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A former porn actor facefuck girls to enslave them with the power of Facefuck Madness. Pretty simple, huh? The whole game is based on facefucking fetish, but there’s a place for classical sex too, and other stuff. Also, have to mention the game is not serious at all. It knows that it was made for fap, okay?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-17
Developer: MercuryDev Patreon – Boosty – Discord – Website
Censored: No
Version: 0.71
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Real Porn, Text Based, Male protagonist, Male domination, Humiliation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Sexual harassment, Sandbox, Slavery, Netori (Cheating), Magic, Mind control, Rape, Lesbian

>New type of content: Freeroam
>6 new scenes in total
>New ways to increase your Fitness and Artistism skills (check out Art District > Expo Hall and Fitness District > Gym)
>Around 20,000 characters (excluding spaces) of pure content (new scenes)
>Two new supporters-only scenes (both for Expo Hall Freeroam)
>Bugfixes, Charlotte’s content tracking in particular, and some re-balancing

>One more scene for the main storyline
>One more personal quest for Lana
>One more procedurally generating scene at the strip club
>Two new supporters-only scenes (one for Charlotte and one for Melody)
>Autopatching system

>New feature – lounge at home to spend some quality time with your bitches!
>New event for Lana – watch her and Maria having secret fun!
>13 new sex scenes in total!
>UI overhaul, now the Home screen looks less like a mess, and the standard timeskip button is moved to the sidebar!
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The game now consists of nearly 950,000 characters of code and text!


>New event for Juliette – your little girls wants new cosplay outfits!
>New event for Melody – meet her bitchy colleague!
>New Mr. Cooney’s crew event – break inside a rich businessman’s mansion and show his wife and daughter a good time!
>Actress list added!
>Prologue slightly re-written
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Nearly 7000 words of new content!

>New event for Charlotte – meet Melania, her girlfriend, and record a song together!
>New event for Elena – invite her gym friends for a group home training!
>New event for Anastasia – cuck her boyfriend, after defeating him in a chess fight!
>New feature – complete Mr. Cooney’s event called Business Offer to unlock Slave Trading: now you can sell randomly generated NPCs to shady people for a good price; closer to requirements they are, more you get paid
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The game now consists of nearly 860,000 characters of code and text!

>A new capturable girl, Melody, is ready to be a part of your harem!
>A new character event – go buy Michelle something nice and let her reward you afterwards!
>8 new sex scenes in total, including 2 procedurally generated
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Strip club content rebalanced, now it’s enough to pay once for each hooker, re-visiting is free!
>The game now consists of more than 800,000 characters of code and text!

>(Finally) Meet Mr. Cooney’s crew and participate in their criminal operations!
>A whole jewelry store heist quest
>3 preparation missions before the heist itself, featuring each member of Mr. Cooney’s gang
>7 sex scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual

>New location added: stripclub!
>6 new long procedurally generated scenes for girls from the strip club!
>Michelle’s new event!
>8 new free scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Quest Hub added
>Tutorial section & tips added!
>The game now consists of 700,000 characters of code and text!
>New localization: Russian!

>New location added: buy stuff to improve your skills!
>New character, Amelia the mall cashier, added!
>2 new random encounters
>7 new free scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>A little re-work of the starting bonus system’s done
>Added the ability to change the player’s specialty via Phone
>The game now consists of 610,000 characters of code and text

>3 new random encounters
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The enslavement of randomly generated Teender girls is finally implemented!
>New location, basement, had been added as MC’s house improvement to keep the enslaved NPCs there
>The Memory minigame now works a lot better with new card-flipping logic
>The game’s size has been significantly reduced to only 355MB
>The game now consists of 570,000 characters of code and text
>A lot of bugs fixed

>3 new capturable girls
>16 new free scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The city exploration UI re-worked
>3 new minigames, each for it’s own stat: fitness/artistism/intellect; no need for dumb click-click-click grind anymore, increasing your stats will become an interesting thing to do!
>Finally gave the player’s speciality a decent purpose
>A lot of bugs fixed
>Around 100,000 characters of code and text added (510,000 in total)

>Around 15 new free-access scenes in total.
>And 2 more special scenes for $10+ patrons (how about some breeding and deepfake stuff?)
>Continuing the storyline of Mr. Cooney (captured police officer even)
>Charlotte’s quest: will you help her to make her dream come true or will you turn to be a selfish cruel bastard?
>3 new random encounters.
>Randomly generated scenes for going to bed, unique for each of the girls.
>UI and UX improvements, bugfixing.
>Control buttons (back/forward) are finally unlocked.
>Quicksave button added (replacing the autosave system which caused lags)
>115,000 more characters of code and text added (415,000 in total)

>New feature, going for walks, added! With it’s help you get 19 random events, 11 of them are actual hook-up sex scenes, 2 of them are special $10-patrons-only scenes.
>New character, Maria the casino dealer, added!
>Blackjack minigame implemented as a way to gain money!
>New quest storyline started! To trigger it, capture Maria first.
>New feature to gain money added, unlocks after you capture Maria.
>New randomly-generating scenes now describe any webcam show you launch, so you never get tired of repetition!
>Actual sounds of facefuck added for every sex scene in the game, even matching the actress voice when it comes to a named NPC!
>Skillcheck mechanics re-balanced, UI improved, bugs fixed!
>130,000 more characters of code and text added (300,000 in total)

>4 capturable girls
>3 random encounters
>1 story quest
>17 sex scenes in total
>Teender (randomly generated NPCs to date them and fuck them)
>170.000 characters of code and text

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