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Renryuu: Ascension follows the story of Ryen, a half dragon-half human. After some sudden events Ryen becomes the King of his country and starts his dutys as the King in the castle while also traveling around when needed to take care of many problems inside and outside of the country.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-25
Developer: Naughty Netherpunch – Subscibestar – Blog – Discord – Itch.io – Steam – Wiki
Censored: No
Version: 23.09.25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, RPG, Erotic adventure, Oral sex, Titfuck, Monster girl, Mobile game, Turn based combat, Creampie, Cosplay, Corruption, Big tits, Combat, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Pregnancy, Harem, Group sex, Anal sex; cheating

Update 23.09.25 changes:
– The main part of this update is the preview for the “time skip” system and the first part for the war events. The “time skip” system will advance the events after the current end of the main story and is split into different phases. My plan is to keep adding to these phases over time, as it’s too much to do it all at once, while also continuing the content of the “current” time. You can enter the “time skip preview” by using the sparkling book in Ryen’s bedroom in the castle of Aldlyn.
– Only the “pre-war” phase has events at first, where the story guides you to the war phase. There are some dialogs in the “pre-war” phase you only get when you have previously selected to prepare for war against that nation.
– During the war phase, you can fight with the vanguards, or use a text based system if you want to get through the story faster. (Currently only Begus is available for war.)
– The text based system has a random chance to win or lose battles, depending on various factors like army skill level, special equipment (like anti-cold armor), or choices during the dialogs. Losing a battle this way will cost you only Action Points. There is a special reward for finishing the battle at Meddling Castle within a time limit, but else there is no rush or limit to the AP or turns you have.
– There are 8 battle locations for the current version of the war system: Near Witton, center border of Central and Begus, near Parverhill, the street in the north of Begus, Ironholm Prison, Diminus Castle, Meddling Castle, and one story battle after Meddling Castle. The story battle after Meddling Castle was secured is the current end of the test version. (There are no battles available for Amagal or Dorgania yet)

– At the start of the battle, you can now select to change the formation. It doesn’t allow you to move the starting positions, but you can swap the squads with each others, for example, to put your melee units in front, and ranged units in the back.
– In the formation phase, you can also change a squad on the battlefield to one of the unused squads from the reserve.
– The formation phase allows you to look around the battlefield before you start the battle.
– I added little icons to show how troops in vanguard battles are armed.
– Fixed a bug which caused the previously used armor to disappear when you changed the armor of some vangaurd leaders to plain armor.
– Fixed a bug which caused enemy melee squads in vanguard battles to counter ranged attacks.
– I changed the white arrows of the “selection icon” you use to interact with things, for example on the country overview map, by adding a black border all around it. This way it’s easier to see on white backgrounds.

Changes in version 23.08.24:
– A new dungeon entrance was added to the area of the Shrine of Flunis. In this dungeon is a big door, which requires the events of 8 characters to unlock it:
Akai: First meeting
Neya: First meeting
Aiyana: Good or bad end of her previous events.
Mai: Good or bad reunion of her and Dea
Dea: Good or bad reunion of her and Mai
Coral: Lives in your castle
Mozaik: Lives in Taby’s farm
Lili: Lives in your castle
– After finishing the events in the new dungeon, and when you had the CG scene of Aiyana and Flora, Aiyana will move to the plaza in front of the castle of Aldlyn. Talking to her there will unlock a new CG scene.
– Small change to Trey’s blessing selection in the church of Aldlyn to show the name of the corresponding god when you select a blessing.
– The way how drops for legendaries work in the raid dungeons was changed. Instead of using a check whether “it is in your inventory or equipped” the system now activates a trigger when you get a legendary, to prevent you from getting it again. This prevents issues with getting copies of legendaries when the party member with the item equipped is not in the party.

Preview for the time skip system:

I went deeper into the development and preparation of the time skip events, but there is no playable content for it yet. I know that people look forward to the phases about war, so it’ll be one of the priorities and might get started in the next update. The phases won’t get developed in chronological order, instead I’ll go back and forth between the phases during the creation.
Other priorities are the marriages for (female) Grey and Brad, which’ll happen during the early phases of the time skip, when you made the required choices to be on that route of their events.

Please keep in mind that all of this is still a work in progress, and can change during the development.
The general idea is that you have multiple time phases, where you can select and watch different events on the worldmap. (The speech bubbles were edited onto the screenshot to symbolize events you can watch during the current phase. The final graphics might look different.)
Once the system is finished, you’d see these phases one by one in chronologic order, without being able to go back, but as long as things will be in development, it’ll be possible to go back and forth, and even leave this screen to go back to the “current” time of the start of the game to continue your progress in the game.

The phases will include:
– Act 1: Dialog about the main story continuation, and how you prepare for the future battle against Raziel, in case that he gets control over the titans.
– Act 2: Shows the country changes and improves during your reign, and how it affects the people and their opinion about you.
– Act 3: Events about Raziel’s group, primarily about Emilia and Mio.
– Act 4: About monstergirls and their changes.
– Pre War: Story and preperations before war.
– War: Battle phase in which you can fight against other countries with the vanguards, or play the story via text, if you want to avoid the strategy battle system.
– Post War: Events with tell you about what the result of the war changed in Central and the other countries.
– Act 5: The world changes as time progresses. + Events focusing about side characters.
– Preg.: Girls will announce or notice their pregnancy.
– Birth: Birth of your children.
– Act 6: Time during which your children are still babies, and the story advances.
– Children: Events of your childrens growth and childhood. Their personalities and unique traits will be shown.
– Act 7: The events for your children continue, where they become old enough to plan their future professions. As the battle against Raziel comes closer, you’re asked to select a successor from your children. (The preview CGs for children shown on SubscribeStar are for this time phase.)
– Act 8: Last preparations and story events before the final battle against Raziel. It’s the last part of the „time skip“ but there will be more content afterwards.
(The mentioned content will be the „main“ part of that phase. Small events with different characters will be scattered throughout the entire time skip phases.)

Version 23.08.08 changes:
– New full body images for Grey in his old and new shape. The face images were changed to fit to his new looks.
– After the events with Tsiom from the last update, you can talk with Brad at the sleeping chambers to get a new dialog.
– The event will determine the future of Brad. One of the three choices will give you a dialog with Ash in Kagabangui, which leads to a new CG scene.
– When you use the teleport orb after the events at Fürstenstein, the event with Brad and Tsiom, and all previous events with Grey are done, a guard in front of the castle will get a !-icon above his head. The event will advance the story of Grey.
– The event of Grey gives you access to a new dungeon area for the female adventurer group, which also unlocks the skilltree for them. The grinding for special pearls in the area for the skilltree is optional. You only need to find the chest with a unique item in it to advance Grey’s events. The item unlocks a dialog with Grey in the castle in Aldlyn, which leads to a new CG scene.

Other news:
– The CGs for Grey’s children are almost done, and the previews will be posted for subscribers on SubscribeStar soon. Based on the poll results, the next girl to get CGs for her child will be Kurohime.
– The next update is planned to be a quick one, so that I can release it in about 2 weeks. Depending on how much gets done, it might include the first view into the time skip events. The idea is to add them piece by piece, since it’d be too much work to do it all at once. It’ll still take a very long time until the entire time skip (and all pre-time skip) events will be done.
– I also want to update and improve the wiki, since it turned out to be really helpful, but is still lacking a lot of info. You can find it at https://renryuu.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

– The first part is a new quest with the female adventurer trio. It unlocks when you talk with Trey at the sleeping chambers after using the teleport orb when the scene with f-Brad at the cavern of the enigmatic warlord is done.
– After the quest at Fürstenstein, you can do a race for a treasure, which also gives you a new CG scene afterwards.
– The CG scene is required to unlock a new dialog with one of Lady Purple’s guys. (Also requires that the marriage system is unlocked.)
– This event will unlock a new wedding quest, and a new dialog with Tsiom when you finished all of her training with Brad and finished the fight between Brad and Grimace (regardless of the outcome).

The new content for this update is done after the events with Tsiom and the new wedding. The next update will continue the story of Brad, give Grey new events, and maybe it’ll have the first look into the time skip system, depending on how much I’ll get done.

– A new quest begins in the church of Aldlyn, when the marriage and vanguard systems are unlocked, and Tabsy’s big farm and the military command center were build.
The quest will unlock the vanguard squad leaders Eynhylde and Selka, and a CG scene with the nun Enaris. With this, all 20 vanguard squad leaders are now available.
– After recruiting her, Selka can be found for an additional dialog in the barracks of the vanguards.
– Cookie was moved from “Central 2” to “Others 1” in the CG room.
– Eynhylde is in the page “Central 2” in the CG room, Selka is on the page “Non-human 2”
– Since Scuffy and Della can’t gain stats from equipping better weapons, you can now upgrade the weapons of their squads to make up for the missing stats.
– The image for all normal and strong bandit enemies were changed.

Out of curiosity, I made a poll so that you can let me know which character design you like more between the pegasus knight Eynhylde and the justice warrior Selka with her head wings: https://strawpoll.com/polls/61gDmwMbLZw

Now that the matter of recruiting all vanguard squad leaders is done, which I wanted to take care of for a while, I can finally advance to the next priorities.
The highest priorities for me now are to add the remaining weddings, and to start the time skip events. The “normal” events and CG scenes in the current time will also continue, but the focus will be on the weddings for the time being.
And when I have the time, I want to improve the war system, wiki/walkthrough, and the country managment map.

The time skip is planned to have several different phases, in which you’ll see things like:
– The continuation of the main story.
– Events about how the country improves during the time and the world and buildings change.
– The development of befriended monstergirls.
– A war phase with events before, during, and after war.
– Everything related to your children like pregnancy and their upbringing. (All after the war phase)
How detailed these phases will be, and if some will get added or removed, will be decided while I make the content.

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