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Peerless Lust Adult Game Download Overview

You play as a Peerless Demon Lord of Lust who after begins defeated and imprisoned for thousands of years finally escaped his prion but due to some complications, he ended up in a different world and possessed a body of a weak human.

So the adventure begins:

To regain your power you must spread lust and corruption, lucky for you this world is full of beautiful women just waiting for you. It seems like only women can use magic in this world but I can sense my magic and my demon power too seems to work. So I’m the only male that can use magic in this world? It offers many possibilities! There are even elves and beast folks. I wonder if there are demons too?

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-12
Developer: Darx24 Patreon – – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.23
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Groping, Milf, Voyeurism, School Setting, Fantasy, Oral Sex, Handjob, Footjob, Mind Control, Corruption, Teasing, Sleep Undressing, Sandbox , Monster Girl, Adventure, Incest, Female domination, Multiple penetration, Transformation


This update is a little bit more story-focused and ‘foundation laying’ for the upcoming finale of the Magic Academy story. Most of the new events are big ones with longer dialogues and some world-building and Magic System explaining. Also sometimes we will see The Headmistress’s pov.

– I had compressed the game’s files and they weigh much less now, Don’t worry the renders didn’t lose quality.

– You can fully corrupt Vaunga in this update, doing it will also let you rise your Martial Arts.

– 2 new events with Filaere and Sinylene (Of course with nice theresome~)

– The first events for corrupting Mirla.

– 3 new lesson events for your familiar – Second Practical Magic lesson, First PE lesson, And lesson with Filaere.

– Your Familiar is becoming stronger and will need our MC help.

— 2 new events on the farm/ a new job during which we will have our first fun with Maya, after it you can visit the farm in the morning to help milk Dory~ Those scenes were made for my Sage tier Patron Dcarmin – Hope you will like it ^^

– You can now go on a walk in the Spring Copse and find Kati in a rather funny situation. /// Nancy is wearing white stockings for some reason, let’s have some fun with her~ Those scenes were made for my Sage tier Patron Feetleet – Hope you will like it ^^

-You can now visit Lisa and have an ‘Anatomy Lesson’ with her~/// Aisha had prepared something special for us, visit her at night to check this out, after this you can visit Diana in the morning for a follow-up event and a threesome with her and Aisha~ Those scenes were made for an Anonymous Patron – Hope you will like it ^^

– Some small changes and bug fixing here and there

– Filaere was the main focus of this update You can fully corrupt Filaere in this update and discover some more of our MC’s past, and learn some interesting facts about Our New World too. (5 new events for Filaere, around 12 new h-scenes for Filaere.) I made Corrupting Filaere a little differently (I added a little more dialogues than usual and mixed some main story/lore into it) So let me know what you think about it

— It seems that Alis get some interesting items (like handcuffs, a whip, and, a rather interesting costume) and really wants to use them on Nico~ Visit Alis’s room when she is in it to find out, and after it visits her again when Nico is also there~ Those scenes were made for my Sage tier Patron Dcarmin – Hope you will like it ^^

– You can now praise Ofellia’s outfit and then play a little with her feet~ This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Feetleet – Hope you will like it ^^

– It seems that Classy and Nancy prepared some special services for us~ Visit the bar to find out~ Of course the ladies will offer it to you only if they like you~ This scene was made for an Anonymous Patron – Hope you will like it ^^

– Some small changes and bug fixing here and there

* – I run into some technical problems with my studio when working on this update and I had to remake all of the animations and manually fix and resize some of the static renders – So some of the renders might look a little different than usual.

This time we focus more on our familiar side of the story

– First of big thanks to Jaredh72 for fixing a lot of grammar errors in the game and to Feetleet for reporting a lot of grammar errors and making a lot of suggestions to improve the dialogues

– New big Story event – Our Familair first practical Magic Lesson.

– You can now rise your Magic Power to 2 – the event above

– You can now corrupt Vicky and Anika – Our Familiar does most of the work, (6 new h-scenes VickyxFamiliar / 2 new h-scenes FamiliarxAnika/ 7 new foursome h-scenes MCxFamiliarxVickyxAnika)

– Our MC decided to relax a little on Sunday Morning in his Salon but he got an unexpected guest – Louise and decided to spend some time with our cute nun~ This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Dcarmin – Hope you will like it ^^

– You can now ask Savi about her House, and with some pervasion, she agrees to take you there! Let’s hope Satia doesn’t find out~ This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Dcarmin – Hope you will like it ^^

– You can now have some fun with Keynala’s feet when she is sleeping at night~ This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Feetleet – Hope you will like it ^^

-Some bug fixing and small changes here and there

First of all – Big thanks to Green Axolotl for fixing a lot of grammar errors, spelling errors, and missing words – Really appreciate your work my man ^^
Updated an in-game Patrons list – Thank you all guys ^^

In the morning at the Academy Lab, you can switch your perspective to the MC Familiar, and then you can take some actions as her.

You can now propose to Tiri to teach her some alchemy to get closer to her and also corrupt her (7 new h-scenes)

As MC Familiar you can get closer to Ranea and then corrupt her into becoming one of MC girls (2 new lesbian h-scene FamiliarxRanea, 3 new h-scenes.)

After corrupting Caja, there is a random chance that when you go to visit her in the gym storage you find her and Alis having some fun (1 new lesbian scene CajaxAlis, 2 new threesome h-scenes )

After corrupting Tiri, when visiting the Lab you can find her and Nico having some fun (1 new lesbian scene TirixNico, 2 new threesome h-scenes)

During the process of corrupting Ranea, there will be also an occasion to have some fun with MC familiar (1 new h-scene)

After corrupting Ranea you can give her a special lesson about giving foot jobs – This scene was made for my Sage tier Patron Fenrir77 – Hope you will like it ^^

There is a new option after undressing Alis when she is asleep you can have some more fun with her – This scene was made by my Demon tier Patron DH

Some small changes

some bug-fixing

– New special event to celebrate Peerless Lust’s first-anniversary ^^ (Check the ‘Dreams’ option in the MC room) (16 new h-scenes) (NEVER AGAIN) (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

– 4 new main characters

– A lot of new side characters

– New event – Meet with The Headmistress of the Magic Academy and her friends (1 new threesome h-scene MCxDiannaxMCFamiliar)

– New event – Trip around the magic academy

– New location – The Albion Magic Academy – after completing certain events you can freely enter and walk around the Academy, and you can meet different characters at different locations and times. (1 student can be already fully corrupted and become an MC girl – look for her ^^) (6 new h-scenes)

-New random event at MC House – Mia can sometimes join Alis and Nico during their weekend days fun (1 new lesbian h-scene MiaxAlisxNico and 1 new foursome h-scene)

– New job in the Adas Village Farm (1 new h-scene)

– New event in the Spa – there is a new client you can meet when you work in the Spa (1 new event in the Spa)

– If you spend enough money in the Bar (at least 100$) There is a chance to meet the Barmaiden in the Spa (during work) and have some fun with her, after it you can also have your way with her in the Bar. (3 new h-scenes)

– New event with Lisa and Nancy – Visit the city center and meet Lisa here and then go shopping and also create some new frendships~ (4 new h-scenes) This event was written by my Demon tier Patron DH, Also a small bonus – After this event, you can meet Nancy in the Spa (during work) and play with her (1 new h-scene and 1 new bonus female MC h-scene)

– Some small changes here and there

– New story even for Elen – The Prolog of Magic Academy Story

– New story event for Dianna – This is a very important event – During this event, you can turn OFF all Female Transformation content in the game (After this event a new option will appear in the MC room where you can turn OFF and ON any ‘heavier’ content of the game you want. For now, you can disable Female Transformation content and Male Clones usage during h-scenes content) and for people who enjoy female transformation content there is a lesbian scene with Dianna in this event ^^ (1 new bonus h-scene FMCxDianna lesbian scene)

– New story event for Dianna – Create your own female familiar with Dianna (1 new threesome h-scene)

– You can now use your clone power during the Spa trip with Mia and Alis/ and also during your house group fun with Alis, Mia, Nico, and Nisserlis – Those new scenes are only available during re-watching those events and you must have your clones’ content turned ON (2 new bonus h-scenes)

– New events in Adas Village Inn – Talk with Offelia about her new special menu~ (2 new threesome h-scenes, AishaxDianna and KatixLouise) These events were written by my Sage tier Patron greenarrow25

– New event with Alis and Nico – They are going on a night date out and you can join them! After you become a new head of the family visit Alis’s room on Friday night to trigger it ( 4 new h-scenes) This event was written by my Demon tier Patron DH

– Added Interactions with Mia and Dianna

– A lot of small changes here and there ^^

This is a smaller update cus of my serious lack of time during this month.

The next update will be released around September 27 and I want to make it a really big one – You see September update will be a very special one, not only will it start a Magic Academy Story, and because of that adding a whole new big place and a lot of new characters. but it is also the first anniversary of The Peerless Lust ^^.

– Updated an in-game Patrons list (Thank you guys ^^)
– New story event for Dianna – You will need her help to unlock new Demonic Powers (1 new h-scene and 1 new FMM threesome scene) !!! IMPORTANT!!! One of the new powers in ‘Transformation’ power – It lets MC change his appearance, sex, and even split his body – Which means that from now on MC will have the power to turn into a female version of himself or produce clones of himself BUT all the h-scenes where MC will change into a female and all the h-scenes with MC clones WILL BE OPTIONAL if you don’t like it you can skip it without losing anything important, also, the only scenes with female MC will be lesbian ones.
– New demonic Powers~
– You can now buy a costume for Mia (1 new h-scene)
– New trip – You can go to the Spa with Mia and Alis, and meet Lisa and Madi here to have some group fun~ (5 new h-scenes)
-New story event for Nico and Nisserlis – some bonding time between them~ (3 new lesbian h-scenes NicoxNisserlis) – This event was written by my Demon tier Patron DH, thanks for a great idea and I hope you will like it ^^
– New story event – You can invite Nico and Nisserlis to your house and then have some fun with them, of course, Mia and Alis will also be there~ (5 new h-scenes and 3 new lesbian h-scenes)
– New random event – After inviting Nico and NIsserlis for a group fun – There is a chance that Nisserlis will come to visit Mia and you can join them~ ( 2 new h-scenes and 4 new lesbian h-scenes MiaxNisserlis)
-New random event, Mia can sometimes give you a morning blow-job if she loves you enough ~ (1 new h-scene)
– You can now change MC’s name and his relationship with Mia and Alis – the option for it is in the MC room.
– Some minor changes here and there

– Updated in-game Patrons List (Thanks ^^)
– New Event for Mia – Take her on a shopping trip and enjoy a small ‘costumes show’ with her (2 new h-scenes)
– New event for Mia – A good old home date with you will need Alis’s help to organize~ – With this event, Mia fully falls for the MC (5 new h-scenes with Mia and 1 threesome h-scene for Mia and Alis)
– New event for Mia and Alis – Time to become the new head of the house, show your dominance by fucking both Mia and Alis at the same time~ (5 new threesome h-scenes for Mia and Alis)
– After becoming the new head of the house, you can organize trips with Mia and Alis – There is one trip, for now, The trip to the beach to celebrate the beginning of summer a little bit (2 new h-scenes)
– Added a new option when watching TV with Mia ( 1 new h-scene)
– Added new options when watching TV with Mia and Alis (1 new threesome h-scene with Mia and Alis)
– You can have some fun with Mia in the Kitchen in the morning (2 new h-scenes)
– You can now wake Mia up at Night (1 new h-scene)
– New event for Mia – you can join her when she is taking a bath (1 new h-scene)
– New random event – After taking the both of them, Mia and Alis can sometimes take a bath together and you can join them, or watch them~ (1 new threesome h-scene with Mia and Alis / 1 new lesbian h-scene MiaxAlis)
– New random event for Mia – She will sometimes clean the house, and you can help her with it and have some fun after the work (this event is in the Salon) (1 new h-scene)
– New random event for Mia and Alis during eating dinner together (1 new lesbian h-scene with 2 variants MiaxAlis / 1 new h-scene with 2 variants)
– I raised the chances for some random events to appear
– Some bug fixing and small changes here and there~

*BONUS* – You can now, during the night wake up both Kati and Keynala and have a nice threesome with them~ This scene is a bonus made for my Demon Tier Patron DH, I hope you will like it ^^ (2 new threesome h-scenes with Kati and Keynala and one new lesbian h-scene KatixKeynala)

v0.13 Public
– Added an ‘Idle Talk’ Option to EVERY more important character in the game that you can talk to – It’s a way for the player to get to know more about the characters and the world, It’s can also tell you a little about my future plans 

 (Some characters have more to say than others, this is mostly because some of the characters still don’t have many stories but don’t worry I will add more to it in time ^^)
– Added Interactions to EVERY more important character in the game
Those two changes were the main focus of this update as I wrote before 

(The only character that still doesn’t have an Idle Talk and Interactions is Mia – I did it on purpose because I want to give those options to her in the next update that will be mostly focused on her and MC House )
– New major event for Mia – Take her to the spa to help her relax a little and have some fun (1 new h-scene)
– New events in MC House: / Sometimes Mia, Alis, or the both of them will watch TV in the salon and you can join them (1 new h-scene with Alis) / From now if Alis likes you enough she sometimes will wake you up in a really nice way~ (1 new h-scene) / You can eat dinner together with Mia and Alis (Nothing to do here yet,)
– New random events in the Inn in the Adas Village (Hang around option): / In the morning you can meet Keynala here (1 new h-scene)/ In the evening you can meet Eris here (1 new h-scene) or you can meet Savi and Kati (1 new lesbian SavixKati h-scene with 2 variants )/ At night you can meet Aisha here (1 new threesome h-scene with Aisha and Offelia)
– Some players had a problem with getting a Lust Bound Power after checking it I discovered a major error that can block an event with Eris, Savi, and Kati from happening thus making progressing the story impossible – It should be fixed now ^^
– Some small changes here and there

-First of all Big thanks to jaredh72 for correcting and fixing grammar errors and misspellings in the game, and also big thanks to greenarrow25 for reporting grammar errors and typos. ^^
-Updated in-game Patrons List (Thanks ^^)
– Added a simple interactive world map to the library where you can see how the whole world looks and also read about every nation and interesting place (More Lore and world-building) – Creating it took me much more time than I’m willing to admit (¬_¬)
-New story event for Mia
-New random event for Mia (Sometimes when you go to her room at night you may see her being busy playing with her pussy~) (1 new h-scene) (It is only possible after her newest evet ^^ )
-New story event for Pauli (1 new h-scene)
– Important new event with Adventures girls – You can now officially create your own party and name it.
– 2 New characters (Mayor of the Adas Village Maria and her guard Isa)
-New event for Ofellia (1 new h-scene)
– You can now buy costumes for Nisserlis and Keynala (2 new h-scenes)
– You can now meet Nisserlis while working in the Spa and have some fun with her (1 new h-scene)
– New location in the Adas Village ‘The Farm’ with 2 new characters Maya – a cheerful farm girl and her friend Dory – a busty MILF cow girl – You can help them around the farm to earn some money and have fun (1 new h-scene) (Talk to Ofellia about the work to unlock this)
– Some changes in the background music – Go to the MC room for it to work.
– New dream – A Easter Special – a threesome with Kati and Keynala (5 new h-scenes ) (You can access it via the ‘Dreams’ option in the MC room.) – Yes I know I’m a little late with this but SHHHHH… Enjoy the bunnies and don’t complain ok?!

-BONUS – A bonus costume scene for Madi – She wants to have some fun with her sluty costume and make-up (3 new h-scenes) – This scene was made for my Elder tier Patron Stan – I hope you will like it ^^
– Some small changes here and there

– Updated in-game Patrons list (Thank you all ^^ )
– New dream invader scenes for Kati, Nico, and Keynala (3 new h-scenes)
– New location – Library where you can go to read some books about Game World (You know adding some world-building and lore to the game lol )
– New Character Zoe – She works in a library, prof your knowledge to her and then have some fun with her (3 new h-scenes)
– I added background music to the game (Go to MC room for it to start) – (The music that is playing rn is temporary and it will be changed in the next update)

– First of big thanks to hofom77573 for creating a tweak to the main menu of the game ^^
-Updated an in-game patrons list (Thak you all guys ^^)
– New event with Mia (Pure story) – For Mia, I wanted to make almost all this update focused on her but when I started to make her story from plans to actual game well… to be honest, it was bad and boring, so I rethought and rewrite almost everything I had planned for her and now it’s much more interesting – you will see more of her soon ^^
– 2 new locations with 2 new characters – You can now visit Nico’s house (Unlocked after her first h-scene) and Kati’s house (Ask her about it when she likes you enough) – and here you can meet 2 new characters.
– New character Keynala – She is Kati’s Mom (3 new h-scenes )
– Threesome with Keynala and Kati (2 new h-scenes)
– You can now sleep with Kati at night (1 new h-scene)
– New character Nisserlis – She is Nico’s Mom (3 new h-scenes)
– Threesome with Nisserlis and Nico (4 new h-scenes)
– You can now sleep with Nico at night (1 new h-scene)
– You can now visit Nico in the morning when she gets ready for school (1 new h-scene)
– 2 new dreams for Mia and Alis – Pregnancy teaser scene for Mia and Lesbian/femdom/foot fetish scene with Nico for Alis

– BONUS* A new foot-jobs scene for Dianna, Nancy, and Mia (4 new scenes in total cus Mia has 2 variants ^^ ) for Dianna and Nancy you just need to talk to them, and for Mia a foot-job option will appear when she is changing in her room (Random Mia changing event) Those scenes were created for my Demon Lord tier Patron Fenrir77 and were created according to his idea. – I hope you will like them ^^
-Some small changes here and there

-First of all Big thanks to jaredh72 for correcting and fixing grammar errors and misspellings in the game, and also big thanks to greenarrow25 for reporting grammar errors and typos. ^^
-Updated an in-game patrons list (Thak you all guys ^^)
-3 new costumes h-scenes (For Aisha, Urile, and Louise)
-2 new h-scenes for our shop assistant Nancy (buy clothes to unlock them ^^)
– New event with Dianna (2 new h-scenes)
– New event with Ofellia (2 new h-scenes)
– Remade Lisa’s handjob and footjob intro scenes (You can now also rewatch them) (2 new h-scenes)
– Added interactions with Madi (You can now hug her, kiss her and spank her ass) (If you spank her ass a few times a new h-scene will appear) (1 new h-scene) – I will be honest, I didn’t plan to add a new h-scene here but I just get a little carried away while making her spank ass interaction ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
– Added some hints in the MC room.
– Some small changes here and there.

– Updated In-game Patrons List (Thank you guys ^^)
– New location in the city “Police Station” where you can meet Pauli.
– New event with Pauli – this event is the beginning of a new big story – (1 h-scene with Pauli)
– New event with Night Fangs Party – Get rid of Leon with Eris’s help (3 new h-scenes with Aisha, Urile, and Eris.)
-New event with Night Fangs Party – Second threesome with Aisha and Urile (3 new h-scenes)
– You can now progress Louise story and make her yours (4 new h-scenes)
– The final event of Night Fangs Party – A foursome with Aisha, Urile, and Louise (5 new h-scenes)
– fixed some bugs and some small changes here and there.

– Updated an in-game Patrons list. (May Santa Clause give you some nice presents ^^)
– 1 new event with Night Fangs Party (A threesome scene UrilexAisha –
3 new h-scenes)
– 1 new event for Mia introducing a new character
– New costume for Alis (1 new h-scene – You can give her it when she is alone in her room in the evening)
– 2 random Alis events (bathing and changing) can turn into sex if she loves you enough (2 new h-scenes)
– New event with Lisa and Madi – after costumes sex with them, go visit Lisa in the hospital (A threesome scene LisaxMadi – 2 new h-scenes )
– Added some more interactions with Savi and Kati (It’s a small experiment, let me know what do you think about it. )
– Added a Christmas special sex scene – you can access it in the MC room via the new option. (A threesome MiaxAlis – 3 new h-scenes)

– Big thanks to jaredh72 for correcting and fixing grammar errors and misspellings in the game.
– Updated in-game Patrons List (Thank you guys 

– 1 new event with whole ‘Night Fang Party’ (1 new h-scene)
– Progres the story of Aisha (2 new h-scenes)
– Progres the story with Alis (3 new h-scenes and 1 lesbian h-scene AlisxNico)
-Threesome with Alis and Nico (3 new h-scenes)
– New costume for Nico (1 new h-scene)
– Changed the potions prices (Alchemy is more profitable now.)
– You can now ask Savi and Kati to collect herbs for you (They must have a high relationship with you and you also need Dianna for that.) (side note: I am super happy this system is working as I thought, cus this system will be also used for pregnancy later ^^)
– Fixed some bugs and changed some old arts for new ones.

IMPORTANT INFO – I tried to make an android ver, but even after hours of work I still can’t make it work. I officially give up on making an official android ver. Anybody can feel free to make an unofficial ver.

– First of Big thanks to jaredh72 for correcting and fixing grammar errors and misspellings in the game. (Yes, I know there was a lot of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) All of the texts up to 0.4 ver. are now much better and errors free.
-Updated an in-game Patrons list (May the lust be with you guys ^^)
– Some changes in Explore system – a lot easier now.
-New sleep sex scene with Mia (1 new h-scene)
-New events with Alis (3 new h-scenes)
-New events with Nico (3 new h-scenes) one of these scenes is a POV scene, I would be grateful if you guys give me some feedback about it.
– You can now become an E rank adventurer (1 new h-scene with Rosaria)
– New location ‘Bazzara Lake’ where you can go after getting a promotion to the E rank adventurer.
– New events with ‘Night Fangs’ Party (4 new h-scenes), Eris will help you join them if you have a high relationship with her.
– I replaced some renders with new and better ones.
– And some more small changes.

I decided to focus this update mostly on the costumes because Halloween is close so… Cosplay to get some Halloween vibs~
– Updated Patrons List
– New location in The City center – A Clothing Shop with a new character Nancy. (1 h-scene with her already.). If you buy costumes, Nancy will be more open to “service” you.
– From now if a girl likes you enough you can buy a costume for her and enjoy a new h-scene (6 new h-scenes for Savi, Kati, Eris, Lisa, Madi, Kristin.). Scenes with costumes are bonuses and they are not required to progress the story.
– Some stories progress with Eris, Savi, and Kati. (1 threesome h-scene with Savi and Kati with some lesbian foreplay~)
– New story event – You can meet someone from our Lord of Lust’s world!
– Added an Info screen about expedition location where you can check if you found everything during free explore and with ingredients you can find here.
-*BONUS* – A pink-haired girl from the spa work random event is now named Aery and she got a new h-scenes (Footjob + Cowgirl, with 2 different variants so 4 new h-scenes in total). This was created for my Sage tier Patron Chr0n0s85 and was created according to his idea. (You may need to rewatch her 1 event to unlock the new ones.)
– Fixed some bugs that I found.

– I found a way to reduce game weight without losing much of the quality of the renders and animations so this update weighs a lot less than the previous but it’s full of new content.
– Added an in-game list of my active Patrons (Thank you guys ^^)
– 2 new places with new characters on the map of the expeditions with 2 of them having h-scenes. ( 6 h-scenes in total )
– You can now raise your agility and endurance to 3 via training with the new characters.
– You can now rise your Demon Power to 3 and unlock a new ability “Dream invader”, You can use it to get 2 new h scenes with Mia and Alis.
– After rains your agility and endurance you can get 5 new h scenes with Lisa and Madi (3 for Lisa, 1 lesbian scene (Lisa x Madi), and 1 threesome scene)
– You can now progress Dianna’s story a little – some new quests and 1 h-scene.
– 2 New random events – when you go to Mia’s or Alis’s room when they are there.
– Some new potions for crafting, and after progressing Dianna’s story you can sell your potions in one of the new locations for good money.
– Some changes in the GUI (Added a button that will send you straight to city map and more)
– And a lot more of some small changes and bug fixing there and there. it would be too troublesome to write it all ^^
You can expect the next update around October 21 (This is a Patreon release date, the public release will be a litter later!)

– Added a girls status menu – you can check what to do to progress and get events. Also, you would know if you already saw everything for this girl.
– Added inventory – You can check what you have with you.
-Some changes in hero status – better look and you can now see what demonic power you possess.
– Added a simple crafting system – for now only alchemy but you already have to use it to progress the story
– You can now choose the roles of Madi (default Landlady) and Alis (default Friend).
– Some new events with Alis – Someone wants to hurt her! Can you save her?
– New events in Spa – 2 new H-scenes with Madi and you can now get random events during work (H-scene)
– New location and events – Hospital – You can meet Lisa again and she has 3 new H-scenes
-New location – City center – from here you can go to AlchemyShop or Bar
– Alchemy Shop with new character Dianna – Some events for her mostly including crafting
– Bar – You can drink some drinks here and maybe if you buy enough you get a small bonus for regulars ??!
– You can now explore Nerby Plaints and gather herbs here and meet Savi
– New character Savi – A cute boar girl that can help train your strength, (3 H scenes for her and a simple quest to make her train with you)
– A random event in your house. Mia or Alis may take a bath in the evening and if you meet reg. you can peep on them…(pervert)
– A quest to reawakening your magic power – Start it by going to Nerby Plaints
-You can rise your demon power to lvl. 2 and get new demonic power…no I don’t tell you what power it is
– And more for you to discover

Initial Release

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