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Diatima, or Dia for her friends, never asked to be an outcast. In a society where your entire life can be decided by a single event, Dia got the short end of the stick in the genetic lottery. The day of the Awakening was supposed to grant her powers, to give her direction, a purpose…but on that fateful day, something went terribly wrong.

Her Awakening failed, making her a statistical anomaly. A Powerless. The Matrons High Council, the governing body of the Matriarchy, didn’t know what to do with her.

According to the assessment conducted by a supercomputer capable of analyzing a person’s hidden potential, Dia was supposed to be a Breeder, but that’s neither a job nor a vocation; it’s a punishment only reserved for hardcore criminals and traitors.

Faced with a dilemma, the Matrons eventually decided to train her as a fighter to help in the war against the Matriarchy’s old foe: The Spawn. A war that the Matriarchy was slowly losing.

Well aware that the Matrons could change their minds at any time, turning her into a Breeder, Dia was resolved to do everything in her power to prove her worth, to show everyone that the assessment was wrong…but then the Spawn attacked her colony world, and everything changed.

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-07-24
Developer: Frozen Synapse Patreon – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
PrequelLuna’s fall from grace
Genre: 3dcg, mobile game blackmail, corruption, female domination, female protagonist, graphic violence, groping, lesbian, male domination, oral sex, romance, rape, voyeurism


  • Holidays part 1
  • 500+ renders
  • 11 animations (1 non-sexual)


  • This update requires a fresh start!
  • The map has been modified (Added quick travels)
  • Sleep scenes are now skippable
  • Watching tv is now skippable (After the first time)
  • James’ training is mostly skippable (when nothing new happens)
  • Fixed a couple of bugs


  • Week 4
  • 650 new renders
  • 9 animation (1 non-sexual). This is a working in progress, guys. I am still learning

Some scenes are mutually exclusive
If Wilson was fired: 1 scene (Warning: Graphic violence)
If Wilson was not fired : 2 scenes -> Therapy
James: Only if Dia has martial trait -> 1 additional scene if Dia asked Lee’s help.

– Now Dia can go to sleep without wearing pajamas.
– After school, you can directly go to train with James, or watch tv.
– After sleeping, the game will ask if you want to go to school, and if the answer is positive, you’ll be directly transported to school.

– Week 2 + Week 3(weekend excluded)
– 600 new renders
– 1 animation (Short, just a test for the future)
– Automatically wear school uniform after sleep -> Now the game will ask you if you want to wear school uniform without having to go through the wardrobe (only on weekdays)
– Android -> Added bigger buttons
– Added tutorial (End of the prologue – You can also find the video in the game folder)
– The journal has been revised
– The dialogue menu has been revised.

Download Diatima’s Isekai Porn Game


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Mega Mediafire


Mega Mediafire

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