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fan-made visual novel that takes you into an alternate Pokémon world that doesn’t send, 10-year-olds off to fend for themselves. Here, characters from the core series games are put together in a more realistic high school setting. Rather than the player character leave on a solo journey at a young age, he attends school like any one of us and learn about the Pokémon world from there.

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-06-17
Developer: Pokémon Visual Twitter – YouTube – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 02.28.2024
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, male protagonist, school setting, milf, teasing, monster, turn based combat, fantasy, adventure, big ass, big tits, no sexual content., parody,

2024-02-23 Typos.
2024-02-28 Added click controls to dungeons.
2024-02-28 Added Flintlock and Hewdraw to credits.
2024-02-28 Typos, bugs.
2024-02-28 Red Chibi will show up when not playing as Red.
2024-02-28 Resized chibis.
2024-02-28 Blue and Leaf won’t misgender people.
2024-02-28 Wishiwashi wishiworks.
2024-02-28 Update domove.rpy
2024-02-28 Fixed Hilbert rank issue.
2024-02-28 Music fix on 5/6.
2024-02-28 Student COuncil Gardenia investment can’t take you over the cap.
2024-02-28 Update domove.rpy
2024-02-28 Fixed hiding of pokemon sidescreen when adjusting liberation limit.
2024-02-28 Mega/Giga options won’t show up for inapplicable ‘mons.
2024-02-28 Raihan scene fixes.
2024-02-28 Fixed Shedinja contingency for Dawn.
2024-02-28 Fixed Floette evolution.
2024-02-28 Fixed character sprites being duplicated if you name yourself something stupid.
2024-02-28 Update domove.rpy
2024-02-28 Re-archiving.
2024-02-28 Update version.


2024-02-11 Add PickTable Call Catcher.
2024-02-14 Typo.
2024-02-14 Update 010515.rpy
2024-02-14 Typos.
2024-02-14 Typo.
2024-02-14 Update 010512secondhomeroom.rpy
2024-02-14 Update dungeon.rpy
2024-02-14 Update screens.rpy
2024-02-14 Update dungeonscripts.rpy
2024-02-14 Update 010510secondhomeroom.rpy
2024-02-14 Typos.
2024-02-14 Update psychic.rpy
2024-02-14 Typos.
2024-02-15 Instructeur Fantina re-removal.
2024-02-15 Bugfix won’t apply if you’re a different playercharacter.
2024-02-15 Hid cap/potential information for nonplayer pkmn.
2024-02-15 See above.
2024-02-15 Should fix the Rosa Pikachu issue. Plz.
2024-02-15 Nate becomes a sussy baka.
2024-02-15 Comfey isn’t a traitor.
2024-02-15 Typo.
2024-02-15 Fix Mimikyu weirdness potential/BST.
2024-02-15 Create 0.mp3
2024-02-15 Fixed mega evolution renaming pikachu.
2024-02-15 Fixed Foreverals that boost moves.
2024-02-15 Fixed xposition of pikachu in top slot.
2024-02-15 Testing features.
2024-02-15 Fixed layering issue when looking at party mons in PC.
2024-02-15 Ice types cannot be frozen or frostbitten.
2024-02-15 You should not get infinite turns when attacking in PMD mode.
2024-02-15 You can’t switch to PMD mode to get double turns.
2024-02-15 Modified pathfinding slightly.
2024-02-15 Removed ranged attacks from PMD mode.
2024-02-15 Headbanging a wall should no longer refresh your team.
2024-02-15 You cannot stack units. I hope.
2024-02-15 Allies and self can pick up items in FE Mode.
2024-02-15 Moving in FE Mode consumes energy.
2024-02-15 Moving leader correctly sets oldpos.
2024-02-15 Reset turn counter at end of battle.
2024-02-15 Fixed mob1attacktype fix thing.
2024-02-15 Deleting Kris.
2024-02-15 Moved battlescripts.
2024-02-15 Delete battle.rpy.bak
2024-02-15 Fixed music on the 15th.
2024-02-15 Investment input safety.
2024-02-15 Starter Pokテゥmon should update w/evolution.
2024-02-15 Update functions.rpy
2024-02-15 Wally attends class properly.
2024-02-15 Update screens.rpy
2024-02-15 Tia’s Mime is not blinded by the light.
2024-02-15 G-Darumaka is Ice.
2024-02-15 Nessa won’t forget your date.
2024-02-15 Fixed switch item bug.
2024-02-15 See above.
2024-02-15 Update 010512.rpy
2024-02-15 Update 010419secondhomeroom.rpy
2024-02-15 Typos.
2024-02-15 Update functions.rpy
2024-02-15 Update 010510secondhomeroom.rpy
2024-02-16 Miscellaneous bugs and typos.
2024-02-16 Update functions.rpy
2024-02-16 Bugfixes.
2024-02-16 toxic spikes/stealth rocks/spikes won’t fail against semiinvuls
2024-02-16 Update learndex.rpy
2024-02-16 Update dragon.rpy
2024-02-16 Rare Candy work better.
2024-02-16 Fixes, typos.
2024-02-16 You can skip battle animations.
2024-02-16 See above.
2024-02-16 Update screens.rpy
2024-02-16 Working on battleforecast.
2024-02-19 Battle forecast fixes.
2024-02-19 Removed comments.
2024-02-19 Update large-crowd-talking.mp3
2024-02-19 Create raihan.webp
2024-02-19 Update red_body_neutralbody.webp
2024-02-19 Update portraits.rpy
2024-02-19 Add liberation limit cost to learn move ui.
2024-02-19 Implemented suggestions.
2024-02-19 Made engage tutorial _EVEN MORE OBVIOUS._
2024-02-19 Changed version.
2024-02-19 Hilbert relationship updates.
2024-02-19 Update functions.rpy
2024-02-19 Update 010501Saturday.rpy
2024-02-19 Typos.
2024-02-19 Pichu doesn’t abandon Ethan, unlike everyone else.
2024-02-19 Gyarados is intimidating.
2024-02-19 Metronome won’t pick up Liberage or ERROR.
2024-02-19 Update pokemon.rpy

  • The game has been written out to the end of Week 6, on May 16th.
  • Sabrina, Nessa, Sonia, Rosa, and two secret characters have new character scenes.
  • 30 new Foreverals have been created, unlocked by viewing the character scenes listed above.
  • A new system has been introduced that allows you to gather items.
  • Enabled going out at night.
  • New collectibles have been introduced: Gimmighoul Coins, Gym Badges, and Scholarships.
  • Several balance changes to Gardenia’s investing, certain custom moves, and gifting items.
  • Updated assets for a great many students, other characters, and teachers.
  • A new bondable character, the SECRET character from the Price of Fame storyline, has been introduced.
  • Many, many, bugfixes.
  • When you go to bed, the game will auto-detect if the save file has the potential for problems, and will prompt you to correct them. (Bugfix impact is now almost entirely noninvasive.)
  • Removed Ethan.



  • All major character art assets have been updated.
  • The starter pool has been expanded from Charmander to 52 other Pokémon.
  • In accordance with the previous teams’ wishes, the character of Red has been rewritten to be less of an ignorant country bumpkin.
  • In accordance with the previous teams’ wishes, you are no longer locked into a single roommate; you share a dorm with Hilbert, Ethan, Brendan, and Calem.
  • You are no longer locked into two electives; you can pick from any elective you want, at any time.
  • Various setting changes. It’s a university, not a high school, for one.



Fixes a few bugs

Fixes a few massive bugs, and bugs a few massive fixes

Play to the end of Week 3, with 20 new Pokémon, Battle Team tryouts, and exploration of the City’s alleyways! The first route scenes with Misty, Janine, Flannery, Bea, and Tia are here, too!

Initial Release

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