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Town of Passion is an adventure styled RPG, where you play as a common villager living in the small town of Valencia; a town full of many secrets. After stumbling into an unknown realm, the villager learns that there’s an important role for him to fulfill: utilize Pleasure to save those that watch over Valencia. The game play is a mix of Relationship Building, Exploration, Training, and Puzzles!?

Game Information


Type: RPG
Developer: Siren’s Domain – Patreon
Tags: Animated, Incest, Seduction, Milf, Harem
Language: English
Censorship: Uncensored
Release date: 3 Sep, 2019
Platforms: Windows

Costumes Added:
Lockhart Rose (Nyx Costume)

Scenes Added:
Flora Sex
Lockhart Paizuri

Scenes Remastered:
Tana Paizuri

– Update Overview –
This update adds what is likely the last major sidequest, this time for Flora, one of the original NPC’s in Valencia! Flora needs
help finding a special floral set and fortuntately you volunteered to fetch them for her! This is probably the easiest task in the
village! What could go wrong..?

In addition to Flora’s sidequest, there is a second Nyx costume you can craft now in the post-game. You will need to find an
Emerald. She’ll give you a hint as to where it may be found.

– Remastered Scene –
The original Tana Paizuri scene was a tricky pose to animate so I wanted to get it updated. There is now an echo variation of
the new Rose Paizuri scene and it’s a much more natural scene. The original has still stayed in the game so if you prefer the old
one, you can select ‘Original’ before the scene starts up.

I may or may not remaster some older scenes as well! We’ll see how much spare time there is.

Other Misc Bugs/Fixes-
-None that I remember ;P

-Added costume support for Mary/Rose ZR outfits
-Added bonus ZR costume paizuri scene back at Rose’s house
-Minor tweaks/fixes

Costumes Added:
Mary (Zombie’s Retreat)
Rose (Zombie’s Retreat)

Scenes Added:
Mary & Rose Paizuri (ZR)
Mary & Rose Paizuri (Default Outfits)

– Update Overview –
This update is a short & sweet one meant to celebrate the upcoming final release of my other game, Zombie’s Retreat! In addition,
Rose has an additional sidequest after her main story has been completed. In order to access each part, here’s a starting guide:

1. The chest in the attic now can be opened. This is useful for the Zombie’s Retreat quest.

2. When Rose (and Mary) have reached 3 hearts, Rose will stop you on the way to the fountain in Valencia. This will begin her
final quest.

Other Misc Bugs/Fixes-
-Mary & Rose now can have gold hearts in the relationship screen when their post-story quests are completed
-Fixed misc typos


Costumes Added:
Mary Bride
Minerva Icarus

Scenes Added:
Ragash Sex
Mary Bride Sex (echo)
Minerva Icarus Sex (echo)

– Update Overview –
Here’s the first post-game update to Town of Passion! This update introduces 3 post-game questlines:
1- Nyx has new costumes she is wanting to craft for you! Find extremely well-hidden gemstones to receive special costumes for
some of the lovely ladies!

2- Mary continues to have the same weird dream every night of a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair. What’s going on? Maybe
the dress in the attic is somehow related to things.

3- After peace has returned to Valencia, the villains have all gone their separate ways. Where did Ragash and Vera run off to?
(Vera is not yet available)

Aside from Mary’s sidequest, the other two will be updated in future builds along with some other characters like Flora receiving
sidequests! Stay tuned for more post-game goodies!

-Added Credits sequence to the end of the game
-The Bunny Manor has a new picture that can re-watch the credits if you want to see it again or missed it from before this

-Added Minerva’s fountain (restored) as a map location when game is finished
-More will be able to be done here in future updates!

-Changed orientation of chest near Forest Seal to prevent confusion
-Small cutscene tweak with Ares
-Fixed bug where failing str test on Android leads to black screen

v1.6 Beta
Costumes Added:
Elf Rose
Oktoberfest Raylene
Ice Princess Mary

Scenes Added:
Rose Elf BJ (echo)
Raylene Barstool Sex
Raylene Barstool Sex (Oktoberfest)
Mary Ice Sex

– Update Overview –
This update focuses on the last major Book of Tales page; the winter update! Experience a chilling new adventure in a mysteriously
cold & frozen castle! Search for your special someone in this winter tale!

In addition, there is another costume (and charm) that you can find for Raylene.

Hint- To start Raylene’s new costume, the fire in her cellar now has an interactive solution.

Hint- To begin the winter event, there’s a new location in the Santa’s Workshop map!

– Misc –
-Other misc changes/bug fixes

v1.4.4 Beta
-Fixed sequence break where playing the Summer event prevented you from progressing through Mary’s story
-If your save was affected, as long as you’re on Day 3 or later, go to sleep in your bed
-Patched up another possible sequence break using stats cheat code

-Other misc bug fixes

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Mega Filesupload




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