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The Island Adult Game Download Overview

The Island, depicts the adventure of Olivia, a young woman who ends up castaway with her friends on a strange and mysterious deserted island. Subjected to a supernatural force that alters sanity, the group is slowly regressing into madness, toward a primitive animalistic state. Will Olivia and her friends manage to escape the Island and uncover the shroud of mysteries around it?

The Island is an adult 2D “Old School” RPG-inspired game with a survival, crafting, investigation and stealth mechanism, including many CG cutscenes and multiple ending scenarios.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-09
Developer: Something Wrong About Jean
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, Animated, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Creampie, Drugs, Group sex, Groping, Lactation, Lesbian, Male Domination, Pregnancy, Rape, Vaginal sex, Sleep Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Interracial, Internal view, Adventure, Dystopian setting, Graphic violence, Horror, Paranormal, Possession, Puzzle, RPG, Sandbox, Management

– Fix an exploit with fast travel
– Fix a issue with the dialogue for the swamp roamers
– Fix a issue with the GG scene at camp with Cassie
– Fix a bug with the berry jam resetting the PR in some circumstances.

Version 0.5.3
– New maps! Introducing the new Pheromones mechanic!
– Add a new reward for completing the Waterfall Temple Quest
– Add a feedback bubble text over Olivia head when her PR getting close to her maximum.
– Add a tutorial for the pushing mechanic
– Add a new random roamer in the Flooded Rainforest (spawning after the Waterfall Temple event)
– Add a new random roamer event in the new map

– Fix a bug where Bob was duplicating during the mushroom adventure
– After Cassie quest, when entering the swamp, Cassie is teleported directly to the flood rainforest instead of having to walk the swamp again
– Skip scene button added to resources ambusher
– Balanced the resources ambusher odds
– Many bug fixes

Version 0.5.2
– Makes sure that no environmental lightning (dawn, dusk, etc.) can be shown while inside the Waterfall Temple
– Fix a bug where the time was restarting while inside the Waterfall Temple
– Fix the gamepad bug erasing the keyboard mapping in the production version of the game. LB and RB button is now working as intended
– Fix some dialogues clipping and issues
– Remove the black screen in the TBC screen
– Add <Cannot Discard> tag to quest items
– Fix the weight calculation script. Key Items wont weight anymore now.
– Fix another rare weird bug with Sleepy Cassie at the abandoned camp
– Fix the hitbox of the blowgun.
– Add an icon to indicate the path to the Waterfall Temple in the Western Jungle Lake map
– Review all roamers to make sure they can be put to sleep with the blowgun following the hitreg and previous collision fixes
– Unlocked the toxin gathering from the toxic frogs. Now Olivia can gather toxin from the frog using the right equipment after the “Bull” event
– Fix the firecamp in the Guardians Herd’s beach camp
– Disabling the Psilocybe Cubensis (mushroom) use as long Olivia is captive.

Version 0.5.1
– New story bind area : The Waterfall Temple!
– Sex Mini-game bounded to The Waterfall Temple!
– Add a brand new Random Roamer to the game!
– Add a random feedback reaction dialog after a roamer scene for Olivia
– Birthing Event is now activated (after reaching a now accessible specific milestone in the story)

– Reduce the overall events QTE difficulties
– Fix z-index issue with overlay during the “Bull Scene”
– Fix a freezing bug during Cassie Character Quest happening if she activate the event without a Coconut in her inventory
– Fix a overlay issue in the random roamer 2 scene
– Any creampie in the pussy during pregnancy on the island has the effect of accelerating gestation now
– Remove the automatic Game Over when reaching a certain point in pregnancy

Version 0.5.0
– Add new Feral Ambushers randomly jumping Olivia while she is gathering resources. Very low chances of happening. More likely to happen during a hard mode play through.
– Add a new lootable item : Cannabis Cigar

– Adjusted the dawn tint (From red to yellowish)
– Reduce the dusk and dawn time overlay
– Adjusted the fast travel encounter chances to 25% if playing in hard mode. Normal mode is 10%
– Removed the alligator encounter from the fast travel event table
– Adding a Box of Matches to Cassie Inventory during her Character Quest
– Replaced the map freezing script for a new one as the previous one wasn’t always working as intended. Now Menu always pause the NPC movement on the screen
– Darts will ignore resources and others things on the map now
– Add a description of the item and the effect given from using it in the crafting UI (need a fresh new game to show in the UI)
– Fix a few bugs with the force sleeping event
– Fix a bug with a few event that wasn’t suppose to show after using a quick start up waypoint option
– Now Olivia can learn the Red Berry Jam recipe from any Red Berries Resources Node

– Disabling the Exhaustion script while Olivia is using the psychedelic mushroom
– Resetting the GangBang Roamers occurrence if the MC is happening to land on this event during fast travel
– Removed the delay between CG and texts during scene to speed up the game
– Fixed Sleepy Cassie. Now you can wake her up!
– Add a new RP event to force the MC to go to sleep during night.
– Removed a debug value in Fast Travel that would trigger 100% of the time an event when using the Fast Travel
– Reduced the Fast Travel Event chances to 10%
– Menu will now pause the event on the map as well now.
– Add a usable temporary Crystal to exit the herd after reaching the current end of content.

– Various tweaks and minor bug fixes

– Change the icon for the 2nd part of the quest dialogue
– Remove persistent quest icons from Cassie Character quests.
– Finally fix all the duplicate Cassie for good
– Fix a bug where you could go bellow 0 in Primal Regression
– Removed the hard mode restriction from using the fast travel item
– Found a very nasty bug that should improve overall game performance

– Fix a duplicate Cassie bug at Cliffside Camp during Cassie Character Quest event
– Fix a falsely state issue with Olivia after the Olivia-Cassie Lesbian Scene
– Fix a issue where Olivia and Cassie was frozen after the Olivia-Cassie Lesbian Scene
– Critical and Quests items such as The Matches, the Bags, etc. doesn’t weight anymore.
– Fix a issue with some quest icons not fading away

Version 0.4.2
– New maps area to explore
– Olivia-Cassie Lesbian Relief Repeatable Daily Event

– Tracking the number of day Olivia can go without having sex for future use
– Replaced the hiding textbox H key with a on-screen button
– Add Quests Marker over the various NPC in the game
– Primal Regression Calculation rebalancing. Also, starving state now speed up the Primal Regression. Better eat up some bananas
– Various bug fixes

– Removed the movement restriction on a specific tileset

– Fix an issue with an invisible wall caused by an unpassable tile usable in an upcoming map

Version 0.4.1
– First birthing event is completed! Olivia can now complete a whole pregnancy from A to Z (note : for this event to trigger, the player need to reach a specific milestone in the story)
– A new map neighboring the new herd beach area
– Add a event preventing the player to leave the “herd” zone before reaching a specific milestone in the story

– Raised the movement speed of the character. Olivia walk and run 25% faster now
– Fire Camp are now working correctly.
– Fixed the Mud Camo buff to work properly with the nasty alligator in the swamp
– Fix a bug with the Fast Travel and reduce the % of getting an event from using it slightly
– Fix a bug preventing the morning sickness event to trigger
– Fix a bug with the event overlapping when Olivia was waking up (masturbating, reaction to pregnancy, etc.) happening all at the same time
– Edited a few map to give more room to the player to evade the roamer using the stealth mechanic
– Fix a bug duplicating Cassie during her character quest

Version 0.4.0
– Craftable pile of leaves bed roll item to sleep anywhere in the jungle
– Gore switch On/Off in the options menu
– New option to change the Keyboard Configuration of the game (i.e. WASD instead of arrow keys)
– Added a random dialogue script to the morning waking up sequences/horny masturbation status
– Added random dialogue feedback when a man creampie the character and she’s been already knocked up
– Pregnancy reaction script! Olivia will react to her different stages during her pregnancies!

– Typos and changes to the “Bull Scene” dialogue to make it more unique
– Replaced some SFX for the moaning engine
– Fix a bug where Cassie was duplicating in the Cliffside camp during her side quest
– Fix a bug preventing Cassie’s side quest from ending when she was turning Feral.
– Replace the Flint item with a Coconut in Cassie’s side quest. Change the CG consequently. Also added a new Quest to orient the player



– Fix a clipping issue with some tile in the beaches area
– Turn ON the new sound system when starting a new game
– Fix a bug with transitioning map in the new area
– Removed a tree that was blocking the path to the bathing area in the new jungle
– Updated the frogs code to work with the Vintage Sampling Kit
– Add the frog to the resources table with 3 days respawn
– Add a bed to the Herd Cave to allow the MC to sleep there if needed
– Fix many clipping bugs such as Olivia going to area not allowed or bad placed bushes and vegetation in maps
– NEW waypoint system allowing the player to start the game at pre-defined saved waypoint in order to avoid having to restart the game with each new version of the game! 3 starting waypoint has been added with this update : the starting beach, the cliffside camp and the rainforest camp. More waypoints will be added in the future.
– Remove female moans SFX for Cassie while she’s KO during one specific scene.
– Remove a few autorun messages from the main story if the player start from a pre-defined saved waypoint.
– Add the option to stay in the new area or travel back to the Flooded Rainforest when reaching the end of current content.

Version 0.3.2


– Continuation of Olivia’s Main Story! Including a new CG Scene and Quests!
– One new Random Roamer (with its CG scene) added to the game!
– New Blowgun system! You can now stun the roamers for a few hours if you have a blowgun and poisoned darts!
– New sound system for Sex Scene! Can be turned on and off in options
– New random narrative description system for Sex Scene!


– Revamped completely the fog overlay system
– Fix a bug after completing the first QTE for the backpack quest



– Fix a bug with Fast Travel event black screen



– Hiding the bathing icon during Cassie side quest event
– Prevent fast traveling while being over-encumbered
– Fix some inaccessible resources spawn points
– Fix an issue with the Backpack quest not awarding items correctly after winning the QTE on the 2nd round.
– Added the visual assets of Cassie affected by the mud buff
– Fix a bug where Cassie wasn’t be affected by hunger and fatigue
– Balanced resources yeild again
– Cleaned buff now gives 20 energy and while active reduces the chances of getting pregnant
– Fix coordinate for Cliffside Camp fast travel

Version 0.3.1

WARNING : A new save is needed to load the new stuff, items and recipes to your game for this version.


– New Fast Travel system! Allow you to quickly navigate the map from different known landmarks! (not available in hard mode)
– New CG random roamer event specific only to Cassie during her Side Quest.
– Added new resources to gather from the swamp area for crafting.
– New craftable sandals allowing faster walking speed. Very crumbly but relatively easy to craft.
– New CG for the frogs scene.
– Bathing System, to keep your Olivia always clean


– Fix a bug where the scorpion poison wasn’t fading away on Cassie
– Fix a few dialogues mismatching the character during Cassie’s sidequest
– Fix a bug with the Psilocybe Cubensis. This item is exclusively for Olivia’s use only.
– Fixed the spearfishing spawn point in the first jungle area east of the Abandoned Camp.
– Fixed Olivia’s morning sickness event to be excluded during Cassie’s sidequest.
– The black roamer in the North West Swamp area should despawn after the event now.
– Added the option to skip the North West Swamp scene after the first time if Olivia fail the QTE.
– Fix a bug where the lactating icon effect wasn’t showing up when activated.
– Fix a bug with the hunger script.
– Revamped the 2nd part of Cassie “backpack” side quest.
– Change the max capacity of the storage box to 500.

Version 0.3


– Playable Cassie story arc!


– Balanced the difficulty of the QTE of the NE Swamp event.
– Add a quest objective and a dialogue to gives more context the player during the Broken Bridge quest
– Add a short guide about sprint, encumbrance and inventory management at the start of the game


– Added a BJ Scene to the sleeping roamer event (trigger if Olivia PR is high enough)
– Fix a bug in map ressource respawning in the swamp biome
– Add a few more subtle visual aids to the flooded forest path
– Add more arts and effects to the cliffhanger scene with Olivia
– Allow the player to continue playing the game after the cliffhanger
– Add a basic buff icon indicator for the camouflage on the game hud

Version 0.2.2
– *Camouflage!* New stealth-enhancing mechanic added to the game. A buff is given when Olivia goes in mud pool boosting considerably her stealth for a short moment (subject to balancing).
– *New area* The Flooded Rainforest which is introducing the next part of the main story

– Fix the Pennyroyal tea recipe giving the wrong item in crafting
– Readjusted the sprint sprite animation
– Characters now have their own inventory instead of sharing the same inventory
– Balanced the yeild of berries and sugarcane from resources spawn
– Added visual for Mud Camouflage in status window when activated

– Fix the slowdown bug caused by tile region mixed up
– Fix 2 other image layer issue in scene

Version 0.2.1
– *New area!* The Alligator Den with new resources and base framework for mud effect in game!
– Balanced the difficulty of the QTE of the north east swamp area to be more difficult.
– Fix a few typos and grammar errors in dialogues.
– Fix a bug where the Red Berry Jam buff wasn’t fading out, preventing to use it at its full potential again.
– Fix a bug where Cassie was always sleeping at the old camp.
– Fix a layer issue with the new event when Olivia was pregnant.
– Add fail safe code to make sure the frog event picture entry goes away after triggered.
– Add the QTE to the crocodile event to give the player a chance to win the event. Difficulty is random each time.
– Improved the AI of the roamers in the North East Passage in the swamp for better pathing.

Version 0.2
– *New area!* Two new map has been added to the game! It’s the first area of the new biome : The Swamp
– Two new scenes has been added to the game
– New collectable resources
– QOL : Remap key I to open inventory and X to toggle stealth as well as C (being too close of each other)
– New Quick Time Event (QTE) in some CG scenes to add interactivity to the game
– Balanced the Red Berry Jam to heal Primal Regression from 10 to 25 once a day. Also, make the jam usable as
much as the player wants with the limitation of healing only 8 PR on the subsequent use of the item.
– Fix a bug where the exhaustion mechanism was only working once.

#### Version ####

– Fix a limitation border preventing the MC to go in certain NPC restricted area (in jungle waking up area)

#### Version ####

– Red Berry Jam should apply the Red Berry buff as well now
– Fix a clipping issue with the broken jar tile
– Fix a clipping issue with the jungle cave interior
– Fix a limitation border preventing the MC to go in certain NPC restricted area (in hallucinated event)
– Olivia can turn off her torch now (use T or click on the item in the inventory to turn it on or off)

#### Version ####


– Fix an issue where the new map was excluded from the resources respawning logic
– Fix an issue where the autosave feature was always overwriting the last save point.
Now Autosave will alternate (round robin) between the 2 first save slots

#### Version 0.1.2 ####


– *New area!* A new map has been added to the game as well as a new camp location.
– You can ask Cassie to follow you to the new camp (after discovering it)
– New short scene with Cassie and Olivia
– Repeatable scenes are now skippable after the 1st time
– Added new craftable items and recipes
– Added new resources to gather


– Changed the way the game handles the inventory. Olivia can carry more than her limit
however if she goes past that limit, she will not be able to sprint.
– Disabled time/clock progression during dialog/events
– Balanced the energy drain logic in the game. Olivia shouldnt struggle to make it through the day now.
– Various minor bugs fixes (quest related)
– Add a dialog to Cassie to tell Olivia where David is located on day 2 (Spear Fishing)
– Changed the ambient sound of the jungle to be less aggressive
– Added a ambient sound for the jungle during the night
– Added a “Wait until the night” option at a bed roll
– Doubled the capacity of the storage crate (from 50 to 100)

#### Version 0.1.1 ####


– Updated the game framework to the latest version to upgrade the game performances
– Tripled the sprint time (shift key + direction)
– Removed the energy drain from gathering to slow down the characters energy draining
– Added an autosave feature

#### Version 0.1 ####

Original release of the first chapters of the game

*MC = Main Character

Initial release

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