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A lewd Sidescrolling/RPG. In Saria Reclaimed you play as Saria, a wandering samurai of Cardinal’s Heart,
an oasis town in the vast desert filled with bandits and abominations. Will she give in to her desires and corruption or continue on the bloody path of a Pure Maiden ?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-08-31
Developer: Velminth – Patreon – Itch.io – Twitter – Pixiv – Newgrounds – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.15.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Teasing, Corruption ,Creampie, Adventure, Combat, RPG, voiced, anal sex, handjob

– Single bugfix


-Hardcore Pose : Footjob (Human)
-Hardcore Pose : Anal (Troglodyte)
-Cut-In : Footjob
-Cut-In : Thighjob
-Cut-In : Cum On Feet
-Cut-In : Tear Clothes
-Cut-In : Pussy Creampie Variant
-Cut-In : Ass Poke (Bonepicker)
-Cut-In : Tits/Abs Lick (Troglodyte)
-Cut-In : Asshole Lick (Troglodyte)
-Lewd Cards Batch 2 (Initiate stuff)
-Remade the tutorial

—Bug Fixes/Balance :
-Specified what enemies cannot have their Bodypart Preference changed
-Simply using cards no longer regenerates Willpower during encounters
-Differentiated between enemy combat telegraphs and other status effects more
-Stamina is now recovered after Masseuse Sidejob
-Stamina is now recovered when taking another Client during the Masseuse Sidejob
-Blowjob Cut-In not working in Cut-In Gallery
-Fixed unaligned pictures outside of combat
-Hovering enemy name now also displays the enemy info panel
-Fixed Unlocking CGs via losing to revived bosses not being possible.
-Fixed being able to brick defeat scenarios by moving before the movement lock triggers
-Returned usual interaction keyboard functions and completly disabled access to old RPGM menus
-Fixed being able to escape boss fights
-Fixed the additional enemy info menu showing the Bodypart Preference of enemy 1 as the preference of all enemies in the encounter
-Fixed equipped Accessories being sent to the void if a Tenet with less accessory slots is equipped
-Fixed Not being able to Clean Up at Swald Bar & Mios Hive camps
-Fixed *0.50% Element multiply being rounded down to *0%
-Fixed some misleading hints for the Massage sidejob
-Fixed Masseuse sidejob tip not resetting after leaving the job and coming back in
-Fixed Masseuse sidejob not resetting after a Happy Ending
-Fixed Masseuse Undress & Blue Orb Cut-Ins not unlocking in the gallery after getting them
-Fixed Masseuse Happy Ending offer when high partner count not going counting as accepted when accepted
-Fixed Massage options 4 and 5 being switched around
-Fixed cards with multiple hits discarding multiple cards to the right of them
-Fixed Coom Cut-Ins not clearing up until another Cut-In comes in
-Fixed Massage Sidejob : Breather now only appears when Stamina is less or equal to 50%
-Fixed Sidestep & Energy Reserves using the same Card art
-Fixed various bugs making Accessories/Stats not update properly upon changes
-Fixed CGs outside of Gallery, be it a win or loss, not updating last/first/virginity Encounter details.
-Other small bug fixes I forgot.


Fixes :
-Bodypart Conversion not firing properly
-Masseuse Happy Endings not counting towards the Exploits list
-Doomglider Defeat not firing on loss
-Blue Orb Traps are now a coin toss. In memory of all the discord fallen
-Masseuse Sidejob now works with Tenets with more than 1 Initiative
-Fixed Oil Accident & Reverse CGs firing back to back


Fixes :
– Scene.onSkillOkEx error, if it does show up again somehow do tell me.
– Energy Reserves only drawing 1 card instead of 2
– Combat HUD elements showing up in Massage HUD
– Massage text tuned to not be lightning-fast
– Massage pattern slightly easier to discern
– Massage Techniques costing 0 Stamina
– Massage Happy Ending offers are more frequent
– Massage HUD overlays the Undress Cut-In
– Massage Clients not cooming when they should
– Massage Hardcore Pose expression not matching Pleasure %
– Bonepickers & Harpies not doing Lewd stuff
– Bosses/Mooks potentially being prone to Preference changes that they cannot accomplish
– Guardrail to prevent players from going 50 pages deep on no cards in the Deck
– Added another switch to make sure Cum Cut-Ins don’t stay on screen for longer than they should
– Nuke all access to default RPGM Menus
– Cum Layer not aligned for standing portrait
– Dealing 0 Damage shows “Dodge”, now it’ll say “No Damage”


Combat Encounters 2.0 & Slut Path
Combat System:
Introducing the new card system~
All actions in combat now require the expenditure of Initiative governed by Tenets, your new shiny replacement for armor.
Cards possess distinct abilities to inflict various types of damage and apply a diverse range of status effects.
These effects can be strategically employed to dispatch targets efficiently or protect Saria from incoming attacks.

New Status Effects:
In addition to the existing status effects, a set of new status effects has been introduced.
Notable additions include Dodge and Block, which provide additional defensive options to players.
The newly introduced status effects are generally stackable, allowing for more strategic gameplay.

Enemy Balancing:
Enemies’ combat statistics have been entirely rebalanced to align with the changes made to the combat system.
Things won’t be as easy anymore, eh ?

Techniques used by enemies are now telegraphed on Saria’s turn, allowing players to get an idea of what they should expect to happen and make a decision based on it. Perhaps you don’t want to gain that pesky Mouth Corruption, eh ?
To gain insight into an enemy’s upcoming move, players can hover over their sprite, revealing the details of their intended action.

User Interface:
To facilitate the exploitation of different damage types, an improved enemy health bar has been introduced.
Players can now hover over the health bar to access additional information, such as passives, weaknesses, health, pleasure and so on.
To increase readability/visibility of lewd actions and Cut-Ins during combat, extra HUD elements are hidden while those occur.

Unique Boss Passives:
Select enemies, primarily bosses, now possess unique passive abilities that add a twist to the encounter.

Card Collection and Deck Management:
By defeating enemies, Saria can now collect cards that were previously used by them.
The collected cards are categorized based on the faction affiliation of the enemy from which they were acquired.
Saria’s deck capacity is limited to a maximum of 9 cards, which are randomly drawn during combat.
The likelihood of drawing a specific card is influenced by the number of other cards or duplicates present in the deck.
The total of Combat Cards, as of Chapter 1’s soon to come end, is 51.

Accessories/Tenet Menu
The equipment menu has been completely remade and integrated into the new Deck menu.
The Accessories button can be hovered to get a quick glimpse of the currently equipped Tenet and Accessories, or clicked to access the menu itself and change them.

Tenets have replaced armor and levels as the primary source of stat progression in the game. Just like Cards, they can be acquired from bosses, quests, mooks.
In addition to such generic benefits as increased maximum stamina, pleasure and initiative, some Tenets will also provide Anomalous Cards in the near future.

Accessories have also been completely reworked to match the card system. They provide smaller buffs and benefits in comparison to Tenets.
The amount of Accessory slots available is dictated by the Tenet.
Items overall have been made more expensive and offer a bigger hand in helping resolve an encounter.

Slut Path:
Increasing the Pleasure of an enemy is now a viable strategy, both as a means to an end and as a full-stop.
Mooks and Bosses have been given certain Pleasure thresholds that once passed inflict debuffs upon them.
Bosses can now be neutralized or “neutralized” if their Pleasure gauge is filled up.
Enemies are now more sensitive to Pleasure damage inflicted by their favored bodypart, be it by their own hand or by Saria’s.
Boss CGs and Defeat Scenarios have been moved outside of combat and replaced with their VN-esque counterparts making them easier to skip through.

Passive Arousal:
The per-turn passive corruption gain from Saria simply being aroused has been scrapped.
Replacing it are disruptive cards with various effects that have an escalating chance of being drawn (instead of combat cards) based on Saria’s pleasure level.

Sidejob : Masseuse
Reason enough to dress Saria up in a pseudo-maid apron with not much underneath.
To keep it simple : Clients come in afflicted with random States.
Clints have various difficulty levels, some spawning with multiple afflictions.
Each affliction removed increases the amount of money Saria receives at the end of a massage.
Afflictions are removed by either using a gentle approach or a rough one, using the opposite side of the spectrum will potentially upset Saria’s client and make him leave.
Each Massage Technique potentially increases the Client’s Pleasure and so does Saria’s uniform state, making them likely to do lewd stuff…
Like requesting lewd services in exchange for a bigger tip.
CG : Straps (Requires Explorer Rank)
CG : Reverse (Requires Adventurer Rank)
CG : Oil Accident (No Partners Requirement)
CG : Intruder (Requires Night Lady Rank)
Hardcore Pose : Masseuse 69
Hardcore Pose : Masseuse Nuru
Hardcore Pose : Masseuse Cowgirl
Cut-In : Masseuse Undress

Also, btw, wink, nudge :
Added a Cut-In Gallery to the Theatre, under the name of “Promo”.
Remade some easier to use Cheats (so you bozos stop bricking your saves by increasing the [REDACTED] variable) such as one click away unlocking all CGs or Cut-Ins in the Theatre.
Removed the murder-hoboing option from some NPCs, as funny as it is it cucks my ability to make some sidequests and include the characters in an overall plot.
Remastered the volume on some of the songs
Dozen other changes that I can’t remember.

– Fixed ClitRubWCock Failed to Load error


-Pose : Clit Rub w/Cock
-Pose : Asscheek Job
-Pose : Thigh Job
-Cut-In : Cum on Ass
-Cut-In : Cum on Arms
-Cut-In : Cum on Abs
-Cut-In : Cum on Armpit
-Cut-In : Clit Rub w/Cock
-Cut-In : Asscheek Job
-Alcohol now lowers Resistance
-Fixed not being able to Initiate Clit Rub
-Fixed camp sprite in Mios Hive
-Optimized maps with particle effects

Download Saria Reclaimed Porn Game

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