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You play as a random guy trying to have fun. There is no story yet, but in future this will be open world game with a story. The game is reliant on minigames and there is no annoying “attack” spam.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-07-28
Developer: SizeMage Patreon Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 07.2023.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, 2D game, Female domination, Sandbox, Humiliation, Animated, Male Protagonist,Futanari

– Amelia’s new scene has been added. (In her room, when she is sleeping) (Around 256 new images!)
– You can now reset relationship points with certain characters.

– Amelia job UB minigames added.
– Amelia alternative outfit added to her job minigames (except first one).
– Amelias sandals minigame added (found in her room)
– Amelias room added.
– New item added to Amelias shop.

– Amelia has been added in the shop

– Shop store is now open, however nothing to sell at the moment.

– Nyx has been added.

– Nyx’s room has been added

– 10 new events and 296 new pictures

– LOADS and LOADS of bugs fixed thanks to Yomon7’s amazing bug hunt!


1. Expanded Nox events. (CV minigame added)

2. Added alternative costume to Nox for giantess tier supporters.

3. Moved “Tall girls dorms” into the first part of town, behind Rumi.

4. Fixed several bugs (Thanks to everyone who reported them!)

5. Small balance changes.

6. A LOT of bugs fixed making the game much more stable. Massive thanks to Yomon7!


– Maria now has daily events. (About 150 new pictures).

– New room has been added to the mansion

– You can now leave mansion. (For real this time)

– Rebalanced JP gained from minigames.

– Rebalanced XP gain from some minigames.

– Added futanari warning (If you turn it on, you will be warned before a Ft/m event)

– Hundreds of bugfixes :I

Unlike most others, in Marias 5th event, you cannot leave if you wake her up.

You can avoid waking her up by keeping her below 50% pleasure.

Each turn her pleasure decreases by a certain amount.

She is also easier to beat while she is asleep. As soon as she wakes up, she gains +1 Level.


-Overhauled gameplay system

-Hisako gained daily events (4 new events, about 150-ish pictures. few animations)

-Hisako house reworked (you can now enter and leave as you please)

-Selling guy in Hisako house actually sells something now.

-Fixed A LOT of bugs.


Nox is a custom character that I created for my patreon supporter. You can find Nox in the upper part of the town. She will be in the last building down the road.
She is a sadistic futa who enjoys torturing males and also has a hidden side.

– New area added

– Part 1 Nox added. (~60 pictures, 4 movies)

– Several new minigames.

– Added a bit of “cheat” hub because Nox is hard to beat without grinding. It’s that floating ” ? ” next to her room.

11.22.3 (Small changes)

– Minami will now recognize you after she lets you out

11.22.2 (bugfix 2)

– Fixed a random bug during A*** exploration.

– Fixed unbirth minigame being won randomly under certain conditions.

– Fixed visual bug where the game didn’t darken during body exploration.

11.22.1 (bugfix)

– Fixed spawning in a lamp after winning stomp minigame.

– Fixed black image after losing unbirth minigame.

– Fixed image block during A*** minigame.


– Minami daily route finished. (Minami appears in town during Morning, however my sandbox idea is starting to form slowly. So she will not always be there. I added a book near a bench so you can “summon”, but it will only be there until next update).

– 3 new minigames

– Added a “job” in male hideout.

– Added a new overpowered skill? (Expensive and only functional in one minigame now).

– Added a control perk. (Only works for Minami currently).

– Fixed a few bugs from older builds. (You can now travel from “Mansion” to “Tess”).


Fixed missing images

Fixed missing audios

Restored accidentally disabled content


Aria daily route completed. About 220 new pictures.

Added new quest in neighbor base.

Added stomp minigame in Hisako house so you can earn JP (Timezone 2).

Fixed a few minor bugs.

Though please keep in mind that most scenes will either end with black screen or you will be stuck in an infinite loop since they are not finished yet. At this moment I am working on completing daily routes for all current characters before adding new ones.


  • Changed the engine from RPGMaker MV to RPGMaker MZ. (Fixed the movie freeze bug)
  • Added several new events into the town of Tess. (All of them are either in morning or day time, however one is in certain hour). You should find them easily.
  • Balanced perk tree so you can’t buy everything in 5 minutes.
  • Added few new introduction quests.
  • Combined all of the previous content.

(Keep in mind that most of the content will end with either black screen or freeze since it is not finished. I am currently focusing on finishing daily routes for current characters before adding new ones).

Sapphire appartment
Playable giantess character “Sapphire”
Test version content.

Queens mansion
v0.01 Test
First Release

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