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You travel to Sylventhia Island for a job opportunity at BanKval. However, the island will offer, give, and take much more than your prospective career. Meet and interact with various characters and try to uncover the mysteries of the island and the irregularities happening around BanKval.

The story so far is a prologue before moving into the actual gameplay. The prologue will finish when your one-month internship ends at BanKval. Although this is like an intro to the game, it will also include early endings for those who want to explore a kind of “What if I was rejected from the position at BanKval?” scenario.

The story revolves heavily around the theme of female domination, and the kinks will be accordingly so. The game will often explore the extreme kinks and fetishes of femdom, however, each above-vanilla kink will be skippable. So you do not have to worry about witnessing something you would rather not.

(Keep in mind that there is a points/values system that tracks your choices with the characters, so you might lock content with them if you shy away from their demands. Think of it as an “affinity” of the character towards the protagonist. Therefore make sure to explore each option. Content you chose to omit will not be affected by this. They will still be avoidable.)​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-10-13
Developer: Sylventhia Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Open-World, Sandbox, Animated Scenes, Animation, Femdom, Female domination, Footjob, Foot fetish, Chastity Play, Piss (AVOIDABLE), Urination (AVOIDABLE), Scat (AVOIDABLE), BDSM, Humiliation, SPH (AVOIDABLE), Sissification, Femininization, Sexual intercourse, Cuckold/NTR (AVOIDABLE), Ballbusting, CBT, CFNM, Gore (AVOIDABLE), Male submission, Pet Play, Toilet Play (AVOIDABLE), Strap-on, etc.

v0.1.8 is out!
Pathos Ultima Event

v0.1.7 is out!
-Overall adjustments to locations.
-1 new location that acts as a gateway to two different locations. (Similar to the Dojo Room, these locations have minor functions yet.)
-Overall adjustment to the code (Day passing at the end of events such as the one at Equilibrium Institute)
-Minigame balance = Now the minigame buttons will work based on the corresponding B.D.S.M. stat level. If you have level 0 B.D.S.M. stat, the button will not add any points and won’t work. For example if the minigame includes a scene where you need to act like an object (like a chair) your Mutatio Level will influence the button
-ACT button limitation: You cannot interact with other characters’ ACT button (Currently among Isla, Leah, Sarah, Astrid, Kurushi) if you are “Bonding” with another character’s affinity path. This is to prevent the game from bugging out even more.
-Affinity content restriction lift: You can now view previous scenes of your own accord even if permanent changes have been made to the MC. You can think of it as a “Memory/Gallery” interaction
-4 new original soundtracks.
-Astrid Bondage > Condemnation Ending: Earn enough condemnation points during Astrid’s slavery to trigger an ending scene.
-Isla’s Intimacy : A new scene has been added to Isla’s level 4 Intimacy. As well as a small Condemnation interaction to her Intimacy path. (This interaction is purely dialogue based)
-Amaya’s Condemnation: A scene has been added for this path
-Claire Buy interaction: Accessible after a certain option during the event at the Gym
-Gym Event: After Day 30, the event at the Gym is accessible
-Sylventhure Event: After Day 26, the event at Sylventhure is accessible
-Kurushi Devotion Affinity Path
-Sarah Devotion Affinity Path
-Leah Bondage Affinity Path
I guess that is about it for the Changelog  <3
P.S. : You can find a guide for the update 0.1.7 in the attachments.

v0.1.6 is out!

– Isla’s Intimacy Path. (Until Level 6. Last scene is called Change of Seasons)

– Sanguide’s Base. You can visit Sanguide’s Base from the map. The location is called Site of Anomaly. (the curled whip icon on the map) You can train with her to gain some stats. I benefited from the new animation method for her battle, and will from now on do all battle content in a similar way. Feels much more fluid.

– Endai’s Dojo (No content, just location). (I have realised that with the new animation technique the locations could look much more alive. So if you replay the event at the equilibrium institute you will be able to visit Endai’s Dojo from then on. You can see that instead of static images, the characters are doing looped movements. and instead of sprites, their chat screens also use videos. I will be doing that for all the characters, redoing every chat screen’s background like that

– Yena’s Challenge. Talk to Yena and ask about the Penal system. Say that you are brave, and she will challenge you.

-Wynn’s Task. (Also a miniggame)

-Some Findom. Susan and Mary has scene-less findom interactions. Go to them and chose “Give” , after the first time, whenever you chose give on them you’ll be able to give them money to slightly increase an affinity.

– 5 new soundtracks (Sarah’s, Isla’s, Site of Anomaly, Dojo, Countryside)

v0.1.5 is out!

-The Rewards and Erotic scene access through tasks and works has been readjusted and balanced. The game should not feel grindy anymore (hopefully) and if there is a stat requirement for a scene you’ll be notified before you access it instead of the scene playing out while automatically skipping the erotic content. Additionally the cost of each action has been consistently set to 1. Talk option no longer requires Motivation/Energy Points. The whole Talk dialogues has been rewritten.

– Design QoL update: Sylphone is now used through separate buttons to save time on having to open another screen, but sometimes (I guess due to code) buttons work on clicking twice. On top of showing the available daily work, To-Do box can also fast travel you to the work content if you click on the name. In-game Setting button (not Ren’py default options menu) also has a very brief tutorial available. You can check it out before the first Battle with the new character Vael to see how combat works.

– Rebirth Mechanic no longer resets MC’s stats or has reputation penalties, but it will still reset your affinity progress with other characters. (If this was not so the game would probably glitch or break the unity and context)

– Tasks can now be done everyday instead of being day specific, only Work content is day specific.

– One scene for = Mary’s Task content, Wynn’s work content, Isla’s Work content has been added

-You can make investments from your laptop to have weekly S.C. and Reputation Revenue. These are permanent upgrades that will unlock additional dialogue and interactions in the future, their current effect is solely income based.

– 6 New Original Soundtrack have been added.

– (This mechanic was very difficult for me and I’m still trying to figure it out, I hope you won’t be frustrated as it is not polished. The game itself is not yet polished actually I guess.) Two very small text interactions have been added, one for Susan and one for Astrid. Talk to Susan with the talk option and she will be added as a content. On the first saturday after that she will send you a basic text. Astrid is added as a contact once you open her chat window, and after you view her “Change of Tides” Bondage scene and start calling her Mistress, you have 1/4 chance of receiving a text from her per day to initiate a small scene.

– The Main Storyline Content : A scene that explores more of the lore of the island has been added. You will be shown the location on the map once you just pass the day. After viewing the scene, going to the same location will start a battle with Vael.

-The Battle Mechanic. It is a new mechanic necessary for the main plot, I think it is explained sufficiently in the game tutorial. It’s fairly simple, yet you’re not supposed to win without being max possible level yet. Even then it should be fairly hard I guess? It is because Stat upgrade to other tiers and Max health, Max Motivation upgrade choices will be added in the next update.

-The Event at Equilibrium Institute: It is the main erotic content of this update and it is available after day 19, every Friday.

v0.1.4 is out!
Main Content:
Astrid’s Bondage Path. The end of her content has a marker at her final Bondage Level 6 Scene where it says that it is the end of her bondage content for now.
Side Content:
Various Work/Task Content, as well as a new location and characters that can be unlocked by triggering a quest on your laptop.

I hope you enjoy the update!

v0.1.3 is out!
IMPORTANT: After you reach the end of prologue (“EMERGE ANEW” Choice) the game will *close*. When you re-open the game, Continue by pressing on *START*. The prologue ends there. You will see that an extra button on the menu as PROLOGUE is added, you can replay the prologue from there. To begin the actual game and continue to the gameplay, Press on START at the main menu. After a short intro and tutorial, you can access your stats, phone and map. After that you can simply continue your progress by SAVE/LOAD. Sorry if it was confusing, I hope you enjoy this little interaction

Now you can enjoy the gameplay and have more liberty with your choices as the game becomes more dynamic, shifting from the linear structure of a traditional Visual Novel!
There is a work/task for almost every character available and you can explore and find erotic scenes by interacting with the characters. Keep in mind thatmost of my effort for preparing this update went to coding and structuring the state of the game. Therefore in its current state it can feel a bit lacking in content, however I especially made sure that there are more erotic scenes than the previous updates.
The file size is optimised.
There is an event repeating every sunday starting at Day 14.
I did not put a day block, but I highly suggest you do not commit to your save file as I will probably add more stuff for the first 50 days in-game in the next couple of updates

v0.1.2 is out!
This update concludes the sampling route and introduces the actual route. This is still the prologue of course. The actual route in this version is pretty close to the ending. The next update will shift to the gameplay.
As content, this update has different mini-mechanics that I had tried. Also relatively less erotic content.
I suggest playing through the sampling route first before moving on to the actual route. Oh and don’t expect anything erotic from the actual route.

v0.1.1 is out!
This update continues the sampling route in the prologue, offering sample teasers for more kinks. Currently, every kink I have tagged should be covered.
-There are five choices for erotic scenes with 5+ women, 2 of the choices being sub-divided into 2 different characters.
-If you have blocked content with Isla, for example if you blocked coprophagia, you still will not see it despite it might be indicated in the choice as (Piss/Scat). But if you have blocked both urophagia and coprophagia you will not get a choice for Toilet Play, for example. So keep that in mind.
– I tried a few jabs at animated scenes in this update but improved it on the next update, so please excuse my un-aesthetic handling of some animations.
Thank you


v0.1.0 is out
Initial Release

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