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After centuries of struggle between races, humans have established the fearsome Kingdom of Lundar. Fueled by ambition and hunger for glory, the human forces are on the verge of completely annihilating all territories controlled by creatures that have not become vassals. The last hope of fighting off the human armies, a vast monster horde, has been defeated, leaving Lundar as the master of all. Their outside enemies defeated, the noble families and military factions of Lundar have quickly turned on each other in an internal struggle for power. In this vicious conflict, not even religious or family bonds will be spared.​

Game Information


Release Date: 2019-09-30
Developer: Hreinn Games Patreon – Blog
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.2+ Bugfix
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Humiliation, Monster, Fantasy, Group Sex, Corruption, Adventure, Combat, Multiple Penetration

v0.13.2 + Bugfix
– Not being able to turn in the quest to Kira.
v0.13.0 patch 1
– Fixed a wrong condition for Ylva´s quest trigger which was blocking the quest from appearing in certain cases.

So as we said in the previous post we have decided to start releasing each quest individually as we finish it, and we have finished a few already. In order not to drag out completed content until everything is done, for the future.
We feel this would be for the best as our quests have become very large as years passed by, some of them bigger than previous solo updates so we would just switch to releasing stuff one by one as its completed and not delaying them anymore for one release. This would help show progress we have made, plus not make such big gabs between content release.

First we are releasing the Ylva quest, it will be released as we usually do, first to the 15$ + patrons, in 3 days to the 5$ and then the public after as usual.

They Ylva quest itself has 25 631 words in total, it has 11 465 in scenes writing alone, and it has 17 scenes for the 3 possible routes. The routes are sub,dom and ally to the shaman.

In a few days we will release the Vehlis quest which comes after and is close to the same size and after that, a quest that happens in the human lands which has the biggest and new modular CG, we made for all future tavern content. There are also a few repeatable quest chains we have completed.

v0.12.4 Public

First of all we want to emphasize that you should back up your saves, because this update changed a lot of base content so it is bound to have a lot of bugs and problems that might ruin your save data.

Next, we decided to go hard on some major repeatable CG’s as content, so much so that barely even half of what we have made it in this update. We decided that we delayed enough, so we will release now with some of them completed with writing, and the rest we will release in a fast follow up update that will just be adding what we already have finished as art while providing fun writing to it. Sadly while the art is done for scenes that had Neve, Flufftooth and more of what you will find in this update, we didn’t get to add them here, so expect them soonish in the next faster update, since we didn’t want to just rush them in and not give them a nice setting and writing.

This update has some new bases and backgrounds too, that we will be using in future content as well, backgrounds aren’t the most flashy thing, but they are very needed.

The groping CG with the new outfits is done, you will find a new butt for Sabia and the outfits are there, but we have yet to implement them in a scene, those will come in the next faster update.

Content wise as said we have reworked all the Sabia’s tent scenes in normal CG quality and added a lot of content with those, we have multiple scenes for both Sub and Dom. A lot of the scenes you will see, like Vehlis, Bris and Sabia or the Human males scenes are just the introduction of more to come, some in the next faster update.

-The big quests are Sabia trying to infiltrate the Kullar organisation that kidnapped Vehlis last update, it has scenes for both sub and dom as she does her best to get very needed information.

-A start of a chain quest where Vehlis faces trouble in the orc camp after Jasmin damages her power structure, we only have the Sub scenes here if you fail badly with you choices, but expect Dom next time.

-A big event after Vehlis sponsors Sabia to manage the tents unlocks the power struggle between Sabia and Bris, depending on sub or dom both girls get to have fun with the other and try and assert their dominance. This one had a lot more scenes than we added, but it’s a good start to show you guys the new reworked CG and its potential.

-There is also trouble with Elmy and how she gets to restock her shop after the Vehlis quest, so depending again on sub and dom variables Sabia gets to help with the start of even more repeatable scenes that will be expanded on as she tries to sell merchandise.

Again, this update has a lot of background work, but we hope that what you see can show you what we were aiming for in terms of potential and future repeatable scenes that will be added so that we can add even more scenes around the usual CG’s we do. This version might need tweaks and bug fixes since we kept adding things that break the game after testing it prior, so make sure to back up and arm yourself with patience, or wait a few days until the update is more stable.


– New CG scenes!
Vehlis Captured – Vehlis has come afoul of some shady forces, and has been imprisoned somewhere in secret. Sabia has to rescue her in time. This is the biggest scene we have done both in art and writing, it is in essence a extended bad end if you fail to save her in time. It is 7000 words and 259 layers.
Neve/Sabia/Orc – Neve helps Sabia retrieve some information from an orc. This quest is both for sub and dom, it has extra content if you are Tekrok allied or have dealings with the Shaman.
Avion/Kira – Sabia and Avion have some disagreement on which is the better race, and Avion makes sure Sabia knows the proper answer. Kira enjoys having a girl with a backbone around, but still likes to be in control – and likes to make sure Sabia knows it. Which scene you get depends on whether you are sub or dom.– New Quests!
Rescue Vehlis – Vehlis has been imprisoned by some nefarious forces. With Alioch’s help, Sabia needs to discover the location and rescue Vehlis before it’s too late.
Attack the Bandits – Kira’s hunger for larger territory and disregard of the other bandits has grown larger. She enlists Sabia’s aid to clear out another bandit camp. It’s a good opportunity for Sabia to earn more favour with the dangerous Vegardan.”
Fire! – One of the tents in Grok og Dar goes up in flames. With a piece of evidence pointing to outside forces, Sabia investigates. A Tekrok aligned Sabia will have a different start ot this quest.– New Character!
We’ve excited to debut one of our new characters, someone from Sabia’s past that proves to be a thorn in her side for the moment, and likely into the future. She is from the desert to the south, and is a dangerous mage. We’re pretty happy with the design, and think you guys will like her too!

– Save notes!
Go inside Sabia’s tent and Check Progression. There’s a new button to add a Save Note that will get attached to your save file slot for easier identification of your saves.

Public Release:
– The public release will hopefully include the Quest Log, there were coding issues with getting it to work without breaking saves.
– The new male sprites will be included in the public release

– Some small QoL additions for a few quests to make it easier to keep track of the next step.
– Bris scene added in. You will need a save that does not have the Bris quest completed in order to see the scene. We had a pop-up message in the placeholder version mentioning to make a save for this purpose, we hope you have those saves ready!
– Prison Orc quest has been reworked significantly. There are defined paths for both Dom and Sub, the orcs are more fleshed out, and it is now skippable. (IMPORTANT: Make sure to save your games on the main orc camp screen before loading them in the new version to avoid any conflicts.)
Bugfix patch:
– Some erroneously named assets in the script that were causing exceptions.
– Not being able to jump to the outskirts on some occasions on the earlier parts of the game.

– Ale bug fixed
– Missing Ellia nameplate fixed
– Asset error during shaman ritual fixed
– Some other smaller bugs and typos

– New sprites!
Fluff Tooth, the Tentacle Monster and Avion now have sprites with expressions. These have been added into the relevant sections in previous content.
We also have a wealth of new human female sprites that populate the town of Avarton, and a small village on the outskirts of Whitecrest.
A lot of work was done on these sprites to provide flexibility to create more fresh sprites/characters as needed and cut down seriously on asset creation time going forward.
(The male sprites and a few other assets that are mostly done were temporarily pulled to be added in soon, to push the release faster. Nomo wanted to fix some proportion issues.)
– New sexual assets!
There are several new assets of Sabia’s ass and her breasts being groped, slapped, kissed and licked. There are a lot of different variations for them, and this will provide additional sexual content and visual representation to complement the dialogue and actions that might be happening. Sabia can find herself groped by multiple orcs, her tits grabbed from behind, from the front. Her nipples might be pinched, or her breasts licked. Her ass can be spread, slapped. There’s a lot we can do with this, and we are excited to be able to express visually more of the every-day sexual content Sabia might find.
– New locations!
There are two new locations available as mentioned earlier – Avarton and a small Whitecrest village. Visiting these will introduce Sabia to new characters (and an oddly familiar face), and new events. We have done a fair amount of framework here, and are exciting to expand it in the coming patches. Both villages can be explored and have several events that can be played through, as well as introducing you to some new characters.
– New quests!
There are several new quests available!
* Shipment Quest for Vehlis. This time Vehlis needs help from Sabia. Alcohol shipments to The Silvertusk have slowed, and Sabia will need to resolve this. This will lead her to visiting the human towns. There are two ways to complete this quest.
* Quest for Kira. Kira thinks little of ‘honor among thieves’ and will pair Sabia up with Avion to tackle an opposing group of bandits that Kira would prefer to not be there. There are three ways to complete this quest. You’ll also get a glimpse into Minotaur culture and beliefs.
* Ornshakar Ritual. For those that have found themselves under the sway of the Shaman, they will find themselves further required to help participate in a ritual. You knew what you signed up for when you decided to side with Ornshakar – there is one way to complete this quest. Well, that is outside of choosing how to react to several events.
– Sub/Dom content for camp!
We really wanted to make the sub/dom points more interactive and more rewarding. To that end, we’ve added interactions around the camp that trigger when you have a high enough Submissive, or a high enough Dominant value. Some of them are short exchanges of words, and some are events that include our new sexual assets which see Sabia getting manhandled. Or setting down the law, if Sabia knows what she wants.
You can find these vents at the kennels, the trading lodge, the bar and the training tents.
– New CG scenes!
2 Avion scenes! – Completing Avion’s quest and releasing your prisoner will give you a scene with the formidable Avion. Depending on your Submissive or Dominant value though, Sabia will find it plays out very differently.
Ritual scene – Pursuing an alliance with Ornshakar earlier will result in Sabia forced into helping peform a orcish ritual.
Bar scene – Drinking in the bar and playing too much dice with a couple of orcs will see Sabia having a very large dessert.
Added new CG segments for old content to make it more immersive and visual representative (such as the being man-handled by Ornshakar’s orcs when trying to enter the tent)

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