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College Kings Adult Game Download Overview

Just an innocent freshman at San Vallejo College, you are oblivious to the path that lays ahead of you. Growing up gets real when you learn about the unique cultures of the place you must call home. As loyalties form and tensions rise can you lead your fraternity to the crown and with it become the king on campus?

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-11-16
Developer: Undergrad Steve Patreon – Website – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 13.0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Blowjob, Voyeurism, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, School Setting, Male domination, Footjob, Oral sex, Spanking, PoV, Point and click

– Adds some extra renders that we didn’t have time to add beforehand, improves story flow with some new conditions
– Adds a save compatibility system to warn people of incompatible saves and fixes more engine related bugs



– Fixed Kiwii Crashing after 8.0
– Force unlock Lindsey in saves
– Force added Lindsey contact
– Force unlock Penelope in saves
– Fixed typos
– Added Chloe conversation
– Fixed Chloe conversation not exiting correctly
– Fixed Lindsey profile picture
– Fixed soft lock-in Chloe conversation
– Added gallery labels to 9.0 scenes
– Added 9.0 scenes to the Scene Gallery
– Fixed Emily’s letter-size
– Fixed numerous phone conversations in 8.0
– Fixed incorrect renders during 9.0, scene 28


New content:
* 1200+ New Renders * 20+ New Animations * 3 Dates * 2 Sex Scenes * Wolves Rush Party * Lots of main & side story progression Gameplay: * Even more pathing, making your choices matter more than ever before * Added new achievements * Added new scenes to scene selector

General Improvements:
* Changed a lot of the code, including revamping the entire phone code to enable a better foundation for the future

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed spelling & grammar errors from previous versions

General improvements
* New overhauled game & menu UI
Bug fixes
* Grammar fixes
* Fixed incorrect phone timing
* Fixed incorrect dialogue

General Improvements:
* Removed “Water” choice
* Fixed spelling and grammar errors
* Made history screen more readable

Bug fixes:
* Removed phone icon after Josh messages you
* Fixed missing / wrong images issue
* Fixed multiple bugs with scene gallery (back/no button)
* Fixed missing variable issue

New content:
* Progressing the main story (Chloe, Riley, Penelope, Autumn, Imre, Josh, etc.)
* 300-400 new renders
* Optional side stories (Julia)
* Overhauled Aubrey sex scene
* Added to Lauren date scene

* Additional modular events and arcs added
* Added Achievements for special choices and accomplishments
* Scene selector added in menu
* New achievements app in phone

General Improvements:
* Updated menu screen design
* Updated end screen design
* Updated Credits (shows new patrons)

Bug Fixes:
* Grammar fixes
* Phone auto scrolling added (special thanks to ‘Idekae’)
* Corrected some rendering glitches
* Fixed missing / wrong images

* Sex scene was made optional, with your choice having a lasting impact on the story.
* Getting Evelyn’s number was made more difficult to enhance realism
*Slightly altered some of Lauren’s dialogue

General Improvements:
* Fixed a lot of spelling and grammatical errors (Special thanks to Storm for the detailed list)

New content:
* Progressing the main story (Chloe, Lauren, Riley, Aubrey, Emily, Imre, Ryan, etc.)
* First real (non-dream) animated sex scene
* Optional side stories
* Second chances with girls you might have missed in the past
* Added date arc with Lauren (if you managed to get the date)

* Additional modular events and arcs added
* Added Achievements for special choices and accomplishments

General Improvements:
* Changed the MC’s penis to a more realistic one
* Updated End Screen Design
* Updated Credits (shows new patrons)
* Updated the real life mode on /off screen

Bug Fixes:
* Resolved an issue that caused the game to crash due to variables not being defined
* Fixed missing / wrong images

Outside of the game:
* Updated the description
* Updated the trailer

* All keybindings for fights can now be changed to any key. (Q,W,R)
* Fights now have an option to automatically win when simulating

General Improvements:
* Fixed spelling mistakes
* Fixed missing images
* Fixed faulty images
* Exchanged images that were shown at the wrong spots
* Fixed bus sound continuing after reaching the doctor’s office

Bug Fixes:
* Resolved an issue that made the game crash when buying costumes with Penelope
* Resolved an issue that made the game reset to an earlier point when click “no” to buying a costume
* Resolved a bug where texts would show (name) instead of the player’s name

New content:

* Progressing the main story (Lauren, Imre, Chris, etc.)
* Introducing the Fighting Mechanics & Gameplay: First animated fight with different difficulty settings
* Optional side story: Emily
* Introducing new characters: Penelope & Evelyn
* More scenes with Patreon voted character (Aubrey)
* 800 new renders

* Real Life Mode: An optional mode that disables saving the game during choices to give you a more immersive and realistic experience where every choice matters.
* Meaningful choices: Lots of modular paths added. Many of the new choices will now permanently alter the game
* Key Character Trait Influence: Your KCT will now have a significant impact on how other character’s make decisions about you. Different characters prefer different KCTs (Loyal, Popular & Confident)
* Option to simulate fights so that you can watch the fight without having to play them

General Improvements:
* Updated Main Menu design
* Reworked Nora and Chris as characters
* Credits screen now shows Patrons
* Altered some of the v0.1 dialogue to make it more coherent with the characters

Bug Fixes:
* Resolved an issue that caused the game to crash due to variables not being defined

New features:

– Dream with Riley now skippable.

– Improved clarity on the stats app.

Bug fixes:
– Corrected Aubrey’s name in Ape party scene.
– Fixed game crash after not kissing Lauren.
– Removed the ability to use the phone when talking to Chloe.
– Fixed bug where Lauren would message you every time you re-entered a room in Ape party scene.

– First release

Installation: Extract the files in game root folder i.e. where your CollegeKings.exe is present, merge the game folders and replace files.
– Highlighted Best Choices
– Marked Different Paths

Download College Kings Porn Game


Mega Anonfiles


Mega Anonfiles

College Kings APK (Android) (v12.1.1)

Mega Workupload


Walkthrough Mod


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