Summer MC: That Time I Found a Magic Hypno Book Adult Game Download Overview

The story of a high school student who just started living with two beautiful women for the summer vacations. Not that anything will ever come out of that though, that is until he finds a magical hypno book!

Is this the opportunity to turn this summer into the best one ever?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-19
Developer: Hypnoink Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.14.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, 3DCG, Big Ass, Big Tits, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Hand Job, Blow Job, Tit Job, Vaginal Sex, Mind Control.

  • v0.14:
    • New Cameo! The event of this update focuses on Aiykawa’s Haru. Meet her, gain her trust and have some fun with her! Be sure to support them on their Patreon or their other support sites.
    • New Feature! You can now change the names of the main and secondary girls! As well as change how they call you while in trance. Special thanks to Trainboy for coding this into the game!
    • ~75 New CGs.
    • 6 New Videos! See them while having fun with Haru!
    • Custom Art featuring Tamako and Mana! Since they tied and the update came a bit slow I decided to add them both. The action was also a tie but since bj had won the previous one I decided to make it a sex scene. To unlock it you should try exploring in the city.
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
    • Bug Fixes! Fixed an error that let you progress further than what you were meant to with Ayako, playing the events out of order and messing with the clues.
  • v0.13.5:
    • New Event! Go on a beach date with Tamako and deepen your relationship with her.(Repeatable)
    • New Location, The Beach! “Explore” in the city until you find yourself at a beautiful beach. (Will expand in the future)
    • New Feature! After finding the beach, go there any time with the new “feature”, buses. Reach farther locations by taking a bus in the city. (Will expand in the future)
    • ~80 New CGs.
    • 6 New Videos! See them while having hypno fun with Tamako at the beach. Swimsuit and nude variations for each one.
    • Custom Art featuring Ayako! and extra guests Mana and Momo! This is the first multi girl custom art. “The Magician” patrons had the 2nd place tie between Mana and Momo so I decided to have both featured as well. Not every tie will have this outcome but it gave me a good idea for the art. This time it’s a multi girl combo scene and a bj scene. This art resembles something you would only find in a porno, wonder where you can watch content like that…
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
    • Bug Fixes! Fixed an error that let you buy the Christmas outfits for Natsumi and Mana before you were supposed to.
  • v0.13:
    • Merry Christmas! I know it’s really late, but this update adds Christmas themed outfits for Natsumi, Mana, Momo and Kana.
    • 2 New Events! Unlock the outfits by visiting Momo and Kana add Holiyear. Gift Natsumi her new outfit and have some fun with her.
    • New Repeatable Scenes! You can now use Natsumi’s and Mana’s Christmas outfits when you hypnotize them, as well as new sex scenes with the three main girls with their respective outfits.
    • ~70 New CGs.
    • 12 New Videos! Spread across the events and repeatable scenes. With time variations they total around 28.
    • Custom Art featuring Tamako! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. You are in the mood for watching ladies in bathing suits, maybe somewhere where you can advance time…
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
  • v0.12.5:
    • Two New Random Events! This update focuses on expanding the world a little bit with new events that you can encounter while exploring in the city and running in the park. (Repeatable | Requires Control >= 25)
    • 5 New Animations! Across both new characters.
    • 40 New CGs covering the random events.
    • Custom Art featuring Kana! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. You should visit her in the store to unlock it.
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
  • v0.12:
    • Natsumi’s Slavement! This update focuses on our beautiful office lady Natsumi. She will ask for your help once again, and this time you’ll be able to make her yours.
    • 1 New Repeatable H-Scene! Following the story event, you’ll unlock a new scene for Natsumi with the spell. (2 animations for one scene.)
    • 134 New CGs covering the story event.
    • Custom Art featuring Natsumi! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. You should try to check up on her at night, maybe she’s dreaming about you…
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
    • Fixed a bug in which you could get stuck with the wrong clues if you did Tamako’s first bj event after the Christmas Outfits event, now it’s required to complete the bj event before the christmas one.
  • v0.11:
    • COMPLETE UI OVERHAUL!! This update changes the way the UI looks entirely to fit more with the game’s tone and to give it a more complete look. It also adds a new logo for the game. I hope everyone likes it!
    • Content wise the update focuses on Mana, the coffee shop owner. You’ll be able to hypnotize her and have some fun with her, as long as you’ve been working hard. (1 h-scene with 2 animations, from 2 different POV)
    • Summer MC is now 2 years old! (As of May 2023) To celebrate, apart from the UI overhaul, I added 3 extra art pieces in the gallery that I hope everyone enjoys. To find it go to your room.
    • This time there was a tie between Mana and Ayako for the Custom Art, since the update focuses on Mana, I decided that the Custom Art for this update should feature Ayako! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. You should exercise with her to find it.
    • Updated the Patrons list!
  • v0.10:
    • This update focuses on completing Ayako’s enslavement.
    • 2 new story events both involving primarily Ayako, with the first of them involving Tamako as well.
    • 2 new animated scenes with 2 animations each (slow and fast version)
    • 2 new dialogues when watching TV with Ayako and when using the spell on her, to reflect the changes involving her enslavement.
    • The Custom Art for this update features Tamako! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. You should sneak around the house to try and find it.
    • REDUCED GAME SIZE BY ~75% Massive thanks to UnusualFish for helping me with this. He also develops a Mind Control game you can check it out here!
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
    • Fixed a bug in which Ayako’s bj repeatable scene showed her wearing tights at night, even though she was wearing her pjs.
  • v0.9.5:
    • This content focuses on adding extra content for existing characters and adding a new side character.
    • A total of 6 new animated scenes across all the update! (2 animations per scene)
    • HoliYear just set up shop in the city, explore around to meet a new character, buy some new costumes for the main girls and an opportunity to meet up with Momo, the delivery girl.
    • Added the new “Costumes” menu for the main girls while under hypnosis. Unlocks the ability to see new scenes with the previous santa costumes for Tamako and Ayako, and lets you see new scenes with the new bunny girl costumes, available for the 3 main girls.
    • Now you can meet Momo in the mornings, in the HoliYear shop. Learn more about her, help her out and find an opportunity to use the spell on her. (1 cg scene, repeatable)
    • The new character Kana! She’s the attendant in the HoliYear shop, a shy girl that’s trying her best to improve sales. Maybe she’ll reward you if you buy something. (1 cg scene and 1 animated scene, both repeatable)
    • The custom art for this update features Momo! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. You should shop online to see if you find it.
    • Updated the Patrons list! As usual this is only possible thanks to your support <3
    • Some UI changes, HUD now displays your money at all times, and you can back out the stats menu with ESC and right-click. (Thanks to jadih96207 from F95Zone for the support)
  • v0.9:
    • This update brings content for both Ayako and Natsumi.
    • Natsumi has a new request for you, this time she’s having trouble focusing at work. (1 bj scene for Natsumi)
    • Ayako has decided to show you her favorite movie! The heat of romance will help develop new progress with her. (1 bj scene for Ayako)
    • The custom art for this update features Mana, the coffee shop manager! As usual “The Magician” patrons voted for this one, this time it’s a sex scene. I think it turned out great. Rumors say if you show up to work a bit too early, Mana will reward you.
    • Added an option for you to spend time with Natsumi by having dinner with her, available in the evening. (It’s unlocked after you completed her first hj scene)
    • Updated the Patrons list! This time we had a massive increase, thanks a lot everyone!
    • Bug fixes: Fixed an error that prevented some images from displaying properly when doing a relaxation session with Natsumi in the afternoon and evening on weekends.
  • v0.8:
    • A continuation of Natsumi’s relaxation sessions. Now there are progressive options to completely undress her. Earns love and corruption depending on how far you go each time (Repeatable).
    • Help Natsumi relieve the pain from her job with 2 new events including a Hand Job and a Tit Job. (Replayable in Scene Gallery)
    • Now you can use the spell on Natsumi without doing a session (works like the other heroines), after you undress her completely during a relaxation session. Unlock the hj and tj option after doing their respective events.
    • The custom art for this update features Ayako! The patrons voted for this one, and you guys chose to have her do a tit job. You should try to spend time with her at home to unlock it.
    • Updated Patrons List!
  • v0.7:
    • It’s Summer MC’s anniversary month! To celebrate I added two new custom images apart from the regular custom art for this update. They feature the three main heroines and two side characters (Mana and Momo). (I wanted to do a lot more, but time has been limited lately)
    • New story / love event for Tamako with 2 h-scenes. The heavily requested sex scene with a main heroine. I’m sorry it took so long, but hey developing the story and the game takes time.
    • The custom art of this update features Tamako! The patrons voted for this one, but after this update I think you’ll have had enough of her for a bit. You should try to spend some time with her if you wanna see it.
    • New MacOs version available!*
    • Updated Patrons List!
    • Minor changes to the main title.
  • v0.5:
    • New Character! Natsumi the office lady. You’ll be able to hypno her for the first time and do “relaxation sessions” with her at her place.
    • New Location! Natsumi’s place, complete her first event to be able to visit her at her home.
    • Christmas Event! I know it’s pretty late now, but I had thought of this event since December and I wanted to implement it. Be sure to watch a lot of T.V to unlock the start of the event. (The Ad won’t appear until after your first week so keep that in mind.)
    • New options for Ayako’s hypno event. You can now ask her to strip down to her underwear and completely. Progress the story to unlock them.
    • New image for Ayako’s dedicated corruption training. Improve her stats to unlock it.
    • The new Patron’s Custom Art features Mana, the coffee shop manager. Look around the map in order to unlock it. They say if you work ‘till late at night, she will reward you with some “special service”.
    • Quality of life and balancing: Reduced some of the stats necessary to start Tamako’s hj and bj events. Plus improved the amount of Love that some events give you in order to reduce the grind.
    • Bug fixes: Fixed and issue where the items in your inventory would get reseted when loading up a save file.
  • v0.4:
    • WARNING! Unfortunetly for certain changes I made past saves won’t work. I’m almost sure they won’t show up at all. So you’re gonna have to start from the beginning. I’m sorry for the inconvenience…
    • WARNING 2.0! Don’t extract this version unto an older version’s folder. I moved some scripts unto a new folder so if you do that there will be repeated files issues. Thanks to Rolliepolie for letting me know!
    • Two new story events for Tamako. (Improve her stats and your control, then help her and spend time with her.)
    • Two new animated scenes! You can now order Tamako to give you a hand job and a blow job.
    • Improved the “use the spell” events: now works as a recurrent menu that remembers your choices inside said event and acts around them.
    • Updated UI: Improved the look of the stats screen and added the much requested feature to know when you’ve reached the end of the content of each character. (I plan to upgrade this so that it tells you hints for each scene, for now only when you’ve reached the end of the content)
    • Two new features:
    • A new scene replayer where you can visit non repeatable scenes from the story.
    • An image gallery where I’ll add special non canon art. 10$ patrons can participate in a poll to decide said art each update. I’ll also add other art that I want.
    • The special art for this update features Ayako! As a way to compensate for the fact she didn’t get any new scenes this update.
    • A new sort of mini game to unlock the special art. Instead of just unlocking it from the get go, you gotta find it somewhere in the map. Visit places or interact with characters to find them. You’ll be notified when you do. (Where you will find it depends on of which character is the art, so use that as a starting point)
    • Bug fixes: Solved an issue where you couldn’t earn money if you decided to postpone asking Tamako for the allowance.
    • And more little improvements!
  • v0.3:
    • The start of Ayako’s storyline!
    • You can now hypno Ayako after you complete her first story event.
    • Added new interactions for Ayako after you hypno her for the first time.
    • Money and inventory system added.
    • New location: Coffee Shop. You’ll be able to work here and earn money. (Decided by a patreon poll)
    • Passive income: Tamako’s Allowance. You’ll earn a bit of money every week. You will need to work on her corruption or love stats to have her give it to you.
    • Added the PC. You can shop, watch MeTube and do a bunch of other stuff there. (You can watch the credits here)
    • New secondary characters:
      • Mana the Coffee Shop manager.
      • The Delivery Girl for the online shop.
    • *New scenes* Added the corruption training option for the girls when you hypno them. Earn more corruption here.
    • Added new images for when you advance time through the different options. (TV, MeTube, running in the park, etc)
    • Added the “Watch Porn” option to the PC. I’ll drop renderings here every now and then. Also worked as a test for animated scenes.
    • Updated the UI thanks to Cuckoo4cocoapuffs over on F95, they basically did it for me. Huge thank you!
  • v0.2: This update mainly focuses on getting the sandbox part of the game working, so it lacks a bit in terms of h scenes. It may not seem like much but getting everything to work properly took some time. With this structure now complete, adding content from now on should be easier and faster.
    • Completed the Intro to the game.
    • Added a time system that tracks what time of the day it is, which day of the week you’re at, and how many days have passed.
    • Added a stat system that records your progress with the girls.
    • Added a travel system that lets you go wherever you want.
    • You can now interact with Tamako in the living room at noon and evening, and in her room at night.
    • You can now interact with Ayako in the park in the morning, and in the living room in the afternoon.
    • You can now hypnotize Tamako at noon and night.
    • You can now order Tamako to strip under trance.
    • If you have improved Tamako’s love and corruption enough, you can now order her to remove her bra under trance.
  • v0.1:
    • Initial Release.

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