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You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls. You can play the game’s intro story to learn all about it.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2019-09-015
Developer@darkhound1 – DevianART – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.2.3.0 Beta
OS: Linux, Mac, Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Dating sim, Oral sex, Voyeurism, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Handjob, Masturbation, Sex toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location (Not in the same folder of the older version).
2- Click on “HolidayIsland.exe” to start playing.

Version 0.2.2 beta – development news (updated 09. August 2020)
Hi guys and gals, this post offers you a collection of news about the next full version of Holiday Island (0.2.2 beta) and the smaller updates towards it.

There will be smaller, more frequent content updates, called content addons. They will include bug fixes and new content as well.
The change log below is based on the beta release.

The next release is beta which will be a full update for Windows, Linux and Mac.
It will include a lot fo new features and some bug fixes as well.

As of right now, the update from to has:
687 additional renders, videos or sound files (this includes 35 dream images)
95 updated renders (Yvette arrival, Jennifer workout instructions, Renée poker, Faye pool posing, contests)

New features and content

A new location, the underground lab and infirmary will be introduced with two new special characters –> will be postponed to 0.2.3
A new scene when the MC jogs at the beach and hurts himself will be added. It’s a scene with Miriam that leads to the discovery of the underground lab –> will be postponed to 0.2.3
Faye gets an appointment in the new player room, which you’ll be able to get when she wins the redesigned butt contest –> will be part of
Joy gets an extended scene in her office after her personal assistant was ill again and not on her flight –> will be part of
Jennifer gets a reward appointment in the night bar after opening hours –> will be part of
Jennifer gets a new quest for Alice’s and Jessica’s photo shooting scenes –> will be part of
Jessica gets a photo shooting / posing scene in denims at the photo studio –> will be part of
Alice gets a photo shooting / posing scene in denims at the photo studio –> will be part of
The doctor’s office will get new renders, starting with the main location and simple sperm congestion image and Faye’s scene –> will be part of
Faye’s pool sunlotion scene gets two happy endings for the MC –> will be part of
Desire gets a pool posing scene –> will be part of
Desire gets a newly designed and very much improved pool sunbed scene –> will be part of
Renée gets a poker reward scene that involves some hand and mouth action –> will be part of
Faye’s pool posing scene will be redone with new renders in webp format. It will also be available for her skimpy swimsuit –> will be part of
Faye gets the pool sun lotion scene –> will be part of
Renée gets improved poker images, several undressing images and much improved interaction and dialogue –> will be part of
The butt contest will be completely reworked with new images and more interaction –> will be part of
Faye gets a pool distraction event –> will be part of
Eva gets the workout yoga scene –> is part of
Jessica gets a shower event in her room, leaving the door open –> is part of
Yvette gets a short event which starts in the hallway and ends at the MC’s door –> is part of
A new app to manage the dream images has been added. You can activate and deactivate the dream images for each girl –> is part of
Eva gets an improved and longer arrival scene with two achievements and a new dream image –> is part of
Minor improvements and changes

35 new dream images have been added –> will be part of
The main game screen gets a “credits” section to show my appreciation –> will be part of
Ivy gets an achievements for cheating at the butt contest –> will be part of
Brenda, Aly, Renée and Ivy get new high res images for the butt contest –> will be part of
Some pool scene achievements have been changed from single to multi image –> will be part of
As promised earlier, Amy’s third massage appointment has been made repeatable. When you check on her in her room, you’ll be able to make an appointment –> will be part of
Amy can invite you to dinner now if you let her win the butt or wet-t contest –> will be part of
Amy and Mercedes get achievements for cheating at the butt contest –> will be part of
The butt contest has been added as an achievement for all girls except Joy –> will be part of
Jennifer’s workout instructions images for talking and pecs training will be redone in 2560×1440 webp format –> will be part of
The spa area will be open until 20:00 now (was 19:00). Also the probability that girls use the sauna has been increased –> will be part of
The guess who minigame gets 5 additional pictures to guess –> is part of
The game will count weekly and total masturbations per girl now. A new trophy to display the data has been added as well –> is part of
Jennifer gets a new dream image when you let her help you with weight lifting –> is part of
Jennifer gets a new phone image when she explains the pecs training –> is part of
Yvette gets a new dream image when you look at her chest during the arrival scene –> is part of
All images in Yvette’s arrival scene have been redone in double resolution webp format. Also teh dialogue has been improved. –> is part of
Bug fixes

Duplicate dream images and duplicate falsh/grope will be fixed as part of the save game updater to 0.2.2 –> will be fixed with
Brightness adjustment in phone app for player room picture frames did not work for all images –> will be fixed with
Fixed a buig in the app that allows to restrict deam images. Sometimes the deactivated images were still used –> will be fixed with
Crash with “IndexError: list index out of range” during weight lifting scene, when faye has not been on the island yet –> will be fixed with
Eva’s arrival scene repeats over and over again when you walk to your from your room –> will be fixed with
Jessica’s shower event doesn not end when she catches you spying on her, instead it continues –> will be fixed with
The guess who minigame gets two fixes. Blak image corrected and initalization corrected. You could not get all images until you loaded an older save and run it through the save patcher –> is fixed with
If you try to visit the sauna, but Yvette has never been on the island at that time, you get a crash –> is fixed with
One of the pictures in the “guess who” minigame app is not shown –> is fixed with
The scene with Heather in the MC’s room after her second arrival scene does repeats up to 20 times –> is fixed with
Scrolling through images for your player room can lead to a crash:
Exception: Expected an image, but got a general displayable.
The same can happen if you add a new image to your player room pictrue frames –> is fixed with
In Heather’s first arrival scene, the second image is not displayed. Instead you see a blank screen –> is fixed with
When you send a girl away, she loses 40% of her love, instead of 20% affection and 20% love –> is fixed with
In the intro, the number of available scenes for each character was one too low –> is fixed with

132 additional renders, videos or sound files
48 updated renders
New features and content
Yvette gets a teasing scene (with two achievements) that can be triggered when you relax at the pool
Renée gets the workout pecs scene with a sexy special (two achievements)
Renée gets the workout pull-ups scene
Amy gets a new maid/roomservice event with two achievements
Jessica gets the beach pose scene (with two achievements) and an upgrade for her skimpy swimsuit “walk on the beach” scene
Amy gets the pull-up scene for her special swimsuit in webp format with some additional renders
Minor improvements and changes
Correction of spelling erros and grammar fixes
Aly, Eva, Faye, Renée, Desire and Delizia will get image upgrades for their “follow me” renders where they look ove rtheir shoulder
You will have 4 game resoluztion options: “manual resize”, 1280×720, 1920×1080, 2560×1440 if your screen has a high enough resolution
An additional button to show the watch no longer permanently is available
Bug fixes
When using the old UI, the crash ” AttributeError: ‘cl_player’ object has no attribute ‘phone_image’ ” could occur
Resolution change option makes the game unplayable on some systems
Some images were scaled wrong in achievements, give present and grope
You could not get the quest for Yumiko’s sub dermal encryption code

The update from to has 687 new renders, videos and sound files.
Most of the new stuff is in “.webp” format and at least 1920×1080 resolution, which reduces space and increases image quality at the same time.
To see what’s new, please check out the development news post for beta:
Save games from 0.0.8 alpha and later versions should still be working. Older saves are no longer supported.

v0.1.8.2 Beta

The second bug fix and content update for beta has been released.
It includes all the fixes and new content from this post:


  • Asking a girl to flash her breasts leads to a crash –> quick fix file attached: actions.rpyc
  • AttributeError: ‘cl_player’ object has no attribute ‘phone_image’ –> quick fix file attached: gui_screens.rpyc (this only happens when you permanently show the MCs stats using the new UI)
  • Delizia workout sex scene, crash with missing image –> quick fix file attached: appointments.rpyc (needs confirmation that this fixes the problem)



The update from to has 570 new renders, videos and sound files right now!

New features and content
The user interface (UI) gets a new look and a lot of improvements, freeing up a lot of space in the process (this will be ongoing until 0.2.0)
Jennifer’s transformation story will be concluded (and it will include an animated happy ending)
Mercedes’ quest where you can visit her in her room will be finished
Delizia gets an extended workout weight lifting scene
Delizia gets a quest to help her get strong enough to train weight lifting
Lacey gets an extended pool play scene
Yumiko gets an arrival scene, a new sexting image and a new dream image
Ivy gets all the reception uniform renders
Lacey gets the pool jump in and climb out images
Lacey gets all the reception uniform renders
Delizia gets all the reception uniform renders
Mercedes gets a posing scene
Mercedes gets a nude shower scene
Lacey gets a short even in the hotel corridor
Heather gets two pool distraction events
Brenda gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Delizia gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Desire gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Amy gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Jennifer gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
The first binocular where you can watch the girls doing beach yoga will be added

Minor improvements and changes
Amy’s base character renders are in double resolution and webp format now
Delizia gets two new dream images
Faye gets the walk on the beach scene with option to take a closer look in webp format
Jennifer gets two context realted sexting images and one new dream image
The girls’ lust will be auto reduced at night on certain conditions
You can now spike teh girls’ drink with a “purple tablet” to reduce lust
All MC shower scenes have been replaced by a function call. “Blue pill” effect is shown now and MC is using the shower of the correct room (new/old player room)
Weight training with Jennifer will reduce endurance and add “smell” effect
Delizia gets girl specific “talk about her” chat lines
Sexting images now support “.jpg” and “.webp” image format

Bug fixes
Scheduling/calendar has been changed to support up to 2 am. Also “change of day” for calendar has been changed to 2 am. This will avoid problems with dates at 1 am
Nightbar “last call” scene was shown with wrong bartender or could result in a crash when you did it on day 1
In certain cicumstances during the Miriam and Mercedes poster scene, the recpetionist overlay image was still shown
There was a possible endless loop when you arrive at the island (it occurs only very rarely)
The other shower scene with Faye should also count to get the shower symbol
There is still abug when Aly is the plane girl and another girl arrives on the island early.

To apply the update, please extract all files from the zip archive to the folder where you installed the full game. Overwrite all files when asked.
For Mac users, please navigate to the folder structure:\Contents\Resources\autorun
Inside you find the folder named “game”. Copy the content of zip file into the “autorun” folder from above.

Download Holiday Island


Mega Filesupload


Filesupload Mega

Android (v0.2.2.1 Beta)

Filesupload Mega




4.2/56 ratings


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