixed, Basic Command “BreakChain” : now works on cuff.(its bug)
-*fixed, Basic Command “CleanPrivates” : now u get semens, with “SemenGulper” trait u get more.(this will buff prostitute)
-*fixed, black screen when Nap in NoerCatacomb.
-*fixed, Door : can open/close while combat(i played, i dont like it)
-*fixed, Nymph lona. sta_Plus from +1.3 to x1.3.(a bug since 0100.)
-*fixed, Nymph lona. MaxSta +20(because NymphLona suffer more from ograsm. effect in new game.)
-*fixed, Shy Lona. flirty mood is fucking weird.
-*fixed, most Fishkind & DeepOne now with fated_enemy to SaintMonastery.
-*fixed, all grab skills(rape target) : now aggro target for 600frame with 100% chance.(test)
-*fixed, default lona can with Succubus trait.
-*fixed, DaggerControl(backstab) : 100% aggro chance for 600frame. removed Sap effect.

LonaRPG.Beta. Fuck the DOOR
-*fixed, trait : default Lona now can have Mana & Weaponry Knowledge at same time. IronWill blocked mana knowledge.
-*fixed, error when enter RudesindSlope.
-*fixed, removed death loop animations from CorrosionArea and BurningArea.
-*fixed, Nymph trait. Atk decrease from 5 to 0, MaxFood 0 to -10(effect in new game.)
-*fixed, Door : u cant open/close while combat, u cant open/close when a Npc stand on it, u cant through the door with setup skills like throw rock.
-*added, AbanHouse1: extra option when Lona helped Adam steal something in DoomFort.(so u dont need to kill him)

-*fixed, NoerDock, black screen after HCG scene.
-*fixed, some dialog error when follower isnt in group.( will show “[XX]” on dialog window)
-*fixed, Black screen in AbomHive1.
-*fixed, Black screen after Cecily meet Adam.
-*fixed, MineCaveQuest : a random crash after Lisa’s H event.

-*fixed, black screen after elise’s Aid.
-*fixed, Adam’s Quest 1 error.
-*fixed, error when trigger the followers if follower with unlimited date.
-*fixed, NoerEastCp : cannon sight stucked.

LonaRPG.Beta. -= fix bugs. make more bugs =-
******* clearn up some code with my shit tier skill, may cause new bugs. *******
******* tell me if u stucked with black screen or tempCG isnt erase with “when, where and how”. i will release a patch ASAP. ****
-*fixed, DoomFortEastCP : Quest giver now are unique character, if he dead, quest failed.
-*fixed, OverEvent_MilkFeeding : only check MilkSplash once after its end. and move this to wakeup event check.
-*fixed, HerbContraceptive now will remove sick and lewd lv1 with 100% chance, pill will remove lv3 with 100% chance.
-*fixed, FireBookControl and MusketHeavy will cause crash(since 0400)
-*fixed, CompElfArcher : wrong follower slot.
-*added, NPCdata : DeeponeBowGuard,DeeponeWatcher.

-*fixed, DoomFortInn: crash when tner the map.

-*fixed, MineCave : removed some outdate design on morality.(may cause new bug)
-*fixed, MineCaveQuestVer : all guards now with wildness guard setup.
-*fixed, huge nerf on LongBowSnipe. HP ArmorPiercing from -15 to -6. STA ArmorPiercing from -15 to -10, STAdmg from *1.2 to *1.4, weapon damage from 10 to 8.(test)
-*fixed, all quest EXP now buffed (around 2x)
-*fixed, equip glass stats from sexy+1, weak+1, WIS+15 to sexy-5, weak+5, wis+5.
-*fixed, chcg_event ENDev now are OFF when grabber is lona.
-*fixed, Musket removed from lisa. u can still optain from random storage box.
-*fixed, Musket Skill C : slot move to H.
-*fixed, skill BasicThrow : will cause some skill EFX error when target is blocking with shield.
-*fixed, skill BasicControl(dodge) : effect frame from 14 to 24.
-*fixed, add a sight check to all player SelectBox skills, you can only attack where in sight.(test, no more attacks through the wall)
-*fixed, some sprite error when small creatures dead.(cause by 0391)
-*fixed, DoomFarmA : Doggo is friendly if player got captured.
-*added, NoerGynecology : Elise added few more events.
-*added, skill LanternHeavy : Scorch target with DOT effect,STA damage based on WIS.
-*added, Lantern in ExtSlot also give lights(weaker effect).
-*added, DoomFort : Adam with a new quest, reward is musket.
-*added, new map : DoomArmory.

-*fixed, removed most death loop animation.(increase few fps)
-*fixed, some graphics error when object dead. (cause by 0391)
-*fixed, cecily quest : some logic error when milo is dead. missing remove_companion when betray line.
-*added, adam now with unique portrait.
-*added, Abomination Rapeloop bad end.(all common ending are done)

-*fixed, dead object wount self.delete.(cause by prev ver, makes more laggy)
-*fixed, some lag issue since 0.1.0.
-*fixed, most scat/WS objects now blocked by fetish option.

Installation procedure:

  1. Place 11_Cheats.rb in /LonaRPG/ModScripts/

F6 adds Barter Points
F7 heals a wound
F8 restores health, stamina, and food to max.
F9 opens a menu with:

  • Summon (a list of objects, NPCs, etc.)
  • Impregnate (a list of races)
  • Heal (same as F8)
  • Heal Wounds (same as F7)
  • Give Money (same as F6)
  • Give Trait Points
  • Make me a Moot (includes the trait)
  • Make me a Human (includes removing the Moot trait)
  • Make me a “Pre-Deepone” (blue eyed Lona)
  • Make me a Deepone (Sea Witch)
  • Exhausted (-100 stamina)
  • Make me morally good (sets morality to 100)
  • Make me more evil (subtracts 10 morality)
  • Make me more pregnant (advances pregnancy by 1 stage. There are 5 total stages.)

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