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Hi guys, my name is Kazuki. I’m an amateur writer. I am writing a book of adult short stories. Come to visit me at my home, and I will read one of my stories to you.

Chapter One – Devil in Disguise:
This chapter tells the story of Bartholomeo, a demon who was expelled from hell for having a love affair with the daughter of The Demon Lord. He is sent to the human world and can only return to hell when he fulfills a specific mission. However, his arch-enemy Mephisha will do anything to prevent his return. Who will triumph in the end? Bartholomeo or Mephisha?

Chapter Two – City of Evil (Only RPGM for now):
Kaeno Nabuga
 is a young samurai who lost her mother the day she was born, and because of this, her father blames her for her death. Seeking her father’s approval, she accepts a dangerous mission to send a letter to a ruler of another country, but what she doesn’t know is that this country is Sodom, the most dangerous place on earth. What will happen to the gentle and innocent Kaeno?

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-20
Developer: Kazuki-chan Patreon – Twitter – Discord – Itch.io – Pixiv – Reddit – Instagram – Linktr.ee
Censored: No
Version: Rework Ch.1 Act 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, adventure, anal sex, animated, corruption, creampie, fantasy, graphic violence, multiple protagonists, masturbation, monster girl, netorare, handjob, oral sex , vaginal sex, incest
Chapter 1 Tags: anal sex, cheating (avoidable), corruption, group sex, groping, incest, interracial, lesbian, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, multiple penetration (avoidable), netorare (avoidable), oral sex, vaginal sex, incest
Chapter 2 Tags: anal sex, corruption, cheating, group sex, groping, interracial, lesbian, male domination, female protagonist, masturbation, multiple penetration, netorare, sharing, oral sex, vaginal sex

Chapter One – Act 1

REWORK (From RPG Maker to Ren’py)

2 new animations
Pics improved to 1080p

Total content:

+500 Pictures
+20 H-animations
+1h of gameplay

RPGM changelogs

Chapter Two – Act 1a:
The beginning of a new history with new characters.

420+ Pictures
20+ H-animations
1h+ of gameplay

Chapter One – Act 3 Final:

– The final scene in The Great Secrets Tavern.
– Church scene.
– Some scenes about Mephisha’s past.
– Sacrifice scene at the town square.
– First sex scene of Mephisha.
– Chapter 1 Concluding events.
– Kazuki-chan’s first lewd scene (You deserve a reward after hearing all this story. <3)
– Bonus Content after finishing the game

+450 New Pictures
+50 New H-animations
+1h of gameplay

4523 Pictures
475 H-animations
13h+ of gameplay

Download Chronicles of Hell and Heaven Porn Game

Windows – Ren’Py – Ch.1 Act 1

Mega Googledrive

Mac – Ren’Py – Ch.1 Act 1

Mega Googledrive

Android – Ren’Py – Ch.1 Act 1

Mega Googledrive

Windows – RPGM Version – Ch.2 Act 1a

Mega Googledrive

Mac – RPGM Version – Ch.2 Act 1a

Mega Googledrive

Android – RPGM Version – Ch.2 Act 1a

Mega Googledrive

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