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Your name is Noah, you were studying abroad, but right before graduating, decided that transferring to another university to pursue business is the correct choice.

The SUP or The Swedish University Of Progressive Learning is the prestigious establishment you enrolled in. It promises to not only teach you about business, but also expand your sexual knowledge. Embark on this mysterious journey, find out what The SUP has in store for you and experience Noah’s story!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-04-07
Developer: MegyMonster – Discord – Patreon – Twitter – Subscribestar – Itch – Play online
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Blackmail, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Footjob, Gay, Groping Group sex, Harem, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Male domination, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Multiple penetration, Netorare, Oral sex, Real porn, School setting, Sex toys, Sexual, Harassment, Simulator, Sissification, Stripping ,Swinging, Teasing ,Text based, Titfuck, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism.


Bug fixes:
IMPORTANT: Fixed the bug that was causing phone notifications to stay on screen even after you’ve read them. THIS FIX MAY CAUSE OTHER PROBLEMS PLEASE REPORT THEM IF YOU FIND ANY!!!
Fixed the choices disappearing as you’re watching porn.
Fixed the issue that allowed the player to use the dildo even if you didn’t have it.
Fixed the issue that caused some sub Emily events to show on dom routes.
Changed the “Do nothing” option when working for the principal to “You feel tired today..” because players were confused and thought it meant skipping the day.
Fixed the image zoom not working.
Fixed an issue that caused some basic Emily events not to show up properly.
Fixed a minor bug in the SUP party event line.
Fixed a bug that caused Mia’s messages not to appear.

Some dialogue changes in older Emily events.
Decided to slowly start working on a relationship mechanic. Adriana will be one of the girls the MC will be able to date.
1 random fem event (trigger it by having hair extensions and going to the SUP)
1 random BNWO Ava event. (trigger it by watching BLACKED porn after Emily goes to America.)
1 random event with a homeless guy.
1 random sub event at the SUP.
6 dom sisters event. (Some are choice dependent.)
1 optional mini dom event with Ava’s friend.
7 sub sisters events (Some are choice dependent.)
4 sub Mia events.
4 dom Mia events.
2 Mia phone sub events.
1 Mia phone dom event.
1 dom Emily break up event. (Triggers if your relationship points reach 0)
1 optional dom Emily break up event. (Different than the above.)
2 small dom Emily phone events.
2 small sub Emily phone events.
5 sub Emily events. (includes choice variants)
6 dom Emily events. (includes choice variants.)
1 bwno Emily event. (triggers at the SUP.)
3 short, connected sub Adriana events.
3 sub Adriana events.
4 dom Adriana events.

Images: 1256 -> 1508
Passages 413 -> 470
Words -> 220k -> 250k

v0.4 Hotfix

You can now visit Emily with a cage on.
Fixed some text, made the safe code a bit more obvious.
Fixed an adriana message popping up out of nowhere even if you didn’t meet her yet.
Got rid of more <<linkreplace>> macros. The bug that forces the player to refresh should be less prevalent now.
Fixed the links disappearing as you’re watching porn.
Fixed the issue that allowed the player to use the dildo even if you didn’t have it.
Fixed the issue that caused some sub Emily events to show on dom routes.
Changed the “Do nothing” option when working for the principal to “You feel tired today..” because players were confused and thought it meant skipping the day.
Fixed the image zoom not working.
Fixed the bug that caused you to be stuck after buying a car.


Bug fixes:
General fixes:

Bazillion bug fixes and small UI tweaks.
Location tweaks.
You can now use “History forward” and “History back” everywhere and anywhere. ( You couldn’t use it during some events before )
First functional version of the wallet app. ( You can track where you spent your money and when )
First semi functional version of the reminders app.
Improved wardrobe and mall shops.
A drunk status is now in the game.

7 work events with sub/dom variants.
2 basic work event variations, one for dom and one for fem.
6 SUP related events.
2 basic Emily event variations, one for dom and one for sub.
Added 1 more operation – hair extensions.
1 hair extensions reaction event. Mia, Kaley, Ava and Emily.
2 bnwo Emily events.
7 bnwo Emily phone events. The trip to America is finished.
4 or 5 new lectures. (bnwo, sub, dom and fem.)
3 Walk around the sup events.
2 Search the web events.
5 Do nothing events. (Professors Kei event line. BIG TIP – make sure to search the web a couple of times to find her onlyfans, before you meet.)
1 Adriana message event.
The full SUP annual party event line (A lot of events, around 10k words in total.)
1 Professor Kei message event, dom/sub variants.
1 Random dom event at the mall.
A new unlockable toy for the feminization route – a dildo. (You get it from Leyja, it is not required to progress.)
A smaller chastity. (You get it from Leyja, it is not required to progress.)
12 porn events are updated with the option to try the dildo.
1 dom/sub Emily message event at the start of the game.
1 dom Mia message a little after the intro.
1 sub research event.
3 Emily phone events that are tied to the party event line.

Words: 180k – 220k
Passages: 337 – 413
Images: 930 – 1256

v0.3.5 HOTFIX updated

Possible fix for some links requiring page refresh to start working
Improvements to mobile compatibility in landscape mode – still not a mobile version but “a something”,
On mobile, all locations’ horizontal action bars should now be accessible
Improvements to compatibility with Firefox
SUP entry location style improvements
Fixed new notification phone animation
Improvements to messages app UX when replying
Small typo fixe
Fixed </div> showing up where it shouldn’t.
Fixed issue on safari with phone stuck behind the content
Fixed issue on one hand mode sometimes scrolling on new view before animation ended.
Fixed issue on safari with page replace sometimes messing up scroll
Fixed grammar issues.
Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck when someone was knocking on their door.
Fixed a bug that caused dom players to get stuck in the middle of the Emily quest line.
Tried fixing the bug that caused choices not showing up and it needing a restart, don’t know if it helped.
Fixed a bug that caused two phone events, one with Emily and one with Stacey to be playable outside of the phone.


Complete UI revamp except for some minor areas.
Over 20 new events.
Over 100 new pictures.

Images: 817 – 930
Passages: 258 – 337
Words – 130k – 180k


Fixed a bug that stopped dom players from progressing through the mia/sisters routes.
Fixed a bug that caused certain events not to increase stats.
Fixed a bug that caused spy camera events not to trigger sometimes.


Bug fixes:
Fixed some grammar issues.
Fixed a bug that allowed players to chase the robber days after being robbed.
Changed the word “Chastity” to “Chastity cage” in some instances.
Fixed a bug that caused “You already helped the principal today” and “You already went to class today” to appear at the same time.
Fixed the Emily bnwo route not triggering properly.
Fixed a bug that caused a choice in the seventh work event to appear in the middle of a text wall.
Fixed a bug that caused the player to skip the third Adriana event.

General improvements:
Revamped the whole sidebar, it’s a lot smaller know with the same amount of info.
Added the wait button it in the outside menu and in the mall menu.
You can now buy the taser after being robbed for the first time.
Added a notification system, your phone buzzes when Emily or Adriana texts you or someone triggers the camera.
Added an option to skip the intro for players replaying the game.
Added dark scrollbars to the game.
Added a little bit of extra text in some of the earlier work events.
Added extra images when viewing porn on your laptop.
Some passages now load at the bottom, so you don’t have to constantly scroll down.
Added extra images to the “Check yourself out” section.
You can now see which stats the clothes increase when hovering over them.

Added 9 Mia events.
Added 9 sisters events.
Added 12 Emily events.
Added another toy, that you get from Leyja if your fem is high enough.
Added 11 work events.
Added 5 random events.
Added 3 short sup events.
You can also use the new toy while watching porn with the chastity on.
You can now get permanent light makeup as a service at the clinic.
Added three more outfits.

Words: 97628 -> around 130k (VSCode doesn’t say)
Images: 655 -> 817
Passages: 209 -> 258


Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug that let the player work indefinitely every day when the work route was over.
Fixed a bug that caused the player’s stats not to reduce when automatically unequipping the chastity during specific events.
Fixed a bug that caused the first bnwo emily event not to trigger.
Fixed a bug that made the plastic surgeon event appear as you’re chasing the robber.
Fixed a bug that allowed the player to trigger Mia/sisters events while being naked.
Fixed grammar issues in some events.
Fixed a bug that messed up the placement of some absolute positioned images. This hindered progress for some Linux/Windows users by blocking the passage link.
Fixed a bug that caused the lecture number to be bigger than it should be.
Fixed a bug that caused the time to not increase during some events.
Fixed a bug that caused stats not to increase after certain lectures.
Fixed a bug that made you equip a chastity in some events even though you didn’t even have one.
Fixed a bug that caused Emily messages not to show up if you start the bnwo route with her.
Fixed a bug that caused a specific Emily event to repeat itself nonstop if some conditions were met.

General improvements and changes:
You are now able to wear the chastity to the SUP if your feminization is more or equal to 70.
Made the credit section with the names of all the models.
Pressing [[Return]] while in the mall or during the Emily/Work events, now takes you one passage back, not to your room.
Made the domination path/lectures mutually exclusive.
You’re not required to go to your wardrobe to change into your work uniform anymore.
Changed the position of the return button in the wardrobe for easier access.
Small UI improvements.
Added a secret “femininity” stat, when you start looking more and more like a girl, it raises, triggering some events.
Made it so that if you finish the work route or the Emily route, you just get the “basic” work/Emily event indefinitely.
You can now get the phone by buying the spy camera or automatically after day 45.
Revisited some old events/lectures/paths, fixed the placement and size of some images and text.

Made a simple phone/messaging system.
Implemented a spy camera system, you can now buy it from the mall and spy on people if you’re not on the dom route.
Added 2 filler events.
Implemented an incest toggle.
Added an ending to the game. ( Spoiler: You can get expelled ).
You can now buy the taser from the electronics shop. (Currently used in two events).
Made another robbery event with more options.
Made a full dominant work route with unique events (Around 10). You’re also not required to wear the uniform if you’re a dom.
Implemented a dom variant to the Adriana/Chris intro. Now the dom route has access to the phone as well.
Made 5 dom events with Chris and Adriana.
2 dom phone events with Emily.
Implemented 2 Mia spy-camera events.
Implemented 2 Kaley/Ava spy-camera events.
Made 4 phone sub Adriana/Chris events.
Made 3 sub Emily phone events.
Implemented 6 bnwo Emily events.
Implemented 5 dom lectures.
Implemented 5 sub lectures.
Implemented 5 fem lectures.
Implemented 5 bnwo lectures.
Made 8 events events at the SUP.
Added an option to shave your legs at the beauty/plastic surgery clinic if your feminization is high enough.
Made 6 bully events.

Words: 48645 -> 97628.
Images: 392 -> 655.
Passages: 144 -> 209.

v0.1 Hotfix

Initial Release

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