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College Daze Adult Game Download Overview

Being a freshman in college is rough, but things are about to get a lot easier once you discover wandering lights with the strange ability to alter reality. Is someone disrespecting you? Maybe a little heat ray will shut them up. Trying to woo the girl of your dreams? Send her a bouquet of flowers plucked from an alternate dimension. Tired of being a broke college student? Conjure dollar bills out of thin air. Just be careful: the deeper you dig into this mystery, the more evidence you’ll find that you’re not the only one blessed with gifts.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-08-13
Developer: G28 Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.360d
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre:Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Corruption, Cheating, Creampie, Footjob, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Lactation, Milf, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Slave, Sleep sex, Spanking, Stripping, Titfuck, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Mind control, School setting, Paranormal, Monster girl

1. Extract Update files into the same folder as the previous version and run. If you downloaded all files at once, just extract and play.

– Limited checkpoint functionality added. As with any other mods though, I’m not responsible for weird bugs or inconsistencies that spring up because of it. You can find it in the sidebar though if you have a cheat mode active.
– New content focuses on the pre-evening events for ‘Monday’ and the missing content from ‘Sunday’, including the following events:
– Finish off the wedding with all of its various permutations, and then go to dinner afterwards, with an opportunity to delve into Karen’s mind or upgrade her contract to take things to the next level.
– Spend more time interacting with Delia on ‘Sunday’ night depending on what information you have that could interest her.
– Gain the ability to permanently youngify Ms. Hill, which also affects all of her other available evening scenes. This also makes her option to temporarily youngify her with Mrs. Wilson be now a permanent option instead. This also goes for permanent young Mrs. Wilson as well.
– New content was added to the brothel, featuring the bride, the bride’s mom, and the groom. There’s clips in the folder for Zahra’s brothel entry, but that one wasn’t finished yet so that’ll be in the next public release.
– Spend time in English with Lydia and Ward, with a bunch of variety depending on how gentle/rough you decide to be.
– Deal with Mr. Maywood once and for all, depending on your past decisions and how you decide to resolve things here.
– In Math, potentially fool around with Nikki and/or Heather with new contract/engagement options for each (as well as one for Suzie).
– After class, you might run into Kyle if you messed around with Nikki or Heather, leading to a potentially deadly confrontation.
– A new apprentice training scene is available that involves some body swap fun with you, Monica, and Rio.
– If you are blackmailing Ward or having an affair, you might run into her and/or Professor Nadir on your way out of classes. Then, if you previously invited Professor Ward’s mom to campus, you’ll encounter her (with an option to also encounter Katey if you never met her before).

– Addressed a bug in one of the threesome scenes involving the bride’s mother.

– Added most of Sunday/the Wedding. Once the actual ceremony is about to start, you can just skip ahead to all of the Saturday evening events for now. The next public release will have the rest of the wedding in it, so I’d recommend making a save at the skip forward option to potentially pick up any other variables I end up including there. As far as what’s specifically in here, here’s some additional details:

– Wake up Sunday morning with a potential game with Ms. Hill, Jake/Jane, and Mrs. Maywood.
– Engage in some more apprentice training between Monica, Sally, and Brittany (accessible whenever you can do the apprentice training scenes, not specifically on Sunday).
– If you finished the assistant’s book before the wedding, you might find her wandering around.
– Bimbofy Mr. Maywood and spend some time with her, it won’t be permanent but it’ll last a while.
– Get engaged to Karen and then deal with her husband in a number of permanent ways (including a permanent bimbofication option).
– Go inside Tom’s mind and come face-to-face with a ‘new’ character.
– Have some fun with Kayla and the bride’s mother before getting an option to seduce the Bride, Bride’s Mother, and Mrs. Maywood all together. If the Groom shows up, get the chance to fully bimbofy him as well.

All of ‘Saturday’ is now complete (minus Val’s game and some apprentice red links, but those will get fleshed out over time rather than in any linear way). Events featured include:

– Take Mrs. Wilson, Jill, and Lydia to the gift shop for more orange-light fun.
– Visit the sorority with Brittany and gain the option to either take part in a ritual with her, Lexi, and Hana, or spend some time with Jenny the sorority slut instead, with an opportunity to bimbofy her into a different model.
– At Brittany and Kayla’s apartment, play with Kayla and Hana.
– Spend some time with Heather, Kyle, and Jill, with an opportunity to make Kyle confront his female alter ego or body swap Heather and Jill to complicate their relationship.
– Attend a big party where many characters are featured and can be interacted with separately. The party itself is divided into groups, so you can interact with each group once before leaving. One group includes Mrs. Maywood and Karen, where you can help them come to terms with each other or go in Mrs. Maywood’s mind to spend time with her future daughter. Spend time with Mona and Monica to body swap them and help them find peace in their respective bodies or party with Sofia and family instead. Finally, mass engagements for Rachel, Brittany, Kayla, and many others.
– After the party, go back to Brittany’s apartment to have fun in her head (and meet someone special to her) or just party with her, Sofia, and Rio in the real worldinstead.
– Late at night, when you’re going to sleep, potentially get interrupted by Professor Barberry. If you’re in her coven, she might have a fun opportunity for the two of you with Karen before leading you down into the bunker to confront Naomi. If you’re not in the coven, you can still follow her into the bunker, though things may or may not go as planned.
– Afterwards, depending on certain factors, you might run into some prisoners in the bunker that you can optionally free.
– Regardless of whether you did the bunker or not, another night event can trigger if you have the quest to find Sister Johanna. Rio will lead you into the woods for an encounter that can potentially prove fatal, so be careful.
– Finally, just as you’re truly ready to go to sleep for good, there might be one last encounter if you convinced Christy to come to campus earlier in the day. That’s really the last event, though, after that you can sleep in peace until the next public release.

v.230e Bugfix
– Fixed issues with Karen and the nuns during their contract scene and Jane/Monica during brothel stuff.

Content still only leads to the end of ‘Saturday’ night and will not officially end the day until (likely) the next public release. There are still some big ‘Saturday’ events left to cover, but for now, here’s what’s been added:

– Finish dinner with opportunities to talk to Karen, Ms. Hill + Jake/Jane, and the Cheerleaders, depending on your circumstances.
– If you went to the party at the drug warehouse, finish it with the option to manually change your lieutenant, party with Raven and Stacy, or help Sally (if she’s your lieutenant) deal with a particularly rebellious demon slave (if you enslaved them).
– Join Mona, Karen, Professor Ward (Optional), and Katey (Ward’s Sister if you met her, Optional) for a rather strange party. A high blue level is recommended. Play your cards right and you might even get to ‘meet’ Professor Ward’s mother afterwards.
– Gain new opportunities to bimbofy Candy and Raven (if you didn’t already) before going on an adventure to rescue Zahra… again. Hopefully she sticks around for good this time (and that you don’t get her killed).
– After dealing with Zahra, come up with a proposal that’ll satisfy both Raven and Stacy.
– Visit Ms. Hill, wherever she may be, and bring along either Professor Patel, Mrs. Wilson, or Jake/Jane. As long as you didn’t previously banish Mrs. Wilson, you can now unlock her permanent alternate form (it only took 2 1/2 years).
– Go with Karen to negotiate with the nuns (regardless of whether they’re currently your ally or not). While there, discover some potentially interesting information, and get a lead on a new character and a new hunt.

– Added remaining content leading up to the dinner sequence for ‘Saturday’. Content ends before the actual dinner though, regardless of which route you take at the end. Red links are not bugs, it just means content wasn’t finished for this release.
– Depending on your relationship with Professor Nadir, visit her home with Professor Ward to deal with her husband.
– Unlock training scenes for Brittany, Ward, Sydney, and Karen in various combinations. Some require you to work with Brittany as well, though eventually there’ll be more combinations available as I finish them (as well as a few other character appearances).
– Deal with Heather and Professor Stein with permanent consequences.
– Conduct an experiment with Patel and Rio.
– Spend some time with Professor Barberry and Suzie, which can potentially unlock a later scene if you weren’t already on the Naomi route.
– Fully unlock the Assistant’s powers by finishing all ten chapters of her book. Note that if you use mods/cheats for this, you should still read the ‘last chapter’ in the library with Chang to get the full context for her later appearances.
– Unlock a temporary new form for the queen in a dream and (if on the submissive path) have some fun with her and Lydia.
– Enjoy a drug-fueled party at the warehouse with Nikki, Stacy, Brittany, and (if available) Sally OR with any demons that survived the fight against Titus (Keera, Candy, Raven).

– Main new content added since .170a are two scenes with Mrs. Maywood and Brittany that involve taking them through the park. Depending on previous actions you can have permanent effects on them or potentially start a genuine relationship with them.

– Some ‘weekday’ events have been ported over to Saturday morning as well to provide more options for players that struggled to do everything they wanted during the week. This also includes meeting with Kayla and/or Rachel if you were invited to speak with them and never got the chance, as well as the ability to go to the bunker (with or without talking to Suzie first if you got the keycard from Val or the assistant), or start/continue/finish a Swords & Shields campaign (many of the effects from this can be useful in interactions with other characters like Lydia or Sofia.

– Added the early morning events for ‘Saturday’. Many of these events are available throughout the day, but there are a few that can actually only be completed before the afternoon, these are: 1) study session with Brittany, 2) Meeting with Professor Ward and her little sister, 3) interacting with Tom and Eric, and 4) meeting with Lydia’s family.

– In addition, some events can only be done *after* it’s no longer morning. This includes meeting Sofia’s family. Going to the library can also result in a scene with Sydney. It’s not time dependent but it’s easy to miss if you just assume the library’s there for just reading books.

– -Features all of the Saturday morning ‘non-roaming’ events. Basically you go from one to the next based on what active triggers you currently have. There’s a conversation with the Queen, an encounter with Val (though her minigame is currently unfinished and thus skippable), and a very long scene involving all of the player’s properties and servants, if any were acquired.

– Added a new green + sign hint system that players can hover over to reveal why certain scenes played out the way they did. Currently only appears at the end of the last Swords & Shields session and a few other random scenes. This will start appearing in every scene moving forward though.

– A number of new events added to ‘Friday’ specifically. Saves from the end of ‘Friday’ will still say that they’ve reached the end of content. New content can be found with the final Swords & Shields session (speak to Rio and Sofia upstairs in the evening and suggest to play a game. This can be done on four separate occasions for a total campaign playthrough), a gift shop adventure with Jane and Devin, and a scene between Mrs. Maywood and Stacy (and another guest).

– Added ‘Friday’ content and rearranged some events, making them easier to accomplish before the end of the second week. Going underground can now be done on Wednesday instead of Thursday or later.

– Added the following:
Addiction variables for Chang, Rio, Sofia, Lydia, and Ward
Jane/Jake repeatable pinball event (must complete the pinball event with Heather/Lydia first, any route is acceptable)
Kayla repeatable evening event (must complete the Kayla/Heather prank event first on any route)
Kayla/Rachel repeatable dinner event (Rachel must still be alive and must complete first Kayla/Rachel dinner event first)
Succubus repeatable event where you can keep track of her growing power (new variable – must complete introduction to this hub first before being able to revisit)
Many outfits for various characters so that their clothes are consistent for a given day (for now it’s pretty basic but there’ll be more work on it in the future)
Resolved many existing bugs (you can now report any you encounter as normal)
The game still ends on Wednesday night from the previous release.

-Adds 3 more days of content.

– This version finishes off the night content for ‘Monday’ and also fills in the missing library stuff from before. The next release will be once Tuesday and Wednesday are complete.

– This version features most of Monday’s content, but it ends up before a proper finale and only part way through one of the major arc resolutions. The next update will go public sooner and will be whenever the rest of Monday’s stuff is properly finished off. In addition, some of the images for male characters have been replaced, so make sure you click to replace all images if you want to see new and improved Fuller, Jake, Mr. Maywood, etc.

– This version completes Sunday’s content.

– This version fixes all of the video issues completely. Note that it will not work if you don’t replace any videos that you’ve already installed for the game in the past. If you’re not sure, do a completely fresh install before reporting any issues.
– Aside from that, this release features content up to dinner on Sunday. The next release will come out when the second half of Sunday is finished.

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