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X-Change Life is a daily life Twine RPG based in a universe where it’s normal to take over-the-counter,
gender swapping pills that last 24 hours (or more).​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-28
Developer: Aphrodite – SubscribeStar – TFgames – Wiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.18a – Smooth Operator
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, gender bender, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, group sex, creampie, real porn, drugs, groping, interracial, masturbation, oral sex, prostitution, titfuck, transformation, simulation, pregnancy

Version 0.18a – Smooth Operator
FYI I am getting lasik on Sep 29 (later today), and will be pretty much blind for a couple days, so if there are any big bugs in this release, please be a bit patient, I will fix them as soon as I can see again!

0.18a is mainly a gameplay loop improvement release, that makes the entire gameplay loop of XCL deeper and more interesting. There are quite a few new scenes and content, but in general the focus of this release is an overall quality improvement of the game, especially from the male character perspective.

  • Two new locations! A disco club called “The Electric Pickle”, which is a new evening activity available on Friday and Saturday (with different music and things happening on those two nights). You can go and dance alone and get an XP boost that lasts the week, or you can invite Alexia along, as well as any of the bar girl NPCs! All of the NPCs have unique text and dialogue. You can affect your relationships with them and stuff. You can bring girls home, or you can just suck guys off in the club bathroom, up to you! You can also dance with guys who approach you (choosing to dance sluttily or normally), as well as explore the backrooms (and who knows who you might find back there???) – the club has a cover charge but legent has it, you can use various forms of “convincing” to get in for free.
  • Close to 100k words of new writing and descriptions spread throughout the game.
  • A brand new female character with an extremely involved sex scene that is hard to find – but you’d better
  • The Potion Shop from maxahoy’s amazing mod has been added to the game and expanded upon! I wrote flavor text and a background story for the shopkeeper, Nyx, and have actually begun incorporating her in my plans for the main story. You can use it to sacrifice stats for rewards like increased dick size!!
  • Alcohol system. Gone are the days of endless bar girl drinking!!! Now you get to drink as well, and alcohol will affect you in TONS of ways. It will make it easier to approach girls, and temporarily buff your charm, but be careful, the more you drink, the more the chance you could get spiked… I’ll let you discover this system for yourself! Basically there are 4 levels of drunkenness, and there are pros and cons to them. Get too drunk, and you’ll wake up the next day with a major hangover.
  • Curiosity quests. I have incorporated Ebiora’s amazing mod, and integrated it into the action points system. Now, action points will regen at a lower rate, and all regen will be blocked if there is something your character is curious about doing, such as visiting a specific location or taking a pill – curiosities are triggered by what you do! Ebiora and I are going to continue working on expanding this functionality, to act as a guide for what your character feels curious about doing. Complete a curiosity, and you will be rewarded with little things such as additional action points!
  • Player dick! You now have a dick. Yes. Sorry. You do. When you’re a guy, you have dick stats just like other NPCs. The dick is dynamically generated based off your character when you create it, and can be improved at the potion shop if you sell your stats. Your dick affects how quickly girls you have sex with will orgasm, and your ball size even dictates how much you cum (AND YES I KNOW THAT’S UNREALISTIC!)
  • You actually gain more pleasure in the masturbation minigame by cumming with larger balls, and thus clear more arousal… if you have a tiny dick, girls will balk when they see it (depending on their personality), and might even kick you out.
  • Office enhancements (courtesy of maxahoy) – low-stat players will now experience an alternate interview process, which if you fail, will put you firmly in the secretary job, you won’t have the option to even be a salesperson. If you want to get out of just getting groped, fucked and doing admin work, you need to work hard! Eventually, you’ll be able to earn a promotion out of it… additionally, the “notice board” section of the DynaPill break room includes demos you can complete at any time on behalf of your coworkers. You will only earn 100% of your commission instead of 125%, but better leads will be available sooner than would otherwise be possible. Also, if you don’t want to complete a demo for a company, you can post one demo at a time on the notice board. Every night your demo has a chance of being attempted, at which point it might be a success or failure. Successful demos of yours will still earn you 25% of your commission percentage. Overall, the office enhancements are designed to both improve Quality Of Life, while also creating a loop that increases the chances reluctant characters will take pills and gain sexual reputation.
  • Major enhancements to the performance of the wardrobe and the trading card inventory – you can now browse your trading cards as if in a binder!
  • Female NPC system with 100 NEW SMOKING HOT NPCS! (read that in a 90s style ad voice) FIFTY smoking hot Female NPCs have been added to the mall, and FIFTY to the club. You will be able to spot them, and sometimes gain arousal. They might make comments about you when you’re a girl, and they might trigger curiosities as well. This NPC system is a precursor to the general female NPC sex scenes coming in 0.18b!
  • You can get spiked by X-Change at the bar!
  • 1000+ new arousal descriptions. Your arousal at different things in the game world will now more heavily depend on your current gender and masculinity level, with tons of unique descriptions depending on your current situation and things you’ve done.
  • Male clothes are now an actual visible outfit! When you’re a girl.
  • The bartender stops you from buying too many drinks for bar girls, and they will get weirded out if you’re not drinking with them as well.
  • Bar girl relationship integration – girls are now much harder to pick up. You need to work up “courage” to even talk to them. And they are just now way harder to woo as a loser/nerd type character. There is lots of new dialogue, and lots of new sex descriptions for sex with them!
  • You can now play blackjack as a woman!
  • Bar girls talk about their sex preferences if you’re a girl! Chatting with them as a girl is a sneaky way to get the inside scoop
  • You can now look at yourself in the mirror in your bedroom!

Version 0.17b – The Secretary

  • Now, you can take a special pill that gives you an amazing talent for admin… and really big tits!
  • This update focuses on this new side job, which exists in parallel to your sales job at the DynaPill office. The following on-ramps exist to working as a secretary:
  • You miss 5 sales in a row – your commission is lowered by 2% until you work as a secretary to restore it
  • You can also work as a secretary as a product demo
  • You can also just work as a secretary whenever you want after you do it once for one of the previous two reasons!
  • As a secretary, you earn points that can be exchanged for money, sales buffs, or even the occasional massage!
  • I plan to expand the secretary content a bit more over the coming weeks, but I feel that it is ready for the public to try out.
  • Anyhow, the changelog:
  • New secretary job – this involves over 105k new words of writing/coding! More than the average novel. A lot of this is sunk into depth and variation in the secretary job so that it should be essentially endlessly replayable.
  • 2 new sex scenes, and 1 new masturbation scene
  • Action points – a new daily-refilling resource that can be used for a wide variety of things: to reject/accept any NPC even if your char doesn’t want to, win most minigames… etc. I will keep expanding on this in future. Also, every orgasm you have drains your action points by 1.
  • There’s a lot of other little bug fixes and enhancements throughout this version as well. But as always, if you find a bug please report it to #bug-reports on the Discord.

Version 0.17a – Rise and Grind

  • This update is the first of my batch of progression updates – see the roadmap for what’s next!
  • A new set of randomized male NPCs – your coworkers! Every new game will generate 10 of them (out of a pool of 30 overall), and they have a wide variety of personality traits. You can talk to them both while male and female. Current interactions with them (there will be more):
    • They can offer job advice (depending on their rank and personality type, it might be either good or bad advice)
    • Small talk – raise your friendship level with them – and yes there is a full relationship tracker for each of them!
    • Gripe about work – the lazy ones will love this and feel closer to you, whereas ambitious ones or executive types won’t.
    • And of COURSE, when you’re female:
      • You can flirt with them if you choose
      • They’ll make comments about your appearance and outfit
      • They’ll ask for blowjobs and sex like normal random NPCs, offering you leads in return – the higher the employees rank, the better the leads they might give you.
      • They can ask to be fuckbuddies, but at the moment I haven’t really made the fuckbuddy interactions unique. So don’t expect too much extra flavor text until a bit later.
      • Among other things!
  • Subscribers voted, I listened! I’ve now added the GoodGirl Petite sales demo. It’s unlockable after making some sales.
  • There’s a new workplace reputation system. Choose the path of being more professional, and you’ll be treated as such by your coworkers. But the more demos you let devolve into sexual situations, or offers of leads for blowjobs/sex you take up, the more your workplace sexual reputation might increase. There are numerous effects to this reputation, to make your life a little more difficult:
    • If your sexual reputation is high, there is a small chance you’ll get spiked with a pill in the office – someone might drop one in your coffee, along with another few similar scenarios. Depending on your intellect you may be able to avoid it (there are 20 scenarios, and each one requires a different intellect level).
    • Coworkers will approach you at your desk, if your reputation is high enough, in between sales.
    • You can get randomly groped, once your reputation is high enough.
    • The higher your reputation is as a slut, the less likely guys are going to be to give up in propositioning you at the office.
    • A lot of other little effects.
  • Note that if you get caught while having sex, your reputation will get even more sexual, so you’re extra motivated to not get caught.
  • Added leads as a resource:
    • Leads are no longer unlimited and totally random. You can have Cold, Warm, Qualified, Opportunities, and Whales. The better the lead, the more the chance that its going to be a high-value sale.
    • You get distributed leads once a week, which is based on your rank at the workplace. You’re not gonna see any Opportunities or Whales until you rank higher in the company.
    • NPCs get leads just the same way as you do – if you sleep with a junior colleague, he will probably not have the best leads to give you, although he might be more easy to please than a higher-up.
    • Cold leads are more likely to lead to demos. Meaning when you start out, you’ll be doing more demos than you will later on.
  • Integrated McLurkington’s wonderful mod, “Performance Review”, allowing you to negotiate higher commission, base pay, et cetera. And doing some ‘under the table’ convincing. Note that blowing your boss will also affect your reputation.
  • Added workplace ranks. You can ask for promotions every few days, based on the number of sales you’ve made. The higher your rank, the better the leads you’ll get.
    • Ranks: Rookie, Junior, Intermediate, Specialist, Account Manager, Senior Salesperson, Team Lead, Sales Director, Senior Sales Director
  • Added upgradable desks – this is based on the $ value of your current sales. Go to the facilities manager to ask for a desk upgrade (you can chat with him from the break room)
  • Added chat options with Drew – at the moment he can only really sell you Warm and Warm High-Volume leads. He can also give you tips and stuff.
  • Added a notice board – each day, there might be a sales incentive to sell a specific brand of product (WANGL, InstaGirl, SWP). You’ll make more money if you sell the product being incentivized that day.
  • Added a gift shop at the mall, where you can buy expensive items like watches, that can buff stats.
  • Added Color palettes so you don’t have to look at the pink background all the time. This was pretty hard to achieve, and there are only certain values it can change. There’s also a reactive color palette that is pink while you’re female, and dark blue while you’re male.
  • Added experimental Sex Toy Integration via ButtPlug.io. This is quite primitive at the moment. Ignore it for now unless you’re really technically savvy and feel like messing around. Eventually the goal is to get sex toys to sync up to the minigames.
  • Added positive effects for having sex with women, that last into the following day. So if you want to maximize your sales as a guy, go out and bang a hot chick at the bar the night before, it’ll boost your confidence!
  • Spend enough time at the beach as a girl, and you’ll get a relaxtation status that lasts for a while too. Hopefully sleazy guys don’t try to hit on you while you’re out just getting some sun, that would be inconsiderate!
  • Heel-walking sound effects.
  • Added like 20 outfits.
  • Added a MacOS app version of the mod loader
  • Added squeezing-your-fat-ass-into-jeans animations for certain characters.
  • Technical upgrades to Harlowe Audio Library.
  • Technical fixes for core Harlowe engine – upgraded to latest.
  • So many bugfixes! Dozens and dozens. This should be a fairly stable release. Hopefully.

Version 0.16f – I Hear Voices

  • February 11 additions:
    • Now if you get the “swallow cum daily or you’ll be stuck in your current DNA” side effect, you can ask your stepdad for cum at the end of the day, if all else fails. There are a lot of side effects to doing this, but it’s a hot scene in a very degenerate sort of way.
    • Bugfixes
  • 300+ voice lines added throughout the game for a number of primary characters such as Alexia and Callie. These are 100% AI generated but sound incredibly real. Must be heard to be believed!
  • Toggles added for the voice lines – you can turn most of them off in game options if you don’t like the idea of an AI whispering hot things to you.
  • New interracial sex scene added – this can be accessed after Callie’s beach scene (which I highly recommend replaying, with the new voices) – I won’t spoil the new sex scene, but just go to the Jungle area where you first met Callie. This is the world’s first fully AI voiced sex scene of its kind…
  • Reluctance system – this should be pretty unobtrusive, but affects a lot of things in minor ways. When you take a pill you get to select from a drop-down, how you feel about taking it. High reluctance makes it so you don’t want to wear slutty clothes etc. Equally, when you fully embrace your female body, you won’t want to wear your old guy’s clothes anymore. At high reluctance, you are shielded from arousal gains, and also lose masculinity more slowly. You have the choice, about how fast you want to sink into your new lifestyle.
  • Obligatory fishing minigame – players said its not a real sandbox game if there’s no fishing content. So, fishing content you now have. It’s spear-fishing though.
  • A moral debate between Aphrodite and her nemesis, The Wolf
  • 30 new Lana & Alina outfits. Focused on some more slutty stuff.
  • Issue with randomness not being random enough resolved.
  • Updated stripping minigame with 40+ new images.
  • Modding has moved to LoversLab: https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/319-x-change-life/ New mods are coming out every day. I’ve done my best to try and support this budding community, please join the Discord if you’re interested in modding, it’s very easy.
  • More random bits of lore strewn about the world.
  • Lots of bug fixes…

Version 0.16e – The Maid on the Shore

  • This update is focused on story content accessible as Jia (the redhead). This is one of several planned chapters that are character-specific, in order to give them each time to shine.
  • Jan 26 – more bugfixes and ~15 new outfits
  • Jan 24 – a bunch of bugfixes
  • New “mysterious bikini” you start the game with – explained a bit in intro, and a breadcrumb trail to follow
  • New unique F/F sex scene – transforming to the redheaded Jia body is required to access this scene
  • New unique MFF sex scene – plays optionally after the previous
  • New story chapter, explaining some things in the game that were previously unexplained, setting the stage for some of the main plot motivations (though the plot will always be optional)
  • New unique F/F gym sex scene – play the previous two to access it – this one is really tough but fun and highly replayable
  • Restored iOS compatibility, but no audio at the moment. This is due to an Apple browser bug, not an X-Change Life bug, but we are working around it. The game will auto-detect what browser/device you’re using, and adjust behavior accordingly.
  • Insta-Strip pill now available as a workplace demo (thanks to @Ebiora)
  • Improvements to bar girls sex scenes as a guy (thanks to RaivoAsdf) – ability for girls to cum while you’re ediginghttps://gitgud.io/xchange-life/xchange-life/-/commit/7a1cc15ec63f99ad0cb2290ecd3cd028db743711
  • Insta-Strip stripping game dynamic improvements (thanks to @McLurkington)
  • New portraits for Lana and Alina
  • Lots of minor improvements and bugfixes

Version 0.16d – Booty Calls

  • December 22 mini-update
    • Overhauled the bar girls with almost 100 new animations – these were really old and still had lines and things, these new animations should looke much better – Leah Gotti, Harley Dean, Gabbie Carter, Kendra Sunderland updated
    • Added 50 new outfits – 30 of which were user-submitted
    • Updated mod loader with fixes for MacOS
    • Bug fixes
    • “Slowmo” effect on the keep-the-bar-in-the-middle minigame, once interrupting text hits, the game slows for a couple seconds before speeding back up, to make things a little more fair for the player and give them time to read the text
    • Ability to practice minigames from the cheat menu
    • A new hairstyle for Scarlit and Rae
  • December 17 Hotfix
    • Added ability to take a pill before your previous pill fully wears off, to maintain your transformation (as long as you prepare by buying enough pills in advance)
    • Added ~50 new entries with pictures to the cock database, to support a wider variety of shapes and sizes overall
    • Balance fixes to the minigames, additional descriptions
    • More bugfixesk mm
  • December 16 Hotfix:
    • Tons of bugs squashed
    • Easy mode added to minigame settings
    • Cum on face can cause arousal in public if your masculinity is low
    • Guys’ attraction to you is affected if you turn them down too much when they call you
  • Modding support has been added! There are already 8 mods available, and the community is working hard to churn out more! Here’s a wiki on how to install them. Note, this only applies to the offline version.
  • Added a game intro sequence where you can select your starting masculinity – it also gives a lot more backstory to the main characters, as well as a couple new characters that have only been hinted at previously. For now this is the only real story sequence… more to come soon
  • Added ~350 new sex positions! They are essentially unlocables which can be achieved via gaining sex XP. They’re only usable in your bedroom, when you invite guys over your house… speaking of which…
  • You can invite NPCs over to your house! After sex in public, they’ll sometimes ask for your phone number (depending on their satisfaction)
  • NPCs with your number will also call you and ask to come over
  • They’ll react differently to whatever outfit you select, and you’ll be rewarded for showing them new outfits rather than the same one each time.
  • Your stepsister and stepdad may also interact with the NPCs when they come over – the interactions will be based on the NPCs’ stats.
  • You can train NPCs like pokemon! Satisfy them enough, and you can pick a stat to improve at the end of each session. Turn them into the ultimate fuckbuddy!
  • 100+ new outfits. Also, the wardrobe has been optimized for better performance at high volume. Still not perfect, but better
  • The entire codebase has been revised and place in an open source repository. This has already been extremely helpful in letting people review the code and spot issues. It was a tough adjustment for me, I am used to solo devving it, but the community has been amazing and I’m now more or less adjusted to using git for everything.
  • Important – the “dont cum” / keep the bar in the middle minigame now reverses instead of pausing your input. This keeps it challenging without creating no-win scenarios.
  • Added a cheat so you’ll never be caught having sex.
  • Stats added for all of the new sex positions – they all affect the scenes dynamically based on a large number of factors.
  • Lots of balance tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Other things I probably forgot about.

Version 0.16c – The Reproductive Update

  • Pregnancy has been added. It is also fully disable-able via a non-cheat toggle in the game settings. Every type of pill has a different pregnancy chance associated with it, and this chance increases/decreases over time in mini “cycles”. You get increased arousal when it peaks, which corresponds to “ovulation”.
  • Clothes now have significant impact on the types of NPCs that get generated. Dress sluttier, and more fuckboy-types will be approaching you. Dress cute or stylish, and you’ll get more gentlemanly types. Improvements have been made to outfit “favoriting” – you can now “favorite all” rather than having to manually select each outfit you want to wear. And you can “buy/favorite” in the same action in the store.
  • Random NPCs may be slightly evil “Breeders” who are intent on knocking you up! They are not instantly recognizable but you will start seeing clues in their behavior.
  • On that note, if NPCs have a bad personality, they will not always cum where you ask them to anymore…
  • A relationship system has been added. It is only partially utilized, mainly being used for tracking your relationship with your stepdad and Alexia at the moment. But it will be expanded to many more interactions and NPCs.
  • Birth control has been added to the New-U machine, for a slight premium over a normal transformation prices, of course!
  • A number of pregnancy events have been added that trigger over the course of weeks:
    • 8-week prenatal appointment
    • The opportunity to call up the baby’s father and try to “persuade” him to help with pregnancy costs
    • 12-week prenatal appointment
    • Various family interactions
    • Various pregnancy struggles that have various consequences
    • Pregnancy removal at 12 weeks, this costs $2500, often your stepdad will offer to help if you can’t afford it. But it depends on your relationship with him
    • Giving birth, of course. There are zero images of babies in game for moral reasons, I felt too weird adding such things to a porn game, even if they are AI generated…
    • A game over, should you choose to settle down with your baby and become a full-time mother.
  • The following toggles are available for pregnancy:
    • Enable/disable pregnancy
    • Enable/disable impregnation notifications
    • Enable/disable lactation
    • Enable/disable whether pregnancy turns your transformation permanent – by default, you can still transform back after giving birth, although the time it takes to do so gets longer every time you do
  • A new minigame called “tower blocks”. This will be mostly used in situations where you have to endure something or do something requiring patience. I think you’ll enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts on if it’s too difficult or too easy. This is my first time coding anything in 3d, so it’s new territory for me…
  • The 6 months after pregnancy, any time spent as a female, you’ll be lactating. Milk builds up over time and can get heavy/frustrating if you don’t let it out occasionally. Milking yourself is an evening activity. Any milk you squeeze out can be sold to Summer City’s communal childcare facilities.
  • A full code overhaul of some of the existing minigames. I can’t take any credit for this, some of the wonderful people on the Discord helped with this. The main point is that a lot of things that used to be slow or janky (like the keep the bar in the middle minigame), will now be smooth. Let me know if you have any issues…
  • A large number of quality of life improvements.
    • If you contribute $50 or more in a given week, stepdad won’t ask you to help with chores! Just keep making that money!
    • New cheats: the ability to remove/add side effects, the able to end pregnancies, the ability to lactate/stop lactating at will, the ability to turn all NPCs into ravenous breeding monsters, the ability to disable chore requests entirely so you can breeze through the game like a madman
    • The ability to commit to helping with rent on a recurring basis, without having to do it manually. Set it and forget it! If you don’t have enough money, the recurring payment will just shut off until you start it again.
    • Chores now are almost instantaneous

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