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Pizza Hot! is an animated 2D side-scroller game, from the creator of LOK Rebirth (the first one… xD)
Jenny is a pure and innocent college student going to the big city to study interpretation at a top university.
Things don’t go as planned, and she needs to take a part-time job at a restaurant, to pay for her rent and expenses.

This game is a mix of various genres, featuring an actual waitress mini-game, that will evolve into a whacky free-use sim of sorts. But above all, it’s a game about sexual discovery, slow corruption, and characters that you’ll learn to love or hate.

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-09-15
Developer: Abelius – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.d
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Current: 2D Game, Female Protagonist, Side-scroller, Point & Click, Masturbation
Upcoming: Character Creation, Multiple Endings, Sandbox, Turn-Based Combat, Cosplay, Romance, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Stripping, Teasing, Groping, Sleep Sex, Corruption, Prostitution, Spanking, Sex Toys, Lesbian, Handjob, Footjob, Titfuck, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Creampie, Anal Sex, Multiple Penetration, Group Sex, Bukkake

v0.7.d (2022 Sep 25)
– New outfit system:
Clothing items are treated individually and you can mix them up as you like. Your Exhibitionism stat and the items covering your naughty bits will determine if you’ll be able to go outside or not. Some modifiers are applied depending on context, relationship status, and Jenny’s state.
This also includes the dialogue system being aware of Jenny’s clothing state at a low level detail, for future events (panty-less, wearing bikini under clothes, etc.)
– One-time event in bus, when wearing the tube top for the first time.
– Commenting on clothes before going out wearing them for the first time.
– Clothing displacement. Bottoms and undies won’t disappear anymore, if they’re only supposed to be pulled down.
– Icon appears in the locations bar, when there is someone present in a shown location.
– Young males can appear on the bus.
– More detailed descriptions for the ‘New Game’ skip options.
– Help panel on the Esc menu. Shows general info and current key binds.

– Kayla dress up event expanded to reflect Jenny is using underwear like a normal person.
– Massages done in an area for the first time will continue to the next if you already meet its Lewdness requirement.
– Made sure both starting shirt and tube top are generated with different colors.
– Hair accessories are black now (they were the same color as the hair).
– Locations in locations bar will always appear in the same order.
– Removed any mention to a job contract (for reasons).
– Kayla relationship changed to 30 max from 29 (so you can visit her in hot pants).
– Dirty plates in the restaurant won’t reset every day.
– Drinks in the freezer won’t be restocked automatically every day.
– [Technical] Better player.log info.
– [Technical] Changed all outfit related commands to the new system, in all events.
– [Technical] Scene atlases switched back to 8K max for better quality.

– Passenger blocking view when seated at the bus.
– White-ish wetness overlay on cut-in green bikini bottom.
– NPCs briefly looking the opposite way when stopping.
– Rare chance of masturbation minigames getting stuck after clicking on the “hotspot”.

v0.6.i (2022 Aug 04)
– Grocery not unlocking in every case.

v0.6.h (cumulative from v0.5.d) (2022 Jul 20)
– Jenny can now enjoy Dr. Yoshida’s traditional massage techniques. You can trust him, he’s a doctor.
– New location: Massage Room.
– New stat caps: Lewdness 25, Exhibitionism 25, Kayla 29 (down from 30).
– Backside cut-in.
– Bikini and plain bra.
– Body oil effect.
– Breast-related animations (groping, sucking, etc) now support different cup sizes.
– Sound volume sliders (in Options) and keybinds (- decrease, + increase, * mute/unmute).
– [Technical] Version panels on Main Title screen. Provide real-time info on your current version.

– Stat change toasts will read “Max <stat_name>” when you reach the current version cap.
– Spirit stat changes are limited to the range between 35 and 65 points (for now).
– Arousal stat gains are now tiered for new events (more details on Discord server FAQ).
– Added ‘masturbation minigame’ checkbox in Gameplay Options. Unckeck it so you can’t lose anymore.
– Can masturbate in bed during the day, with 5+ Lewdness AND Exhibitionism.
– Bed masturbation now raises up to 10 Lewdness (from 5) if done during the day.
– Can get up during afternoon bed relax action.
– Added ‘skip to destination’ options in bus (Day 3+ morning, Day 4+ afternoon).
– Added zoom to shower with Kayla scenes.
– Kayla’s computer volume halved.
– Faster screen fade effect (don’t mistake with load times).
– Responses panel expanded, and removed its scrolling bar.
– Visited places you can’t return to in the same period or day are marked in gray.
– Restaurant game-mode load time reduced.
– [Technical] New hybrid NPC generation method. Load times will be reasonable again. Restaurant game mode takes a while.
– [Technical] Cut-ins meshes optimized.
– [Technical] Build size reduced.

– Kayla washing Jenny’s butt didn’t have facial expressions.
– Map icons BG color-coded incorrectly (green is short walk, yellow is long walk).
– ‘Skip to Day 3’ skipping to Day 4 instead (and not being able to use the dresser).
– Jenny looking the opposite way when talking to Kayla on her computer.
– Turning back possible while moving (not intended).
– Sexy time music continuing after masturbation.
– Back hand sorted under torso in several animations.
– Giant stat change toasts in some scenes.
– Several grammar mistakes.
– Masturbation wetness fading in an endless loop.
– Masturbation wetness not resetting between sessions.
– Masturbation hearts panel incorrectly positioned if camera is zooming in.
– Sexy time music not fading out after first shower masturbation.

v0.5.d (cumulative from 0.4.h) (2022 May 26)
– Kayla’s Bedroom.
– Multiple events at home.
– Shower masturbation.
– New stat caps: 15 Lewdness, 5 Exhibitionism, 30 Kayla relationship.

– [Technical] NPCs are now instanced instead of recycled from a pool.
– Map doesn’t zoom in anymore, to avoid issues (temporary measure).
– Improved water collision in shower.

– MC not being teleported to its starting position, if changing scene while pathfinding.
– Dialogue not progressing by clicking the right side area of the character name.
– Wake up sequence playing again if loading game saved just after waking up.
– Female extended back hand, tone mismatch.
– Some typos/grammar mistakes.
– Some aesthetic issues.

v0.4h (2022 Apr 10)
– [Technical] More useful info in bug reports.

– Customers losing their mouths while eating/drinking.
– Dr. Yoshida staying in genuflect pose.

v0.4g (2022 Apr 9) [Dev Build]
– Dialogue DB corruption. Caused a soft-lock entering the Restaurant on Day 1, and would have caused a lot more grief if undetected.

v0.4f (2022 Apr 9) [Dev Build]
– The game can now run in a resizable 16:9 (forced) aspect ratio window. You can still switch between full-screen/windowed mode with Alt+Enter.
– Passenger in bus dream jerks off a bit (doesn’t change the event).
– Bug Reporter tool will store your name between game sessions.

– Resizing the game window takes to game to the Pause menu (to avoid rescaling issues).
– Savegame data reset. Pre 0.4f saves aren’t compatible.
– Bug reports now require a title and/or minimal description.
– [Technical] Improved error detection and recovery logic in various engine areas.
– [Technical] Lots of debug messages aimed at troubleshooting the ‘no customers’ issue.
– [Technical] Changed frame-dependent logic to fixed time delays.
– [Technical] Bug Reporter tool internal enhancements.

– ‘No customers’ bug probably fixed (not 100% sure). Other issues may have been solved indirectly.
– Bernard not showing for a second time.
– Masturbation canceled with Spacebar key.
– Too many pedestrians walking by the Grocery.
– Stat change toasts weren’t showing up after starting a new game.
– Hotspot label staying on screen after a scene change (‘Clean Towels’, for example).
– Pause menu tooltips staying on screen after pressing Esc while hovering them.
– MC name not restored in dialogue character box, after loading a game.
– Saving available during ‘interim’ scenes (not intended).
– Null items on tray being detected as consumed food/drink.
– Randomly generated NPCs changing outfit colors if taking their dicks out.
– Some typos.
– Bug Reporter tool not showing notifications in some scenes.
– [Technical] UIMode was being overwritten on load (not good).

v0.4.e (cumulative from v0.3.f) (2022 Mar 5th)
– Max. Lewdness is now 4.
– Dream event.
– Repeatable “activity” in room.
– New male character.
– New female character.
– Young male adult archetype (as pedestrian).
– Passing vehicles.
– Options menu.
– Cut-in system.
– New female hairstyle (#23).
– Beards and three new male hairstyles.
– Black/silver hair combos (black = black color + low brightness; silver = black color + high brightness).
– Kitchen counter hotspot on restaurant bottom bar (it can be clicked to go there).
– [Gameplay] Aroused state with 20-79 Arousal (pink); Horny state with 80+ Arousal (red).
– [Technical] Bug reporting tool. Can be accessed anytime with F1.

– [Gameplay] Sleeping now halves your current arousal (it was a fixed value before).
– [Gameplay] Going to sleep aroused or horny, a part of your Arousal is converted to Stress the next morning.
– [Gameplay] Morning Stress gain, due to bad quality mattress or staying up late, are clamped to a baseline value (20).
– Added a cut in to Kayla dress up event.
– Hotspot labels aesthetics.
– Stat change toasts auto-scale to zoom level.
– F7 auto-FPS limiter toggle key removed (it’s a setting now).
– Clicking on items, to be able to force trashing them, is removed temporarily (could cause locks).
– Female hair gravity readjusted for all styles.
– [Technical] Restaurant game-mode logic moved to a self-contained prefab (should fix most coherence issues).

– Morning exterior during Day 1 dinner.
– Name caption didn’t persist between saves.
– Drinks could remain in NPCs hands after work.
– Hotspot labels were disappearing after a save operation.
– Table notes tooltips were usable at all times (not intended).
– Non-consumed food/drinks on the tray stopped you from ending your shift.
– Some restaurant hotspots shown their labels briefly (intended to be highlighted only).
– Pressing F when introducing text (savegame description, name input, etc) won’t toggle the FPS counter on/off.
– Displaced camera zoom, in rare occasions, if Map is immediately accessed after customizing MC in the bathroom.
– Closed laptop wasn’t been left on the table in Mr. Humper scene.
– Landlord jerking off animation, while kneeling, was broken.
– Displaced player character if loading from laying on bed.
– Tooltips staying after pressing Esc while hovering them.
– Chat bubbles still visible if loading when one is being showed.
– Twin ponytail hairstyle imperfect layer sorting in bus events.
– Customers never finish eating/drinking if they’re out of sight.
– Stat tooltips popping out of nowhere.
– Kitchen window showing daylight in the evening.

v0.3.f (2021 Dec 11th)
– [Technical] Game is now autosaved every morning. Autosaves can be found on the third tab of the save menu.
– [Technical] Esc key (to fade in) is enabled after 3 seconds of being on a ‘black screen’. This allows loading from most soft-locked situations.

– Dresser UI can be closed with right-click, Esc, or walking away.
– [Technical] Engine detects most scene change errors, and automatically fades in to allow loading.
– [Technical] FPS autolimiter is changed back to disabled by default. vSync is enabled at game start and should make the game run smoother in most systems. You can still enable the autolimiter with F7. Press F to show the FPS counter.

– Sliding people shouldn’t slide anymore.
– Eric’s phone wasn’t picked up from the table.
– Bus grope ‘hand-on-hip’ rubbing wasn’t actually rubbing.
– Dresser UI persisted if loading a savegame when opened.
– Stats tooltips shouldn’t pop up incorrectly as much as before.
– Black screen if loading Bedroom scene whose previous one was the bus.
– Clicking on a kitchen counter slot with no food, locked you in a pick up pose.
– Interactions were briefly possible after changing location with the bottom bar.

v0.3.e (2021 Dec 11th)
– Initial events in a scene don’t replay when loading a savegame.
– Code optimized… dramatically. You WILL notice (I took the coding monkeys back to the zoo).

– Big memory leak cleared (made scene transitions much longer after some time).
– Inaccurate character positioning, after some time playing (caused soft-lock).
– Defective ‘search to array’ logic, reporting false infinite loops (caused soft-lock).
– Getting stuck in day 4+, from loading a wake up scene.
– Faceless people exterminated.

v0.3.d (cumulative from v0.2.d) (2021 Dec 5)
– Restaurant day 3 events.
– Kayla event.
– Three new characters.
– City map framework.
– Restaurant Restrooms and Grocery Store (intro events).
– MC starts the game with her canon appearance. You still can customize her.
– Dresser at Bedroom can be used to change clothes (needs to be unlocked with Kayla).
– Exhibitionism stat added (determines what Jenny dares to wear on a per-location basis, and also offsets the higher Lewdness requirements for doing sex acts in public).
– Table notes can now be clicked to move to their respective tables.
– “OK” button in input name field.
– Free Play mode pre-customization (the rest of breasts types are unlocked in this mode).
– Day periods (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night).
– Day/Period panel on the upper left.
– [Technical] Added failsafes to avoid loading incompatible saves.
in v0.3.d
– Initial game load screen.
– Save System: Savegame info is shown on preview.
– Save System: Savegames manual deletion.
– Save System: Purge incompatible savegames button.
– Character Editor: Auto-zoom on/off toggle.
– Character Editor: Reset to default/canon appearance.

– The “Purity” stat is now “Lewdness”, meant to be raised instead of reduced.
– MC starts with no name until one is introduced.
– Improved upper bar show/hide logic.
– With destinations bar opened, control is returned by:
· Clicking elsewhere
· Right-click or Esc
· Moving
– Map won’t zoom in to a location you can’t go.
– Main Title “Continue” button won’t show if the last save is incompatible.
– Compatible saved games are shown in green; incompatible in red.
– [Technical] Some variables IDs changed. Older saves than v0.3.b are incompatible.
– [Technical] Scenes loading time optimized.
– [Technical] Multiple NPC generation optimized (faster bus scenes generation).
– [Technical] Item visibility/usability logic remade from scratch.
– [Technical] FPS-Autolimiter is again enabled by default. If you disable it for any reason, make sure your screen refresh rate is set at 60 Hz. You WILL have issues with high frame rates.
in v0.3.d
– Takes you back to gameplay after saving.
– Canon appearance skin tone changed to a bit lighter one.
– [Technical] Reimplemented camera fading for my specific needs.

– Dialogue panel background gradient showing without actual dialogue lines or options (cleaner events).
– Loading a game from the Main Title screen made interactions possible when paused (not intended).
– Previous music carrying over loaded game, if there was no music in the saved game.
– No more air-drinking or beverages teleporting.
– Bathroom mirror was unlocked before day 2.
– Various save system issues cleared.
– Some grammar mistakes and typos.
– Some aesthetic issues.
in v0.3.d
– Spaghetti was taking much longer than other foods to cook (not intended).
– Passengers still being generated in bus before scene fades in.
– Sergeant Briggs was black… I mean PITCH black, like a black smurf. xD
– Stats/Time bars shown when loading an early game in which they weren’t unlocked yet.

v0.2.d (2021 Oct 29)
– Slow fade-outs and no fade-ins until pressing Esc key twice, happening on non-English Windows systems.

v0.2.c2 (up to) (2021.Oct.14th)
– Day 2 events.
– Save/Load system (can save in apartment outside events).
– Character Editor (at New Game and bathroom mirror in-game).
– Main character stats introduced.
– Hotspot labels where needed.
– Hold Ctrl key to fast-forward through dialogue.
– Light switch in bedroom (night only).
– [Technical] Engine enhancements/features.
– Framerate limiter is now automanaged:
· Caps at 60 FPS when over 65 FPS, disables vSync.
· Stops capping when under 55 FPS, enables vSync.
This should eliminate screen tearing on modest systems, and still prevent high framerate bugs.
F7 now toggles this setting on/off (disabled by default).
– Dialogue subtitles speed reduced.
· Clicking before thy’re written, instantly show them.
· Clicking after they’re written, continues the dialogue.
These changes are made so the dialogue panel behaves the same as Ren’Py games.
I’ll add options to configure or disable these settings, in a future version.
– [Technical] Frame limiter is now disabled by default (see notes in-game).
– [Technical] Reduced size of player.log
– Hotspots are no longer activated when slamming yourself with them.
– Characters now immediately look forward when turning back, instead of looking for coins on the ground.
– Jenny doesn’t genuflect when attending a table if coming from another by mouse clicking.
– Enter key continues to be active after a screen fade out+in, so you can keep skipping dialogue with the keyboard.
– Boss not showing up, or not initiating conversation, after getting changed on Day 2 pre-restaurant game scene.
– Body towel better adjusted for all cupsizes.
– Unnatural hair gravity on some animations.

– Experimental support for Ultrawide and 16:10 aspect ratios (maybe more)
– Stationary walking after clicking a very close hotspot
– Arm extended backwards when throwing an item away, walking from the right side of the trashbox
– Being able to advance dialogue while paused
– ‘Change MC looks’ hotkey working during name input
– Some typos
– Freeze while exiting restaurant after trial (can’t repro, so added failsafes)

– Initial release

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