LonaRPG Adult Game Download Overview

Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG.
Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this gothic and cruel world.
Explore a grimdark, twisted, and open world where one little mistake can cost Lona her life…
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect her smile?)​

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-03-24
Developer: EccmA417 – Fanbox – Subscribestar – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: Beta.
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Sandbox, Animated, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Rape, Bestiality, Monsters, Pregnancy, Urination, Scat, Combat, Graphic violence, Ryona

LonaRPG.Beta. (Unofficial log entry)
-*fixed, Lactation state incorrect casing in checkOev_Preg

-*fixed, graphics json now with new verb “isMOD_patch”: true,”, so u dont need ../../../ bullshit anymore.(check demo mods for refence)

*******files&folder renamed, please backup ini and saves and reinstall***********
-*fixed, item.Json now with item_usage_manage_state. can add or remove state from json.(check sample.txt if ur modder)
-*fixed, MOST item state add and remove now moved to json.(so it support my own fliter)
-*fixed, CHCG5 now support bald.
-*fixed, upgrade player_control_mode, make charm skill possible in future(make sure ur save isnt in warboss rapeloop or it crash)
-*fixed, titleOtion mouse control now support prev and next option.(when click < or >)
-*fixed, json now with player_item_remove_equip, and apply to Elise’s AidEquip.
-*fixed, cocona now with a option to switch dress to necromancer after defeat boss mama.(but she suffer from low mority)
-*buggy, events with color palette changes now with a extra update on portrait and chs.(no more delay when change color?)
-*buggy, fix a bug cause portrait z > message window Z when open menu
-*buggy, ParasitedPotWorm and ParasitedMoonWorm only check 1 time per nap.(0850)
-*buggy, elise’s AidSemenAddiction didnt cure the state.
-*buggy, WarBoss rapeloop sprite missing.(by 0873 commondick addon on pose5)
-*buggy, when sex, CHS character Z priority_type now always same as standard character(1)
-*buggy, PiercingAnalG missing its effect and cause error.(0870)
-*buggy, NFL_MerCamp. should not able to trigger saving priv doggo quest line b4 orkind invade.
-*buggy, if warboss killed by pillers he become invincible.(cause by combo)
-*buggy, common_SexServiceIngratiateHit && player.unset_chs_sex now remove&check fucker info.(test, may fix most ghost dick if works)
-*buggy, sex grab skill sensor now ignore OBJ type NPC.
-*added, portraits OrcPriest,OrcSlaveMaster,HumSnowflake(awoo).
-*added, ChainMidExtra, selling in NoerBlackSmithShop. apply when captured by humanoid or sold as slave.
-*added, map NFL_BridgeBunker(dev)
-*added, rebirth control panel. u can reroll ur state by cost EXP.
-*added, shift+f10 in console window now ResetRGSS.

-*added, supportMe opt in title menu because game gonna leave mainstream of internet.

-*Buggy, nil for [] crash if u bring OrkindSlayer into Warboss Room.

-*Buggy, event_SaintMonastery file missing.

-*Buggy, sometime boss mama become unkillable after her liner chage skill.
-*Buggy, chcg3_head_PiercingEar2_low.PNG file missing

-*Buggy, rape_loop_drop_item and its nude check cause a crash.

*** reset map is needed ***
-*Buggy, when NPC fadeOut teleport to orignal XY. they should not become Immune_damage.(0880)

-*fixed, add WildSwordmanLeader, GreenWarriorLeader portrait for NorthFL quests.
-*fixed, AnimalRattus now a hp1 OBJ npc.
-*fixed, console command record now use global varible. and will remove same command if same command exist.
-*fixed, expend MissileFireBall hitbox to 2 tile(less miss on moving target.)
-*fixed, move_return_XY now use pathfinding
-*fixed, all dogs now with anal sex pose slot.(beacuse some weird reason)
-*Buggy, now all NPC’s pathfinding will stop if all_way_block? is true(less lag when NPC cannot move)
-*fixed, bald head supported chcg4.
-*fixed, any skill keys now can trigger pass dialog.
-*added, NFL_MerCamp with another chain quest.
-*added, add equip_part_covered verb to item_config and remove most old state block setup by equip, state effect block by equip now more reasonable.
-*fixed, Lona nude check from with any Mid dress to equip_part_covered check, must with “Chest” and “Groin” or “Vag” or it count as nude.
-*fixed, mood decrease max by nude from -100 to 0.
-*fixed, Lona default move speed to 4.3, and each mid,bot,midext dress part now -0.1 moveSpeed.(nude move speed bouns)
-*fixed, Exhibitionist now increase 0.03 move speed for each private part without block by equip.
-*fixed, BasicNunHeal SPD buff CON req from 21,41,61,81 to 0,10,35,50.
-*buggy, urinary_level & defecate_level should not limit to 1 after rebirth.(by 0861)

-*Buggy, UniqueEvent_DeepThroat XY misplace(by 0870 chcg fix)
-*Buggy, pose4_subpose1_MilkSplash file missing crash.(should be pose4_MilkSplash)

-*fixed, trade menu: mouse support hold purchase and shift purchase.
-*fixed, Credit screen damage popup should disable.
-*fixed, Input UI mode now always on Option UI.
-*fixed, Overevent during sex missing penis on CHCG.(fucked up by pose5)
-*fixed, Sprite broken during Prostitution.
-*Buggy, Input.getKeyAndTranslate only check ur UI mode.
-*Buggy, Pose4 missing Moot race common penis.
-*Buggy, Fix Chcg4, Chcg2 Y misplace.

-*buggy, infinite EXT items with set trap skill.(0871)

-*fixed, chcg3_head_moot_HairDancer.png missing.

-*buggy, block NFL_MerCamp_Leader.rb unfinished quest line.
-*buggy, when switch 2H weapon from ext slot now only overwrite EXT action_slot to target equip.
-*fixed, ext slot now will not set to slot to empty when player has no item.

*******files&folder renamed, please backup ini and saves and reinstall***********
*******because portrait XY changed, please do f10>”$game_player.actor.init_statMap” to ur outdated save***********
-*fixed, chcg2 Y+75, chcg4 Y+80, pose5 Y+50, pose1 Y+50
-*fixed, freckle now support all chcg&poses, blad head supported chcg 2,3.
-*fixed, rebirth now set HardCoreAMT to game start date.
-*fixed, WoundSArm,WoundMArm,PiercingArms sex and weak effect now blocked by “AdvTop”, “RagTop”, “SurTop”
-*fixed, WoundChest,WoundBelly,PiercingBelly,PiercingBack,PiercingChest sex and weak effect now blocked by “AdvMid”, “RagMid”, “SurMid”, “FootmanMid”
-*fixed, PiercingAnalPiercingVag,WoundGroin,WoundMThigh,WoundSThigh,EffectBleedAnal,EffectBleedVag,EffectWet sex and weak effect now blocked by “RagBot”,”AdvBot”,”SurBot”,”FootmanBot”
-*fixed, beginTimeLangPicker rename to FirstTimeSetup and fix input symbol issues.
-*fixed, itemConfig add “player_add_state_SndLib”.
-*buggy, remove all NPC’s stats_filter from their stat update. because they dont have any prt_stat key.
-*buggy, some more death animation issue when NPC using combo skill.
-*buggy, error pops when u killed unique follower when they are not in party.(0840)
-*buggy, NFL_OrkCamp1 missing CapPointSpawn.
-*buggy, NFL_MerCamp crash if player finished invasion quest and reload the map.
-*buggy, NorthFL_INN ENG RUS text missing when player tried to get SGT NFL_MerCamp quest.
-*buggy, WildGiantMicePassive got its own NPCjson and fix its death animation.
-*added, pose4 supported all Mid dress.
-*added, Footman dress set as WarBoss room reward.
-*fixed, now u can enter region map or Kyaaaaaa! when u got spotted by enemy in world map. but with high WildDangerous.
-*fixed, random cropse now gen maggots.

-*fixed, follower didnt stop their step when use shift call.(0860)

0860 0861 is with critical bug
please update ur game.
LonaRPG.Beta. critical bug fix
fixed, replace @process_death_setted check to @action_state == :death check.(0860)

clearn reinstall needed, PLZ backup ur data.
-*buggy, hardcore rebirth record isnt works.
-*fixed, rebirth now will record peepoo setting.
-*buggy, pose5 piercing head xy error(req clearn reinstall)
-*buggy, buggy, skill roster record empty bug when rebirth in ship ending.

-*fixed, lona’ dash/walk step SFX frequency now based on movespeed.
-*fixed, area aggro by kills now only effect NPCS with sight power >0 to lona.
-*fixed, BasicAssemblyCall now with selector_limited_screen_edge & selector_ignore_range tag(range based on camera + screen edge. ignore terrian,test)
-*fixed, can have more then 1 combat follower at same time, but only in specific level design.(test in SpawnPoolR)
-*fixed, NpcChargeSmallPushF0 and NpcChargeBigPushF0 stun state from stun3 to stun1.
-*fixed, battle core: Lona’s SkillDummy with @user_redirect tag now support sap.(test)
-*fixed, Command_ShavePubicHair now offer item “PubicHair” but its useless trash.(for now kekeke…)
-*fixed, rebirth now record Hardcore level& Skill roster.
-*fixed, STD_Leukorrhea got additional chance when lona too dirt and is a abomination.
-*buggy, some more death graphic bug when NPCs killed during combo skill usage.(ex: dead with walking sprite)
-*added, MH weapon ItemMhChainMace, selling in noer Bubbas.
-*added, Overevent, Itch. will trigger when lona with STD_Herpes or STD_Wart.
-*added, MH weapon MhHorseCock(unique)
-*added, new title map TitleHiveBattle(TEMP)
-*added, trash states Frecklel,WeakBladder to rebirth system(temp, RNG chance for now, Freckle not support chcg2~5 yet.)
-*added, ACH DefeatHorseCock.
-*added, NorthFL_INN_SGT a side quest.
-*added, map NFL_MerCamp, and a side quest.

**HYGIENE EDITION, huge core fix, please backup and reinstall, and reset map after loaded outdate save**
-*fixed, pose1 can be bald in debug tool.(for better modding and new layers,)
-*fixed, FeelsSick with -25 max mood each stack.
-*fixed, state and key “EffectBleed” rename to “EffectBleedVag”
-*fixed, state EffectBleedVag,EffectBleedAnal from 100% nap remove to 50%.
-*fixed, u may get feelsSick state when ur Lona is too hungry and in hell or doom mode.
-*fixed, ItemHiPotionLV2(JoyWater) now will cure all STD.
-*buggy, NeckleBelt should be -def +atk, not +def -atk in code.
-*buggy, TRY to fix npcs with move_type=3 and stucked after use a combo skill.(combo_force_move_route)
-*buggy, whore job QTE tapping should have more reward. and improve its UX
-*fixed, collar and cuff wound addon moved to json.
-*added, states, STD_Leukorrhea, STD_WartAnal, STD_WartVag, STD_HerpesVag, STD_HerpesAnal. when bad healthy and too dirty.
-*fixed, states, Seawitch will automatic heal all STD when sleep.
-*added, itemHairBald(database Only, not support CHCG yet)
-*added, itemMaggots(database Only)
-*core, Daily & Combat state tag moved from RGSS to JSON.
-*core, a nap state controller based data in json, and moved most nap state controller to JSON.
-*core, darkpot3.0, all data moved to JSON, rawDate move to json, and possible to modify from outside.(better item tag manager API)
-*fixed, heal_wound from nap now effected by Con_Trait, each 10 CON_trait +1 wound heal.(nymph buff because STD is a nymph nerf)
-*fixed, Rag,Adv,Sur dress set now all with “Cloth” DarkPot Tag.(can use to make bombs)
-*fixed, when sex, if player.actor.fucker_target isnt nil, then use mood “p5shame”

-*Dev forgot to list changes

-*Dev forgot to list changes

-*buggy, EffectHarVagTouchHit cause a crash

-*buggy, float bug for short nap.(when maxSTA with a .6 float , u can never regen to full)
-*buggy, “Mood not found” in EffectSpermHit.(rumor said this will cause crash?!)
-*buggy, when NoerTransHouse rapeloop with begin event. HE sprite rolling while focking.

**files rename, reinstall needed**
-*fixed, NFL_OrkCamp2 crash during throw rock rapeloop.
-*buggy, when a npc killed during combo skill, update_combo_skill will set its move_type to 0.(cropse move bug,def update_combo_skill, test)
-*buggy, SphincterDamaged key check from “chcg1_SphincterDamaged” to “SphincterDamaged”(EXrule bug)
-*buggy, checkOev_Poo should trigger more then 1 time each nap(cause by Oev parallel fix)
-*fixed, setup_drop_item now wont drop same items if item.type == Armor or Weapon
-*fixed, player’s parasite worms now wont aggro attack their kind.
-*ModAPI, a hash allowed to hack load_script. check DEMO_ImportNewShit for more info?
-*fixed, common prostitution now slightly increase reward based on input, vice versa.
-*fixed, state Sickly rename to AbomSickly, and now with 2 stack, state effect -50%, BasicAbomEatDed skill will keep 1 LVL of state.
-*fixed, pose4 now supported common sex, common prostitution and most OverEvents.
-*added, pose4 now with events, topExt,top,scat and headEquip layers.
-*added, ItemNeckleLona(data only), ItemNeckleBelt, ItemNeckleAtoner.(TopEXT slot now can have some use)

-*buggy, OvermapCharacters missing SCU upgrade from 0820?!
-*fixed, Disband Cecily or Grayrat now delete both NPC character at same time.
-*buggy, fix a bug under “def move_toward_XY_SmartAI” cause keep walk with a RNG.
-*fixed, follower callMarked move now use pathfinding.(test)
-*fixed, Rebuild setup_inheritance(Rebirth IO), and rebirth now record ur HairColor and HairStyle.
-*fixed, Npc_CompanionMusketeer now wont escape when enemy target in range 2.(bayonet FTW)
-*fixed, max_items from 1000 to 65534
-*fixed, storage class black list logic. bank and CarryHorse banned PlayerBB & rebirthBB. all other storage unBan all babys(YES! u should able to cook them)
-*buggy, AI Npc_CompanionSlowMage,Npc_CompanionCurvedCharge,Npc_CompanionCurvedCharge crashed when @wander_range_count is nil.
-*buggy, TRY to fix right Layered NPC portrait failed to sync data from Left Portrait(cocona missing body on right)
-*added, Template for pose4.(Only use in WarBoss Rapeloop, will apply to few more EV in next release?)
-*added, map NFL_OrkCamp2.
-*buggy, crash when killed a fucker doing sex with nonNPC event.(0823)
-*buggy, follower should not move when in in search mode.(cause by NPC SCU upgrade)
-*buggy, pose1_subpose2_equip_SexyMid file with failed dress(SurMid)

***YEAP another shit tier update. becaues focused too much on drawing layers on pose4***
-*buggy, BasicAbomEatDed no stats regen effect if target user == skill user.
-*buggy, AbomCreatureTentacleSummoned sta from 60000 to = its health.
-*buggy, Fapping NPC should not self unset_sex from player’s grab skill.
-*buggy, Shaving Pubic Hair now set GrowCount to 0.
-*buggy, ScoutCampOrkind remove a parallel msgbox when alert triggered.
-*buggy, mouse Wheel PageUp PageDown bug in skill menu.
-*fixed, NorthFL_INN vandor now with INN key.
-*fixed, SemenBursting now with full event parallel mode.
-*fixed, NPC now check otherNPC’s Sneak SCU.(CORE TEST)(all NPC default SCU=3+rand(4)
-*fixed, BasicAssemblyCall range from 6 to 7.
-*fixed, BasicAssemblyCall shift mode target enemy only effect to selected follower.
-*fixed, BasicAssemblyCall shift mode selected range attack follower wont make extra move to attack targeted enemy.
-*fixed, set_around_NPCs_hate_unit_fraction search range from 3 to 3+$story_stats[“Setup_Hardcore”]*5, and effect to followers.(test)
-*added, AbomCreatureZombieRegST, AbomCreatureZombieRegPin now with sex sprite.
-*added, follower CompMusketeer in NorthFL_INN.

-*fixed, InputDelay now wont work if events with @direction_fix.(ex:camera)
-*fixed, some more victimBasicMove route fix.

**file structure changed. MUST DO CLEARN REINSTALL. backup ur gameLona.ini and SAVE**
-*buggy, Game_Turret AI wont turn its direction.(0800)
-*buggy, some issue cause Npc layer portrait reset after relaunch.(Cocona’s portrait dress reset to necro).
-*buggy, when using GamePad. Shift key always with wrong symbol in UI.
-*buggy, should not able to prostitution to FishTownInnCompFishGuard and FishTownInnCompFishShaman without trait.
-*fixed, PiercingNose max lv from 1 to 3
-*added, region map r31_SYB_RoadOrk1.
-*added, region map r32_SYB_AlleyOrk1.
-*added, GoldenDress now supported CHCG1~5
-*added, Lona pure Moot race now with Tail.
-*added, Skill: BasicTailBash(usless but cute?)
-*added, PiercingNoseB(seperate from PiercingHead)
-*fixed, PiercingHead rename to PiercingEar
-*fixed, DoomFortressR_Nap.rb TRY to fix a game stuck when random sleep rape.
-*fixed, PubicHair tester deleted, and will get PubicHairs state rebirth.(include trash state i made for fun in future)
-*added, Basic need now with “shave pubicHair”.(usless but fun?)
-*added, NorthFL remove DEV tag. and with a side quest.

-Buggy, delete a follower test event in BatHive
-Buggy, dialog_cumflation now reset each nap.
-fixed, Death rebirth now decrease 50% exp

-Buggy, some skill can use when blocked(process_custom_skill)
-Buggy, wake up defecate overevent will cause a SND effect loop until lona go poopoo.(0770)
-Buggy, Syb_WarBossRoom_ToBossRoom.rb error when OrkindSlayer is a follower.
-Buggy, Bank. de fek u can depost Baby?!
-Buggy, backStreet. repayment will cause a error if gold is a float Num.
-Buggy, $story_stats[“dialog_baby_lost”] now removed from all birth events.
-fixed, Abom creatures: worms summon from 3 to 1~3.
-fixed, AbomCreatureMeatMoonWorm: sensor freq from 10:10 to 20:20
-fixed, when player direction == input.dir4. ignore Direction input delay.
-fixed, SmokeBomb EXT usage: targetLock_HP to 1 if NPC targetd Lona.
-fixed, LaunchWarning: only display once and will save result in gameLona.ini
-added, map:NoerTransHouse
-added, map:NFL_OrkCamp1
-added, ACH:SnowflakeFragged
-added, a pubic hair growth controller in elise’s house(test)


check last posts for download link
-buggy, Cocona Cocona_Will missing and crash when playing her HEV in recroom(yeap i fucked up again)

-buggy, “quit_read_mail” @arrow_up and @arrow_down visible nil crash.
-buggy, FishTownR rapeloop rest chance add 25%, sex party chance now based on Lona’s health. and a bug test code cause every night is party time.
-buggy, prostitution error when fishkind customer check pregdates is a nil, now it return a 0.(rare)
-buggy, UniqueEvent_CoconaVag crash in RECroom.
-buggy, Fixed another typo in ending ship cause cocona ignore story progress and always on boat.
-buggy, after Prostitution action. follower should not attack customer.
-buggy, fix a old bug cause NPC during custom mode will unset_chs_sex in a frame.(now blocked by @story_mode_sex)
-buggy, fix Prostitution handjob customer Z layer.
-buggy, Cocona’s sex_reciver_mode from 1 to 3.
-buggy, Skill UI page next and prev skill page function now reverse.
-fixed, shieldEV now block @action_state_changed when aggroed.
-fixed, Direction input delay from 3 to 4.(test)
-fixed, vomit in Hard diffculy now works. but *1.6times harder to trigger than hell or doom.
-fixed, DfWaterCave, semen Pot now gen food resource. and gen more when rapeloop.
-fixed, SFL loop quest MonsterBone reward from 3.5 big copper to 4.5
-fixed, checkOev_Pee,checkOev_PeePee now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, checkOev_Poo,checkOev_PooPoo now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, checkOev_Milk now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, checkOev_Vomit now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, checkOev_OutDress now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, checkOev_Arousal now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, checkOev_Preg now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, check_MainStats_event STA tired check now with full event parallel mode.(test)
-fixed, all katana weapon skills HitFrames/2, ATK buff time from 2 to 3.(also buff BossMama)
-fixed, BossMama now will read target’s action and do dodge.(origianly for Warboss. but he is dumb&slow faggot, more fits for bossMama)
-fixed, BasicSexService_limbs_crit sta atk from +0 to *1.2,arousal atk from3 to 5, and fix damage result typo
-fixed, BasicSexService_limbs from attack fapper to all fucker targeted Lona in range 2.
-fixed, storage scene now can hold key to keep transfer items, and space(Skill9) key can transfer 10 item at a time.
-fixed, Lona’s portrait update from actor stats change now based on idle_timer.(test)
-fixed, portrait system idle_timer now reset everytime when portrait setupped.(test)(will remove if too annoying)
-fixed, NPC in fatigue mode(STA<0) now FULLY STFU.(wont do any play_sound when spot a target)
-added, warboss test map in 94 27(still on dev. no reward and story, may cause bug even u win, save b4 u try)

-*fixed, autoPeePoo when sleep fix in 0761 is temporary rollback because i feels annoyed.(pee can still trigger by WeakBladder)
-*fixed, Overevent stun stuck the game when player is in overmap.
-*fixed, overevent PeePoo, milk, vomit cause 1 sec stun.(actually add in 0761, but i forgot put this in log)(test)
+Changes made in v0.7.6.0 below:


___shits in pics isnt included yet____

***prev stable will stop update for 2 week because 075x is confirmed pretty fucked**
***will wipe all Save Patch. will not support saves b4 0750**
-*fixed, range check bug in FishkindCave1_ToB2.rb
-*fixed, all score board is removed but NoerTavern(this need a unique ui to handle)
-*fixed, FishkindCave1_SeaWitchIdol ext follower range check reverse?!.
-*fixed, BasicSaintSmite now with longer skill ending frame.
-*fixed, TRY to fix bignum cannot trans to string when withdraw Bitmap from memory, now will return a blank image(hope everything is fine….)
-*fixed, TRY to fix a NaN crash when mouse update X or Y is 0.0
-*fixed, BossMama t2 remove begin dealy stance.(to 10frame. u can no more rush her)
-*fixed, Minigame controller error when mouse and gamepad both plugin.
-*fixed, basic sex wound chance based on RNG to RNG+DIRT and lower basic chance.
-*fixed, ghost dick bug when lona killed or stun a target during sex battle.
-*added, SouthFL add 3 loop quest, QuProgSFL_MonsterBone,QuProgSFL_BreedLingMeat,QuProgSFL_SpiderLeg
-*added, NPC:AbomBatHiveUltra
-*added, map:NFL_BatHive
-*added, map:r7_PineFroestMountain2
-*fixed, mod Sample. allow to ADD Lona’s portrait and CHS data without change in game files.(add, not overwrite)
-*fixed, DF_heresy/3to4_1cocona0 text missing.
-*fixed, UniqueEvent_CoconaVag.rb now mirror=true.


**reset the map if cocona is a follower**
-*fixed, Number popup now with popup str check condition.
-*fixed, New mod API. FileGetter.load_mod_lona_portrait_parts_dir. manual chs setup.
-*fixed, GrayRat,DavidBorn,FireMage,Cocona now will not use any skill when moving by non shift AssemblyCall.
-*fixed, Fireball skills do double take_damage(0720)
-*fixed, some time when revicer NPC killed during sex with other npc will cause npc stuck in death(since Abom lona)
-*fixed, Smite now set direction when take effects.(so shield wont do weird block dir)
-*fixed, drop NorthFL SouthFL will game crash.
-*fixed, Game_PorjectileCharacter cant hit anything on deep water tile(since 0302)
-*fixed, Game_PorjectileCharacter all skill now will hit user if user is facing on wall.(all missile skills should do the same)
-*fixed, U should not get wireless parasite from cancel a prostitute in SouthFL.
-*fixed, @slot_index nil crash in equip UI page.
-*fixed, NoerArena SexBeast ghost move after death.
-*fixed, Double sound_death playback when Npc dead.
-*fixed, MT_crunch skeletons should not delete after nap.
-*fixed, dup items from drop item then load game.
-*fixed, NpcWoodenSpearHeavy, NpcManCatcherControl, ManCatcherControl, NpcHalberdControl hit_frame from 10 to 29
-*fixed, move most record and dialog stats from actor to story_stats(core)
-*fixed, update_sex_exp, update_melanin_eff, update_melanin from actor refresh to each nap(core)
-*added, score board to record ur kill count in every town and noerTavern.
-*added, Cocona prostituationEV and playable in RecRoom.(Human,Moot only)
-*added, UniqueEvent_PeeWithCocona if cocona is in prostitute line.
-*fixed, CHCG rotate crash


-*fixed, MT_crunch_Priest crash when talk to priest.
-*fixed, Number popup with popup str check condition.
-*fixed, GreyRat,Davidborn,RedMage,Cocona now will not use any skill when moving by non shift AssemblyCall.
-*fixed, Fireball skills do double take_damage(0720).


**HEAVY CORE CHANGE. MUST DO CLEARN INSTALL. backup ur gameLona.ini and SAVE**
-*fixed, API: support use custom icon, custom graphics file for event, custom graphics path for ACH.
-*fixed, BattleStandard is remove from SaintFieldSupporter trait.
-*fixed, Skills with is_support tag now wont effect by terrian.
-*fixed, MT_crunch_ThatUndead.rb, follower_in_range? check fucked.
-*fixed, if Lona skill hit the grabber when grabber hit Lona with sex skill at same time. Lona will stuck in grabbed animation.
-*fixed, EliseGynecology Weird event playing when nearly give birth and do Miscarriage event.
-*fixed, NoerRelayOut PoorBoy quest stucked if PoorBoy aggroed and player just leave without kill him.
-*fixed, Mouse DPI now fit to window size.
-*fixed, Npc combo skills now will interrupt by death.
-*fixed, RecQuestSouthFLMain, hide timer, timer frame from 600 to 1500. hive hp ftom 1000 to 500.
-*fixed, Npc_AbomHiveLink: master NPC never aggro because typo.
-*fixed, AbomSpider and AbomBreedling sex fucker sprite missing.
-*added, npc:AbomBatHiveBig,AbomBatHiveSm.(console test only)
-*added, npc:AbomHiveHeart2(console test only)
-*added, weapon:ItemShSaintProtect, with HeavyBattleStandard(sell in SaintMonastery, can get by event reward)
-*added, weapon:ItemShSaintPurge, with HeavySaintJudgment(sell in SaintMonastery, can get by event reward)
-*added, Load game in system menu.
-*added, 3 more ext slot.
-*added, improve equip UI, with page button and EXT item icons.
-*added, region maps. r29_SYB_KeepAbom1,r30_SYB_KeepOrk1.
-*added, new encounter NFL_GobRaider on rg 19 28.

v0.7.3.0 Beta
**HEAVY CORE CHANGE. MUST DO CLEARN INSTALL. backup ur gameLona.ini and SAVE please**
-*fixed, TRY to fix double hits when skill with 0 hit_frames.
-*fixed, NoerPrison ExitToilet Error.(0723)
-*fixed, BasicNunHeal: Launch_since from 10 to 20. launch_max to 40 to 21. sta cost from 3 to 2. with a buff ATK/DEF to target when CON trait > 20.
-*fixed, BasicBattleStandard: form channeling holding skill to typical holding skill, STA cost = 5.
-*fixed, SaintSymNormal sta cost from 10 to 5
-*fixed, Cocona add PortraitShield skill, and fix her minion’s friendly fire bugs, and can only have 5 minions at same time.
-*fixed, GrayRat’s basic attack skills now with no_interrupt. move_speed form 2.5 to 2.7
-*fixed, DavidBorn’s now with a unique AI, and his Roar skill usage now more reasonable.
-*fixed, most undead now with is_fish tag so they can walk in water.(because jonny derp is awesome)
-*fixed, OrcCatcher, fix sprite and skills
-*fixed, follower direction under AssemblyCall click mode is no more fixed, and now will lost its target when clicked.
-*fixed, attack npc when its in Sex_reciver mode will cause their animation broken.(by take_skill_effect,check_skill_cancel_by_hit)
-*fixed, healing a NPC already died but in Sex_reciver mode will broke its sprite.
-*fixed, KatanaControl buff: with no_action_change tag, ParryStun effect frames from 28 to 42.
-*fixed, KatanaControl buff: when user made success XY transfer and target is in action, target hitted will stun for 2sec.
-*fixed, HobgoblinShaman: upgrade its AI. skill usage now more reasonable.
-*fixed, During sex mode, can no more use sex attack to a target already dead.
-*fixed, lactation_level gen by WombSeedBed now based on Sat.
-*fixed, BroadSwordHeavy now replaced by WoodenSpearNormal.
-*fixed, fix more varible condition bugs in DfRefugeeCamp quests.
-*fixed, SaintPriests now cast shield spell, and add NpcCurvedSaintSmite attack spell to fit their background.
-*added, TestProtectShield(console test only)
-*added, TestSaintSmite(console test only)
-*added, HobgoblinRaiderArcher(console test only)
-*added, HobgoblinRaiderSpear(console test only)
-*added, OrcPriest(console test only)

v0.7.2.6 Beta
-*fixed, error when first time talk to DedOne and not with Cecily or Cocona.
-*fixed, talk to Bobo with Dog as front follower will casue a error.

-*fixed, talk captain in dock will fuck up entire cocona quest line.

v0.7.2.1 Beta
-*added, ElfArcher,WarSister Portrait
-*fixed, boss mama’s charge stance stucked when target stay in same XY.
-*fixed, all toilet now use same RB and DEF. and u can collect extra peepoo from toilet(for green enegy fetish)

v0.7.2.0 Beta
-*fixed, chcg1_subpose2_equip_DancerTop layer priority issue when preg > 1.
-*fixed, npc @sensor_freq now reroll each skill launch.
-*fixed, NPC OrcCommoner, OrcClub, skill rewrite.
-*fixed, overkill animation now shorter.
-*fixed, remove Morality decrease from killing fat guys in SMCloudVillage.
-*fixed, rare crash when lactation_level <1 and >0 like 0.5.
-*fixed, saltpeter, Carbon, Oil, phosphorus is no more edible.
-*fixed, can no more disband cocona when RecQuestCocona progress at 20.
-*fixed, all prostitution item reward now use item hash
-*fixed, WIN32API WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString now replace with IniFile.rb.
-*fixed, when combat state stated fade and when max_state >1, add_state(sameState) will not works.(fix “def state_addable?)(note for myself)
-*fixed, Console window redesign.
-*fixed, banditCamp should only summon BanditCampFixedGuard8 and BanditCampFixedGuard2 once.
-*fixed, MAP_VP4_Z from 150 to 1145.
-*fixed, Command_SelfMilking now offer options to milk all at once.(lactation_level must >= 600)
-*fixed, RecQuestAriseVillageApe quest stucked if player visit monkey house b4 accept quest.
-*fixed, SaintSymNormal now a 70 frame holding skill.
-*fixed, BasicControl now a 50 frame holding skill.
-*fixed, Npc Combo skills now will stop update when message is busy.
-*fixed, NoerBackStreet_Nap will crash if thugs is dead during rapeloop mode.
-*fixed, all range attack NPC will try move toward target if no skill in range.
-*fixed, dodge function now works on npc(UniqueBossMamaT2 only, for now)(test)
-*added, ACH RecQuestCocona_28.
-*added, last Cocona Quest line. and ending ship seat for her.(side HEV isnt there yet)
-*added, AidLactation and AidDress to Elise’s store. and roll back ItemSexyHeadEquip setup.
-*added, weapon: ItemMhKatana and skills
-*added, Npc: UniqueBossMamaT1,T2
-*added, map: BossMamaDual

-*fixed, some text crash in SMCloudVillage quest line.(eng only)
-*fixed, remove Mmail icon on HUD, replace with wound icon.(test)
-*fixed, cuff and collar wounds never works.
-*fixed, more camera stucked issue.
-*fixed, finish RecQuestAriseVillageFish quest first will make RecQuestAriseVillageApe stuck.
-*added, specific font for specific lang supported.(check Font/_HowToAddFontToYourLang.txt)(test)
-*fixed, SybBarn black screen stucked by camera.
-*fixed, achCheckEliseAbortion should not check every NoerGynecologyEliseDay executed.
-*fixed, lactation_level gen cause a crash in handle_on_move_step.
-*fixed, common trap STA damage should decrease health, not STA.
-*fixed, SMCloudVillage alert move_type overwrite should not effect to Stunned or death NPC.
-*fixed, NoerRelayOut NoerRelayOut_RG9 black screen stucked by camera.

please reset the map so u wont crash from previous saves!
-*fixed, aggro_allowed? keeping ask self to friendly self.(core bug since 0641)
-*fixed, all fishkindF npcs now will not attack Lona with TrueDeepone form.
-*fixed, when switch pages wont update icons.(by 0690)
-*fixed, molotov and lantern buring dot effect now scale to SUR.
-*fixed, firewall casting animation from 90 to 52 frame.
-*fixed, firewall DOT now can effect Game_DestroyableObject.(test)
-*fixed, AbanHouse3: should able to sleep when u killed all evil hobo.
-*fixed, SetTrap skill now with Shift mode. hold shift will force to use rock without use EXT1,2 items.
-*fixed, SetTrap skill now will automatic pick rock if player have no items in EXT1,2.
-*fixed, when in hell or higher diffcult, narture NPC death now will trigger a AOE aggro and overwrite its fate_enemy data.(test)
-*fixed, eat pee,poo,Vomit with state “Mod_Taste” now will increase abit SAT(still need Omnivore trait to eat)
-*fixed, AbomLona now ignore AbomAcid area.
-*fixed, EXT slot follower basic movement now with pathfinding.
-*fixed, baby_health now will display in UI if lona know shes pregnant.
-*fixed, baby_health MAX now will update when pregnant, and every nap.
-*fixed, removed most baby_health decrease from \Batch\.(vag and belly punch still stay)
-*fixed, u can equip MH SH weapons with SexySet.
-*fixed, TRY to make 21:9 work in fullscreen.(test)
-*fixed, Map alert trigger: now include and NPC.master.npc.master(ex: cocona’s army).
-*fixed, forget to input SexSet’s anti dirt data? WTF?!
-*fixed, lona’s lactation_level regen when nap and walking now based on SAT.
-*fixed, Humanoid rebirth now must have Baby in inventory. or given babys to Nun in SaintMonastery.(lost baby from any event except drop by player or send to Nun now count as bug)
-*fixed, Player humanoid baby now a npc.
-*fixed, Storage system now with item blacklist, and u cant put babys to Bank.
-*fixed, shy moving sprite wont change opacity when toggle from sneak(since 0660)
-*fixed, AidModSterilization not works.(since 0681)
-*fixed, ScoutCampOrkind reinforce never show up if Lona rush into victim area.
-*fixed, RecQuest_Df_TellerSide quest add ItemMhBoneStaff as reward.
-*fixed, ItemMhBoneStaff,ItemShAbominationTotem,DancerSet only lootable from chest after specific quests is done.
-*fixed, dancerSet now have to unlock sales from “RecQuestDancerSetReturned” quest.
-*fixed, skill: basicControl rename to BasicDodge and become a basic skill.
-*added, skill: basicControl replace with Ram skill, when hit, will forward a tile and knokback target.
-*fixed, skill: ManCatcherHeavy,BasicHeavy,HalberdHeavy should get “no_interrupt” effect by “Weapons Expert” trait.(since 0641?!)
-*fixed, skill: ManCatcherHeavy,BasicHeavy,HalberdHeavy now is holding skill. full charge will offer extra hit. and sta cost to 2.
-*added, skill: AbominationTotemWorm, and replace to BoneStaffNormal.
-*added, 4 more hidden ACH.
-*added, NoerRelayOut add a side quest.
-*added, new map SMCloudVillage.

-fixed, TeslaFront(TeslaStaffNormal) hitbox scale roll back to 0522(test)
-fixed, error “nil to erase” when captured or fast travel.

-*fixed, pose1_subpose3_equip_CuffTopExtra.png XY in a wrong place
-*fixed, LonaMCC_equip_DancerMid.png never show up when preg_level >= 1
-*fixed, file missing chcg1_head_equip_HairPony_dirt.

-*fixed, few more lag issue in SkillMenu cause by icon update.
-*fixed, erase on a delete events when escape from Overmap moveable encounter.
-*fixed, follower stucked and never aggro when u using Call skill when they attacking a target(by 0690)
-*fixed, follower now will face targeted enemy if they are in command mode.(by 0690)
-*fixed, BasicNunHeal AoeChannelSpdBuff now with is_support tag
-*fixed, skills with is_support tag now will not set target.last_attacker.
-*fixed, SexySet now a negative set with fixed equip effect. dont equip it unless ur SeaWitch build.
-*fixed, TRY to make mouse hook DLL file focus on RGSS. not active window(test)
-*fixed, NoerArenaB1: locked door gets wrong place when RapeLoopTorture.
-*fixed, Elise now wont get ur HumanBaby. u can offer HumanBaby to a female Nun.
-*fixed, Lona’s Humanoid childs now are key items
-*fixed, FishTownR: remove all free loot when not in rapeloop. add a dungeonChest.
-*fixed, gamePad default: rollback setting to 0642. skill page swap change to R2 + LTU,LTD
-*added, equip DancerSet, temporary selling by happy mechanic.
-*added, hairStyle HairDancer. selling in NoerMarket.
-*added, Bobo now own unique portrait.
-*added, Hotkey roster length in system menu.
-*added, 0680 save support(temp)
-*added, CompHorseCarry. a EXT slot follower u can hire around relays.
-fixed, a skilled crash on WildHorse.
-fixed, keybinding in sysmenu now is back.
-fixed, all Horses now with unique AI class.
-fixed, Human male commoner and goblins melee AI now are more Cheez.

-fixed, an error when u invite cocona into the group.
-fixed, temporarily remove keybinding from system menu because it causes a critical bug.
-fixed, temporarily remove keybinding from system menu because it causes a critical bug.

-*fixed, mouse: improve click effect, add grid display on click move.
-*fixed, mouse: storage box right click isnt works.
-*fixed, mouse: supported doom mode load warning.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Sex Stats Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Skill Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Item Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Trait Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Equip Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported System Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Notes Menu.
-*fixed, mouse: supported Lona’s Sex Grab direction input check.
-*fixed, mouse: options rect scale isnt fits to text.
-*fixed, mouse: text skip from LB+RB to hold LB.
-*fixed, mouse: double RB click Lona sprite will call main menu.
-*fixed, skill: assamble call when in shift mode can force stop unit’s movement, and add mouse with unique logic port for this skill.
-*fixed, all minigames controller now use the NPC control def made in 0682
-*fixed, all dungeon chest loot now with reset in 2~3 days, depend on game diffcult.
-*fixed, desertIsland1: WitchJuice in chest from 20 to 2.
-*fixed, NPC’s friendly_aggro setting isnt works.(since early alpha)
-*fixed, Cocona crashed after joined group.
-*fixed, Follower crash when join group, and if its not NPC or Deleted.(by 0682)
-*fixed, less laggy and scroll bugs in skill menu and health menu.
-*fixed, Baby_health decrease by health lost from 1.5 to 1.2, STA from 0 to 0.3. also a bug cause it never works from outside of events.(and ur Baby die faster because bugfix)
-*fixed, Oil now can get from ANY cooked food made by meat, by cook it again.
-*added, Cocona will TRY to offer some food if Lona looks too weak.
-*added, all playable inn now with a free Cooking Pot.
v0. Beta
-*fixed, Follower crash when join group, and if its not NPC or Deleted.(by 0682)

v0., Cocona crashed after joined group.

-*fixed, remove Outdated state 176 and its function in checkOev_OgrasmAddiction.
-*fixed, RabbitCaveRewardBox.rb crash.

-*fixed, invisible fireballs by NPCs(by 0670)
-*fixed, common trap ai now ignore dodge events.
-*fixed, OverEvent_CumsSwallow now only trigger when SemenGulper trait is on.
-*fixed, Basicneed skill now with CumsSwallow option. and some option is unbanned from map Bios.
-*fixed, AbomGrab atk multiplier from 1.1 to 1, full charge from 2 to 1.5,(2 was wayyyyyyy too high)
-*fixed, EliseGynecology unique birth event now also record AbomBaby.
-*fixed, hitting blocked npc cause them combat stunned when it triggered aggeo(old bug)
-*fixed, Npc_AbomHiveTentcle Npc_FishTrap Npc_AbomHiveLink crash when aggro.
-*fixed, “LimitedNeedsSkill” is no more block BasicNeed.(u can peepoo in anywhere! freedom!!! YAY)
-*fixed, FishTownL exit region in wrong place. Beta
-*fixed, Npc_AbomHiveTentcle Npc_FishTrap Npc_AbomHiveLink crash when aggro.

-*added, weapon:MhSaintSym, and its skill(quest unique)
-*added, a small side quest in SaintMonastery.
-*added, NPC sample SaintHumanLightPriest.
-*added, map:MT_crunch with 2 side quest
-*added, skill: AbomGrab, AbomEatDed.
-*added, Abomination rebirth: offer 2 or more abomination baby to elise.
-*added, New ACH. AbomLona.
-*added, region 8 with a new sub map.
-*fixed, undergroung map light source increase each point from SCU from -2 to -3
-*fixed, now u can keep ur human and moot baby after birth. and they will never leave.
-*fixed, breastfeeding now increase mood a bit.
-*fixed, Bobo wountFollow player after charge attack.
-*fixed, menu skill tab now support scroll. (by Tetragramat)
-*fixed, Linked states now update when its takes effect or removed.
-*fixed, no more duplicate items in equip menu(core)
-*fixed, Summon creatures like ProjPlayerDeeponeGuard,SummonTentacleProjectile,ProjAbomSumTentacle can be remove by trigger it.
-*fixed,steal in warehouse always empty.
-*fixed, Alchemy is removed from trait page.
-*fixed, when u hold more then 1 direction key,Input system will pick the last one u pressed.(test)
-*fixed, FireBalls cannot through doors when lona is within range 1 to the door.
-*fixed, darkpot get following change.
*u get darkpot skill when start a new game.(no effect from outdated save)
*dry food/meat now require 10SUR.
*medcines require 15SUR to cook.
*FlamePot require require 5SUR.
*Bombs require 10SUR.

v0.6.6.7 Beta Hotfix
-*fixed, now attacking stunned target with any direction count as backstab(old bug, no one report…)
-*fixed, autosave now wount works when fast travel, because it will cause a gameDate bug.(until i have clue to fix it)
-*fixed, StaticSaltpeter,StaticPhosphorus with higher spawn chance.
-*fixed, no more duplicate items by EXT and Hair slot in equip menu(core,test)

v0.6.6.0 Beta
-*fixed, DfWaterCave: killing PigMan MORI decrease from 50 to 1.
-*fixed, SaintMonastery: 2 bugged trans gender NPC now gb2 female.
-*fixed, reproduction core @preg_rate crash when its NIL.(rare)
-*fixed, first time launch crash with gamepad plugged.
-*fixed, Mouse: remove conflicts when keyboard and mouse inputed direction at same time.
-*fixed, Mouse: display windows cursor when its off, remove key list from menu when its off.
-*fixed, Mouse: Click Move now using Pathfinding.
-*fixed, Mouse: Direction input shakeing when mouse angle is 0 or 180.
-*fixed, Mouse: Trade window & Storage box now supported mouse.
-*fixed, Pathfinding now check EVENTS(test,remove if fucked too much things)
-*fixed, Skill menu now display equiped weapon&skill Icons.
-*fixed, prostitute input fucked up by rough mouse system(by 0650)
-*fixed, Lona’s sprite now will looks shy when without Mid dress and Exhibitionism trait.
-*fixed, fix bouns trait isnt work after Ship ending, and delete a debug trigger inside ship.
-*fixed, NoerTavern2F expend abit.
-*fixed, player unset from sex now with 24 frame animation delay.(so u dont miss click a skill by smash Sex attack)
-*added, Seawitch: unique dialog when cocona or cecily meet her.
-*added, Elise Gynecology with a new event when Lona nearly give birth.
-*added, Elise Pregnant Check now will tell Lona possible birth date.
-*added, NPC: WildApeM,WildApeF
-*added, AriseVillage: add a side quest.

v0.6.5.01 Patch
patch. prostitute input fucked up by rough mouse system

-*fixed, crash when sex with WildDog and WildDireWolf, with a sex_taste NIL error.
-*fixed, All spin attack hitFrame from 29 to 15.
-*fixed, NPC aggro by hits now with 100% chance if NPC have no Target(test)
-*fixed, EXT skill: now can switch between SH and 2H equip.
-*fixed, OverEvents “Swallow Cums” now use item usage function.
-*fixed, most game date based quests now with quest mark in world map.
-*fixed, Weak Personality: Sleep healing/FoodCost buff now only effect during rapeloop.
-*fixed, EXP recive from Hevents now effected by Lona’s trait build and mood.
-*fixed, Firebook heavy(firewall) now with longer stiff frame.
-*fixed, FireWall,Molotov,Oil,lantern and Tornado now will delete previous event and replace with new one.
-*fixed, ScoutCampOrkind3 fix quest mark guide.
-*fixed, Elise fishKind and Orkind baby quests fixed quest mark guide.
-*added, map: BoardSwordCave.
-*added, map: FishkindCave1B2.
-*added, Quest: PB_FishCampA now with a new side quest.
-*added, npc: UndeadEliteBerserk.(mini boss, unique)
-*added, weapon: MhBroadSword(Unique,test), with a new skill BroadSwordNormal(test)
-*added, ACH: RecQuestBoardSwordCave_1,ArtFHK_pepe.

-*fixed, “ArtBlack” ACH moved to DoomArmory 2F.
-*fixed, some text error report.

-*fixed, few more RNG WasteWet crash.
-*fixed, throwRock search AOE now wount rewrite npc.last_attacker.
-*added, map: AriseVillage. with 1 side quest
-*added, map: PB_FishCampA.

—rebuild.Clearn up few outdated common events. play 0610 if not stable.—
-*fixed, encounter: NFL_Vs_Refugee_Orkind. stucked in last stage.
-*fixed, a crash when EffectLewdCrazy summoned(Lewd drug)
-*fixed, ATK rise from CombatTrait from 0.4 to 0.5(Temp test)
-*fixed, overEvent: CumsMouth now with options.(can collect semen from blow job)
-*fixed, DOG,Wolf crash during sex with lona.
-*fixed, PeePoo level increase from sex decrease 75%
-*fixed, RNG NoerHouse/WareHouse: clearn up codes.
-*added, map

fRefugeeCamp.(with 2 side quest)
-*added, map

fWaterCave(with rapeloop)
-*added, RngTents, work like NoerHouse. but with less reward.
-*added, wakeUpEvent: PTSD,Nightmare. will low down mood to -100.
-*added, 2more ACH.
-*added, ItemFlameBottle: refine from Oil, or buy from mage vandor.
-*added, DarkPot2.0: clearn up/rebuild, add new materials.
Oil(fat): can refine from foods made with meat.
Saltpeter: mining from Fish or Orkind caves, can refine from Poo.
Phosphorus: mining from PineFroestMountains or drop by undead, can refine from Pee.
Carbon: can refine from wood.
cheese from 2 to 3 milk.
-*fixed, RecQuestLisa12(in hive3) now with a time bar to check lisa’s health.
-*fixed, a crash when player targeted a commoner when commoner fadeout from NPC LIST.
-*fixed, true deepone now can no more beg in house(or trigger house)
-*fixed, CompFishShaman and CompFishGuard now use companion AI.
-*fixed, if Lona with a EXT follower, MonsterLover in SeaWitch quest line will with a warning b4 he join.
-*fixed, Steal House: formula now more resonable
-*fixed, Steal: VS text report now rounded
-*fixed, remove 2 cross gender npc from NoerMarket(will crash if they rape).
-*fixed, DoomFortEastCP: a summon_data NIL crash when Human squad respawned.
-*fixed, alot outdated rapeloop logic in NoerBackStreet.
-*fixed, HerbSTA should not remove sick effect.
-*fixed, MhSilverDildo skill from WoodenClubNormal to WoodenSpearNormal.
-*added, quest map: NoerGangBase(Cecily)
-*added, quest map: NoerBackStreetQ(Cecily)
-*added, dog and wolf now supported sex(if it got sausage)
-*added, NPC:MobHumanRogueMusketeer
-*added, WaterStaffNormal. now a charge skill
-*low charged: no knockback. no state chance.
-*full charged: same as before, slow chance from 20 to 100.

if you got inputText crash. open game.ini. add.
under [Game]

-*fixed, RecQuestLisa12(in hive3) now with a time bar to check lisa’s health.
-*fixed, a crash when player targeted a commoner when commoner fadeout from NPC LIST.
-*fixed, true deepone now can no more beg in house(or trigger house)
-*fixed, CompFishShaman and CompFishGuard now use companion AI.
-*fixed, if Lona with a EXT follower, MonsterLover in SeaWitch quest line will with a warning b4 he join.
-*fixed, Steal House: formula now more resonable
-*fixed, Steal: VS text report now rounded
-*fixed, remove 2 cross gender npc from NoerMarket(will crash if they rape).
-*fixed, DoomFortEastCP: a summon_data NIL crash when Human squad respawned.
-*fixed, alot outdated rapeloop logic in NoerBackStreet.
-*fixed, HerbSTA should not remove sick effect.
-*fixed, MhSilverDildo skill from WoodenClubNormal to WoodenSpearNormal.
-*added, quest map: NoerGangBase(Cecily)
-*added, quest map: NoerBackStreetQ(Cecily)
-*added, dog and wolf now supported sex(if it got sausage)
-*added, NPC:MobHumanRogueMusketeer
-*added, WaterStaffNormal. now a charge skill
-*low charged: no knockback. no state chance.
-*full charged: same as before, slow chance from 20 to 100.

if you got inputText crash. open game.ini. add.
under [Game]

-*fixed, BloodyMess/BloodLust isnt works.(cause by 0600).
-*fixed, GloryKill sta regen effects now MUST with BloodLust trait.

-*fixed, DataManager error

-*fixed, MoodBad/Good now -1.5/+0.25 WIS each state stack.
-*fixed, horse cock will cause a empty array crash
-*fixed, fix some input mapping Symbol core.(test)
-*fixed, NoerWest13WH: remove exit quest trigger.(its not a quest map.)
-*added, Option menu now with Gamepad UI layout option(test)

-*fixed, ShThrowingKnives removed from blacksmith shop.(but stay in chest loot) and add ItemThrowingKnivesI in store.
-*fixed, Rock now with EXT slot skill.
-*fixed, trait_Masochist “increase DEF” isnt works?!
-*fixed, TeslaStaffNormal launch_since from 30 to 10. RangeMap from a aoe to 3 tiles forward.
-*fixed, remake Tutorial in NoerTavern. make it with PNP structure.
-*fixed, CataUndeadHunt and DF_BanditHunt quest now can only repeat each 1.5day after its done.
-*fixed, Lona Overkill: now ONLY works when Lona got BloodyMess trait and target’s last_attacker is Lona.
-*fixed, CecilySad portrait file missing.
-*fixed, encounter,steal,sneak event actions now shows “X vs Y”, so u know how bad u rolled.
-*fixed, Lona now CANT take any reward from Milo if Lona finished Cecily’s hijack slave cart quest first.
-*fixed, MoodBad now -1.5 WIS each state stack.
-*fixed, map CargoSaveCecily(wareHouse) now can visit without quest.
-*added, npc:OgreSlaveMaster(in data, not in game yet)
-*added, redraw Horse sprite, supported sex.(u can only juice the one with Wiener)
-*added, a new Cecily quest in NoerTavern(part of new quest chain

==== remove some 0580 debug test code forget remove when release, ====
-*fixed, lantern on ext slot now works like other equips.
-*fixed, all Semen now can throw from EXT skill.(because fun)
-*fixed, debug MsgBox During prostitution / hand job.(0590)

-*fixed, elise’s QuProgStaHerbCollect quest now with ! guide.
-*fixed, Humanoid preg days nerfed few day each stage, and takes effect from seedbed state.
-*fixed, when trade, Shift+Z should not cause items into folding number.
-*fixed, r15_26_Marsh: fix some tiles height setting that cause NPC stucked in tile.
-*fixed, SemenGulper trait from cause semen addiction to immune semen addiction.(no effect if u r already in addiction)
-*fixed, MineCaveQuest: fix some fucked up when enter the map(cause by 0582)
-*fixed, banditCamp1 day/night light source crash(by 0580)
-*fixed, Crashed when follower check(a < > nil crash, by 0580)
-*fixed, follower array nil crash during assemblyCall.(0580)
-*fixed, move_type crash when event move_type isnt 0 and deleted during INIT.(core)
-*fixed, ragTop,Mid nerf Sexy from -10 to *0.4, Bot,MidExt from -5 to *0.7
-*fixed, subMap chest loots: no more “Locked”, but now item roster reset each 1.5day.(no more easy loot 

-*fixed, Elise FishIsle quest line crash in NoerDock.(by 0582)
-*added, add ESP lang.(temp and test)
-*added, BasicNeed now can collect Pee and Poo when Lona’s SUR+SCU trait >= 10
-*fixed, Excretion PeePoo now will not drop lootable scats
-*added, r10_Slum2 to region map 10.
-*added, map: NoerRelayOut(for future Cecily quest design, nothing here)
-*added, HairMessy,HairShortMessy.
-*added, DoomFortressInn quest board add a repeatable quest.
-*added, EXT Item to Skill functions.(test)
Ctrl+SkillKey: may put item to ground.
Shift+SkillKey: may trigger its skill.(if it has one)
WastePoo0 skill: can throw. abomination will notice it.
new item ItemBottledPee, can throw. Orkind will notice it.

0590 need a repack. too many debug code still remain.

-*fixed, MineCaveQuest: fix some fucked up when enter the map(cause by 0582)
-*fixed, banditCamp1 day/night light source crash(by 0580)
-*fixed, Crashed when follower check(a < > nil crash, by 0580)

-*fixed, no more repeatable SybBarn quest line
-*fixed, emergency FIX because i fucked stats controller. and some file missing.

-*fixed, MineCaveQuest: when Lisa’s cannon repair quest line, Double Lisa after HEV played.
-*fixed, Bobo: should not show up in world map b4 u saved him.
-*fixed, WIS, SCU and SUR buff/debuff from equip/states isnt works?!
-*fixed, fix a crash when NPC target locked on a non NPC target.(by 0560)
-*fixed, parry stun effect frames from 5~20 to 0~18
-*fixed, a crash when Followers summonData is nil(by 0580)
Do not ask for this version, it’s fucked up!

v0.5.8.1 Beta
-*fixed, PenisTribe, fix nude check logic, and now with a map BGM.
-*fixed, BanditCamp2 Bobo. fixed some trigger stucked when player isnt captured.
-*fixed, me_play function still playing when BGM BGS vol is <= 0.
-*fixed, WoodenShieldControl

ShieldBlock) parry stun effect only works when frame5~20(because parry stun is too OP?)
-*fixed, fix Cecily and Grayrat’s Camera reset code.
-*fixed, CecilyHijack0: ==TRY== to fix some crash during cecily quest line.


-*fixed, follower stucked and refuse to teleport togeter with player.(mostly happen in DungeonVictims)
-*fixed, TeslaStaffNormal : will not link to Lona when hit TeslaCoil.
-*fixed, SpawnPoolR : removed quest dialog when not on quest.
-*fixed, Abomination terrains : light now brighter alot.
-*fixed, cocona: headpat,bath,sleep ACH stucked.
-*fixed, RawItems rot: now will based on a RNG and item setting.(ex:meat get higher chance, Plant is lower.)
-*fixed, Raw items in storage now also gets rot.
-*fixed, NoerArenaB1 and NoerDockC1 dungeon chest now need sta to loot.(no more free loot)
-*fixed, game stucked when work at NorthFL_INN.
-*added, ACH “Think Lona, THINK!”

-*fixed, darkPot. from Nap limited to BasicNeed limted(u can build pot in maps able to shit in public)
-*fixed, during RecQuestAdam progress 1(steal dog tag) will set SGT’s scu to 0.
-*fixed, NPC target scan result now will reset when target is dead.
-*fixed, set grabbed unit animation to nil when grabber is killed.(less slipping bug after sex)
-*fixed, moveable encounter now back to the game, and add neutral moveable encounter.(test)
-*fixed, some overmap moveable hostility encounter now will remove by quest progress.(test)
-*fixed, map ScoutCampOrkind: no more quest unique.
-*fixed, encounter BanditMobs. extra “Talk” check when Lona’s morality <=1 and weak <=25.
-*added, Charset: Fat males now able to get their anal rape(because fun)
-*added, Teller HEV2.
-*added, new map: PB_GobForest.(PirateBane side quest)
-*added, PirateBane add a goblinCave quest.

v0.5.6.1 Beta
-*fixed, try fix Nymph,Exhibitionism,BloodyMess and BloodLust trait effect removed by other temporary state effect.(ex:berserkPack ,test)
-*fixed, leather armor(sur) XY error when in CHCG4.
-*fixed, relay error after finished SouthFL quest line.(by trade2.0)
-*fixed, leave Inn now will set “GuildQuestBeforeAccept” to 0

-fixed, relay error after finished SouthFL quest line.

v0.5.4.2 Bugfix
-*fixed, NoerRecRoom happy mechanic trade error(cause by 0540)

LonaRPG.Beta. repack
-*fixed, fishisle: Marsh and swamp stuck in black screen.

-*fixed, teslaAoeEfx not found crash.(cause by 0530)
-*fixed, removed test code cause freeze issue in NoerMobHouse.(cause by 0530)
-*fixed, crash when talk to EastCP officer with prostitute trait.(cause by Lisa quest fix)
-*fixed, Language option is removed form systemMenu. and max lang folder can have more than 4.
-*fixed, BanditCamp2 : piggy missing Vag Event, corpse moving when alert and nap Capture logic.
-*fixed, based on body part, Piercing stats effect now block by dress.
-*fixed, RNG key locked issue after start the game.(fix by Teravisor, test)
-*fixed, happy mechanic in NoerRecRoom also selling Bombs. but with happy mechanic price.
-*added, Lisa quest line #2(HEV isnt finish yet)
-*added, new map: SouthFL_Warfare.(quest unique)

v0.5.3.1 Beta
-*fixed, removed northFL test code in NoerMobHouse
-*fixed, a tileset dispose crash.
-*fixed, a save game crash.

-*fixed, checkHoldCancel from “Z or X” to “Z or CTRL or SHIFT or ALT”
-*fixed, length issue when player try to steal in noerDock or NoerMarket houses.
-*fixed, AbominationHive and Tentacles: fix up skill usage logic.
-*fixed, ZombieRegPin,ZombieRegST SCU from 15 to 10.
-*fixed, CommonDungeonVictim: they dont listen lona’s order because AI bug.
-*fixed, CompLisa.rb file missing.(by 0521)
-*fixed, Map transfer TradePoint reset from leave/enter map to leaves only.(keep ur TP after sub map transfer)
-*added, map: AbomHive3.
-*added, map: NorthFL.
-*added, map: NorthFL_Dock.
-*added, map: NorthFL_INN.
-*added, item: NoerTea. regen BabyHealth.

-*fixed, AbanHouse3 error and quest stuck with undefined method error.
-*fixed, NoerHouseCommon: length error when failed to steal.
-*fixed, removed trigger block if NPC is a follower.
-*fixed, encounter FishPPL: 100% leave chance if Lona’s weak <50 and not a slave.
-*fixed, BanditCamp1&2: stunned NPC should not trigger alert.(yes, its bug)
-*fixed, Weird bugs: blowjob will cause groin wounds and vag bleeding?!(old bug)
-*fixed, if a hole is ruined. that hole should never accept bleeding and wound states from common sex event.
-*fixed, FishkindSpearF: remove “NpcMarkMoralityDown” from skill list.
-*added, new monsters: AbomCreatureZombieRegPin,AbomCreatureZombieRegST.(test)
-*added, new region map: r17_RoadSyb1, r17_RoadSyb2.
-*added, new region map: r18_TownSyb1.
-*added, FishTownInn: add a new loop quest.
-*added, quest unique map: FishBeach x113 y127.
-*added, quest unique map: FishCeramic x120 y127.

-*fixed, AbanHouse3 error and quest stuck with undefined method error.

-*fixed, NoerCatacombB1(CoconaDungeon): quest trigger from Read mail to pick mail.
-*fixed, NoerPrison: weird door spawn postion after capture begin event.
-*fixed, beach in fish isle(RG27): missing def.
-*fixed, if Lisa or Elise in group, will still summon even they are dead.

-*fixed, beach without Exit trigger.


-*added, BC2_SideQu side quest unique map. in x122 y74
-*fixed, BanditCamp2 world map trigger: failed, cannot trigger because bugged.
-*fixed, Event/Player screen_y misalignment after Jump + moved.(test)
-*added, new region map: Shore and 2 sub map(test)
-*added, New furit: Banana,basic furit setup with better trap damamge.
-*added, New Medcine: ArecaNut, low tier STA herb+Wine without side effect.
-*added, HairDye: check HairCutter in NoerMarket.(not works on outdated save)
-*fixed, apple tree now moved to PineFroestMountain, and RainFroest added banana tree.
-*fixed, removed a erase nil bug on NoerTavern daily job.


-*fixed, Balloon update crash after minigames.
-*fixed, SMRefugeeCampFindChild: should not able to return quest in Noer.
-*fixed, HairPony: remove WIS stats.(its bug)
-*fixed, Holding skill cancel: from skill keys to menu or trigger key.
-*fixed, Goblin melee ai: a bit less dodge and direction fix b4 they attack.
-*fixed, now u can use skill while holding ALT or CTRL key.
-*fixed, Dashing will keep light effect from Lantern.
-*added, Direction input Delay: 3 frame.(Core TEST)
-*added, When process_skill_input with a successed skill launch, will rewrite Lona’s direction from Input.dir4.(less ALT+DIR usage)(test)
-*added, When successed skill launch, will record another skill by holding skill key, and launch recorded skill after current skill finished(test)


-*fixed, NoerEastCp, prostituting event stucked and cannot trigger npc.
-*fixed, Quest mark balloon: will only trace when in world map.
-*fixed, BanditCamp1: fixed event looped when bandits gives lona foods.(caused by 0491)
-*fixed, NoerMobHouse: fixed event looped when bandits gives lona foods.(caused by 0491)
-*fixed, Fishkind caves: wall height should be 4, not 0.
-*fixed, BerserkDrug removed from EliseGynecology, will return in new quest line design in future.
-*fixed, CompFishShaman: didnt removed from group after death.
-*added, NPC “WildAlphaPig”.
-*added, new map: BanditCamp2.
-*added, new follower: CompFireMage in NoerTavern 2f(test)

v0.4.9.4 Beta
*fixed, NoerMobHouse: fixed event looped when get captured.(caused by 0491)
-*fixed, SaintMonastery: error when trigger the guards.
-*fixed, Quest MRefugeeCampFindChild: most times, Tommy didnt spawn because failed logic design.
-*added, recycle data from steam branch, so i dont waste too much shit on a shitty platform.
-*fixed, NoerArenaB1: after winning or losing a match. will stucked after return to B1.

v0.4.9.0 Beta
-*fixed, moveto_teleport_point function: Trigger+Holding ALT = oberserve it without enter.(test)
-*fixed, SpawnPoolR: Map point duality crash.
-*fixed, OrkindCave3: fix alert trigger logic.
-*fixed, follower Kitten: when recruit, if player wisdom(outfit+trait) >= rand(40), cat will listen your order.
-*fixed, Npc charge skills(boar,sexbeast) now can parry by shield.
-*fixed, DoomMode: sex_stats is removed from menu.(TEST)
-*fixed, DoomMode: Disable menu when combat and unit targeted Lona in range<=8.(temp TEST)
-*fixed, Threat update: from each fps to each 60fps.
-*fixed, some menu calling logic.(if bugged. just play prev ver)
-*fixed, SaveCecily quest line: clearn up outdated functions, and fixed convoy target exit check.
-*fixed, rebuild loading screen function.
-*fixed, EXT follower and dungeon victims now will idle when Master(Lona) is out of range.
-*fixed, waterBolt: range from 7 to 5.
-*fixed, FireStaffNormal(FireBall): holding time from 50 to 30.
-*added, new map SMRefugeeCamp. with a CBT minigame and a side quest.
-*added, new Mh weapon: Metal Club.(a copy paste wooden club)
-*fixed, Skill Juicing(BasicFuckerGrab): can pick sex slot by holding direction keys b4 skill launched.(TEST)


-*fixed, Minigame ui: will display ur keybinding symbol.
-*fixed, loop and stucked when sleep interrupted by someone.(SERIOUS bug)
-*fixed, FishkindPlayerChargerF: sensor_freq_base from 10 to 15. sensor_freq_rand from 20 to 25
-*fixed, more baby sitter hint in OP and Skill Menu.
-*fixed, NoerTavern: command error when exit. (cause by 0475)
-*fixed, DoomFortressInn: command error after got hostage reward.
-*fixed, SaintMonasteryB1: when sleep. raper spawn in wall?!


prev save support: make sure no one fighting in ur save > load it > reset map.
-*added, Deepone Color palette: made by donald J. Trump.
-*added, Deepone rebirth. seek SeaWitch to get ur stat bouns if ur Lona with blue eyes.
-*added, skills: BasicDeepone,DeeponeHeavy
-*fixed, max save from 32 to 30
-*fixed, GamePad Z_LINK and X_link not working in title and option scene.
-*fixed, remove doommode and autosave from title and merge to Load screen slot 31 32.
-*fixed, menu Sex stats: less length issue.
-*fixed, stupid input lag in NoerRecRoom.(cause by sprite)
-*fixed, removed sap effect from DaggerControl(backstab) and LongBowControl(snipe)
-*fixed, debuff/buff : FeelsSick,StomachSpasm,Contraceptived now are daily
-*fixed, range attacker ai: add a idle timer. if they cant use skill and stucked, they will try get closer to target.


-*fixed, linked NPC(hive), should not double popup when hit a linked target.
-*fixed, Abomination wroms and bat: immue state effect.
-*fixed, Range skill NPCs: less stuck when target range == 3 and blocked by 2 way.
-*fixed, HumanMusketeer: AI module from Npc_MissileCharge to Npc_CurvedCharge.
-*fixed, after u destroyed the hive core and sleep in hive. game stucked by a error.
-*fixed, berserk drug in low diffcult mode : when effect fadeout, will not block exit trigger, because theres no after effect.
-*fixed, AbomSpider trap : some weird XY when triggered by NPC.
-*fixed, OrkindCave2(tower) Quest : should not able to redo this quest after talk to the priest.
-*fixed, remove relax on Doom mode.(based on 0100 diffcult)
-*added, add quests in SouthFL.
-*added, new NPC AbomCreatureBreedling.
-*added, new Encounter AbomBreedlingTrap.
-*added, new Encounter AbomBreedlingRaid.
-*added, new map BreedlingEC1.(encounter only)
-*added, new map SpawnPoolE.
-*added, new map SpawnPoolR.

-*fixed, crash when DOT skills hit player.
-*fixed, NPC charge skills with long charge time now will not fire when player is cover save level >=4 or out of range.
-*fixed, ScoutCampOrkind : victims now can be save like orkind cave.
-*added, follower WarSister : in SouthFL_INN, with glass cannon front slot build.
-*added, SurvivalSet now supported chcg3,4,5.
-*added, Scrolling Board message.(by Teravisor)


-*fixed, holding CRTL+ALT+SHIFT will X2 game speed.
-*fixed, NoerBackStreet : GangMember loaned repayment bugged.
-*fixed, NoerRing : sometime crash when enter at night.
-*fixed, OrkindSlaver and all other NPC with STA regen skills will recover his CharSetIndex to default when sta >0.


-*fixed, forget to build Sur set events in eventLib.
-*fixed, Glass stats fix : weak from +5 to +20, Atk from -0 to -3.
-*fixed, Rag dress set SCU stats bouns isnt works.
-*fixed, Elise’s preg check option now stay permanent.
-*added, new equip : PaintHead(test only)

*******- last 040 maybe? if i didnt fucked up anything.*************
-*fixed, Basic Command “BreakChain” : now works on cuff.(its bug)
-*fixed, Basic Command “CleanPrivates” : now u get semens, with “SemenGulper” trait u get more.(this will buff prostitute)
-*fixed, black screen when Nap in NoerCatacomb.
-*fixed, Door : can open/close while combat(i played, i dont like it)
-*fixed, Nymph lona. sta_Plus from +1.3 to x1.3.(a bug since 0100.)
-*fixed, Nymph lona. MaxSta +20(because NymphLona suffer more from ograsm. effect in new game.)
-*fixed, Shy Lona. flirty mood is fucking weird.
-*fixed, most Fishkind & DeepOne now with fated_enemy to SaintMonastery.
-*fixed, all grab skills(rape target) : now aggro target for 600frame with 100% chance.(test)
-*fixed, default lona can with Succubus trait.
-*fixed, DaggerControl(backstab) : 100% aggro chance for 600frame. removed Sap effect.

LonaRPG.Beta. Fuck the DOOR
-*fixed, trait : default Lona now can have Mana & Weaponry Knowledge at same time. IronWill blocked mana knowledge.
-*fixed, error when enter RudesindSlope.
-*fixed, removed death loop animations from CorrosionArea and BurningArea.
-*fixed, Nymph trait. Atk decrease from 5 to 0, MaxFood 0 to -10(effect in new game.)
-*fixed, Door : u cant open/close while combat, u cant open/close when a Npc stand on it, u cant through the door with setup skills like throw rock.
-*added, AbanHouse1: extra option when Lona helped Adam steal something in DoomFort.(so u dont need to kill him)

-*fixed, NoerDock, black screen after HCG scene.
-*fixed, some dialog error when follower isnt in group.( will show “[XX]” on dialog window)
-*fixed, Black screen in AbomHive1.
-*fixed, Black screen after Cecily meet Adam.
-*fixed, MineCaveQuest : a random crash after Lisa’s H event.

-*fixed, black screen after elise’s Aid.
-*fixed, Adam’s Quest 1 error.
-*fixed, error when trigger the followers if follower with unlimited date.
-*fixed, NoerEastCp : cannon sight stucked.

LonaRPG.Beta. -= fix bugs. make more bugs =-
******* clearn up some code with my shit tier skill, may cause new bugs. *******
******* tell me if u stucked with black screen or tempCG isnt erase with “when, where and how”. i will release a patch ASAP. ****
-*fixed, DoomFortEastCP : Quest giver now are unique character, if he dead, quest failed.
-*fixed, OverEvent_MilkFeeding : only check MilkSplash once after its end. and move this to wakeup event check.
-*fixed, HerbContraceptive now will remove sick and lewd lv1 with 100% chance, pill will remove lv3 with 100% chance.
-*fixed, FireBookControl and MusketHeavy will cause crash(since 0400)
-*fixed, CompElfArcher : wrong follower slot.
-*added, NPCdata : DeeponeBowGuard,DeeponeWatcher.

-*fixed, DoomFortInn: crash when tner the map.

-*fixed, MineCave : removed some outdate design on morality.(may cause new bug)
-*fixed, MineCaveQuestVer : all guards now with wildness guard setup.
-*fixed, huge nerf on LongBowSnipe. HP ArmorPiercing from -15 to -6. STA ArmorPiercing from -15 to -10, STAdmg from *1.2 to *1.4, weapon damage from 10 to 8.(test)
-*fixed, all quest EXP now buffed (around 2x)
-*fixed, equip glass stats from sexy+1, weak+1, WIS+15 to sexy-5, weak+5, wis+5.
-*fixed, chcg_event ENDev now are OFF when grabber is lona.
-*fixed, Musket removed from lisa. u can still optain from random storage box.
-*fixed, Musket Skill C : slot move to H.
-*fixed, skill BasicThrow : will cause some skill EFX error when target is blocking with shield.
-*fixed, skill BasicControl(dodge) : effect frame from 14 to 24.
-*fixed, add a sight check to all player SelectBox skills, you can only attack where in sight.(test, no more attacks through the wall)
-*fixed, some sprite error when small creatures dead.(cause by 0391)
-*fixed, DoomFarmA : Doggo is friendly if player got captured.
-*added, NoerGynecology : Elise added few more events.
-*added, skill LanternHeavy : Scorch target with DOT effect,STA damage based on WIS.
-*added, Lantern in ExtSlot also give lights(weaker effect).
-*added, DoomFort : Adam with a new quest, reward is musket.
-*added, new map : DoomArmory.

-*fixed, removed most death loop animation.(increase few fps)
-*fixed, some graphics error when object dead. (cause by 0391)
-*fixed, cecily quest : some logic error when milo is dead. missing remove_companion when betray line.
-*added, adam now with unique portrait.
-*added, Abomination Rapeloop bad end.(all common ending are done)

-*fixed, dead object wount self.delete.(cause by prev ver, makes more laggy)
-*fixed, some lag issue since 0.1.0.
-*fixed, most scat/WS objects now blocked by fetish option.

Installation procedure:

  1. Place 11_Cheats.rb in /LonaRPG/ModScripts/

F6 adds Barter Points
F7 heals a wound
F8 restores health, stamina, and food to max.
F9 opens a menu with:

  • Summon (a list of objects, NPCs, etc.)
  • Impregnate (a list of races)
  • Heal (same as F8)
  • Heal Wounds (same as F7)
  • Give Money (same as F6)
  • Give Trait Points
  • Make me a Moot (includes the trait)
  • Make me a Human (includes removing the Moot trait)
  • Make me a “Pre-Deepone” (blue eyed Lona)
  • Make me a Deepone (Sea Witch)
  • Exhausted (-100 stamina)
  • Make me morally good (sets morality to 100)
  • Make me more evil (subtracts 10 morality)
  • Make me more pregnant (advances pregnancy by 1 stage. There are 5 total stages.)

Download LonaRPG Porn Game

Windows (Untranslated)

Mega Workupload

Windows (Translated

Mega Anonfiles

Official Text Project

Mega Pixeldrain


LonaRPG Cheat Mod MTL Patch (Translate)

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  1. Interesting game, could do without the Taiwan thing attached to the 18+ disclaimer since I don’t particular like or want real politics involved in these games, but solid gameplay and brutal… well everything. good job

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