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Your name is [Enter name] and you are 21 years old. You live with your roommate’s mom (relation can be changed in-game!) and your roommate (relation can be changed in-game!). Your father died before you were born, you don’t know how but… We’ll get to that later… Much later. On the day you were born, a meteor shower struck the unassuming city of Quiettown almost killing you. Because of this, you were prescribed to take pills that tasted like hell itself would spit them back out. This story begins as your mom drives you to your final check-up at the hospital. It was the day that changed your life forever.

You discover that your father was a powerful, alien super-villain who tried to conquer the world but ultimately failed (He died). If that wasn’t bad enough YOU have just found out that you also have superpowers! Will you use them for good? Or will you pick up where your father left off and become the Earth’s evil god-king! If that wasn’t enough there is a portal letting loose powerful beings from other universes both good and evil.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-01-02
Developer: Sandman Games and Art Patreon – DeviantArt – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.18 Test
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Sci-Fi, Male protagonist, Superpowers, Adventure, Big tits, MILF, rpg, turn based combat, animated


– Ana date is repeatable

– Add bad ending to the quest: “A Friend in Need”

– add superpowers witnessed to new quests and effects TO NINA’S DATE

– added battle minigames

– switched some quest triggers


– riddles added (hacking minigame)

– added the missing image to the quest, “My Friend Taylor”

– If you fast travel to the quest, “My Friend Taylor” from the gym, you will no longer see nikki, Chris and Hans’s character panels.

– add superpowers witnessed to new quests and effects



– Added 4 Quests; “Friend in Need”, “Nina, Dates, Revenge”, “Training Ana”, “A Second Job”.

– Created separate versions for the light skin and dark skin characters.

– You no longer need to press the phone button to answer a text message

– “Teleport to Quest Start” has been replaced with “Fast Travel to Quest”

– Capped some skills at level 5 by adding a message preventing you from upgrading them further.

– Re-rendered some renders from the flashbacks

– You can now do the bank path on the gym path and vice versa.

– Removed some more instances of the notification BUG.

– added variable to if nikki gave you money for oil

– Removed “TOTAL_QUESTS_COMPLETED” comments since now both paths can be played on both paths.

– jobs now provide XP

– Date with Nina is repeatable

– helping Chris is no longer optional

– after completing all of the content, text now says v0.16 instead of v0.15.
– fixed some instances of wrong character saying wrong dialogue
– added dark mc pics to where light mc pics were showing
– fixed NewUniform_Quest_154_black.jpg not found
– the “New Uniform” quest is no longer locked when playing as DARK skin dude.
– The notification bug will now appear less. (text at the top of the screen)

v0.16 public
– Added quest: Nikki Massage (195 renders, 27 animations)
– Added Quest: My Friend Taylor (346 renders, 1 animation)
– The quest log entry for the quest wetness should show when you start the quest.
– Corrected spelling error peak with peek
– Fixed more instances where incorrect characters say incorrect dialogue
– Made temp fix for error “ana_IS_Client not defined” Permanent fix would require player to start
new game, I will do this in March update. Probably.
– Chris Quests cannot be done on Bank path anymore. Fixed.
– Battle Minigame: Party members who have attacked are not shown as possible attackers anymore.
Enemies who have been knocked out are not shown as possible targets
– If you fail Hans’s interview he won’t give you delivery job.
– Added (not implemented) on Ana’s romance option.
– Removed energy variable because it is currently pointless since there is no way to replenish

v0.15b Public
– Added the missing map button when you train clients at the gym after completing the quest “the gym incident”.
– Combat Level 2 Moves now added to the quest “Chris” when fighting the jocks.
– Fixed three instances where incorrect characters say incorrect lines
– Fixed IOError: Couldn’t find file ‘images/The_Gym_Incident_QUEST/repeatable_gym_102.jpg’.
– Changed “if money >+ 1000:” to “=>if money >= 1000:”
– Changed “if money <+ 999:” to “=> if money <= 999:”
– added neutral option to vegan situation.
– Reduced game size by 500MB while still keeping quality.

v0.15 Public
– Added quest “CHRIS”. (444 renders AND 26 animations)
– Added quest “The Gym Incident”. (447 renders AND 24 animations)(Fight renders not implemented yet)
– Removed caesarcorp lorry driver getting killed during disintegration bomb scene. He now just runs away. (1 render)
– Re-rendered the wolf from the “farm flashback” sequence (7 renders). It is now red.
– Added more animation angles of nikki shower toy solo (1 animation)
– Added combat section to the characters in the encyclopaedia screen; Kai, Brick, Earl, Ana, Nikki, Chris, Hans, Mister Red, Mister Blonde
– Made Nina curse more in Hindi and Punjabi
– Added combat skills to skill tree; Combat Level, Attack, Defence, Health
– Made the “places and things” section of the encyclopaedia alphabetic order
– Change captain Lee’s name to CaesarCorp grunt
– Edited the following bios; Chris, Ruby, Victoria, Miranda
– Removed 12 instances where the MC calls ruby by her name
– During the “follow up appointment” quest, if you antagonize ike. It will end his questline.
– Removed the cheat options but give you an extra 2000 EXP instead.
– Added the following screens to the encyclopaedia: Glob, Caesarcorp drone, Glob squad, Roberto “bobby”, Rahne “rain”, Mister red, Mister blonde
– The MC now starts with more energy
– following powers now unlockable; Replication, Super breath, Super hearing
– You can go to the gym
– Miranda doesn’t give you quest/ tell you to go see her.
– Gym quests with Nikki are now repeatable

– After completing intro, when the game asks you which speech skill you wanna upgrade to level 2, there is a new option “Cheat: Upgrade all to level 2”
– Fixed issues with [MC_Relationship_To_Ruby] and [What_Ruby_Call_You]
– Fixed Nikki’s name appearing on MC’s dialogue in the quest: “My Father was a WHAT!?”
– Fixed Miranda calling you (MC) Ruby’s mom!
– Fixed Ruby’s profile box appearing instead of Nina’s and Miranda’s during the quest “A New Uniform” if you expose your dangus to Ruby.
– In the quest “A New Uniform”, “raise” is replaced by “bonus”
– Replaced many instances of the word “women” with “woman” when referring to A SINGLE/ONE woman.
– Capitalised 13 names. There are probably more which I missed.
– Using the power accelerating perception in “The New Uniform” quest now gives 100 EXP if you have the perk
– The MC will never call ruby “ruby”and always refer to her as [Rubys_Relationship_To_MC]

Added quest: “My father was a what!?” (158 Renders, 1 animation).

– Added quest: “Wetness” (78 Renders, 3 Animations).

– Added quest: “Back to the doc” (138 renders, 3 animations)

– Added quest: “A new Uniform” (216 Renders, 2 animations)

– Did some balancing to the skill tree

– Re-rendered the “being born” sequence. Both Ruby and April now look much younger.

– Changed the farm flashback to “3 years ago” instead of 4.

– Added the “with dissolve” transition to 1298 renders. (All future updates will now show most of the images with this effect).

– Superpowers now cost 1000 EXP (instead of 2000). All other skills cost 500 EXP (instead of 1000).

– Changed the name of the quest “Supermarket” to “Oil for Nikki”.

– Added graveyard location

– Added Hospital location

– Added Quiettown Savings and Loan Location

– Added “Unlock/Level Up” option to the perks and Some of the superpowers

– Add 4 new perks.

– You can change your name, as well as Ruby and Nikki’s relationship in-game.

– Added “End of current version” message when all quests have been completed

* more of a bugfix than an actual content update.

  • Converted most of the png’s to jpg’s reducing file size by more than half.
  • Added MAC version
  • Added stars below relationship levels
  • Made the character profile boxes smaller.
  • Capitalised some i’s and words.
  • Replaced sentences were the word “mom” is used to refer to Ruby with “[Rubys_Relationship_To_MC]” or just “Ruby”.
  • Added the following screens/pages to the encyclopaedia
    • Victoria Caesar
    • Dexter
    • Luna
  • Added an idle animation to Luna in the “Supermarket” quest.
  • Removed the “My father was a what!?” quest from the quest log since it is incomplete.
  • Fixed a bug were the “Supermarket” quest description was instead showing the “Awkward” quest description.
  • Replaced you saying “I think I’m going to have an early night Ruby.” To “I think I’m going to have a lie down Ruby. It’s been a long day.” I did this because I don’t want you to have to sleep.
  • Replaced ruby saying “We’ll talk tomorrow.” To “Come and find me later. There’s a few things that I need to get off my chest.”
  • Improved and extended the “awkward” quest a little bit. Nikki will now tell you WHY she came to your room/ wanted to speak to you in the first place. She will give you the “Supermarket” quest since it makes no sense why you need to go there to begin with. Also added a bunch more speech checks.
  • You can now type in what you want Nikki and Ruby to call you when not referring to you by name.
  • When choosing your first superpower, there is now another option which lets you pick both. I included this because the game is pretty short right now and I want you to be able to test out the two different superpowers without having to load a save so you can try out the other power.
  • Made it so that the quest thumbnail also shows right above the quest description text box.
  • Changed Ruby and April Fox’s age to 39!
  • Changed Nikki’s age to 22

First release.


This mod adds an in-game walkthrough that highlights dialogue options that give points and lead to the best scenes.


PC: Unzip the mod and place the game folder inside the folder called “Being Super 0.16a. pc”.

Download Being Super Porn Game

Light Skin


Mega Mixdrop

Mac (v0.17d)

Mega Mixdrop

Dark Skin (v0.17d)


Mega Mixdrop


Mega Mixdrop

Being Super APK (Android) + Walkthrough Mod (0.16a)



Being Super Walkthrough Mod

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