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Glassix Adult Game Download Overview

Two years after your father’s death, your stepmother moves the whole family to a new town. Your daily life turns upside down when your supposedly dead father gives you some strange glasses…

Being a simulation game, Glassix lets you roam a big city where dozens of different women live and with whom you can interact and develop a relationship. The first day plays as a tutorial and once done, you’ll be able to navigate through the city doing various tasks :

  • Going to school and increasing your skills there
  • Interact with girls and increase your control over them
  • Choose the girls’ daily outfits and get them to wear sexier outfits the more you control them
  • Have a lot of sex to collect sex energy and buy powerful spells to make your life easier
  • Work to earn money and buy stuff for you or your girls
  • Choose an official girlfriend and unlock new events and commands specific to her (not yet implemented)
  • Tons of unique events to discover

Game Information


Release Date: 2020-09-03
Developer: Gaweb Studio Patreon – Wiki – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.66.0 Public
OS: Windows
Language: English, French, Russian, Polish, Chinese
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Mind control (Hypnosis), Handjob, Footjob, Futa/trans, Group sex, Harem, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, Humiliation, Slave, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Incest, MILF, Urination, Sleep sex, BDSM, Female domination, Masturbation, Multiple endings, Pregnancy, Sandbox, School setting, Twins

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Glassix.exe” to start playing.

v0.66.0 Public

Fooling around during a job now still earns some cash instead of nothing at all
1 new option for administrative assistant job
2 new options for yoga teacher job
5 new options for academic training with Saiko
5 new options for academic training with Okimi
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
English translation, Naomi’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

v0.65.1 Public
Added 3 outfits for Eimi and Yae: Sexy casual, Sexy underwear and Sexy work
Added new quest to unlock the lifeguards sexy work outfits
Added the twins sexy casual and sexy underwear outfits to the mall stocks
Chinese translation updated

v0.65.0 Public
Romita level 4
Romita good and bad endings

v0.64.0 Public
Added Tokie good and bad endings
Added Tokie, Eimi, Yae and Kristina’s pimping events
Updated Fujiko’s bad ending to include Ayane
French translation
Chinese translation
Fixed Iyo and the twins anal images

Tokie level 4

Emika level 4
Emika good and bad endings
Possession events for Rin, Ayumi and Hikari
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)

Translated condition for “Mistsuko’s bar game: First try” event (Thanks DemiArc!)
Fixed bug with girl staying naked after doll mode was canceled by some event (Thanks Squark!)
Added missing anal and vaginal options for Atsuko’s commands, bath event and toilet event (Thanks Birulei!)
Added missing timestop images for Atsuko, Romita, Tokie and Emika (Thanks Birulei!)
Added missing translation for houseQ (Thanks Tapk!)
Fixed bug with Romita’s pact event not triggering (Thanks Spectre!)

Added new event “Mistsuko’s bar game: First try” created by Spectre (Thanks!)

Fixed bug with emancipation night event not triggering the single night event if the girl had emancipated (Thanks Tianrui Guo!)
Added missing sex options during doll mode for Emika, Atsuko, Tokie and Romita (Thanks Shockz!)

French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
Fix bug with Sarah’s level 3 event images (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
Fix bug mentioning Kanto instead of Ryusei during Bj Contest event (Thanks Spectre!)
Added “Must have met Mitsuko” to Lily obedience level 1 event to stay on rail with the content of the event (Thanks TheJohn!)

Added Tokie and Romita level 3
Added bonus event “A disturbing movie” for Atsuko
Added bonus event “Kinky check-in” for Emika
Added two alternative endings for the daily command “Standing Assrub”
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
Fix bug with emancipation variable not being checked properly (Thanks Chaos!)
Rounded bus travel time to avoid infinite decimals (Thanks StJesuz!)
Disabled afternoon classroom event on Friday when exams day (Thanks StJesuz!)
Fixed Nabila’s character images in slave mode (Thanks Tapk!

v0.59 Public
Added Atsuko and Emika level 3
Added new follow up event to “Azeem job”
Added new follow up event to “Rin DP”
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
Minor bug fix (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)

Added Tokie and Romita level 2
Added new event “Azeem job”
Added new event “Rin DP”
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
English translation, Hanae’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
Added underwear bug appearing under swimsuit sometimes (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug preventing increasing Ayumi’s obedience level to more than 1 using cheats (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug Nabila slave mode image (Thanks Tapk!)
Fixed events not unlocking in gallery (Thanks Zac!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
Added missing toilets images for Atsuko and Emika
Fixed bug with Romita taking a bath in Atsuko’s house (Thanks Birulei!)

Added Atsuko and Emika level 2
Added new blowjob contest event with Rin, Ayumi and Hikari

Added Tokie and Romita level 1
Added alternative endings for masturbation commands
Added Yatsumi possession event (Thanks Spectre!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug with Manor quest in french language (Thanks Aymeric Tual!)
Fixed Ayane’s level 2 hint (Thanks Squark!)
Added Atsuko’s house in Eastside Street B
Added Romita’s house in Downtown Shop A
Updated Emika’s house in Southside Street O
Updated Tokie’s house in Southside Street P
Fixed Daisuki and Nabila characters’ images (Thanks Son_ic!)
Fixed bug with Tokie’s giving key to her room
Fixed bug with Ayane disappearing from the game (Thanks Birulei!)
Fixed bug with wardrobe option not showing in Atsuko’s, Romita’s, Tokie’s and Emika’s bedrooms (Thanks Spectre & Bakkis15!)

Added Atsuko and Emika level 1
Added alternative endings for some commands: show ass, show tits, strip-tease, heel job, upskirt, massage
Added new “must own outfit” condition
Most events requiring the girl to wear an outfit have the requirement changed to simply having to own the outfit to make it easier to trigger those events (Thanks Devil_hunter!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
English translation, Mitsuko’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
Fixed night event filter in the Event list so that only the related night events show when filtering by girl
Fixed Shizuru character images

Added quests to unlock the cop’s and mall’s sexy work outfits
Added Nabila bad and good endings
Added new options in Kristina level 3 and 4 obedience events

Fixed missing image in Daisuki’s single night event
Fixed bug with girl not showing in the correct room when a new day began
Fixed bug where girl summoned via cheat or spell would not reset her waiting time
Fixed bug where girl would show as sleeping even if she was not in her room at night

Quick interaction option now gives the daily affection and obedience points right after seeing the girls rather than having to click on each of them
All choices are now available in the Gallery after unlocking the initial event
English translation, Iyo’s file and “A bored Rin” event, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug giving obedience points with the “Follow me” option when Quick interactions option was on
Fixed some events not appearing as unlocked in the Gallery despite being unlocked in the Event list (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with some events not unlocking when using the “Unlock all” cheat

Added Nabila level 4
Added Nabila pimping event
Added belly dance option for Marylin during her session event
Added possession, pimping, daily pimping, spell corruption, good ending and bad ending events for Ayane
Added new VIP event by Hollow: A bored Rin
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Russian translation updated by FomFom
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
Fixed some lines in Iyo’s good ending
Added missing possession events in Gallery (Thanks Silentsun123!)
Fixed missing image about Shizuru during some good endings (Thanks Yukino!)
Added missing Slave ending in Hikari’s Gallery (Thanks Darkbatex!)
Fixed bug with girls wearing underwear under their swimsuits (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with girls in doll mode not staying naked


Added Nabila level 3
Added Ayane level 3 & 4
Added new event “Belly dance” for Nabila
Russian translation updated by FomFom
Fixed missing image for Emiri heeljob with some outfits (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed wrong key name in Kana’s room and Ayane’s room (Thanks Popfan!)
Fixed waypoints tooltip not disappearing when activating the glasses (Thanks Fr0stst0rm!)
Added missing toilets, bath and night events in Ayane’s gallery


Russian language added
Administrative assistant job has been moved to the Town Hall lobby
You can now only ask money once per day to each girl (Thanks TheJohn!)
Girls now need at least 120 mood to accept giving you money (Thanks TheJohn!)
Russian translation updated by FomFom
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug with Administrative assistant job not unlocking after talking to Marylin, fix is retroactive (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with wrong underwear showing after editing the outfit in the wardrobe (Thanks Ocumura!)
Fixed Aquatic park introduction event not triggering (Thanks 12tegami!)
Fixed event condition for Lily level 3, Hikari must have been met (Thanks TheJohn!)
Fixed bug where MC house was locked in fast travel (Thanks TheJohn!)


French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug not unlocking Ayane after her meeting event (Thanks Spectre!)
Added missing Ayane avatar icon in popup and city map (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed missing options during Ayane’s bath and toilets event (Thanks Spectre!)

Extract zip to game directive so you get Glassix/IncestiousMaximusAdaptatious
Run momify.exe
Run it again if you update the game

For nerds / dev
All the code does is read through the content in the patch-data folder and match the rrr-text with the file in the same relative-path going from the game folder. Then it replaces it with the www-text. Anyone who wants to change things or add incest to other languages can just make similar files or replace mine.

Download Glassix Porn Game


Mega Mediafire


Walkthrough Glassix Incest Patch



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