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The game is set in a slightly fictionalized version of 1940s America which will tell a story of a young refugee girl and her family fleeing the great war who gets entangled in a web of intrigue while trying to make ends meet in a completly foreign country. Love and heartbreak are guranteed, will your ending be sweet, bitter or bittersweet is up to you!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-22
Developer: Namuswill Patreon
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Female protagonist, Corruption, Oral sex
Planned: Multiple endings, Anal sex, interracial, Cheating, Dilf, Milf, Lesbian, Male domination, Group Sex, Prostitution, Stripping

Okay, so we are at 0.8 but with a caveat. As I was putting everything together I realized I made a huge mistake or rather a series of mistakes when working on some of the new artwork which really messed things up for me and I had to pull back a bunch of stuff like new outer wear for some characters, emotions and stuff as well as new scene with Tommy.
I will be fixing all of that over the course of the week, but for now I decided to release the first part of the update as it was what I managed to fix up and get working.
If you’re going for Juliette then don’t hesitate to download and check out the new scene, but otherwise hang in there for a little while longer until I get this thing fixed and released properly.

So, what’s happening in 0.7? It’s a small update, only one day that mostly deals with some of the decisions you have made so far, mainly Frank’s task and kiss with Juliette, there’s also a small scene with Tommy if you have romanced him. A couple of bug have been fixed and some previous text has been re-written in Juliette’s scene, but those are not really huge changes.

– Now you shouldn’t be sent to Tommy if you refuse Mr. Siegel’s proposal.
– Tommy should need no reminding who Mila is if you went on a date with him.
– Because of some messed up ploting, it was possible to miss a scene where Mila would admit to herself that she had a crush on Juliette, now this scene should play correctly and additional options will be displayed in some scenes with Tommy.
– Re-worked some of the writing during the first sex scene with Tommy, but only for the sober version. You won’t see much change if you had a drink prior.
– Few slight tweaks to the text in some scenes and fixed some characters not being positioned correctly in some scenes.
– Art finished.

– Frank’s task
– Possible scene with Tommy
– Celebrate Christmas with family
– And drop by to Juliette’s party

– Some improvments in regards to how sounds stops\plays in some scenes
– Moving the story along.
– Scene with Juliette
– New character introduction and even with Mr. Siegel

– Implementing layered image system. Fully this time.
– Fixed a few typos and a bug that caused certain event to loop
– Minor art improvments
– Changed Main Menu background
– Changed default font

– Flirting at work with Frank
– Lessons with Juliette
– Dinner and potential sex scene with Tommy
– New system for displaying images … kinda implimented.

– Added some additional dialogue and art
– Go shopping with Frank and get a new look
– Another scene with Juliette

– Small fixes, changes and improvments
– Background art for the butcher added

– Introduces 3 new characters
– Family has a dinner with a guest
– MC meets a new friend. Possibly
– MC’s first day at work!

v0.1 Release

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Mega Workupload
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