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Your Story is a Visual Novel that takes place in a fantasy world. You will become a guide to a young half-elvish girl named Lia, who is a somewhat lost girl with an unclear future. She spends her entire life helping her parents run one of the most popular taverns in the kingdom. She will need your help to move her life forward. Your decisions will guide its narrative in various possible ways. The most crucial elements of the storyline are your own emotions – we want to bring forth even the most extreme and controversial ones. You’ll experience a mix of joy, sadness, love, regret, and even terror.

You will lead the plot to both the brightest and the darkest corners of your own mind by making decisions in accordance with your own conscience.

Game Information


Release Date: 2021-02-14
Developer: GameLoad – Itch.io – GameLoad.eu – Twitter – Discord – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Demo v1.0
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Story rich, Romance, Lesbian.

Demo v1.0

Added a couple of new things, and a new language to choose. From now on you can play the demo in Simplified Chinese.

Demo v0.1

As promised, we’re back with our new demo – sorry that it took a little longer than we thought. Now, you can check our itch.io page and download a new demo version of the game.

What can you expect?
First of all, as we said before: our main goal was to create a better version of the game, and we changed a lot – staying, of course, close to our core idea. You can expect new graphics, more detailed characters, new backgrounds, and dedicated art. We also write everything from scratch to make it “sound” better, along with a whole new game code. In this demo, we are showing you the beginning of the game in which you can get acquainted with most of the characters and check some basic mechanics. Let us know what you think on our Discord server HERE.

What is the status of the work?

  • Writing [97%] – in this area, we are almost done. The main story is ready, and we’re polishing the alternate endings.
  • Translating [10%] – to be honest, we’ve translated only text for the demo, and we’re waiting for a fully finished script.
  • Art [70%] – we did almost everything we needed to fulfill the base needs, like characters, backgrounds, items, etc. From now on, we’ll be creating as many dedicated arts and story comics as possible to make the game as visually compelling and dynamic as it gets.
  • Programming [20%] – base code is ready, so from now it’s a “simple” path forward with coding the scenes that are already written as a script. We believe we can do it soon with new team members helping in this area.

Of course, remember that this percentage is more or less accurate. With this, we can assure you that we’ll deliver the game this year, but we need a little more time to tell precisely which day it will be.

Demo 4

  • improvements to texts and dialogues throughout the demo,
  • improvements to characters facial expressions (emotions should be more clear now),
  • new sounds at selected moments,
  • the journal, which you may become familiar with in this demo,
  • the initial introduction to three characters: Aina, Henrietta and Levius,
  • the Tavern’s corridor background has received its final look,
  • the final versions of two additional guest rooms in the Tavern,
  • the Secret Garden’s background has received its final look,
  • we’ve introduced a mouse pointer!

-Demo version.

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