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Welcome to Greenwood, Lord Goblin! In our new game you play a pathetic goblin slave, owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea. Until, that is, a spell of hers goes wrong and your roles are reversed!

Now you are the one giving the orders to Az’ea and the staff of lovely maids that work at Greenwood Manor. You’ll need to govern your lands, renovate your castle and train up your naïve maids! The game features beautiful illustrations and animations, talented voice actors and a harem of sexy girls who are going to slowly learn to love having a goblin as their master…​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-09-03
Developer2 BBBen and his Big Brass Band Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac,
Language: English
Voiced: English
Genre: 2dcg, animated, handjob, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster, adventure, fantasy, management, voiced,


We’ve finally finished the game’s introduction! Or at least got it story-complete. I might want to go back and make some improvements here and there later, but for now it’s playable with a huge batch of new Az’ea voice acting and two new CGs! You’ll be able to see the newly extended intro simply by starting a new game.

Major changes:

The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.

  • The introduction has been completed, featuring:
    – A sex scene between Az’ea and Lord Goblin (including a CG),
    – an introductory sequence about how the portal was opened (including a CG),
    – and a huge batch of new Az’ea voice acting.
  • Four new holding court events that follow up from the events in the introduction.
  • Various small bug fixes.

Full Change Log:

– ‘Manor’ screen
‘Az’ea summoning the Leviathan’ part of the introduction added
‘Az’ea & Goblin perform the 1st Ritual’ sex scene added

– ‘Holding Court’ screen
‘The Leviathan’ Event added as part of an event chain (1 of 2)
‘The Leviathan – Az’ea’s report’ Event added as part of an event chain (2 of 2)
‘The Leviathan – the Guards report’ Event added as part of an event chain (2 of 2)
‘The Leviathan – rumours’ Event added as part of an event chain (2 of 2)

– ‘Cast A Spell’ screen
Spell book can now also be closed by clicking outside its bounds

– ‘Brew A Potion’ screen
Recipe book can now also be closed by clicking outside its bounds

Bug Fixes/Miscellaneous:

– ‘Manor’ screen
Fixed an issue where the Manor HUD would sometime not re-appear after a dialogue

– ‘Holding Court’ screen
Fixed an issue with ‘The Leviathan’ event chain where selecting “Ask for advice” would not properly trigger the dialogue

– ‘Manor’ screen
Fixed the incorrect starting day after the introduction
Fixed the day/night transition


Major changes:

The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.

  • Added spanking animations (and sounds) for when you choose “discipline maid” on the manor screen!
  • Added short animated scenes for the first time you spank each of the four ladies; Az’ea, Beth, Cliona and Delia.
  • Added four new holding court events, each connected directly to one of the girls.

Gameplay & UI related changes:

– ‘Maid Interaction’ screen
Added long scenes(first time)/short scenes(repeat) when choosing to ‘Discipline’ a Maid

– ‘Holding Court’ screen
‘Delia the Disgrace’ Random event added
‘Beth the Book Basher’ Random event added
‘Which Witch?’ Random event added
‘Dora Milaje’ Random event added

Bug fixes / Miscellaneous:

– Fixed Max ‘Villeins/Soldiers/Artisans’ cap not updating properly
– Fixed ‘Lobby’ level 2 upgrade ‘Legitimacy’ bonus not updating properly
– Fixed ‘Study’ level 5 upgrade requirements

Added a new foot job ritual sex option with Delia!
This features a new animation, as well as having two different versions of the scene, depending on her lust level. (We’ve also made it easier to access the more lustful versions of all the maids’ rituals.)
Weekly tax income system:
Each week, decide the tax rate (high, medium or low) to determine how much gold will trickle in.
New holding court events related to the tax system – high taxes could result in more problematic events.
Improved the ritual sex scene animations, audio and presentation!
Added zooms and pans to better frame the action and make the ritual scenes more dynamic.
Added sound effects to several of the ritual scenes.
Improved the timing on some of the animation triggers, to line them up better with the text.
Heaps of small bug fixes and changes to make the game function better and more intuitively

– Gameplay & UI related changes :

Game progress is saved at the end of each day.
‘Options Menu’ can be accessed by pressing the ‘Escape’ key.
‘Skip dialogue’ can be activated on the top-right corner of the dialogue box or by pressing the ‘Left Control’ key.

– ‘Main Menu’ screen
Game progress can be loaded by selecting ‘Load Game’.
Change log can be displayed by pressing on the version number in the bottom-left corner.

– ‘Manor’ screen
A Maid needs a recovery period of 7 days before being able to perform the ‘Portal Ritual’ in the ‘Dungeon’ again
Beth can now perform the ‘Portal Ritual’ during the evening

‘Beth kept the girls up last night…’ event added
‘Talking about Beth’s little problem’ event added
‘Beth wanks’ event added

– ‘Maid Job’ screen
Maids no longer gain skill points by performing ‘Cooking/Sweeping/Laundry’ activites.

– ‘Maid Interaction’ screen
Maids now gain 3 to 5 skill points by being ‘Instructed’ while performing ‘Cooking/Sweeping/Laundry’ activites, up to 30.

– ‘Holding Court’ screen
‘We won’t serve a goblin!’ event added
‘An excellent deal’ event added
‘Feud-alism’ event added
‘An ass of u and me’ event added

Some UI elements have been tweaked

– Bug fixes / Miscellaneous :
Some stats have been tweaked

Version 0.1.2 change log :
– Gameplay & UI related changes :
– ‘Maid Job’ screen
‘Milk the cows’ now provides 2 ‘Food’ instead of 10
‘Patrol the battlements’ now provides 1 ‘Security’ instead of 10
‘Help the church’ now provides 2 ‘Legitimacy’ instead of 10
‘Help the blacksmith’ now provides 3 ‘Gold’ instead of 25
‘Work at the tavern’ now provides 1 ‘Alcohol’ instead of 10
– ‘Holding Court’ screen
Choices are now selectable directly, thus, the ‘Confirm’ button has been removed.

– Bug fixes / Miscellaneous :
– ‘Introduction’ screen
Fixed dialogue UI issues (dialogue UI will remain active while displaying the ‘Enter your name’ input field.

– ‘Maid Job’ screen
Fixed stacking tooltip issue when hovering a job button while switching Maids.
Fixed Delia’s arm strap not being visible in her idle animation.

‘Serfs’ are now designated as ‘Villeins’.

Cheats: (Not available yet, probably coming soon later.)
Patch notes:
The story intro scene, up to Az’ea’s spell casting.

A gameplay demo and tutorial, including:
– job selection
– parallax zooming into the rooms
– the events screen
– day & night times, interaction with maids (spanking not included yet)
– and the ability to trigger the ritual sex scene from here.

Animated Delia and Lord Goblin sprites.
Sex scene: Beth hand job animation (aroused version only).
Character sheets screen.
Partial voice acting for all the female characters; quite a few for Az’ea in particular.
Settings menu.

Old, low performance systems may struggle with loading and running the main gameplay mode. We’re planning to make a low quality mode for older systems eventually, but right now that’s not supported. We don’t have enough data for “recommended system requirements” yet either, but we plan on offering those, too.

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