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Yuri University Adult Game Download Overview

Yuri University is a sandbox, stat-managing style visual novel, with 5 main girls for you to get to know however you’d like, plus several side characters that you can seek out or encounter through random events.

You take the character of a young woman coming to university with her best friend. Your character, whose name you can choose, has never had a relationship before, having never been interested in boys. When she meets her new uni house mates, they surprise her with their openness and sex-positivity, and our heroine quickly realises for the first time that she’s attracted to girls.

But having taken so long to realise this, she’s self-conscious about her lack of experience. Fortunately, she’s in a house filled with girls who seem to be open to some casual experimenting!

Guide your character through these blossoming friendships, deciding how you spend each day. Don’t forget about your studies – this is a university too!

Game Information


Release Date: 2022-08-23
Developer: Chekkin Games Patreon Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.54
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Female Protagonist, Group Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Spanking, Sandbox, School setting, Dating Sim, Exhibitionism


New content:

  • Scarlett relationship level 5 scene added.​
    • After reaching level 4, get at least 60 affection with Scarlett and hang out with her in her room, when she’s not wearing PJ’s.​
    • 219 images, 50 animations.​
  • New side character to be met – Freya.​
    • Reach at least 80 lewdness and a certain milestone, can run into her when going to class.​
    • 59 images, 12 animations.​
  • After day 30, Scarlett has a chance to have some company at night.​
    • 14 images, 3 animations.​
  • Two new photo shoots with Scarlett, after reaching level 5 with her.​
    • 22 images.​
  • New random event with Ashley in the living room added.​
    • 12 images, 4 animations.​
  • New porn images added.​
    • 1 new trans-girl image.​
    • 1 new exotic image.​
  • Added a new image to the bonus image gallery, purchasable at the in-game shop.​

New features:

  • Added profile pictures to texting characters.​
  • Added peek permission information on character info screens (found in the phone).​
  • Added a “page select” button to the save and load screens.​
  • Added a changelog link in the “About” section.​

Tweaks and balance changes:

  • Hannah:​
    • Reshot some images and animations for scene 3 to add red bum cheeks after spanking.​
  • Removed the 10 day warning on day 40.​
    • Since you can endlessly repeat the last week, this warning isn’t necessary.​
  • Updated Scarlett’s locations so she occasionally visits the library.​
  • Peeking on people at night now awards 2 voyeurism instead of 1.​
  • Updated dialogue in some of BFF repeatable PJ events to more accurately reflect the time of day.​
  • Added an extra hint variant for Harriet’s (art teacher) second scene for when you need more experience.​
  • Reduced the chance of meeting Emily again from 15% to 5%.​
  • Reduced the chances of seeing the flashing girl around campus in all iterations.​
  • Reduced the chances Ashley’s living room random event with Ezri.​
  • New loading screens on all versions.​
  • Exit button on map screen now warps to bedroom instead of its own menu.​

Android version:

  • Adjusted the dialogue box to better accommodate long strings of text.
  • Added quick save and quick load buttons to the quick menu at the bottom of the screen.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Scarlett scene 4 oral choice not counting as the player’s first time (again) (hopefully).​
  • Fixed Hannah oral incorrectly showing first time dialogue even if the player already had experience.​
  • Various typos fixed.​


New content:

  • Mia scene 2:​
    • After scene 1, and after you’ve reached a specific milestone, you may spot Mia around campus. Approach her to see her second scene.​
    • 113 images, 11 animations​
  • Small events:​
    • Scarlett can now come in your room whilst you’re masturbating, if you’ve previously given her permission.​
      • She has a 50% chance to come in during the “humping a pillow nude” masturbation type, as long as she’s in the house.​
      • You can have her just watch, or ask if she wants to join you.​
      • 17 images, 10 animations​
    • Hannah can now come in your room whilst you’re masturbating, if you’ve previously given her permission.​
      • She has a 50% chance to come in during the “fuck the dildo nude” masturbation type, as long as she’s in the house.​
      • Hannah always joins in.​
      • 13 images, 5 animations​
    • Random event with Ezri in the living room, after day 30​
    • Random morning event with Ezri, after day 30​
    • Random event with Ashley and Ezri in the living room, after day 30​
    • Random event with Hannah and Scarlett around the house, after day 30​
    • Micro event with Hannah in the living room, after day 30​
    • Random event with BFF on the way to classes, after her scene 5​
    • 2 Random events with strangers around campus​
    • Random event with a stranger at the swimming pool​
    • Random event with a stranger going to class​

New features:

  • In-game event guide added.​
    • This can be accessed from the new “Help” button on the in-game phone.​
    • It tracks personal objectives, progress with housemates, side events and side characters.​
    • There is a “Toggle hints” button in the bottom right, which when pressed shows hints for how to progress, tells you whether or not you’ve encountered a random event that day, and also tracks how many other random events you’ve seen (note that this last feature will not remember which of the random morning events you’ve seen before this update).​


  • Custom loading screen added​


  • Custom icon added​
  • Custom loading screen added​

Tweaks and balance changes:

  • In an attempt to keep the file size from growing to untenable levels, the following steps have been taken:​
    • Some new animations are shot at 30-40fps instead of 60fps.​
    • Replaced approximately 80 animations with compressed versions, saving over 700 MB.​
  • Character info screens now show max relationship as the number of scenes currently available (e.g. Ezri x/4, BFF x/5), rather than out of 7.​
  • April:​
    • Added some dialogue to scene 2 for if you compliment her lack of underwear, but didn’t mention it to her in the library.​
    • Reduced the threshold for success on scene 2, so it is now possible to succeed even if you had the worst outcome in scene 1.​
  • Increased knowledge gain from tutoring with teacher from +2 to +3.​
  • Tweaked encounter rate calculations for various random events.​
    • In general, repeatable events are slightly more likely to be seen the first time, and less likely once you’ve already seen them.​
  • Updated giving someone permission to peek on you in your room.​
    • Now requires 30+ lewdness to offer​
    • You can now offer to everyone at a later time if you didn’t when asking them permission to peek.​
    • This change does not yet apply to BFF, who currently uses a slightly different system.​
  • Tweaked the intro to put less emphasis on the subject choice, and added the ability to ask about what changes, viewing images of each teacher to help you decide.​
  • The game menu background image now uses the image selected for your in-game phone.​
  • Getting a job in the library or cafe now requires roughly half as many interactions.​
  • Added an option to pretend to fail your day 30 exam if you don’t want to attend the group party.​
  • Configurable text outline now affects texting name text as well.​
  • Updated to Ren’py 7.5.2.​

Android version:

  • Increased the text size of the quick menu​
  • The quick stats screen can now be closed by tapping anywhere on the screen​

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where if you did a photo-shoot with Scarlett before Ezri, you would also see the end scene of photos with Ezri.​
  • Fixed a bug where sex tutoring with Scarlett and Ezri scene 3 could trigger before the sleepover.​
  • Fixed a bug where tutoring with Mei could mention the events of her second scene before it happened.​
  • Fixed bug in April scene 2 where if she left without swapping numbers the game would not record that.​
  • Fixed bug with missing phone background image “phone bg rose (4)”.​
  • Various typos fixed.​


New content:

  • BFF:​
    • Relationship level 5 scene added​
      • After reaching relationship level 4 with BFF and at least 60 affection, hang out with her in her room when she’s not in her PJ’s.​
      • 290 images, 72 animations​
    • Repeatable masturbating together scene added​
      • Available after relationship level 3 and only when not wearing PJ’s​
    • Repeatable outfit role-play added.​
      • Available after relationship level 4​
  • Sex tutoring with Ezri and Scarlett – scene 3​
    • Go to the living room on a weekend night, after reaching at least relationship level 3 with both Scarlett and Ezri and after the day 30 sleepover.​
    • 114 images, 26 animations​
  • Three new bonus images added to the in-game shop. Each has its own criteria to unlock it for purchase:​
  • New image added to the ‘lesbian’ category when reading a porn mag​

New features:

  • Android version now available​
    • At least 4GB of RAM is recommended​

Tweaks and balance changes:

  • Scarlett:
    • Tweaked the ‘teacher talk’ dialogue when chatting to more accurately reflect the events of the teacher’s second scene.​
  • Hannah:​
    • Hannah now refers to underpants as ‘panties’ instead of ‘pants’.​
  • Alex:​
    • Added a brief pronoun exchange to scene 1​
  • Bonus image gallery:​
    • Added dissolve transitions to opening the gallery and viewing images.
    • Added borders with idle/hover states to images to allow keyboard control.​
  • The default textbox settings have been changed to 0% opacity with a bold text outline.​

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an error when attempting to view the ‘[MC] riding her dildo nude’ phone background.​


This is a hotfix to fix an issue with the replay gallery.

  • Fixed bug where if you started a new game, your stats would not carry over to a replay and instead all be 0.
    • In order for the fix to take effect, you must advance an in-game day.
  • Fixed a crash that occured when reaching a certain point in the sleepover scene withought having acquired the ‘first tits touched’ milestone.
  • Tweaked some Scarlett dialogue to better reflect the events of teachers’ scene 2.


  • Scene 2 with each subject teacher
  • Repeatable sex scene with Scarlett
  • Replay gallery
    • From the game menu, you can replay any of the major scenes with the main 5 characters that you’ve already encountered.
    • You’ll have your current stats in the replay, so if you missed something the first time due to not having a high enough stat, replay it once you’ve levelled up!
    • Whilst in replay mode, you earn no stats, don’t unlock phone backgrounds and choices made aren’t remembered, but also no in-game time passes.
  • The game no longer forcibly ends on day 50.
    • Instead you are given the option to be set back a week, keeping your current progress.
    • Be aware that using this feature may negatively affect the balance and pacing of future updates.
  • Numberous bug fixes and tweaks.
    • The ‘invisible texts’ bug is fixed.
    • The ‘phantom book’ bug is fixed.
      • If you encountered this bug, simply go to your bedroom and attempt to read again to fix it.
    • Many more!


v0.5 is the initial release, and includes:

  • Several hours of gameplay
  • Thousands of images and hundreds of animations
  • Up to relationship level 4 out of 7 for each of the main five characters
  • Several repeatable scenes for each main character
  • 2 big ‘party’ scenes involving all 6 characters
  • Many side characters to meet
  • Random events
  • The first main exam on day 30
  • Play up to day 50
  • Much more to discover
Yuri University bff intro card

Your best friend for a long time, your BFF (name customisable) has come to the same uni has you. Like you, she thinks she’s straight. You quickly realise you’re gay, but will she realise a new truth about herself too?

Yuri University ezri intro card
Yuri University ezri intro card

The first girl from your new house you meet, Ezri makes quite the first impression. Her provocative outfit stirs a reaction in you, but it’s her openness and accepting nature that helps you become comfortable with yourself.

Yuri University hannah intro card
Yuri University hannah intro card

A bubbly and happy physics student, Hannah is a fun and chatty character. She can be a bit ditzy, constantly unaware that she’s showing her underwear. She also has a bit of a naughty side to her that she’s eager to share with the right person.

Yuri University ashley intro card
Yuri University ashley intro card

A straight-talking, open art student, Ashley is always up for a bit of fun with friends. She may not really know what she wants from life yet, but for now she’s happy to just have a bit of fun.

Yuri University scarlett intro card
Yuri University scarlett intro card

Quiet and reserved, Scarlett is the other art student in the house. Don’t let her initial quietness fool you – once she’s gotten to know you a little, she’s very keen to make friends. Although she’s always known she’s gay, she’s never been with anyone – will you be the one to change that?

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