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The game is an Adult DateSim/Game made with Ren’Py. It follows the story of “Andy,” a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis. Having to move in with his grandmother while his parents sort things out, in the city, he will be reunited with friendly faces and meet new people, some of whom will be friends, and others not so much.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-18
Developer: El Ciclo Website – Patreon – Subscribestar – Discord – itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 2DCG, Anal, Animated, Big Tits, Blackmail, Fendom, Footjob, Handjob, Oral Sex, Teasing, Slave, Voyeur, Vaginal sex, Squirt, Threesome, Anal, Virgin


New in version 0.12v
In this update, continue with an event started in the previous release, after you defeated Kana, and will add a new feature so the player can “collect” some items.

New in 0.12v

  • Added and introduce new character: Brianne.
  • Added a new event for Ashley.
  • Added two new outfits for Ashley.
  • Added a new outfit the MC (if you can call it an outfit).
  • Added a new feature to the game: Collecting Panties.
  • Added a new feature to the game: Masturbating .
  • Added 10 new videos.
  • Added 14 new images.
  • Added To-Do info to help even more with some passed events.

Fixed in 0.12v

  • Force starting the gala event with Sophie, Chloe or Ginger.
  • Force triggering Latisha convincing scene after the pool.
  • Sometimes Jessie doesn’t appear to give you the tickets for the gala.
  • Remove “To-Do” items from the gala event once is done.
  • Force open the Pub when is required.
  • Force open the Mall’s back area when is required.
  • Force open Ginger’s house area when is required.
  • Added more lines to the Debug screen.
  • Fix error when ending a date with Ashley.
  • Fix an error in the Phone while been in the mall.
  • Fix an error with Sophies variables.
  • Fix triggering Stella scene before it should.
  • Fix Ashley event triggering before the rave.
  • Fixed several English typos.
  • Fixed several Spanish typos.


Fix release

New in 0.114v

  • Added more info to the debug screen.

Fixed in 0.114v

  • Re-coded Ashley’s sunday date to fix ending it badly.
  • Ashley’s story won’t trigger until you’ve been on at least one date.


Fix Release

Fixed in 0.113v

  • Force open Pub when the MC mentions it
  • Force open the mall’s second area when the MC mentions it
  • Force remove To-Do notes once the Gala event is done
  • Force re-appear people to invite to the Gala once you reload a saved game.


Fix release

New in 0.112v

  • Added not on how to make Kana visit you after you played her scene

Fixed in 0.112v

  • Fix bug when the MC tries to look for information on the PC
  • Fix adjustment on Jessie’s story


Family comes first
This update starts the Ashley’s and Pamela’s stories.

New in 0.11v

  • Added and introduce new character: KANA.
  • Added new areas to the Mall.
  • Added a new area: Ashley house.
  • Added new minigame SHOOTING.
  • Added new minigame FIGHTING.
  • Continue an event for Ginger.
  • Modified the Club icon in the map.
  • Modified the Interaction with Phill in the pub
  • Added 10 new videos.
  • Added 15 new images.

Fixed in 0.11v

  • Fix Ginger not showing in the contacts
  • Fix Felicia repeating the go to the Club dialog
  • Added debug screen
  • Stored user contacts
  • Removed repeated items in the characters description
  • Fix some English typos
  • Fix a lot of Spanish typos


Fix release

Fixed in 0.102v

  • Ginger’s story after having a date
  • Giving Willy x panties

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