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The evil demon hordes have risen once again led by the Demon King and so the Hero and his allies are trying to thwart their advances. You play as such ally, but you have a big secret. You’ve been sent by the Demon King as a spy in order to destroy the Hero’s party from within.

Will you be able to pull it off? Or will you fail in your mission?​

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-07-19
Developer: Nitrolith Patreon – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0 Bugfix 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Male protagonist, Netori, Cheating, Corruption, Romance, Humiliation, Groping, Teasing, Big ass, Big tits, Trainer

v0.5.0 Bugfix 1
some Bugfixes

v0.5.0 Alpha
It’s an NPC update with some Elena events.

some Bugfixes

v0.4.9 Alpha
More content with Elena and Erin.

v0.4.7-Bugfixes-2 version:
I’m happy to share with you the newest version of the game with more bugfixes and added scenes in the gallery.

v0.4.7-Bugfixes-1 version:
I’m happy to share with you the newest version of the game. I’ve fixed all of the reported bugs and carried out the following improvements:

– Improved a couple of CGs in the night events
– Added infinite training in the gallery
– Added an intro scene for Hilda in the early game

Notes about this update:
It’s best to use paths from main menu and jump to v0.4.3. Otherwise you’ll likely encounter some bugs related to saves. A reminder that Cecille’s content runs in parallel to Sera’s.
Most events in this update occur in the morning. Click on Cecille and choose “Train” during the morning.
There are night events but they are unlocked once Cecille is trained on hypnosis more than 3 times.
You know you’ve unlocked them once you click on Cecille at night time and an event triggers unlocking a new feature in the training mini-game.
Said feature has an allotted time that can be increased after training Fitness. (Limit 10 times)
To reach the final event you need to fill up the curse bar, finish all Magecraft training and see all of the night events. Other events are optional but encouraged.
I’ve added a breakfast segment for Cecille as well in the update. Use Actions on Vi’s menu.


v0.4.5 Bugfix 1
New H animation with Elena in the breakfast section
Intro scene for a new NPC (Go to the village square after starting from paths v0.4.3
Intro scene for a new NPC (Go to the village square after day 4)
Status menu for the NPCs

Hello everyone!
I’m happy to finally be able to share with you the new update.
This one by far was the most challenging. I had to create assets for various aspects of the game as well as focus on writing the scenes. I really hope you enjoy the end-result.
This update establishes a new starting point for the story. While the first arc was largely linear, this one will be less so with layering the content of the various heroines. However this update is mostly focused on Sera so the full potential for this arc will be brought fully over time.

Most scenes are triggered at night from the empty “Field” area where Sera used to train. Make sure to visit that area.
If your save doesn’t work, use the “Paths” from the main menu and pick v0.4.3.

I’m going to add the ability to choose the “route” later at some point.

So what’s added?
– 4 new training positions for Sera
– Morning breakfast segment (Talk to Vi and choose “Actions …”)
– Updated the status page and added pages for Erin and Elena
– Added some unique items in the shop that change scenes
– Around 14 H sera scenes
– An extended bad ending with H scene
– Other small surprises

The bad ending is a choice denoted by (B). It’s recommended that you play through it as it provides various hints for the story. It’s not necessary to save as it will jump you back to the fork once the ending is over.
I want to do various bad endings as I love them personally.

v0.4.1. Bug Fixes
This is just a quick post to share the public version of v0.4.1 with added Cecille scene to gallery as well as some bugfixes, most importantly for the disappearing dialogue box bug.
Also added a new choice in the timelapse scene and a bit of dialogue to go along with it.

“This update is story focused and serves as the climax for the first arc of the story. It will also setup the next arc and what to expect from it.
As arc 2 is the middle of the overall story, it will be an escalation of everything that was built up in the first arc. I hope you can feel that in this update.

The idea of Arc 2 is that Mars’ time will be limited. He can’t spend it on all the girls at once. The events the player selects, will determine the ending. If they focus on events for one heroine, then they’ll get her solo ending. If the points are scattered across all of them (Essentially Mars is undecided) then the story will continue a bit longer into the harem route.

When it comes to Cecille’s corruption, we’re in the second third of it. There will be some small milestones on the way before we get yet another climax for it.
And the last third of her corruption will only be available in the harem route.
At least, that’s the plan anyways.

Don’t forget to play with sound on! I picked some good tracks for the update!
Music improves the scenes twice fold!
Also there are some SFX during Cecille’s H scene. Let me know if they’re any good.

Next update is going to be Sera focused. After that I might do a poll to see which heroine goes next.”

– Around 20 H scenes added.

Load save from the last scene in previous version (0.2.6), loading from a previous point might not work.

– 4 new training positions. 2 for Cecille and 2 for Sera.
– Around 10-11 new H-scenes.

Load save from the last scene in previous version (0.2.3), loading from a previous point won’t work.

– Gallery system (‘Memories’ on Menu)
– Status menu (Heart icon on the HUD)
– Sex scene with Lavinia
– Sex scene with Vi
– New interactive activity with Cecille (unlocked as you progress)
– Various new scenes (Keep doing the training until you reach the end scene)

v0.2.3 Hotfix 1
– Bug fixes

– Date events with the Queen in the evening (4 events)
– New mini-game in the Garden during morning (Unlocked automatically as you progress)
– 3 new positions in the training mini-game for Cecille
– Around 10 post-training events (includes peeking events)
– Various other build-up events here and there

v0.2 Hotfix
Content up to Sera’s curse break event.
Some events for the other characters.
No update to dungeon part.

Old saves should work.

v0.1 Release

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Mac (v0.4.9)

Mega Pixeldrain
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