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You’ve just woken up after entering a small little town during your travels, but what’s this about the rumors about you and the way you came from being… Blocked by… Something? Are the rumors really about you? Or someone else?

Yet when you go out to find out and end up getting too familiar with the locals, why do you wake up in your room? No one seems to remember anything ever happening, while you on the otherhand… All this seems to be playing out like in your dreams? But… Is it really a dream? Or something else?

Explore the town and get familiar with the locals. But be mindful of your condition, you wouldn’t want to wear yourself out or anything of the sort. Someone might take advantage of it. And you can’t shake the feeling that something wrong is with this town… But what is it?

Game Information


Release Date: 2024-03-02
Developer: Azulookami & Black Cat Studios Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 24.03.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Gay, Tranformation, Vore, Anal, Oral Sex, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, BDSM, Beastiality, Corruption, Creampie, Furry, Groping, Handjob, Male, Domination, Rape, Mobile game

Version 24.03.01

  • Garius has heard from the grapevine Ran has given you permission to help the guards around town, and he doesn’t want anything bad happening to his favorite ventuer! So why not join him in the gym and see what he’s cooking up!
  • After a bit of one on one time at the gym, go see what’s happening with that offer he gave you in the tavern. Just be sure you’re able to give a breeding boar what he needs.
  • Don’t forget to say hi to Oscar afterwards! Best be nice to your local healer. This isn’t Garius’ full update, but until the current things CM is working on for the game is done, it’ll do…
  • Evakk has been thinking about his and yours relationship going forwards. Still a bit confused, he needs the presence of his muse to help clear his mind.
  • Be careful! He might be learning what else he needs, but he’s still a demanding toucan.
  • Good hens get to see what’s life outside of town if they don’t take good care of themselves when around him!
  • Azlos Shop Updated!!! Check out the interface when buying something from him!

Version 24.02.01

  • Harold is ready for the next stage of testing after learning some things while working with Oscar, but they seem on the kinkier side than normal. Is this really research? Only one way to find out.
  • Make sure you have some kinks and have played with some others as well, might give him some ideas as to how it can help.
  • And if you feel like Harold is a bit too much of a dommy daddy for you, Geve is looking for a cuddle buddy!
  • After playing around with you for so long and getting permission from Ran, the chest gifted doggo is allowed to play around with you some more. And after playing around too much in the open, he’ll know what to do with you in private!
  • And if you’re really into him, he’ll even have some upcoming teasers with other characters~
  • Don’t forget to check out his updated GameOver!

Version 23.08.01

– You can now bring over some food to Vandeel. He’s been working hard so he probably could use some extra fuel.

– Be sure to check with him afterwards and even when you’re working out with him. Never know what it might lead to in the future.

– Bjorn has some new fun time scenes when he’s on break from construction.

– Sep is now looking for someone to fill in for Nel. Be sure you’re ready to work even during the breaks.

– Then check out Ran once you’re done with all of that, he’ll be teasing a new character with his new looks. But who will it be?

Version 23.07.01

– Bjorn heard a new rumor going around. Check up with him to see what’s up!

– Meet the fabled guard of the rumor. He’ll lead you to the other guy when talking to him when he’s on patrol in the town center. Though he doesn’t seem to be interested in most men unless they can hold an orc or two in them. Wonder why they so big on kids?

– After meeting with him, head over to the local healer to see who’s the new guy staying there. He seems like a big guy, so best to make sure you can take those kind if you try anything with him.

Version 23.06.01

– Harold has a mission for you. To go out and get him another assistant so that you three, maybe four, can help him progress on his studies. While helping the town with it’s current problem. Good boys get a spot in bed with him~

– Be sure to check up on the two local healers. They’ll be needed for his… Research.

– Upon hearing from Ran you got the go ahead, Jar will now let you patrol around town with him! Make sure you do everything you wanted to with him beforehand. He’ll have new plans for you and might not be so open to your dirty little secrets with everyone.

Version 23.05.01

– After spending some time with Waffurd, you can now work for Rutherfurd. It’s all about who you know however, so depending on who you know, they might come and visit you while you’re on duty.

– A new pirate has joined the tavern as the errand boy, but will he stay there for long after his travel system gets taken away? It is hard to ever find him there, guess pirates do like places with plenty of booty to plunder.

– After Vandeel has tempted you while working for Rutherfurd and impressing the guard, he’ll come up with a plan to help the two of you get a bit more risky in town.

– Butch has been working hard in making everyone look all spruced up! Check out Jar, Bjorn, Vandeel, Vic, Reynard, Vince, and Sep for their new looks!

Version 23.04.01

– There’s someone new in the kitchen with Rutherfurd, or has already been there? Though he won’t just let anyone see him, he needs to know them quite intimately. Now how can one do that in such a short amount of time?

– Upon hearing Ran posting you on the accepted list, he’ll let you go out on scouting duty with him. Given his profession though, is that really smart?

– Rutherfurd updated his shop to more match his status in life, along with sprucing up his appearance overall.

– Don’t forget to check out his gameover to a delightful treat~

Version 23.03.01

– Iron content has been updated! Get started on his update by getting enough training in and maybe a gameover. Be sure to talk to others to progress further in his fight! Can’t expect to win without knowing one’s opponent. After losing that is. Lots of new stuff to be found with him before and after “winning” his fight!

– Kubas has been added to the game! Huge content with him with over 6 new pics to go with him! Start off by getting permission from Ran and hanging out with Azkim to start it off.

– And once you get in their good graces, don’t forget to invite them for some dinner.

– Huge backend update to the events system, and unfortunately old saves don’t work But~

– Story Skip to jump to just before Iron’s fight. You’ll be able to see everything in Iron’s fight and Kubas’ story now!

Version 23.02.01

– Azlos has some new deliveries for people to make as the town continues to progress. How do you know when this is? Just make sure you’re up to date with your local drunk bear friend and everything he has to offer.

– A new location will open up shortly afterwards! Make sure you’re ready to listen to doctor’s orders!

– Along with this Nel will be found in a new location, so make sure you did everything you wanted to do with him in his old.

– To help with this, we’ve also fixed some bugs that was with doing Azlos’ deliveries.

– You can now invite people over for some food from your room! Just be sure to know them well enough and have some food for them.

Version 23.01.01

– Reynard’s been thinking about trying out more of the locally grown vegetation and other foods to expand his recipe list, and luckily for him, there’s always an adventurer around the corner.

– Reynard will also open up shop for those who go out help him think up these recipes.

– To show off this new shop, Reynard’s been hitting the gym to get his body in shape!

– You can now hire other adventurers to protect you while you’re out forging. Need to go out and ask them first however. Hint! If you’re far along with Vince and Vandeel, there might be someone else you’ll get to meet.

– After playing around with Boris too much, you can convince him to be a bit more friendly inside of the walls as well.

– After showing Azkim you’re very much into what he is, he’ll keep you around to help make sure he’s always ready for his missions.

– In preparation of getting a new aid around the offices, Sep has been grooming himself even more of late.

– Azlos has fully tested and is now selling two new potions in shop. Wonder what they do?

Version 22.12.01

– Kiel is new supervising his library being made in town! Those who made themselves trustworthy to Garius to put in a good word to Sep, will now be able to take on a quest to meet him!

– Careful for those who take on his challenge. None have won. But maybe one day when you get closer to him, you’ll learn what you need to go to prove you know your way around a polar bear.

– Bjorn is now more interested in seeing if the rumors of a certain adventurer from Rigur is true or not.

– Vic’s now ready to do some more hands on training with adventurers who’s a gym rat. Long as they show him how much you are at the bar as well..

– There’s a master blacksmith in town, paying off a debt, and in turn is teaching Vince everything he needs to know to become better. But that’s not the only thing he’s willing to teach to willing adventurers, just be sure you’ve been seeing the sites before you hear him coming into town.

– New GUI!!! Comes in 3 flavors

– When getting permission from Kiel, you can now find someone roaming the library halls such as yourself.

Version 22.09.01

– Garius now has a random chance of being found in the gym if you’re further along enough with him.

– After working out with him, he has some new things to say in the tavern as well – Along with a new gameover due to lust!

– While Gairus is out working out, someone has to be at the bar, so Vic has agreed to step up!

– While you might see him, only those who really been hanging out with him will be able to chat and work with him.

– More travelers have been coming to the city, and players can meet a certain minotaur whenever he’s not out with a party trying to make their fortune.

– He’s busy working the crowd however, so only those who can grab his attention will get to chat with him. Perhaps knowing how to attract another minotaur will help?

– After helping Harold study for some time, he’ll be ready to move onto preliminary testing with you, and be there to talk afterwards. Just make sure to take his warning to heart, this is dangerous business. And if he knows about you and a certain someone up north, he might be inclined to do some additional testing.

Version 22.08.01

– Upon hearing your want to work with with long hard wood, Shlar is willing to help! Just make sure you’ve made a good impression on him, and the big boy down at the Wood Pile. For those who got kinky with the guard up north, he might have another lesson for you.

– A new noble has come into town, find him wandering about in the town center before he invites you to converse in a more private setting.

– You can now handle the centaurs after being taught by Shlar, and getting a little help from Azlos afterwards. Best if you go in as prepared as you can possibly be! Be careful! They smell absolutely divine.

– Bjorn is now working over at the east gate. You can see a group getting to work on construction, and when he’s on break, go ahead and bug him. Sure he’d like it if you did.

Version 22.07.20

– The other half of the lumberjacks is out and ready to chat it up with you. He has lots to talk about, and for those kinky bastards out there, he’s one of them. Of course, all of this is just to help you out to be able to work with all these large men working in the hot and sweaty sun.

– The drill sergeant is currently in the barracks helping out new and old recruits alike, and for those who got permission from the Captain of the Guard of course. Just don’t over exert yourself.

– The local bounty hunter will now help those who get too tired when hanging out with him. Just be careful of learning his dark secret, he might not risk letting you go.

– There’s a way to get the shy fanboy otter to open up to you more, but first you’re going to have to get closer to Azlos, then once you’ve gain his trust, he’ll send you on the right way. Just make sure you’ve been around town and check up with Sep. Can’t get closer to him without him knowing you’re in the know, and close to the right people.

– There are a number of characters and scenes that have been visually updated, more coming next month!

– Stam gameovers to Rigur, Jar, and Varok are now working.

Version 22.06.20

– The north gate has been opened up to visitors, though with what’s going on in the northern forest, not many go there. Leaving a little guard to himself for most of his post. Don’t think just because he’s small doesn’t mean he can handle big boys. For those who help him, he’ll make sure no one takes advantage of you if you end up passing out during the day.

– The western gate is now looked over by a diligent guard. He doesn’t seem to bother to talk to anyone he doesn’t know why on duty, but those who have been bless with fertility might be able to get them to notice them. While he won’t go too far, but maybe if you can somehow be what he wants you to be, maybe in some other timeline some other way, he wouldn’t want you to change. But, how?

– Someone has been placed on the eastern gate and is looking for someone to keep him entertained, when you’re free of course. Though he gets attached easily, so if you keep hanging with him, it’ll only be a matter of time before he gets hooked on you.

Version 22.05.20

– The barracks have been added in! The guard captain is not looking for new recruits, but for you, he’ll make an exception. Be sure to give him something to smell and he’ll do the same for you! Have him help relieve you too times though and he’ll take you in the back for some training. But be a good boy afterwards, and he’ll make sure you’re taken care of if you push yourself too hard during patrol.

– The clothing shop is in! Make sure to play around with the boys at the tavern and come there with a result of being teased so much, and maybe he’ll help you out with that. Careful with coming there with a hardon that can cut diamond, or he might think you need more. Just don’t forget to get to know him between “work” hours.

– Garius has noticed you subbing out to him so much that he’s ready to do some more with you. Make sure you’ve met everyone in the bar, the item shop, and even worked out a bit. Then he’ll notice you if you’ve ever been around in his bed before, or at least he thinks you have. Do it with a certain fox and if you have some kinks unlocked, he’ll even help you two have some fun, for a price. Just watch out from playing around too much when you should be sleeping.

– A guard has taken up post at the south gate ready to defend the town at a moments notice, or enter a traveler’s mind who’s been known to let other people take control over them or even be underfoot of others. Just don’t lose yourself in the fun. He might get jealous of you looking like you’re having so much fun that he’ll want to do more.

– He’ll also help those who find themselves running out of energy wandering around the town. Only if he’s connected to you to a point where he can detect where you’re at. He’s not going out searching for you

– There’s a bounty hunter wandering around the town center from time to time looking for things to do. Maybe you can help him kill some time?

Version 22.04.19

– The gym has been added in along with some smexy scenes to find, musk/inflation are the requirements to have some fun in the gym and watch about getting too horny in there! Never know how someone might take that as if you’re pumping iron with him.

– The lumberjack area has been added in! Get to know one of the lumberjacks getting materials ready to help expand the town, but watch out for getting too nosey with him. He might just take you to properly learn how to do it correctly if you’re found lacking.

– The blacksmith area has been put in along with new npc! He’s more than willing to have someone help him with his work, just not in any dangerous ways, yet. Careful about working yourself to exhaustion though. Sure Garius and Bjorn have given you plenty of enough reason for that.

Version 22.03.20

– Now go out and meet the local shop owner to spend that money Garius gives you who will sell you very useful items during your stay. Later, he might be asking you for help to test out more. So don’t be afraid to get to know him before then!

– The mayor’s doors are open for visitors, and while he’s busy, for those who clearly look like they need it. He’ll be willing to help those need need, as long as they’re willing to indulge him in one of his past times.

– A otter has started to roam the town center doing something. While he won’t share with you what, he’ll still be there to chat with you. And if your breeches are a bit too tight, he’ll be willing to do even more.

New Enemies~
– The Drunkard~ You’ve bumped into the wrong person, or is it the right? For as you entered the alleyway, you’ve got a friend eager to share his drinks with you.
– The DireWolf~ You’re being watched and stalked heading through the surprisingly empty woods. Yet as he comes out to face you, you can’t help but get this nagging feeling something’s not right…
– The Alchemist~ Upon hearing about all the stuff going on in a nearby town’s forest. You know there’s some prime riches to be had, but after getting through all the trouble out in the forest, there seems to be an even greater threat there to stop you.

v1.0.0 Release
Initial release

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