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Yes, it’s “Big Brother” again and yes, it’s me again. I understand that there is a lot of hype around this game and several fan sequels and remakes have been created, too many for one game. But still, this port should be here.
The purpose of this port is to transfer the entire story from the original game (Big Brother v0.13.0.007) developed by Dark Silver to Ren’Py. Thus, giving the opportunity to play not only to owners of PCs, but also phones (Android)

Game Information


Release Date: 2023-09-28
Developer: PornGodNoob Boosty – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.05 – Fix 3
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
Language: Русский, English (Original + DeepL)
Genre: 3DCG + Animated, Incest, Corruption, Voyeurism, Anal, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, BDSM, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Handjob, Seduction, Spanking, Male Domination, Female Domination, Drugs, NTR, Footjob


Innovations and additions:

  • NTR Path. New events added.
  • Achievements. NTR Path. Added 18 new achievements.
  • Sex Videos. NTR Path. Added 3 new videos
  • Walkthrough. Added additional hints where they were needed.
  • Achievements. Added page memorization when playing an achievement
  • Android. Added virtual keyboard. It will now be possible to change the main character’s name and name saves
  • Saves. Added slot numbers, to make it easier to find the right save file (the first digit is the page, the second digit is the slot number).
  • Skip Days. A skip days feature has been added, but it is still “test”, meaning I can’t guarantee that the game will work properly. Therefore, this feature is only available for now on the NTR path and if you have played at least 100 game days.

Changes and fixes:

  • NTR Path. Increased the chance for the night event with Lisa if achievements with numbers unlocked are not: 160 и 161
  • Weed. “Weed” branch events are now mandatory for progression in “Cunning plan”.
  • Mentor. Changed the sequence of events and is now linked to “Control” at a certain location
  • Shopping. Replaced variables that cause errors after loading a save


  • Added unofficial translations to other languages. I have no affiliation with these translators, their translations were added to the game without their permission.
  • German translation added. Game version – 1.04. Translator frankieboy06
  • Added Spanish translation. Game version 1.04. Translator Messiah666
  • Added translation into Italian. Game version 1.04. Translator paokon


Innovations and additions:

  • The NTR Way. New events added.
  • Achievements. The NTR Way. Added 17 new achievements.
  • Walkthrough. Added additional hints where they were needed.
  • Settings. Added an option to increase the size of the icons inside the game interface and character icons in the timeline. One setting for everything so far.

Changes and fixes:

  • Cameras. Changed cameras code and income accrual from views.
  • Events. Added correction of the passage of the events “Weed”, in case if you have chosen the way of getting rid of Eric through Mom Kate. New players will need to complete “Weed” events first, and only after that will the alternative way of getting rid of Eric
  • Achievements. Fixed an issue with page navigation.
  • Fixed an issue where money was not taken off if the player paid Mom Kate. to get rid of Eric
  • Translation. Fixed an English translation error in one of the inventory items


Innovations and additions:

  • NTR. Added new events with Anna, Kira, Max, and Eric.
  • Events. New renders added:
    – If you throw the on Alice by a spider when she’s sunbathing.
    – When Alice is smoking and everyone is sunbathing without a bra
    – NTR. When Alice smokes and masturbates to Max
    – NTR. If Eric gets impotent and watching porn with Ann
  • Schedule. Added location icons.
  • Achievements. NTR. Added 21 new achievements.
  • Achievements. Added hints from DuVal. The original language of the tips is Russian. English translation by VaDX.
  • Achievements. Added a variable for remembering selected hints.
  • Passage. Added additional hints where needed.
  • Settings. Added volume settings for sounds
  • Settings. You can change the appearance of the character’s thoughts in the dialog box.

Changes and fixes:

  • After starting the game, you can no longer hide the screen with information about fixes and bugs, and the age restriction
  • If Max has potency issues, some events after dinner will not be available.
  • Path without Eric. Fixed the loop with Alice when she gives Max a blowjob in the living room in the evening.
  • NTR. After revealing her identity, Max can no longer watch Alice’s stream when she’s home
  • NTR. When Alice lies naked by the pool, she is no longer allowed to talk to her or do anything other than have sex with her.
  • NTR. Fixed a loop in update 1.02, with vaginal sex with Alice in her room
  • NTR. Fixed action when Max and Alice are in the bathtub at night
  • NTR. Fixed conditions for Lisa’s accidental appearance in Anna and Max’s kitchen scene in the morning


Innovations and additions:

  • The NTR Way. Added new events with Alice and Max.
  • The NTR Way. Added 3 additional scenes with Alice and Eric.
  • The NTR Way. Added 25 new achievements.
  • Settings. For PCs, an option has been added to add a sequence number for selections/actions in the dialog menu.
  • Settings. You can now change the transparency of the background of the dialog box.
  • Settings. Added opportunity to visually adjust the text font size and dialog window background transparency without quitting the settings.
  • Information. Added information about the blue text, which can be seen in the walkthrough of the game.
  • Walkthrough. Added hints on how to open to the path of “fake” friendship with Eric, i.e. the events of my mods.
  • Feature. Added ability to do rollbacks (return to previous dialogue text).

Changes and fixes:

  • Saves. If there is a save with a wrong cell number, this save will no longer cause a game error and you will be able to find out the name of this wrong save.
  • Corrected errors in the passage of “Career” events.


Innovations and additions:

  • New events with Alice. New scenes on the path of the “fake” friendship with Eric.
  • Added 12 new achievements.
  • A notification will appear after a forced save. Except for saves between locations, if it is enabled.
  • Achievements. If you have a detailed walkthrough selected, a text will appear when you try to play a scene stating why the scene cannot be played.
  • Additional hints have been added for some possibilities
  • Added a disclaimer.
  • After the disclaimer, information will be displayed that tells you where to look for fixes and how to report them

Changes and fixes:

  • Fixed triggering events with Alice’s punishment in her room. On the path without Eric.
  • Spelling corrected in places



  • Full Port. All events from the original game after getting rid of Eric are ported, with some changes. Some events have been fixed, one has been removed. If you chose Lisa as your girlfriend, events will happen after the original events with Olivia, after which Lisa and Olivia will become Max’s girlfriends. If you chose Olivia first, the dialogues in the original events with Olivia are changed.
  • Added 35 new achievements
  • You can open all the achievements if the progress is 100%. For this purpose in settings it is necessary to enable the option
  • At the beginning of a new game a player will have a choice whether to leave NTR or turn it off. If disabled, the dialogues leading to NTR will not be available and the scenes with NTR will not be visible.
  • PC. Assigned buttons on the keyboard to skip time. At 1, 2, 3 and 4 o’clock (not Num).
  • Added a screen displaying character relationship statistics. And also added additional hints in the “Walkthrough” where these stats are required.
  • Settings. Through the settings you can disable Autosave when switching between locations.
  • Settings. Through the settings you can enable the display of icons for quick access to the “Passage”.
  • Walkthrough. In walkthrough, you can display only open and accessible event branches
  • Walkthrough. Added “Additionaly” hints. And added hints for opening the events “Treacherous Plan” and “Weed”
  • Saving. Added buttons to the game interface for “Quick Save”, as well as assigned buttons on the keyboard (Latin letters)

Changes and fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with game slowness.
  • Fixed an issue with getting the №56 achievement.
  • In the English translation, where it was missing, replaced Max’s name with a variable.
  • If you run out of potency remedies, you can buy them in the store again
  • Changed notification design
  • Added choice to skip event for nightly recurring scenes
  • Removed dialogue with Lisa where the player could promise gratuitous help with homework. Also added a fix if someone chose this path.
  • Walkthrough. Now changing the walkthrough option doesn’t happen immediately, a screen appears before it for the final choice
  • Fixed and updated screens for changing a character’s name
  • Saving. Updated screen for naming your save
  • Saving. If when you save the game, the save name box is left blank and you press Esc, you are saved with an empty name. Before this, a name was assigned to the last save.
  • Saving. When you select an occupied cell, the input field is loaded with the name of the selected save. And also the input field is framed.
  • After declaring war on Eric, the event will not immediately start, where Eric will accuse Max of theft
  • If one of the characters should be punished, in this case, skip breakfast and dinner will not work
  • Added the ability to access “Control” events, even if not friends with Eric at first
  • Added the ability to access private punishments if the main character has hardly ever been punished.


What does this port offer now:

  • Along the way of friendship with Eric, the player is waiting for new events, mods from PGN art
  • Simplified grind
  • The way with Olivia is no longer a dead end, it has a merged to Lisa’s path
  • Built-in hints
  • Gallery added
  • After the 26th game day, a 2/4 hour time pass is available
  • English
    The translation is done using DeepL (~30%) + original game (Unity) text (~70%). In the archives of the game you can find instructions on how to add your translation.

Download Big Brother: Ren’Py – Remake Story Porn Game


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