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After narrowly avoiding defeat at the hands of an adventuring party, The Witch of the Woods seeks revenge against the heroes that scorned him. You are that witch…

Manage a household of servants and hunt down the adventurers foolish enough to cross you,
before converting them into polite, obedient slaves.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-04-01
Developer: Citrine Patreon – Itch.io – X (Twitter)
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.8
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, 2d game, adventure, fantasy, male protagonist, furry, management, gay, anal sex, bromance,

• At 5 Submission or higher, you can worship the paws of your servants for +1 Comfort by talking to any of the generic servants wandering the manor.
• At 6 Submission or higher, Felicity will refuse to be removed from your party unless you succeed at a Wisdom roll.
• At 7 Submission or higher, you can no longer raise Obedience in the classroom. Instead, it raises Comfort by +2 and further lowers Obedience by -1.
• At 8 Submission or higher, if Locke is in your party, there is a 50% chance that he will give you a new status: Oral Fixation.
• Oral Fixation, like Dronification, locks you into a scene regardless of where you go, and it only goes away after indulging it. There are four scenes added featuring oral fixation: one for the forest, one for the ruins, one for working in town, one for staying at home, one for kissing Locke again, and one for interacting with your mercenary servant.
• Added in female variations to the scenes where you’re casing the rogue.
• Added in female variations to the shrine desecration scenes.
• Added in female variations to the noble party encounters, and fixed an error where the gender choices you made for the heroes weren’t acknowledged.
• Fixed some of the dream catcher’s scenes not reflecting the choice you made for a hero’s genders.
• Various bug-fixes, namely in regards to the Kitsune Manor.


• Added in some new scenes related to the tiger mercenary from that one pickpocketing scene!
• You can go to his apartment, where he’ll dress you up in a collar and maid dress…
• Three different submissive scenes when you’re at his house: rubbing his paws, sucking him off, and riding him.
• Four different scenes for turning the tables on him and turning him into your personal service-top.
• After enough time spent submitting to him, you can bring him home with you, where he’ll break in your other pets one by one, inevitably leading to a bad end when obedience drops to 0.
• There’s a chance to turn the tables on him still when he’s visiting, but if you don’t have high enough obedience when you try, you’ll get a bad end…

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