Red Sakura Mansion 2 BDSM Adult Game Download Overview

Continuation of the first version of the game on Renpy. After the events in the first part, you are forced to start from scratch in a new city. Taught by bitter experience, you have become smarter and more accurate.

The new city gives great opportunities, dozens of new locations (in future updates), lot of new characters
(later you will be able to find old characters and find out who betrayed you). Create your own harem or turn girls into slutty women, restore your former glory and your mansion!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-08-20
Developer: TinWoodman – Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.10
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Red Sakura Mansion
Genre: 3dcg, bdsm, big ass, big tits, corruption, humiliation, male protagonist, teasing, sandbox, slave


  • Signing contract with Pamela. Let’s think about what kind of tattoo we’re going to give her, shall we? Hmm… she has one very distinct talent, I’m talking about her tongue…..
    Try this Amazing scene with Pamela and Elizabeth in Trainings menu in Pamela section
  • After that, you can command your doggie to polish your …. AHEM…. bottom, you know?
  • Done with documents? Here we go! Time to walk our new doggie! YOF YOF, Ermmm i mean “SIT DOWN!” Magnificient quest with watersports!
  • How about a bite to eat? You gotta cook something? Oh no man, this is so boring… Oh sh*t, you must have forgotten you have a bunch of housekeepers now. It’s a marvelous scene with lots of branching. You can restart this quest many times to see all the possible endings.
  • I think it’s time for Penelope to take it to the next level, which means you need to buy something new… I think I saw some kind of monstrously large device with a 40 centimeter d*ldo…
  • Around 10 new animations and more than 250 new renders
  • We’re trying out new mechanics and fluid simulation, so you’ll see a variety of fluids more often. Yes, there is still a lot of work ahead, and not all liquids look the way we want, but we are working on it and I think you will already appreciate our first steps in this direction


  • 5 animations and 250+ Renders in total
    Added 2 animation for Penelope, 1 animation for Chloe and 3 animations for Cookie Quest
  • Good news: Now my partner is working on animations, which means that more and more animations will be added!
  • New quest Every one loves cookies (25 renders + 3 animations)
    Are you missing something crazy? Oh yes, here it is. Check new menu item: W*ores housework
  • New SURPRISE quest with a new girl (17 renders)
    I don’t want to spoil it, it will be a surprise. This quest will become available after completing the quest with the livers. Just go home and sleep and the next day the quest will start automatically
  • New quest for Clementine (29 renders)
    You are one step closer to winning her trust.
    New punihments for Chloe (25 renders): -Rope and birhing
  • MouthF*ck
  • Chan and fck
  • RimJ*b
  • DeepThrat New punihments for Naomi (31 render):
  • Ride on dil*o
  • Tid up and fck
  • Feeding
  • Spaking New punihments for Penelope (26 renders):
  • Flog*ing
  • Tid up and fck
  • Tid up and mouthfck
    New webcms: These events happen randomly New webcm for Chloe (31 renders):
  • Pus*y play
  • Magicwand
  • Nipples tor*ure
  • Anl dilo
  • Show with Naomi
    New webc*m for Naomi (29 renders):
  • Show with Chloe 2
  • Show with Chloe 3
  • Nipples tor*ure
  • Play with dil*o
  • Anl dilo
    New webc*m for Penelope (31 renders):
  • Sucing dilo
  • Ana* dil*o
  • Pus*y play
  • Magic wand
  • Penelope’s mood page added (7 renders)
  • Added hints in some places
  • Chainged menu in library
  • Fixing bugs
  • Changed some dialogues


– new quest for Sophie and Grace (Check Pharmacy to play it) – 60 new renders
– 14 days marathon with Penelope (after completing quest above) – 116 new renders
– You have a third girl – 20 new renders
Fixing bugs


– Now you can change your name at any time (use Home menu)
– New Penelope scene.
– Go to the Library to read legal literature, it’s time to figure out how to get your mansion back.
– New photoshhot for Elizabeth.
– New photoshhot for Sophie.
– New photoshhot for Clementine.
– Added 4 new items in the sexshop
– Added 2 new items in the store
– New scene with Naomi, when she signs a contract with you
– Now you can train your slaves! If you don’t train or punish your slaves they become stubborn
– Now you can now check the mood of your slaves in the home menu.
– You can force slaves to work on webcam. When the day ends you will see what your slave did today
– Added Naomi webcam: playing with own p**sy, playing with dil*o, sucking dil*o, and squirting!
– Added for Naomi Trainings: Toilet punishment (watersports), BJ, and double BJ
– Added for Chloe Trainings: Whip
– Added 200+ new renders and 5 new animations
– Fixing bugs
– Now starting from version 1.7 old saves should work. If you don’t have save version 1.6 you can download it. In future versions of the game you will not need to download saves, old saves will work fine. The exception will be only BIG changes in the code, but this will be rare

Walkthrough: (SPOILERS!) If you are stuck and have tried all the locations and even the tips in the Office (in the Requests for Photo Shoots menu) did not help you, then you can watch the walkthrough

1.6 update have only one features – the Gallery.

New Chloe Quest

– Visit Ophelia and find out how to get back into the Gentlemen’s Club. She will give you a task that only Chloe can complete. Next go to home and check “Fun with whores” menu for a special quest

New Grace Quest
– Why not try to blackmail her? Oh yeah let this girl know her place

New Penelope Quest
-Suddenly, someone turns out to love role-playing games. Suddenly. Don’t forget to buy a school uniform

New Elizabeth Quest
Where’s my car dude? It’s time to fast ride!

New Gentlemen’s Club Quest
It’s time to get Naomi back. And hang out at a party!

– 4 new items in a store/sexshop
– About 200+ new renders!
– Bugfixing

-Continuation of the quest with Ophelia
Remember, she came to your house half-naked? Here it is
– New quest for Penelope.
Do you love rods as much as I do?
– New quest for Clementine.
What do you know about knights? I don’t know anything about them. But Clementine knows. Fasten your seat belts!
– New quest for Sophie
Do you like reading books? Well, at least those books in which there are pictures?
– New jobs for Chloe
It’s time to have alternative ways to earn money, right? 2 new jobs with 6 animations!
– New location: Gentlemen’s Club!

Something new huh?
– New character
I don’t want to spoil it, but you will be happy
– New watersports scene
You understand what I mean, right?

– Add new item for sexshop
Woosh, woosh, woosh!

IMPORTANT: Don’t try old saves! This will cause errors!
If you want to play only this update, select new game in main menu and choose “Play from last update”

v 1.4.2
Fixed: Animations are now displayed correctly

v 1.4.1
Fixed: Error when trying to sell pics

– Added new quest for Penelope (Park) + animations
– Added new quest for Clementine (Creative space) + 2 animations
– Added new quest for Elizabeth (Car showroom)
– Added new quest for Sophie (Pharmacy)
– Added new quest for Chloe + animations
– Added 2 new items in a sexshop
– Added 2 new items in a store
– Added job for Chloe
– Added the ability to have fun with Chloe (only 1 item for now)
– Added more than 140 new renders and 4 animations
– Fixed bugs
– Edit some dialogues

– Sex Shop opened
After MC level 15, you can go to the sexshop
– Added 1 quests for Sophie
– Added 1 quests for Penelope
– Added 1 quests for Elizabeth
– Added 1 quest for Clementine
– Added 1 SPECIAL quest

After MC level 18 you can start investigate betrayal and after 3 days you will knock on the door. You will be delighted, do not miss this quest. You will meet with one of your past slaves
– Added 6 HOT video
I am especially proud of this item, I hope you really appreciate the quality of the animation.
– Added new items in the Store
– Fix some Bugs

As a result, about 110 new renders and 6 videos added!
Have a nice fun and thanks for your support!

– Added “Photo sessions requests”
Now you can find out which Photo sessions are required and understand which quests are not completed yet. View the list of Photo sessions requests at the offices

– Added player (MC) level
You can view MC level on the Home screen
– Pharmacy opened
After MC level 5, you can go to the pharmacy
– Added Sofia (Pharmacy)
– Added 2 quests for Sofia
– Added 2 quests for Penelope
– Added 2 quests for Elizabeth
– Added 1 quest for Clementine
– Added new items in the Store
– Added 1 quest for Grace (Library)

The quest will be available after completing all of Elizabeth’s quests. Just come to the library any time
– Added 1 video for Grace
Hot video

Initial Release
1800 lines of code, 100+ renders and the first Renpy release is here!

Download Red Sakura Mansion 2 Porn Game


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Mega Workupload


Mega Workupload


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