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You play the prince of a small tribe of warriors that has recently gained great renown. Your father uses that renown to marry you into an alliance consisting of 10 city states. Each city sends one of their noble daughters to be your bride, but they all have their own agenda! Meet up with them at your own Academy and get to know the various pretty nobles. But be careful, your father warns you that one of these families is responsible for your mother’s death!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-06
Developer: Mr.Rooster Patreon – Itch.io – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.9.6 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Story Driven, Slavery, Lesbian/Yuri, Childhood Friend, Elves, Virgins, Big Breasts, Flat is Justice, BDSM, Blindfold, Threesome, Sisters, Blowjobs, Boob jobs, Sex Toys, Tomgirl, Harem, Vaginal Sex, Prostitution, Gender bender, Demon
Planned content: Incest – – Futanari – Tentacles – Anal – Body Swap – Swimsuit – MILF – Teacher

[x] Updated 7 scenes for Joy’s manipulation arc
[x] Updated 7 scenes for Rhea’s more affectionate route
– 1 Reworked affection route H scene
– 2 Reworked corruption route H scenes
[x] Keiko Content (Find this in Magna’s storyline)
– 2 events
– 1 H scene
[x] 10 Main storyline Events
– 1 H scene with Mystery Character

Bug fixes from 1.9.5
[x] Rhea’s date scene kept repeating if you were nice to her (She just can’t get enough of you?)
[x] Fixed an issue with Cherry’s Dialog crashing scenes.
[x] Fixed numerous typos.
[x] Fixed some images sequencing.
[x] Disabled the Gallery.
[x] Added music to new scenes.
[x] Fixed an issue where it was impossible to avoid Magna and Keiko’s scene together.
New scenes are currently under Yuel, Magna, and Juna (Replays)

– 1.9.2
More bug fixes?

– 1.9.1 Bug Patch
For 1.9.1 We have minor bug fixes like images being out of position or certain text not looking right. But also, there were some major bugs that were keeping progress from happening or making them appear out of order.

[x] Fixed many typos in 1.9.1
[x] Fixed a bug making it impossible to see some minor Juna scenes
[x] Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to normal travel to Priscilla’s scenes
[x] Added a new feature in the Brothel to ‘refresh’ the rooms
(So you don’t have to travel back to your room to continuously revisit brothel members.)
[x] Added logs for Juna AND her servants
[x] Added a book to the library

– 1.9.0 Content
[x] Marion Twins’ story
– Room scenes
– Romance scene
– 20 Story events
[x] Mystery Character scene
[x] Servants
Story events involving Ezra, Tima, Josie and Fir
[x] Priscilla story
– 6 Story events

v1.8.0 Content
[x] Featana’s story
– Room scenes
– Romance scene
– 22 Story events
[x] Prisha scene
(From your room after Isha’s storyline)
[x] Rhea/Magna scene
(Resulting from Featana’s storyline)
[x] Luce/Joy scene
(Resulting from Featana’s storyline)

– New books in the Library

– Fixed Bugs
[x] Fixed an issue that prevented one of Tima’s scenes from being seen
[x] Fixed an issue where Juna would show up when she shouldn’t
[x] Fixed an issue when Josie would be two places at once
[x] Adjusted Leona events to occur after Scarlet’s
[x] Fixed some issues with Juna’s character logs breaking or appearing blank

– Known issues that persist
[ ] The gallery sometimes crashes people’s games outright
The plan is to remove the gallery entirely in favor of a much smaller selection of images while keeping the replay system as a substitute.
[ ] Priscilla’s main path does not always properly converge.
Investigations of this one haven’t turned up much of a solution yet. I’m sure I’m missing something small, but I will have this fixed in the next update if I can’t solve it by 1.8.1
[ ] Tima’s character log is broken
I will fix this one when I work on more Tima content in the next update

1.7.2 Fixes
[x] Fixed a bug where Judy incorrectly looped an older scene

1.7.1 Fixes
Fixed an issue…

[x] Where we broke the city
[x] Where the last few scenes of Leona’s story would not play properly
[x] That caused Leona to skip a scene
[x] That caused Judith’s scene to be inaccessible
[x] That caused Priscilla’s scene to be inaccessible

[x] Fixed numerous typoes and spelling errors
[x] Made adjustments to Arjenta’s latest scene for more clarity
[x] Deleted one stray quotation mark that was killing the whole code

1.7.0 Content
Leona and Arjenta 
[x] 20 story scenes
[x] 6 Room scenes
Cleo and Priscilla Content
[x] 1 Scene
Mystery Character Content
[x] 1 Scene


[x] Improved version recognition for ‘end of content’ messages
[x] Fixed an issue where Juna’s story could not be continued without fast travel
[x] Fixed an issue with Ezra’s ability to turn Fast Travel on and off
[x] End of Content added for Juna
[ ] Gallery problems still exist (Not Replay) Gallery will be addressed in 1.7.0


Story content: Juna

[x] 20 Juna Events
[x] Tima Events
[x] Ezra Room Scenes
– New Images for Rooms
– Added Tima to the Replay list

[x] Fixed private-time name consistency for a particular character
[x] Corrected uses of Glimmer/Shimmer
[x] Various Typos

[x] Fixed a crash error towards the end of Cleo/Luce’s scenes
[x] Fixed an issue with many images not showing properly
[x] Smoothed out certain transition scenes


[x] Purged a cursed book – Now let’s people out
[x] Fixed a rare issue where Magna’s story would not continue.
– Added lines to Magna’s character logs for clarity

[x] 1 Cleo scene
[x] 1 Monica Scene

[x] Added Book Text where there was none before.
[x] Added more books to the library
[x] Added backgrounds to some replay menus

Content Added:

Marion Twins
[x] 16 Events
[x] 3 Scenes

Sash and Monica
[x] 1 Scene

Added content to the Library in the Academy
[x] Light reading

[1.5.1] Bug Fixes

[x] Fixed an issue where the Brothel would be locked forever
[x] Fixed an issue starting a new Twin event without fast travel

Content and Feature updates

[x] Added Josie to the Replays
[x] Added Ezra to the Replays
[x] Added new Rhea scenes to Replays (New scenes are not unlocked until they are encountered)
[ ] The Gallery is NOT updated to match 1.3.0
[ ] HUB NOT updated this patch

The HUD is taking much longer than anticipated. The plan is to do a sweep of the HUD, Gallery, and replay update after Magna’s update.

Story Events
[x] 12 Rhea Events
[x] 4 Rhea story H Scenes
[x] 2 Brothel H scenes (Unlocked via Rhea’s story)
[x] 1 Magna H Scene (Unlocked via Rhea’s story)

[x] Fixed an issue where entering Ingnetta’s room would sometimes cause an error “Half of the time it works every time.”
[x] Fixed an error where Fredrika does not explain her quirk.
[x] Fixed an issue where refusing to be with Scarlet would crash your game.
[x] Fixed an issue where Joana would claim you slept with the wrong sister
[x] Floating fire – It was much harder to remove the floating fire than I thought. “Magic must defeat Magic”

1.3.1 Patch notes:
[x] Corrected image of Ezra showing up in scene tailing Rhea
[x] You could not say ‘No’ to starting the Auction
[x] Fixed an issue where Magna would punish Cherry infinitely…
[x] Fixed an issue where visits to the massage parlor might repeat
[x] Various Typos and Grammar errors
[x] Fixed Errors in Luce’s Replays
[x] Fixed Errors in Magna’s Replays
[x] Fixed Errors in Isha’s Replays
[x] Adjusted Dream scenes
– Now properly informs the player they are available after Rhea’s event
– And becomes available more logically
– Thank you hemsoichia

1.3.2 Patch notes:
[x] Adjusted Grammar and dialogue in Rhea’s route to make more sense at times
[x] Corrected Isha’s replays when choosing her vs her sisters
[x] Fixed a bug where brothel replays would not show up
[x] Fixed an issue where Fredrika’s scenes would error out
[x] Fixed numerous typos and errors
[x] Fixed a bug that would error Cleo’s dialogue
[x] Fixed bugs where Cleo’s H scene would not show properly
[x] Fixed a bug that would sometimes error at the dungeon
[x] Fixed a bug in Sash’s scene where pretending didn’t work
[x] Cleaned various lines of redundant or unused code
[x] Adjusted Rhea’s conversation to be more aligned with her route
[x] Adjusted Video code
– So everything is either old or new style
– This rewrites the code to make it more uniform
– But also reduces discrepancies between Android and Desktop versions

[x] Fixed A bug that would cause Luce’s events to stop at her Drunk sister
– Effectively locking out other routes

[x] Sometimes Matron thinks she’s Magna
[x] Various spelling errors
[x] Fixed some errors with Replay crashes
[x] Fixed some issues where clicking on Galleries might cause an error
[x] Fixed an issue where sometimes fights with Magna would not properly end
[x] Josie should no longer suggest spiking Joy after Joy agrees to help. I mean come on Josie…
[x] Taliya and Natalie’s logs should correctly signal the MC to visit his servants
[x] Fixed inconsistent spelling – “Bonadea”
[x] Fixed a bug where Rhea’s fast travel would inaccurately say there is no more content
[x] Converged Luce’s route
Now progresses her story properly after picking her sister
– These last two combined could have potentially locked you out of Cleo and Luce’s and current content!

[x] Added some warning red text to hi-light missable content
[x] Adjusted Fast Travel to properly jump to Isha/Luce/Cleo content or to servants as necessary
NOTICE: If you have not spent enough time with your servants, Isha’s sisters will not arrive and Fast travel will now put you at the servant’s quarters instead
[x] Increased the number of ‘Save’/’Load’ file pages available
[x] Updated replays to include Natalie and Taliya, Isha, Bonadea sisters, Scarlet, Leona, and Fir
[x] Updated the Full Gameplay Guide – Available on Google Doc

[x] Cleaned up replay system significantly
A big Shoutout to Hemsoichia for his work in cleaning up the replay system.
Many bugs, errors, and quality of life changes were made to the initial system.
And methods for any additional scenes will be better as a result.
I really appreciate that. Show him some love on discord <3

[x] New icons for fast travel
Story Content:
[x] Isha and her sisters – 10 Events – 5 H-Scenes
[x] New Character Intro – 7 Events
[x] Demon Sword (Scarlet) – 4 Events – 4 H-Scenes

[x] Fixed a bug that caused Fredrika to skip options in her dialogue
[x] Fixed a bug where attempting to summon Priscilla fails even after she returns to academy
[x] Fixed and issue where Cleo thinks 11 is 1
[x] Fixed a bug where Priscilla would repeat her dialogue on food
[x] Fixed a bug where after meeting Lunette on Campus, Luce gets shy in the room.
[x] Fixed various typos
[x] Fixed an issue with Fredrika’s options not showing
[x] Added flavor in some simple map shots
[x] Music added in scenes where there was previously none

Introducing the Replay system; once you see a scene for the first time, you can revisit it in full through the main menu. (This also lists events that you may have missed)

Priscilla Content – 2 Routes
3 Events per Route
3 Scenes with Fredrika
2 Scene with Priscilla

Very vaguely, there’s content for the following characters:
Luce and sisters 2 events 2 scenes
Rhea 3 events 1 scene
Josie 6 events 2 scenes
Cleo 3 events 1 scene
Mystery Character 1 scene


0.9.5 Update – Download links are towards the bottom

This is a Cleo update! It has a significant amount of scenes and events with Cleo.

There will be a bit more on Cleo in the 1.0.0 Update, where I also plan on finishing the first Act of our game. I hope people look forward to seeing a little more Cleo after this update.

For now, please enjoy the new update!

If you like the game, leaving a review on F95zone, Itch.io, becoming a Patron, or playing the game would all help me out. I appreciate all of you supporting me! Honor to you all.

For new content

– Visit the brothel – Speak to your servants – Let Cleo talk to you – Visit the Academy halls

[0.9.5] Change Log:
[x] Bastet Content
1 Event and Scene

[x] Yuel Content
2 Event and Scenes

[x] Ezra Content
1 Scene

[x] Cleo Content
8 Events
5 Scenes

[x] Lune Content
3 Events

[x] Fundamental change to way videos are loaded and run in game
Should improve loading times for NEW videos significantly
Unfortunately, this change does not change previously introduced scenes
NEW scenes will be added using the new system

[ ] Gallery has not been updated to contain new Video Scenes, not yet compatible.
[ ] Delayed plans to include relationship messages.
For example: “Rhea liked that” in the corner of scenes
[x] Updated Walk-thru
[x] Fixed a bug that would cause some menu items not to exhaust

0.9.2 Bug Fixes (FOR MOBILE) – Because mobile was not ported past 0.9.1

[x] Fixed numerous grammar and spelling errors, and adjusted some word usage to make more sense
[x] Fixed dialog leap with Magna and Yuni that would not correctly loop back to their menu
[x] Fixed an issue where Juna would dress without permission in her new orientation scene
[x] Fixed an issue where Cleo could roll an 11 and only gain 1 point in her dice game
[x] Fixed an issue where Magna wouldn’t be available at the barracks for Luce’s storyline
[x] Fixed a bug that would cause dialog with Magna/Stacia/Jorgi to loop back to the beginning of the scene
[x] Adjusted some scenes to terminate music when the scene ends
[x] Adjusted spar with Magna to avoid re-looping of music
[x] Updated logs to include new Cleo content


This was final’s month and I did overall changes instead of content.
As a result, hourly gameplay is not as high as other updates. Apologies if that comes as a disappointment! I’d never want you to feel like I’ve wasted your time. Download links at the very bottom! But if you are new to the game, this is a great time to give it a try!
This month we addressed some of the most common feedback given, Namely:
“Early scenes being under quality”
“No Walk through”
“Lack of ending scenes in early shots”
“Bad lighting”
“Flickering in some animations”
“MC having different anatomy”
Not all instances of these issues have been immediately removed by this update, there were lots of change. I hope this makes the new player experience better.
As for the people who have been playing from the start, there are changes for you too, Just not as much. Thank you all for playing and supporting the game!
Released a Walkthrough
– A link to a .txt document will be added to each release
– It should answer frequently asked questions about finding scenes/story
– But if anything is unclear, feel welcome to leave me a msg on discord!
I’d also encourage community members to be helpful if you are feeling positive!
General Changes
[x] New Academy Map
[x] New Fast Travel Menu
[x] New Title/Menu screen
[x] Adjusted loop and stop music based on scene/dialog/events
[x] Added a button to remove the textbox on demand
[x] Corrected grammar and spelling errors with Priscilla’s Dialog
[x] Fixed a bug preventing player from finding Joy
[x] Buffed Darius in the arena fight so he does more damage
[x] Removed all ‘relationship +1’ messages
The messaging for this was inconsistent
– Ideally it is best for players to be able to treat characters they way they would like, and simply “suffer” the consequences of their actions.
– The ‘Ring’ sound will still occur to help guide users
Updated/Adjusted Animated scenes
– Minor changes to MC’s anatomy
[x] Magna’s reward for winning
[x] Josie’s second meeting
[x] Lune at the party
[x] Luce in your room
[x] Juna’s first room scene (in Intro)
[x] Priscilla early room scenes
– 3 scenes
[x] Luce at the farm
Updates to CG
[x] Luce 2 early farm scenes
– Cleaned up dialog and images
[x] Juna intro scene
– Included afterglow/climax scene
[x] Orientation Scene with Juna
– Changed location/images
New Scenes
[x] Prologue Scene
[x] Cleo event
[x] Herald eventsv0.8.1 Public
[x] More than 10 Scenes added to Magna’s storyline – This is not the end of her content. Just another milestone in her development.
[x] Stacia Content (Magna’s Step Mother)
[x] Yuni Content (Magna’s Friend)
[x] Xichi Content (Magna’s Friend)
[x] Demon sword Content (Two characters)
Bugs and Quality Fixes
[x] Added a general exit button to the brothel screens
[x] Added scenes and reorganized the Gallery
[x] Some issues regarding patches can occur if you do not have the full new downloads. Please only use patches if they are for the same version!
[x] Fixed various typos
[x] Improved Textbox Transparency
[x] Fixed a bug where if you fast traveled to all of Magna’s scene it would let you skip Orange City opening.

v0.7.1 Public

Overall it is a spot update with additions to various character’s specific routes. It also has stuff for Magna, furthering her storyline. Then a small assortment of characters you might have met along your story.

I hope to flesh out Magna’s story in great depth next patch. And hopefully, time willing, I will touch on Cleo’s story.

Bugs hunted

[x] Fixed a critical issue with Gin’s anatomy being ‘flipped’ in some scenes
[x] Fixed an issue with Priscilla’s logs sometimes crashing the game – If your game is crashing try visiting her logs
[x] Corrected choice description in interaction with Fir
[x] Fixed various typos from 0.6.0
[x] Fixed music loops – added logical stops to audio in event with Priscilla

Bug that got away…
[x] There’s a known bug where losing to Magna after being her produces some strange interactions with her – for now an option has been added to meet her in the barracks under appropriate circumstances.


[x] Added option to spar with Magna via the Barracks
[x] Added new scenes to the Gallery

[x] 2 H-scenes

[x] 3 Story Events

RHEA (Manipulation Route)
[x] 3 Story Events
[x] 2 H-scenes

[x] 1 Event and H-scene

LUCE (Luce Route)
[x] 2 Room/Summon scenes

[x] 1 Event and H-scene
v0.6.1 Bug Fixes
[x] Fixed a bug that would unlock events that have not been completed yet
[x] Added the City to list of locations available to the compass
[x] Gave our Cat a default name! (Change is not retroactive, so you would have to revert save if you wanted to see it)
[x] Resolved an error with images in Priscilla’s events not showing up
[x] Reviewed dialogue to fix some spelling errors, inconsistencies, and dramatic effects
[x] Fixed Fredrika’s name plate to match her actual name spelling

v0.6.0 Includes
12 New Priscilla scenes

2 New Characters
2 Branches of main story
6 H-events
[x] Fixed a bug that would lock the player out of reaching the menu concerning Ingnetta
[x] Fixed a bug that would cause scenes to repeat when they were not supposed to.

[x] New story content for the servants. Start it at their quarters.
[x] 3 scenes + 6 variations

[x]Three new characters (And their friends)
[x]3 Scenes
[x]4 Scenes + 3 variations
[x]3 Scenes

Misc Changes:

[x] Updated the gallery to include new content
[x] Included some missing scenes of Cleo’s in the Gallery
[x] Player can now end music loops by entering the Academy or the fast travel screen
[x] Fixed an issue with a bleeding image in the Gallery
[x] Adjusted a continuity error with Joy finding us too quickly

Already planned for next patch and future – (Not an all inclusive list)

[ ] Include proper Background music for certain newer scenes which have no BG
[ ] Huge Content boost for Priscilla
[ ] Activities in brothel with Juna
[ ] Content for Sasha and Monica
[ ] Prioritize safe file continuity to prevent breaking saves
[ ] Create a public poll with the options for the next Candidate.
[ ] Clean up on content add-ons (music, backgrounds, gallery)

Fixed an issue with Luce’s fast travel icon/logs disappearing after the party
Fixed a huge list of grammatical and spelling errors
Removed “code speak” from some dialogue where it was exposed
Revealed some text that was previously hidden due to sequencing
Fixed bugs that would cause some images to fail to load on certain scenes
Fixed a bug with Gallery images for Joy and Rhea
Fixed a bug with Luce’s images not showing sequentially in her room scene
Fixed a bug that would allow the player to miss Yuni or Xichi’s scenes

Removed inappropriate end of content messages
Fixed a scene being available before proper interactions with Luce/Cleo
Fixed some typos

[Added a Gallery]
Images will now show up in a Gallery when a whole scene has been viewed!
Save often, and explore alternative routes to complete the gallery.
[Added a New Character!]
5 Events
1 Scene
[Rhea’s story] (Affection Route Only)
3 Events
1 Scene
[Cleo’s story]
4 Events
3 Scenes
5 Summon scenes
1 Room scene
[x]Fixed a number of bugs that will never see the light of day
[x]Fixed a bug that would cause Magna not to show up in the Barracks after the village event
[x]Fixed a bug that would cause images and videos to not show in proper order or at all
[x]Fixed a bug that would allow Cleo’s city scene to be repeatable
[x]Added some color coding to Text
[x]Clarified some route details
[x]Added an icon to the Fast Travel screen that leads to the world map

One of these critters made it impossible to reach Sash and Monica’s content in the village. It’s fixed now, so if you were on v[0.3.2] v[0.3.4] Will have some content for Sash and Monica, that was supposed to release with 0.3.0.
And if you were crashing with Cleo in the city v[0.3.2], I am afraid you will have to load a save from before you entered the city the first time.

Bug fixin’:
Fixed a loop in logic at the Dock
Fixed a bug causing a crash in Cleo’s city scene
Fixed a bug allowing you to visit city with Cleo before you met Cleo in Academy
Fixed a bug causing Sash and Monica’s route to end early.
if you were crashing with Cleo in the city, I am afraid you will have to load a save from before you entered the city the first time.
[CONTENT] – Visit the village after speaking with Sash and Monica

Maintaining saves – Work around
– Saves should port over from 0.2.3
– City Unlocked!
– Brothel Introduced
Note: * Events are events * Scenes are sexy events
– 3 Magna events
(1 Magna missable Scene)
Misc Characters
(2 missable scenes)
– 2 Events
(1 missable Scene)
(1 side quest scene)
– 1 Juna Event
(3 alternate scenes)
– 2 Cleo events
(1 Cleo missable scene)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed some typos
Fixed a never ending loop with Cleo’s scene
Fixed an image failing to show on Cleo’s scene
Added color coded hints
Added world map to “fast travel option”
Updated Patron shout outs!

A video was not correctly showing up on Cleo’s latest scene, Magna’s scene lacked clarification, and sometimes failed to fast travel appropriately. Cleo’s story looped infinitely.

v0.2.2 Hotfix
Fixed some reported bugs

v0.2.1 Hotfix
Fixed a bug: Magna’s Fast Travel would not properly redirect to event causing a critical error
Fixed images failing to show in Luce’s event

: Old saves are NOT compatible with this update!
I am working on a long term way to make saves more flexible
This is a coding issue that I am having some difficulty with,
I can’t make any promises, except that I am trying to fix it for the next update. Any coding suggestions are welcome!
This patch is an attempt to make the start of the game feel better overall.
I highly recommend a brand new start.
Change Log:

4 Bath events for Cleo
1 Scene with Cleo
2 Events with Joy
1 Event with Rhea
[Priscilla] – I recommend replaying her story!
2 Events – Revisited Priscilla’s intro
1 Scene
1 Event with both servants
1 Scene with Josie
1 Scene with Ezra
Extension of Juna’s first scene
– 1 Dream scene
– Added Credits! [Ask Juna about our Elders]
– Add images for various locations
– Fixed a bug causing Parlor option with Magna to turn off illogically
– Fixed a bug causing Priscilla’s future events to appear before they could be obtained
– Fixed a bug causing Magna’s scene with Yuni to be repeatable and loop infinitely
– Fixed a bug causing Cleo’s scene to be repeatable
– Corrected issues with certain exit selections going too far back
– Character logs have been updated to suit the patch
– Adjusted Music to not replay too frequently upon ending choices in bedroom
– Added clarification to character route selection
– Added a log to MC’s book after getting to know each girl.

Fully animated scenes, more than 500 images and thousands of lines of dialogue in our first build.

Magna The Tomboy from Yolk City
Magna The Tomboy from Yolk City

Magna – The Tomboy from Yolk City. Magna enjoys strong men. It’s a shame she has never met a man stronger than her.

Luce The youngest sister from Potts
Luce The youngest sister from Potts

Luce – The youngest sister from the city Potts. This girl could use some help getting over her sisters’ manipulations. There must be some way to keep them distracted.

Cleo Your childhood friend from Sush
Cleo Your childhood friend from Sush

Cleo – Your childhood friend from Sush. Given your history together, Cleo can be a pain in the ass. With any luck, what goes around comes around.

Priscilla A Noble Lady from Tekk
Priscilla A Noble Lady from Tekk

Priscilla – A Noble Lady from the City of Tekk. Her powerful family raised her to love knowledge, but there are some things she just doesn’t know about! She could use some help studying.

Rhea Lady Viscount from Bjerg
Rhea Lady Viscount from Bjerg

Rhea – Lady Viscount from Bjerg, the only daughter in her family. Rumor has it her infidelity cause

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Mega Mixdrop


Mega Mixdrop


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