Spooky Milk Life Adult Game Download Overview

Spooky Milk Life is a R-18 adult adventure game with simulation dates with many features!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-08-30
Developer: MangoMango & Studio Gingko Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.59.4p
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Combat, Male Protagonist, Parody, RPG, Romance, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


New Story
Danny’s new story.
She is worried about her weight. Help her with an unusual training and get reward from her. There are two H scenes.

The New Story of Missy It’s a great opportunity to help Missy with the housework.
Help her out on laundry day and get a reward.
It’s a side-type quest that you can do without Missy and “Love status”.
Missy’s underwear
– You can collect her underwear and watch the new masturbation scene.
– Cora
– Mandy
– Kate
Other updates
– Coloring of some maps has been completed.
– Enjoy the changed atmosphere.
– A TV channel has been added.
– New H Scene! +5
– Graveyard Monster Add additional 1 sex scene each : Dullahan, Mimic, Zombie, Ghost, Sexkeleton

New Story

The new story of Annette. #Current production isn’t fully implemented due to bug issues.
Additional stories from Arnet can be rewarded through subsequent update stories. We’ll promise to produce and provide it quickly.
New map and dungeon

New dungeons and maps have been added. Experience the exciting story of meeting new characters.
New update characters!

She is a widow with a story. Please console her.
-Coffin Dance

They show a unique funeral culture with their traditions.

It’s just a tree. Sprinkle with a different kind of fertilizer.

She is a suspicious merchant. Buy tools from her and prepare for the expedition before entering the dungeon.

She is a grave keeper. She only sleeps on bright days. It’s a good time to tease her.

She is a woman who is interested in occult. We think We’ve seen her unique outfit somewhere?
New Mosters

Thre are a total of 5 monsters added to the cemetery. They are undead.
#The system for displaying monsters in the room, which is the system of Toy monster, is not yet implemented. Please look forward to future updates.
-Other Update

The quality of the existing pixel animation has been upgraded.
Size x2, Frame x2
# The unfixed monsters are surprise boxes, toy soldiers.

The image of the title has been changed.




– new update characters!
– You can buy pizza with various effects from her.
– Check the leaflet and get the phone number.
– It’s a new story from homeless Lizzie.

– Help her out and get a reward!​

– Four more animations have been added.​- Anet’s peek has now been updated.
– Check the time she’s in the room, the time she’s in the bathtub.
– Blackjack minigames have been added to your computer.
– The dialogue standing image has a outline
*If it is disturbing, you can turn it off in the Options window.

-Now you can meet Santa
-Fixed font problem.

– Added animation “Loading”
– Fixed sorting Inventory Algorithm.
– Fixed specific dialog didn’t translate.
– Fixed Alisa doesn’t sell products after specific quest.
– Fixed dungeon mini map bug.
– Added system which can reset milk gauge of specific monster on the 2nd floor.

Hot Fix
– Fixed the problem that can’t talk with Linda.
– Fixed the problem while playing in multi-monitor with window mode.


Hot Fix
-Fixed freezing problem while watching phone in dungeon.
-Fixed freezing problem while open inventory in dungeon.
-Fixed problem which lemonade quest doesn’t clear
-Fixed problem that character crush after lemonade quest in specific time.
-Fixed repeating Sucky quest problem
-Fixed repeating Curry quest problem
-Fixed problem which remaining character after specific quest.

New Maps!
Church is the only one in this town. You’ll find out the mysterious secrets of this town. -Bakery
This is Bakery. You can eavesdrop some cases from cops who come here to eat donuts. -Park This is Park. You can talk to neighbors and listen what’s happening to this town.
-Apartment Many characters from different piece of work will live here.
-Slum So many crimes in here. Watch out for Hookers! ————————————————————————————-
TV System Now you can watch tv here.
New charaters! They can be found on new maps. ————————————————————————————–
X-Rays You can also watch X-Rays in sex scene(only human H-animation) —————————————————————————————
Gallery Finally we added Candy Basket(Gallery) system!! Try the playable character and unlock the gallery.
*caution Characters which don’t exist on gallery, Ane and Missy will be updated soon. Character which don’t exist on gallery is unplayable. —————————————————————————————- Others We fixed game balance. Dungeon is much easier to clear. —————————————————————————————- Next Updates Mariola and Lousina will be updated by votes. Also many contents will be added and many critical bugs and translation will be fixed. We’d like to thank you all for your support. We won’t give up this game!!l
– Fixed the issue that save file is not created on non-Gregorian calendar cultures.

– Fixed an issue that animation of Sucky won’t stop at a certain point.
– Fixed an issue that the game stuck after the Linda H event.
– Changed the implementation of the interacting box in dungeons.


  • BGM changed.

The bgm by time zone has been changed.

  • Calendar

You can change the date.
Check the calendar next to the bed.
*There will be ui adjustment to make it easier to recognize.

  • Santa Claus

She is Santa Claus, who recognizes a good child and gives gifts.
Do quests to meet her in winter and get two rewards.
Still has bugs when you load old saves*

  • Added new areas: Gym and Library!
  • New pretty NPCs are waiting for you there!
  • Spend Upgrade Tokens to increase your strength, endurance and intelligence!
  • Beat the monsters in a single punch through training!
  • Training process may be NSFW, so watch out~ Weapons! – You’re now able to equip weapons.
  • You can also use items during a battle. Battle Improvements!
  • You can loot the enemy after you’ve beaten them.
  • The timing game when the enemy grabs the player was a little awkward, so we changed the mini-game a bit.
  • You’ll receive upgrade tokens after clearing the dungeon.
  • The way of getting out of the dungeon has changed. Now you have to interact with the door instead of the Merc.


Alpha Build 4

  • Fight in the dungeon!
  • Get power and money!
  • Solve mysterious and spooky problems!
  • And lastly, have sex with many girls!

Since it’s an alpha version, it has only 2 H animations (1 cgs + 1 pixel)

Just go to the computer and type in “item,dildo,100” to get 100 dildos.

You can sell most the dildos to get enough money to access the library and gym. Then gift the rest to the girl and the bear.

To access the library and gym animations, type in “item,token,100” to get enough tokens to get the rest of the content.

Doing this, means you can get everything in the entire demo in less than 30 minutes.

some home computer CHEAT LIST:

[NEW cheat code] mangomango

(give 10K & map+rope+token+cotton+string+spring+winder+gear+partsA+partsB+battery+wood+paint+nial ALL 50)
(give Love/Bomb/Camping Kit ALL 50) (test items)


item,{KEY WORD},1~100 (or200+ )
(need check word caps,it hard)

item,token,100 (Train token)
item,String,50 (is “S”tring, string not work)
item,Cotton,50 (some Quest key item)
item,fix,100 (Fix kit)
item,map,100 (dungeon trader item)
item,rope,100 (dungeon trader item)
item,wood,50 (craft item)
item,paint,50 (craft item)
item,dolly,1 (dolly clothes QUEST key item,this cannot sell,dont make more!)

showmethemoney (give 500$, but sell 100 dildo is better)

(all cheat code work)
1.power up your “yellow bar” (attack bar/defense bar/escape bar & MASSAGE bar)
2.power up your sex-fight bar & train bar

STR 1 1/18 one click(max cum bar)
STR 2 1/17 one click(max cum bar)
STR 3 1/16
STR 4 1/15
STR 5 1/14
STR 6 1/14
STR 7 1/13
STR 8 1/12
STR 9 1/11
STR10 1/10

1.power up your “cri red bar” (attack bar/defense bar & MASSAGE bar)
but no any help for your yellow bar length
(DEX up escape red bar, but no any help)
2.power up your sex-fight bar & train bar (same for STR)

(STR 10 + DEX 10 = 1/5 one click(max cum bar)

slow down the battle mark(battle & massage),eazy to hit

first STR max>>>>>>>INT>>DEX
or STR 5(token 1)>INT5>STR max(token 2)>INT MAX>DEX
(STR/DEX/INT cannot up attack dmg , cannot reduce defense dmg)

about battle:
1.if you lost your all HP, your money reduce 50% (so dont keep too many money)

2.open item Backpack or open phone can stop enemy running-start movement
(sometime,it help you run away)

3. milk heal 15HP (20$) (Consume turn in battle) , big milk heal 35HP (60$)

fix kit(25$): +70 Durability ,can exceed weapon max Durability (great)

dungeon shop:
map(25$) (open floor full map)
ROPE (150$) it transfer you go to the floor shop zone(you can take 1 free upgrade token!)
dildo(100$): +20 friendship for gift (LightSaber need 5 dildo)

hand-made doll (2 cotton + 1 string)
sell it to take 50$ (+20$ bouns)
+30 friendship to linda, +2 friendship to dolly

4.every floor clear give 1 upgrade token (only 3 floor=3 token)
and Clear the cum bar

5.floor 2 & floor 3 have free sex doll:raggedy ann
sex with ann to heal you full hp (for free + anytime)
(but no clear the cum bar)

shop sell value:
hand-made doll=50$
toy chip=25$
fix kit=5$
(Weapon Max Durability & dmg)

(all weapon attack miss = 0dmg)
every attack(hit/crihit/miss) reduce 10 weapon Durability

Punch = hIT=3dmg CRI=6dmg

Baseball Bat = 100/100 5/10dmg (100$ in Alyssa shop)
LightSaber = 150/150 7/14dmg (Baseball Bat + 5 dildo(dungeon shop 100×5=500$)
LightSword = 200/200 10/20dmg (LightSaber + 2 PartsA + 10 fix kit (250$)

Water Gun = 200/200 4/8dmg (100$ in Alyssa shop)
Power Gun = 250/250 6/12dmg (Water Gun + 5 fix kit (125$)
Super Gun = 300/300 8/16dmg (Power Gun + 2 PartsB + 7 fix kit(175$)

melee dmg & balance is better(if fix kit enough),
but gun upgrade easy!!! (if no cheat code, 5 dildo is hard)

[enemy data]:
little bear
(HP 10)

miss= 10~20dmg
def= 5~7dmg
cridef= 0dmg
sex cum= 35~45dmg

drop=toy chip/cotton/string
nude doll
(HP 10)

sex cum=35~50dmg

drop:toy chip / winder
Joker box
(HP 10)

cum dmg=35

drop:toy chip / spring
solder doll
( HP 15)


drop:toy chip(100%) winder(80&?) gear (25%?)
robot (dildo tiger)
( HP 20)


drop: PartsA PartsB (high%) / toy chip(low%)
h-scene check list(Maybe miss secret h-scenes?):

bear toy: 1 H-scene / 1 pixel sex
nude doll: 1 H-scene / 1 pixel sex
joker box: 1 H-scene / 1 pixel sex
soldier toy: 1 H-scene / 1 pixel sex
robot dildo tiger: 1 H-scene / 1 pixel sex
ann(dungeon free doll): 1 H-scene / 1 pixel sex

Alyssa: 2 H-scene / 1 Massage
(buy sex toys+10 love ,40love open massage, 100 love take sex-2)
Big Linda: 2 H-scene / 2 Massage
(up gift or massage to 50 love, then quest)
Dolly: 2 H-scene / 2 Massage
(up gift or massage to 50 love, then quest)
Manjula: 2 H-scene / 2 Massage
(massage to 50 love, then quest)
(Massage scene change for 50 friendship)

Winter Christmas event(Santa girl) : 2 H-scene
(bed room click calendar,set to Winter ,then quest ,put quest item to living room stove)

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