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A talented Battlemage, you are struggling to find work for your type of magic in a post-industrial (Magitek/Magic Punk) world that no longer has much need for battle magic. To be fair, you were warned about this. Your parents, your friends, even your instructors at university all pointed out that Battle Magic, once the most important of all fields, has long lost its purpose. The monsters are all dead or uplifted to being civilized.

Dungeons all long since discovered, looted, and destroyed. Even warfare is now dominated by magitek warmachines and tools, all the products of artificers and enchanters.

But…battle magic was what you were good at, a prodigy by any measure. And you had a passion for wielding the elements in destructive ways anyway. Who doesn’t want to light things of fire or fry bad guys with lightning?! You ignored them all and mastered your area of expertise, graduating from the most prestigious magical academy on the continent! Too bad that no one needs you now…

Down on your luck, skipping from menial job to menial job, you’re unexpectedly recruited by Left Hand Solutions, a company that’s made up of similar people, each trying to find positive uses for their particular types of magic in the modern world. Given that those include Blood Magic, Necromancy, and Summoning…you wonder if they aren’t just a little bit insane. Even so, the pay is good and the staff are all friendly…and female. Maybe this won’t be so bad?

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-10-02
Developer: Novus Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Build 16
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animated, female protagonist, sci-fi, vaginal sex, sex toys, big ass, big tits, masturbation, monster girl, futa, oral sex, lesbian, dating sim, romance, fantasy

Build 16
Build 16 focused on more Weekend 5 content, adding:

  • Arianna’s Weekend 5 Events (2 days, 3 animations)
  • Trix’s Weekend 5 Events (2 days, 3 animations)
  • Revina/Trix Weekend 5 Events (2 days, 3 animations)
  • Gallery Update
  • Bug Fixes/Typo corrections
  • Credits Update

Build 15

  • Days 3, 4, 5 of Week 5 for the Arianna/Talia Threesome Route
  • Event 5 for Talia’s Route
  • Cheat system overhaul
  • Gallery Update
  • Credits Update
  • Various Bugfixes

Build 14
Build 14 mostly focuses on finishing up weekday content for Week 5. Talia’s Route and Revina’s Route are now finished through their week 5 weekday content. The Arianna/Talia Threesome Route got it’s first two days, as well, leaving just 3 scenes left to do in all of week 5’s weekdays. There is also a new Week 4 masturbation option for those stuck in chastity belts!

– Revina’s Route: All 5 of Revina’s Weekdays for Week 5 are now available.
– Talia’s Week 5, Day 5, was added to finish up her weekday content
– Arianna/Talia/MC Route now has 2/5 days of it’s Week 5 content.
– Chastity Masturbation Option added for those that do a Research or Training day in Week 4. Previously, there was no chastity-enabled sex scene for that the Library and Firing Range. Now, you can ask Revina for permission to cum…but you’ll have to earn it!
– Cheat now informs you when it’s enabled. Didn’t have the free time to do more than that.
– Gallery Updated with new scenes
– Credits Updated
– Various Typo and Bug fixes deployed

Build 13
– Arianna received all 5 Weekdays of her Week 5 content
– Talia received the first 4 of her Week 5 Weekdays
– Improvements to the cheat system so it no longer requires additional files
– Galley Updates/Minor Changes
– Credit Updates
– Typo and Bug Corrections

Build 12
– Trix’s Week 5 content now covers all weekdays, with two new scenes having been added.
– The Revina/Trix Route now extends through all of Week 5 as well, accounting for 5 new scenes.
– Credits Updated
– Gallery Updated
– Old Bugs and Typos Fixed

Build 11
– Revina got her final Week 4 Weekday scene
– Revina also got her Weekend 4 event.
– The Arianna/Talia Route similarly got it’s Weekend 4 Event.
– Trix Got Days 1-3 of her Week 5 content
– Various Bugfixes
– Updated Credits
– Updated Gallery

Build 10

– 2 New Scenes for Week 4 Weekdays. Accessible only on the last two days of the week, if you meet their requirements.

– Arianna’s Weekend 4 Scene

– Talia’s Weekend 4 Scene

– Trix’s Weekend 4 Scene

– The Revina/Trix/MC threesome route Weekend 4 Scene

– An overhaul of Arianna’s Gloryhole scene in Week 4 to make it skippable (partially or fully).

-Bugfixes/Typo correction

– Credits Updated

Build 9
– 2 New Scenes for Week 4 Weekdays. Accessible only on the last two days of the week, if you meet their requirements.
– Arianna’s Weekend 4 Scene
– Talia’s Weekend 4 Scene
– Trix’s Weekend 4 Scene
– The Revina/Trix/MC threesome route Weekend 4 Scene
– An overhaul of Arianna’s Gloryhole scene in Week 4 to make it skippable (partially or fully).
-Bugfixes/Typo correction
– Credits Updated

Build 8
– Arianna’s solo route got it’s 4th and final weekday scene for Week 4
– Trix’s solo route got all four of it’s weekday scenes for Week 4
– A major extension was added to Arianna’s Week 1 event, effectively a whole additional scene.
– The Talia/Arianna route gained a trigger for an additional animated Talia scene.
– Trix’s Route gained an alternate scene in Week 3, if you don’t have Trix’s Chastity Belt Key.
– In a variety of places, extra choices/renders were added to increase the number of Dom/Sub points available.
– Additional Dom/Sub points were added to scenes that should have had them but didn’t.
– Some route requirements were changed to make certain routes mutually exclusive.
– Gallery Overhauls to add a Page 2 to galleries that need it…as well as finally making it so you don’t get kicked directly back to the main menu instead of the Gallery when trying to navigate the Gallery page. Note: Some of the new ‘extra’ scenes are out of order at the moment. I ran out of time/energy. It will take several hours of effort to put them where in the Gallery they should be, so I put that off for a future build.
-Typo and Bug fixes. Credits updated.

Build 7
Build 7 extends the Threesome Routes, fleshing them out quite a bit, showing more of what they will be in the long-run. It also contains most of the Weekday content for Arianna’s Week 4. In total, the build contains 14 new scenes, with 17 animations. Included are:
– An extra Weekday encounter for both Threesome sets in Week 3.
– Weekend 3 events for both Threesome sets, truly getting both routes started in full
– 3 Week 4, Weekday encounters for each Threesome Routes
– 3 Week 4, Weekday encounters for Arianna
– 2 Variant Animations depending on Dom/Sub score in specific routes
– Weekend 3 Masturbation Event Handling for a MC in Chastity
– Major Overhaul to Gallery. Threesomes now have their own Galleries.
-Bugfixes, Typo Corrections, Updated Credits

Known Issues:
– Previous threesome routes saves that are past Weekend 2 will not work 🙁
– Arianna’s Week 4, Day 3 scene is currently not in the Gallery. I need to add a Page 2…
– A few of the routes don’t make sense together. (Revina and Trix’s solo routes, when combined with the Rev/Trix Threesome Route). This is something that will be address ed long-term. I just can’t do every variant at once -_-.

Build 5
Build 5 focuses on the weekday content for Week 3. It add 10 scenes, with a total of 12 animations spread between them.

– 3 New Scenes for Arianna’s Solo Route
– 3 New Scenes for Revina’s Solo Route
– 3 New Scenes for Talia’s Solo Route
– 1 New Scenes for the Talia + Arianna Threesome Route
– 3 Relationship/Background dialogues each for Arianna, Revina, and Talia.
– Gallery Updates
– Credits Updates
– Lots and lots of typo corrections, including in old content
– Lowered music volume for main menu a bit and rebalanced the volume of a few other tracks as well.
– KNOWN ISSUE: Old saves from an Arianna/Talia Threesome Route play through won’t be able to trigger the new Arianna/Talia Threesome route content. Sorry :-(. I had to define a new variable. If you have a Threesome route save from just before the Week 2 Threesome content, that will still work. But you need to be able to play through the Week 2 Weekday threesome encounter again.

Build 4
The primary focus of this build was to get the second set of Weekend events into the game. Additionally, per Patron voting, Trix received her Week 3 weekday events.

Included in this build:
– 4 New Weekend Events (1 for each girl). These are all rather long dates with dual-stage H-animations.
– A second solo/masturbation scene for the MC also available on the weekend.
– 3 New Weekday Events for Trix.
– A total of 13 new animations, spread across 8 new scenes
– 98 new still renders
– 7 new Gallery entries
– Oodles of character development
– Bugfixes and typo correction
– Also probably plenty of new bugs -_-

Build 3
This build focused on adding all of the Week 2 content. It contains:
-1 New Non-Lewd Scene for each girl
-1 New Lewd-but-not-animated Scene for each girl
-1 New Fully Animated Lewd/H-scene for each girl
-1 New Fully Animated Lewd/H-scene for each of the two Threesome Routes
– 14 New Scenes in Total
– A total of 12 new animations (6 animated scenes, two animations per scene)
-Updated Gallery and Credits
– Various bugfixes, typo corrections, and other small stuff!

Build 2
There’s actually quite a lot packed into this build, given that it was a February build. There are two new non-animated ‘date’ type scenes, plus 7 animated scenes (Total of 9 new scenes). Included are:
3 Dates/Working Days with Talia – This brings her in line with the other girls for weekday content.
14 new animations – Spread between 7 animated scenes.
The First Major Event – This includes a route option for each of the girls.
Unlockable Weekday Threesome – Trix/Revina/MC
Unlockable Weekday Threesome – Arianna/Talia/MC
Introduction of a new minor character (Veronica)

Gallery Updates to make animated scenes repeatable
Bugfixes to the Gallery (it was a mess)
(Note: Gallery is unavailable in Public Version Release)
General Bugfixes
Overhaul of the Credits – 
They still suck. But they suck slightly less. They’ll be overhauled again in a future build, at some point.

Build 1
Initial Rlease

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