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Carnal Instinct Adult Game Download Overview

Our journey begins in a realm of ancient myth, where the life-giving waters of the Euphoris river meet the sandswept ruins of Sabu. The God-Queen Kethra has not been seen for a thousand years, but rumors of her return are uttered in hushed tones throughout the sprawling villages along the shoreline of the once mighty waterway. Deprived of its divine empress, Sabu has fallen under the rule of eight demigods, powerful beings that once served Kethra as bodyguards. Unchecked, these immortals now vie for power as warlords, their conquest bathing Sabu with the blood of the innocent.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-07-01
Developer: Team Carnal Instinct – Patreon – Steam – Wiki – Roadmap
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.8 Steam
OS: WIndows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, adventure, big ass, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, futa/trans protagonist, internal view, monster, monster girl, teasing, vaginal sex


  • Added Sex scene – “Naga Breeding – Large Cock”
  • Added Sex scene – “Naga Breeding – Average Cock”
  • Added Sex scene “Naga Oral – Large Cock”
  • Added Sex scene “Naga Oral – Average Cock”
  • Added Sex scene “Concubine – Facesitting”
  • Added Sex scene “Concubine – Sex on Table”
  • Added Sex scene “A Taste of the Void” (Female, Futa, & Large Futa variants)
  • Added Sex scene – Face Sitting
  • Added Sex scene – Missionary
  • Added Mini Boss – “Tomb Guardian”
  • Added Mini Boss “Inquisitor of Bast”
  • Added Dungeon – “Tomb of Q’Tesh”
  • Added Dungeon – “Ruined Tomb”
  • Added Exotic NPC – Naga (Mountain Cobra)
  • Added Exotic NPC – Naga (Coral Cobra)
  • Added NPC Species “Crocodile”
  • Added NPC – Void Spirit
  • Added NPC – Zebra Centaur
  • Added Main Quest “Milk & Honey”
  • Added Main Quest “Tales of the Void”
  • Added Main Quest “Diamond in the Rough”
  • Added item – “Novice Helm”
  • Added item – “Novice Garb”
  • Added item – “Kethrite Spear”
  • Added item – “Void Titan Manhood”
  • Added item – “Void Infused Khopesh”
  • Added item – “Visage of the Void”
  • Added item – “Void Spirit Form”
  • Added item – “Aspect of the Lapis Drake”
  • Added item – “Hide of the Lapis Drake”
  • Added item – “Inquisitor Helm”
  • Added item – “Inquisitor Garb”
  • Added item – ‘Royal Jackal’ Manhood (Poll Winner – True Canine)
  • Added item – ‘Maned Feline’ Manhood (Poll Winner – True Feline)
  • Added item – Black Evil “Human Noble’s Collar”
  • Added item – Golden “Human Noble’s Collar”
  • Added item – “Naga Manhood”
  • Added item – “Plough Horse Manhood”
  • Added item – “Shadow Stallion Manhood”
  • Added item – “Draquine”
  • Added item – “Messy Ending”
  • Added item – “Esi’s Shield”
  • Added item – “Torch”
  • Added item – “Red Bandages”
  • Added item – “Brown Bandages”
  • Added item – “Purple Bandages”
  • Added item – “Purple Bandages”
  • Added Enemy “Followers of Bast”
  • Added Enemy – “Cursed One” (Alternative version that roams waterways)
  • Added Enemy – “Crocodile”
  • Added Fast Travel Locations
  • Added in-game Main Menu screen for accessing options, saving, loading and quitting
  • Added option setting for enabling Volumetric Fog
  • Added foot ik solving to combat states
  • Added new animations for “Cursed Ones” movement and attacks
  • Added multiple new camera angles during conversations with NPCs
  • Added “Follow up Quest” prompt for questlines. The world map will now highlight the target for a short time after it becomes available
  • Added more versatile variations for enemy attacks
  • Added weapon slot switching to keybinds (1 and 2 on your keyboard)
  • Added new general sound effects including jumping, climbing,
  • Added new combat sound effects including being hit, blocking and attacking
  • Added follower AI code
  • Added custom mouse cursor
  • Added character aim offsets (you will now turn your head towards your faced direction)
  • Added more variations to “Cursed One” skins
  • Added new music track for the Tomb Guardian
  • Added Tracked Quest Objective to the World Map screen and player compass
  • Added first implementation of swimming mechanic
  • Added feature to the World Map to let the player quickly find their position
  • Added a new legend to the world map (Press ‘E’ while in World Map screen)
  • Added animations for the spear weapon type
  • Added dynamic combat music to non-boss enemies.
  • Added a new drop table system – you will now “roll” for chances of getting items, this will become much more involved when more and more loot is added.
  • Added replenishing stock over time for Merchant NPCs
  • Added new UI visuals for notifications, including Quests and Saving
  • Added an automatic save feature for when the game is exited without saving manually
  • Added hover over information for markers on the World Map Screen
  • Added dynamic foliage movement to grass and plants
  • Added random idles to the Player Character
  • Added eye animations to the Player Character
  • Added multiple dialogue lines to NPC “Nepthys” (Priestess’ Attendant)
  • Added the Player Character to the Main Menu screen, customized depending on your save game
  • Added new sections to the World Map to cover the playable area
  • Added a few runtime optimization checks to help boost game performance
  • Added Mouse Control in the World Map
  • Added new foliage including Queen Palm tree variants
  • Added the ability to Track Quests
  • Added Stagger System (Only applicable for mini bosses at the moment)
  • Added Combat Music (Boss Fights only right now)
  • Added NPC names to Characters
  • Added Enemy Names to Characters
  • Added Stamina bar to enemies (Still in progress for balance)
  • Added ‘Quest’ Screen
  • Added “exit” options to older sex scenes
  • Added new structures to the saving and loading process to prevent users with many saves getting a long black screen on load
  • Added voice lines for dock NPC
  • Added enemy Area Icons on World Map


  • Fixed multiple key re-binds including walk, crouch, lock on, melee weapon, range weapon
  • Fixed a bug where unarmed combat would stack weapon damage
  • Fixed issue where the merchant would not re-stock gold
  • Fixed a bug during “With Bells On” sending the player to the wrong location
  • Fixed texture detail on rocks and cliffs
  • Fixed a bug with range attacks not unlocking from the target
  • Fixed “curse ones” from attacking too far away from the player
  • Fixed a crash with the spear during falling attack
  • Fixed a bug with water footsteps sometimes playing x3 per step
  • Fixed a bug where Followers of Bast wouldn’t have random outfits
  • Fixed various issues with foot IK
  • Fixed a problem with enemy aggro sounds playing at long distance
  • Fixed issue with enemies not always facing the player during combat
  • Fixed multiple sound levels
  • Fixed bug with crouching into swimming causing the player to float
  • Fixed a one handed attack animation from playing a heavy attack in the light attack sequences
  • Fixed tunnel splines from allowing the camera to clip through
  • Fixed Skylight controller while in dungeons from not saving
  • Fixed QTE’s from opening menus
  • Fixed a bug with dropped items not stacking
  • Fixed an issue with morph targets on the Follower of Bast Skirt
  • Fixed a problem where Nepthys would have “Diamond in the Rough” quest marker before the player has completed “Milk & Honey”
  • Fixed a bug where Djeda would give the player multiple breeding harnesses
  • Fixed a bug with the Void Titan Manhood would not be in the world
  • Fixed a bug where the Void Spirit cutscene would re-play on load
  • Fixed inconsistencies with camera positions during conversation with Havar, Nepthys and Melhva
  • Fixed input buffers on certain weapons to have better response times
  • Fixed the world map icons to have working information hovers
  • Fixed Quest Tracking. Tracking/Untracking Quests will now update the Quest compass markers accordingly
  • Fixed Rasha no longer being crasher – “Glory of the Gods” should no longer crash players
  • Fixed a problem with some NPC heads having no motion blur applied
  • Fixed an issue where holding “W” in the inventory screen would cause the player to vibrate
  • Fixed issue where chests in the world would keep their compass marker after being looted (Note: This fix may not apply to existing save games)
  • Fixed multiple issues with UI & SFX within the world and menu screens
  • Fixed a bug with the “Mythical Noble’s Collar” The chin bone is no longer stretched in certain animations
  • Fixed a bug where the world map would cause huge spikes on character physics
  • Fixed a problem where donating to the Shrine of Veranus could cause the player to have negative gold
  • Fixed multiple spelling mistakes with in-game items
  • Fixed NPC Sapt & Tala to have the correct visuals
  • Fixed icons disappearing on the World Map when completely zoomed out
  • Fixed issues with being able to repeatedly open the tomb door during “Footsteps of the Dragon”
  • Fixed the interaction from chests not being removed when looted
  • Fixed issues with the HUD disappearing during the mini boss fight – Inquisitor of Bast
  • Fixed a problem with the boss being dead when saving and loading during the mini boss fight – Inquisitor of Bast
  • Fixed the Tomb Door during “Milk & Honey” not fully opening for some players
  • Fixed typing mistakes in a few in-game items descriptions
  • Fixed the player choice order when talking to Anubis during “Milk & Honey”
  • Fixed dark/light controller when entering dungeons
  • Fixed Follower of Bast archer now attacks players
  • Fixed Inquisitor of Bast now drops the Inquisitor Skirt
  • Fixed Equine Cock now doesn’t go crazy with physics when opening and closing the interface Fixed a bug with consumable slot C not retrieving the item name
  • Fixed Dialog issues with Nepthys
  • Fixed Dialog issues with Khalith the Concubine
  • Fixed an issue with the eyes during the quest would be lost on Save/Load
  • Fixed an issue with the eyes during the quest would be lost on Save/Load
  • Fixed multiple issues with the quest “Secret Admirer” including clearer choices and compass bug fixes
  • Fixed Quest Compass Markers for all quests in the game
  • Fixed an issue when switching from the Quest Screen to the World Map
  • Fixed a chest from being in the map incorrectly
  • Fixed various collision profiles for foliage actors
  • Fixed compass markers from staying persistent after looting chests
  • Fixed multiple optimization
  • Fixed riverbed shader incorrectly displaying desert sand.
  • Fixed multiple “holes” with cliff/rock meshes in the level
  • Fixed an issue where players would hear “Splashing” sounds randomly
  • Fixed a wood hammering sound from being played in a location it shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue with AI re-spawning
  • Fixed an issue with the World Map screen not having hover animations on the UI
  • Fixed displacement on multiple skin materials
  • Fixed ‘Glory of the Gods’ quest to be more robust
  • Fixed minimap markers in Secret Admirer’s Quest
  • Fixed a problem where dialogue not yet implemented would appear during the Inquisitor of Bast fight
  • Fixed issue with the “Void Spirit Form” destroying items when being equip/un-equipped
  • Fixed issue where the combat music would not turn off correctly
  • Fixed “Secret Admirers” order of operations, you can now complete the quest in any order
  • Fixed a problem with tracked quests overlapping each other on the game HUD
  • Fixed a quest tracking error for “Diamond in the Rough” after completing “Tales of the Void”


  • Changed landscape material layers to have more detail
  • Changed quest screen to also be closed with [Q]
  • Changed quest objective notify to include “Press [Q] to view”
  • Changed the visuals of the looting items screen
  • Changed the damage values for “Cursed Ones” to compensate for animation overhaul
  • Changed the main menu screen to include a link for our Steam Reviews
  • Changed the non combat dodge to not step back, but roll forward
  • Changed the combat default walking speed to 300 up from 200
  • Changed the size of the compass indicators slightly
  • Changed compass icons
  • Changed the cost of sprinting stamina to be lower
  • Changed the Main Menu to have links to patch notes & our roadmap
  • Changed Load Game & loading screen visuals
  • Changed loading screen visuals
  • Changed the player movement camera rotational values for smoother results
  • Changed the visuals of the World Map
  • Changed the player movement speed when zooming in
  • Changed behavior for AI Wolves
  • Changed mesh & animations for AI Wolves
  • Changed Health and Stamina bars for both Player and AI.
  • Changed various materials in the world
  • Changed the combat dodge mechanic to have a small stamina cost
  • Changed Veranus to have slightly more health
  • Changed Anubite Archers to have slightly less health
  • Changed the loading process of save files
  • Changed the maximum far zoom while in the World Map screen
  • Changed the inventory scroll bar to be easier on the eyes
  • Changed Equipment/Cock Tint System
  • Changed and improved the 8 way blendspaces for combat
  • Changed the in-game Main Menu to include the Character Screen
  • Changed various systems to be more optimised
  • Changed terrain heightmap to be more optimised

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