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When you are granted a magic pen with the ability to rewrite reality, you immediately begin creating your very own theme park…and filling it with sexy princesses! Manage your time between visiting the girls and growing your park! Each game update adds new girls, outfits, attractions, upgrades, and of course new scenes!​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-01
Developer: SID Gaming Patreon – Itch.io – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.17p
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Humor, Management, Parody, Superpowers, Trainer, Male Protagonist, Dancing, Massaging, Corruption, Handjob, Masturbation, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Mobile game

— Anna main story event now replayable from Events menu
— BUGFIX – girls can be discussed at Club 33 before they are unlocked
— BUGFIX – POV border missing for Ariel footjob

— BUGFIX – schedule tab in the laptop can now be unlocked with the Ink and Paint Club or Club 33 if those events are triggered before the park rating sidequest is completed
— BUGFIX – POV scene frame borders not disappearing

— Rapunzel strip scenes
— Rapunzel body painting scene
— New achievement
— New patron pinup

— Rapunzel bust art
— Rapunzel handjob scene
— Jafartavern interactions
— New drawable attraction
— New/redrawn backgrounds

— Mulan outfits – Jacket, Jacket Only, Slut
— Mulan anal scene
— Mulan club stage scenes
— Mulan datescenes
— Shan-Yu tavern interactions
— New drawable attraction
— 2 new achievements


Jessica Rabbit handjob/blowjob scene
Jessica Rabbit titfuck scene
Jessica Rabbit thighjob scene
Jessica Rabbit anal scene
Mulan outfits – kimono, movie
Mulan meditation scenes
Mulan standing fingering/sex scenes
Mulan oral scenes
Mulan riding sex scenes
Mulan bathing scenes
“First time” interactions with girls at the Ink and Paint Club
New/replacement background
New achievement
BUGFIX – patron gallery image missing


Cinderella handjob/blowjob front view animated
EPLOT park expansion knocked down to $1M (from $2M)
Villain attractions rearranged – mainly to allow unlocking the Ink and Paint Club without EPLOT, for faster moneymaking
New Patron pinup


Ariel outfits – blue dress, princess dress, slut outfit, nude
Ariel footjob scene
Ariel sex night scene
Ariel sex day scene
Ariel date scene and sparkly dress outfit (3 variations)
Ursula Tavern interactions and scene
Mulan bust art and introduction
Mulan bathing scene
2 new drawable attractions
2 new achievements
2 new Patron pinups
Decreased the rate of random attraction breakages to appease the crybabies
Increased the rate of drawing money per draw skill
BUGFIX – club BGM continuing in the park after talking to JR
BUGFIX – some auto-triggering events getting overridden by random attraction events
BUGFIX – villain event markers not turning off after helped

v0.11 Public

  • Belle outfit – naughty librarian
  • Belle anal + roleplay version
  • Belle date scene and space ranger outfit (3 variations)
  • MC outfit – pirate captain
  • Claude Frollo Tavern interactions
  • Pete Tavern interactions
  • New location – The Ink and Paint Club
  • Jessica Rabbit bust art
  • Jessica Rabbit stripping scenes
  • Jessica Rabbit lapdance scenes
  • Jessica Rabbit groping scene
  • Club stage scenes – Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jessica Rabbit
  • 2 new/redrawn backgrounds
  • 3 new drawable attractions
  • 2 new Patron pinups
  • 2 new achievements
  • Aurora titfuck converted to POV scene
  • New BGM
  • BUGFIX – map locking at certain points before waking Aurora


  • Ariel tit-fuck scene
  • Ariel blowjob night scene
  • Ariel blowjob day scene
  • Helga Sinclair Tavern interactions + scene
  • Mother Gothel Tavern interactions + scene
  • Clayton Tavern interactions
  • Borders added to POV scenes: Cinderella sex, Aurora sex, Ariel grope
  • Animation added to Cinderella sex scene, Dream Threesome lesbian scene
  • 2 redrawn backgrounds
  • BUGFIX – crash when viewing the attractions progress page after unlocking EPLOT
  • BUGFIX – incorrect number of villain challenges listed in progress screen
  • BUGFIX – attractions breaking down in park events before the Mine is unlocked
  • BUGFIX – softlock when using the “Complete all drawables” cheat code


  • Cheat button added to drinking game
  • Options added to change upgrade rate/price
  • Ability to visit all attractions
  • Random events added for all attractions
  • New Villains’ Tavern event triggers
  • “Skip to Cinderella” button added in the introduction
  • 3 new drawable attractions
  • 1 new/redrawn background


  • Belle Christmas event + outfit (2 pinups and 1 scene)
  • Belle masturbation scene (repeatable)
  • Ariel bust art
  • Ariel introduction, random conversations
  • Ariel x-ray scene (Prince patrons only!)
  • Ariel kissing scenes
  • Ariel tit sucking scenes
  • Ariel handjob scenes
  • 2 new/redrawn backgrounds
  • Sprite animations added to Cinderella Masturbation and Aurora Missionary scenes
  • Dressing room updates
  • 3 new drawable attractions

v0.07 Public

  • Belle slut outfit
  • Belle freeplay scene + roleplay version
  • Villain park events
  • New location – Villains’ Tavern
  • New mechanic – park rating
  • New mechanic – set girls’ schedules
  • Drinking minigame
  • Tavern villains – LeFou, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Lady Tremaine, Captain Hook, Smee
  • New MC outfit – lab coat
  • Lady Tremaine blowjob and sex/anal scenes
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz stripping and sex scenes
  • Sprite animations added to Cinderella Massage scene
  • Dressing room added to the BBB
  • 2 new drawable attractions
  • New achievement
  • New cheats
  • New BGM

v0.06 Public:

  • Belle princess outfit
  • Belle nude outfits
  • Belle blowjob scenes + roleplay version
  • Belle sex scenes + roleplay version
  • Belle masturbation scene
  • Belle spanking scene
  • Belle random interactions
  • Belle x-ray scene (Prince patrons only)
  • Sprite animations added to Dream Threesome, Aurora Sex Riding, Aurora Titfuck, and Aurora Blowjob Asleep scenes
  • 2 new drawable attractions and EPLOT unlocked
  • 2 replaced backgrounds
  • New achievements
  • New patron gallery images
  • New options screen
  • Map random events are now button-triggered, rather than automatic
  • Improvements to transitions

v0.05 Public
Aurora peasant outfit (all scenes)

  • Cinderella date scene and little black dress outfit (3 variations)
  • Aurora date scene and gardener outfit (3 variations)
  • Threesome scene
  • Belle introduction
  • Cinderella boobs size adjustment
  • Cinderella dances now pan
  • 8 new backgrounds
  • 3 new drawable attractions
  • New achievements
  • New Patron gallery with first patron-requested scene – Elsa x Mulan
  • BUGFIX – Aurora casual sleepwear image not found exception

v0.04 Public
Aurora peasant outfit (all scenes)
Aurora slut outfit (all scenes)
Aurora nude outfit (all scenes)
Aurora tit-fuck awake scenes (all outfits)
Aurora tit-fuck asleep scenes (all outfits)
Aurora sex awake scenes (all outfits)
Aurora sex asleep scenes (all outfits)
Aurora sex dream scenes (all outfits)
Aurora blowjob dream scenes (all outfits)
Aurora undressing scenes (all outfits)
Map random daytime events
Day and night background game music
New achievement


  • BUGFIX – removed 32-bit Windows build to avoid antivirus false-positives
  • BUGFIX – loaded games not restoring progress correctly


  • Aurora bust art (awake and asleep)
  • Aurora blowjob awake scenes
  • Aurora blowjob asleep scenes
  • Aurora oral awake scenes
  • Aurora oral asleep scenes
  • Aurora x-ray scene (Prince patrons only)
  • 2 new backgrounds
  • 3 new drawable attractions
  • New achievements
  • Skip introduction button
  • Options screen
    • Transparent dialog box functionality
    • Player name change functionality


  • Cinderella slut outfit (all scenes)
  • Cinderella nude outfits (all scenes)
  • Cinderella sex scenes (all outfits)
  • Cinderella stripping scenes (all outfits)
  • MC Prince Charming outfit (all scenes)
  • Grumpy and the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine
  • Advance Time button
  • Philharmagic drawable attraction
  • New map, castle ballroom backgrounds
  • New achievements
  • Switch to Ren’Py engine
  • BUGFIX – clicking back on early Yen Sid convos soft-locks the game
  • BUGFIX – Android keyboard auto-opens on cheats menu, blocking the buttons there
  • BUGFIX – Cinderella repeatable strip in slut outfit file not found
  • BUGFIX – Android saving and loading not working
  • BUGFIX – Android drawing money file not found


  • 1 girl!
  • 5 repeatable scenes with multiple variations!
  • Multiple unlockable outfits to add even greater scene variation!
  • Drawing Practice minigame!
  • Stat tracker to make sure you don’t miss any content!
  • Bonus achievements!


  • 1 girl!
  • 2 repeatable scenes with multiple variations!
  • Drawing Practice minigame!

First Level Code = “BeAMan”
Second Level Code = “GreatWarrior”
Third Level Code = “Pascal”

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