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Step into the shoes of Amy, who is too hot for her own good! Or maybe she will use it achieve wonders. A 20 years old college student, her parents works offshore while she stayed back to study in the local college with her boyfriend Mark.

Take control of her life, make decisions, interact with her world and guide her in her journey to ECSTASY.

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-23
Developer: GilgaGames  Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.37
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Female protagonist, Corruption, Cheating,


* Main Story line events (Just follow the phone guide)

* Robbie Route Event (Just follow the phone guide)

* Construction guys foursome! (This event is included as a thrill event. You can find it at the college classroom. Make sure to have the pre-requisite to start it.)

* Frank’s new event (This is the start of the cuckold event which won in Patreon poll)

* Mike’s Route End.
* Tom Event
* Julia Event
* Main Route Event
* Thrill Event at mall
* New Picstagram image


v 0.32
Marks Brother Route start
Gym Guy Routen End (after the end of his go back to him for another scene)
Park Event with Hobo
And Amy Main Story Event.

v 0.31 Changelog:
# Paul’s route end..
# Halloween Event- Can be started by clicking at the mall banner. But you must be up to date with Frank’s events..
# New intro scene added of the game. Also new characters.. – I recommend starting a new game to see the intro scene and then loading your previous saves to play the latest main storyline event. BUT before that you must change the relations by clicking on the search bar in Amy’s phone or it will give error.
The correct relations are : Woman – “Mom”, Man -“Stepdad”
# Gym guy’s route end. But more scenes will be added later..
To sum it up, Amy will have the option to choose any character to end the main storyline with.
# New volleyball minigame to grab some quick cash.. Just a guess game between probability of left or right..
# Beach guy’s event. Just sunbathe on beach to trigger
# New picsta image- Find it, you must have met Emily before to unlock it..
# Also make sure to check commissioned section. Added some old bonus videos shared on Patreon..

# Paul Event

# Frank can be invited while sunbathing

# Julia event (Just introductory)

# Delivery Guy event

# Gym guy event

# New app in phone (Picstagram)

# House will get dirty in every 3 days. Skip or do chores. (More content will be added here later)

# Mark can now be invited home (Click on his icon in phone). You can invite other guys to shower while Mark is at home which will lead to extra scene..

# Frank’s special event
# Paul’s route start
# Delivery Guy Event- Just wear the outfit he gave and it will trigger
# Bed animation (Serizawa)

v0.27 Changelog:
* Serizawa’s primary route end and shower daily scene. More will be added later. Also his scenes are replayable at 3 PM in his room.
* New location: GYM. And first event. Also a new character.
* New scene in cafe. Progress after letting customer grope Amy’s butt.
* Delivery guy event. Just wear revealing clothes and then wear the new outfit in daytime.

*Frank’s route end.
*Daily events with Frank (Room and Shower).
*Introductory events for Robbie.
*Introductory events for Mike.
*Increased the size of map.
*Park and Mark’s house now accessible.
*Amy can now masturbate with dildo (Only normal sized dildo available yet)
*Added Character journal (In phone)- Contains information about characters, relations, kinks, route progress, etc.

Gift For Santa
Christmas Special

1)Save till last update added.
2) Events are flagged by time. You have to go to a specific place at a specific time to trigger the event.


*Frank route progression.
*Daily event with Harrison.
*Special event with Harrison.
*Forest now accessible.
*College male WC not enterable.
I don’t say it but this update contains about 10 different animations..
Detailed changelog will be on discord.
One month time allowed me to explain the events better. Still It didn’t take a whole month, so next updates will have slightly more content than this one.
v0.22 save files worked so not uploading new saves


* Frank route progression.
* Classroom daily event.


* Frank story progression.
* One daily event.
* Update main menu animation


* Frank first update.
* Two daily scenes with Harrison (one is patreon exclusive).
* Library Added.
* Inventory Added.
* One lewd cafe scene added . Showing cleavage advancement
Check discord for detailed changelog.


Finishes Harrison route for now, one daily activity with him.

0.18 :

An X update: Less gameplay content, more X scenes.
*Harrison Progression (Pool event completed)


*Harrison story progression.
*Animation viewer (Gallery) added. Click on the photos icon in phone.
*Paul’s cafe added.


*Harrison story progression.
*Phone and Guide added. Click on the clock to access.
*Can masturbate in the shower after first Mark event.


Start a new game to avoid bugs..
NOTE: Events are flagged by time. You have to go the specific place at a specific time to trigger the event.

* Showering and sleeping cg are added.
* Time concept is added…
* College, Mall, Amy’s Bathroom (besides her room’s door) added.
* Three new characters..
Two major events:
* One is triggered when you go to college for first time(9AM) and then just go with the flow and go to Serizawa’s room at 15:00 or 3PM. Serizawa will always be present at 3PM college but no extra events are added.
* Second is triggered at 16:00 or 4PM at college front.. and at 21:00 or 9PM at Amy’s house front. If you skip it by mistake just return next day at the same time. I made sure to put time flexibilty.

0.1 Initial release

Download Amy’s Ecstasy Porn Game


Workupload Mixdrop


Workupload Mixdrop


Workupload Mixdrop


Gallery Unlock

Amy’s Ecstasy: The Camping Trip

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Amy’s Ecstasy: Gift For Santa Special

Windows Mac Android
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